GOD’S TIME - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The service was awash with practical instances of the release of God’s power through healings, deliverances and testimonies. The atmosphere was one of total victory for the children of God, including those who were watching via Emmanuel TV from different parts of the world, knowing that distance is not a barrier. The choir animated the day with rich tunes embellished with the Scripture for the edification of the souls of Christians all over the world.

Admonishing Christians to develop the habit of meditating on God’s Word and keeping their spirits free from sin, Prophet T.B. Joshua observed that it would influence their conduct and behaviour – “When you meditate on the Word of God day and night, you will keep the Word and it will influence your conduct and behaviour.” He added that, when the Word of God influences a Christian’s conduct and behaviour, it brings about deliverance.




He also stated that deliverance brings about blessings – “Once you are delivered, blessings come. Deliverance is salvation and when salvation comes, all things will be added.” The man of God further reiterated the need for Christians to meditate on the Word of God always. “The Word of God, a Spirit, creates material things. This shows that the Spirit is greater than material things”, he remarked, adding that the first place we are to prosper is in our spiritual lives.



Concluding, he urged Christians to give to the needy because, according to him, “Giving is to reshape our destiny. Out of the multitude of sins you have committed, giving covers it all.”








The headaches were serious and nauseating. Whenever they set in, her academic pursuits were dealt a huge blow as she hardly mustered the composure to concentrate. Sometimes, she would feel very drowsy as a result of some drugs she had taken and would not be able to participate in school activities. Her parents had taken her to different hospitals but a solution remained elusive. Though doctors had identified the real cause of her problem, they could not do much to alleviate it; they had suggested surgery, albeit without a guarantee of success. Hlumelo’s wellbeing hung in the balance as there was no other escape route save surgery.

The idea of surgery hit her mother’s ears with an obnoxious bang as she was not given to such medical procedures. Rather than allow her daughter to come under the surgeon’s knife, she would prefer to seek the face of God at the Arena of Liberty. Mother and daughter visited The SCOAN and met with Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God, after praying for her, gave her the Morning Water which she ministered devotedly. By the time they arrived in their home in South Africa, the young woman was completely healed of her headaches and migraines.

While revelling in the glory of her healing, Hlumelo’s academic performance improved brilliantly, leading her to pass her exams with distinctions. She thereafter applied for admission into a university in the United States of America. While sending her application, she had ministered the Morning Water on her laptop. A few months later, she received an email notifying her of her acceptance to study in the said university. Being a private Christian university with very expensive tuition fees, she was considered for a scholarship and was eventually awarded one to the tune of forty-four thousand and six hundred dollars per year.

Thanking God for her daughter’s healing, Hlumelo’s mother exhibited a conspicuous sense of relief as she recalled the troubles she had been through due to her daughter’s health challenges. The South African revealed how she had been to many specialists and yet could not find a solution until she decided to bring her daughter to The SCOAN where the anointed man of God healed her and opened a floodgate of other favours into her life. “Encourage your children to trust in God”, she advised.


The thought that he would become blind was one that got him terribly worked up. It was one he never bargained for yet the possibility of its occurrence was already unfolding gradually. Mr Onya had discovered some unwholesome growth in his eyes and was wondering what the heck it was. His apprehensions were heightened by fears that he would be rendered useless, especially as a business man in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos in the south-western part of Nigeria where he has his business interests.

Confused and frightened, the man from Cross River State went to hospital and was directed to see an Ophthalmologist. Even the eye physician was surprised at the nature of his problem. He was later given an appointment to come for an eye surgery. But rather than accept the idea of a surgery, Mr Onya went home and ruminated over the whole unpleasant saga, convincing himself that he would not be a part of that medical procedure. Instead, he went on his knees, calling on God to intervene. “Come to my aid, Oh Lord. I don’t want to undergo that operation. Please Father, do the operation yourself”, he cried.

As the appointed day for his operation drew nearer, Mr Onya continued to believe God. He had already made up his mind not to make himself available for that operation and so, it was all between him and God. With just a day to the appointed date, he ministered the Morning Water to his ailing eyes and went to sleep. When he woke up the next day, the growth had disappeared. It was an incomprehensible demonstration of God’s power. There was jubilation in his household as his wife joined him in glorifying the name of God for that miraculous appointment with God.

Testifying last Sunday, Mr Onya was full of energy as he recounted his ordeal with the ailment. He told congregants how he became handicapped by the problem and could not function in his official capacity as a General Manager.  He had the following advice for people all over the world: “Just believe and have faith in God and this will happen to you!”




After her marriage, odd things started creeping into her life. She even wet the bed while getting intimate with her husband for the first time after their marriage. “The first night I slept with my husband, the evil spirit visited me and I bedwet”, she recalled. It was an embarrassing experience for her. Mrs Ubah knew that such tendencies were more common with infants and children and not with adults, and a married woman for that matter. Her passionate desire to get pregnant became a nagging issue because much as she tried, that desire remained a pipe dream. The problem of bedwetting had ravaged her reputation and prestige since 2013 until penultimate Sunday when she came to the The SCOAN.

That fateful day, Mrs Ubah had an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Sunday service as the man of God was ministering prayer and deliverance to congregants. As soon as the man of God got close to her, the evil spirit in her started manifesting and revealing most of the harm it had done to her life. “I have destroyed her career. In her family, nobody is moving. Limitation. She has nothing. She will not give birth again. I have blocked her womb. Anytime she wants to conceive, I will visit her. Once I visit her, everything will be no more. I will remove everything inside her body”, cried the evil spirit, explaining how it had frustrated her efforts to get pregnant.

Her deliverance was instantaneous as the man of God ordered the evil spirit out of her life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Mrs Ubah came under the influence of the anointing and fell to the ground. She returned to The SCOAN last Sunday as a new creation in Christ. The bedwetting problem has since stopped. During her testimony, she thanked God for the grace and glory in deliverance, adding that she is now absolutely free. “Believe and trust in God. With Him, all things are possible”, she advised.


His had been a pathetic case in many ramifications. Having been diagnosed with a urinary tract disorder, Mr Aregbe knew that he had many rivers to cross health-wise. All the hospitals he had visited only advised him to make use of a catheter as he could not urinate the normal way. And so, the sixty-five year-old native of Ondo State, Nigeria would have to live the rest of his life using the device to pass out urine unless a miracle happened. But despite the deployment of the catheter, Mr Aregbe was not satisfied. In his mind, laid that inconsolable longing for things to come back to their normal state regarding his health.

Being an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, Mr Aregbe populated his mind with the belief that his case would be a thing of the past if he visited the Arena of Liberty. He had that strong conviction because he had seen even worse cases healed by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua. He was in the church during a Sunday service and witnessed the mighty outpouring of God’s power upon the lives of His children. As the man of God ministered healing and deliverance to congregants, Mr Aregbe received just a single touch and that was all.

When he returned home, the first thing that confirmed his healing was that the stomach ache that had always been part of his problem stopped immediately. When he approached his doctor, in company of his wife, requesting that the catheter should be removed, his request was labelled a suicide mission. When the doctor could no longer stand the pressure of his request, the catheter was removed. As soon as it was removed, a white substance fell out from his manhood. That white substance, in the reckoning of his doctor, had been obstructing his urinary tract. Mr Aregbe has since been urinating normally without a catheter.

Testifying in company of his family members last Sunday, he thanked God for restoring his urinary tract to its normal state. His wife was also very grateful to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to heal her husband. He had the following advice for people all over the world: “We should draw closer to God as He is the Healer, Deliverer and Saviour.”


Little Chinazo had obviously been in the eye of the storm on account of the health issues she was grappling with. She was unable to breathe properly due to asthma and allergic rhinitis and was always on medication. She avoided dusty places because anytime she inhaled dust, she would have to see a doctor. It almost became a routine.

She also used a breathing machine and would sometimes be rushed to the Casualty Ward in order to get some oxygen. For four years, the story of her life had revolved around breathing machines and medications. Having explored all sorts of medical remedies without success, her parents decided to table the matter before God.

Chinazo’s mother brought her to the Arena of Liberty, all the way from South Africa, to seek for God’s intervention, knowing that there is no sickness Jesus cannot heal. Even the young girl’s attitude was impressive as she expressed her belief in God’s ability to heal her. “Please, heal me. I have had enough of this medication”, she beseeched.

Prophet T.B. Joshua was moved by Chinazo’s courage and confidence as exhibited in her articulacy of speech and expression of faith in the face of trouble. Laying hands on her, the man of God declared her free through the authority in the mighty name of Jesus. Chinazo’s breathing was restored to its normal state immediately. The little girl raised and waved her hands in gratitude to God. “Thank You, Jesus. I am healed”, she declared.

During her testimony last Sunday, five year-old Chinazo or Chi-Chi told congregants that she is no longer experiencing those symptoms such as incessant coughs, bleeding, inability to breathe and other allergies. She thanked God for her healing, adding that she now sleeps peacefully at night. Her parents corroborated her testimony, stressing that all her problems ended after Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her. Her father advised parents to put their trust in God because He has the final say.



Michael threw caution to the winds and lived his life with careless abandon. He had thought he was enjoying life when he would abscond from his work only to frolic about with women of easy virtue. He was a slave to his ungodly passions to the extent that he would change women as a man would change clothes week in, week out. He patronised hotels and brothels just to satiate his immoral desires. His financial fortunes collapsed through reckless squandermania in the midst of all shades of women. No woman dared to resist his advances because, unknown to him, a spirit was engineering his every move. 

It was on the 12th of February, 2017 that it dawned on him that an evil spirit was behind his lust for women. That spirit was also bent on destroying his finances and career. While Prophet T.B. Joshua was leading the Mass Prayer that day, Michael manifested the evil spirit that had been behind his problem for 15 years. He received his deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus and since then, his life has changed for the better. He is now into fish-farming and is doing excellently. His marriage has been peaceful too.

His testimony last Sunday was a glorious attestation to the fact that God can change any man or situation no matter how bad he/it had been. Michael’s advice to people all over the world was apt and well-directed, albeit it came with a sense of humour. “My advice goes to my former colleagues in the fornication business. There is no medication for the spirit of lust. The only medication you can get is from Jesus Christ. Run to Him and be saved”, he concluded.


Mr Chidi came to The SCOAN in a very bad state. Aside from using a catheter to pass out urine due to an enlarged prostate, he also had a severe pile that necessitated his use of pads like a menstruating woman. He was always bleeding and under serious pain. He had been to different places in search of a solution but each attempt turned out to be a failure. The twin ailments also put paid to his sexual life as a married man.

Even though he would want to get intimate with his wife, he lacked the natural resources to do so. The man from Abia State, Nigeria was fed up with his condition and that state of near-hopelessness prompted him to visit the Arena of Liberty during a Sunday service. That day, he almost missed his miracle as he came in 15 minutes to the end of the service. As the man of God was leading the Mass Prayer, he prophesied about Mr Chidi’s problem.

Yes, there is another man here. Something burst in your stomach. Come out, Jesus loves you”, said Prophet T.B. Joshua. Shedding tears of joy, Mr Chidi came out from the congregation to confirm the prophecy. “Man of God, I’m the man in whom something burst right now. I am bleeding from my anus. I am using pads like women as I am standing here”, he cried. He received his healing after the man of God laid hands on him that day. He returned to the church last Sunday to give his testimony.

Looking very excited and lively, Mr Chidi thanked God for healing him of those two ailments that had threatened his career as a legal practitioner for 15 years. He recalled how he had been on antibiotics for so long. “After the prayer, I am no longer having any enlarged prostate or piles! I eat what I want to eat”, he told Emmanuel TV. He has since regained his strength while the pain has gone forever. “Keep believing that God is in control; He knows us from the beginning to the end”, he advised.




Mr Ayodeji was deported to Nigeria after serving a jail term in the United States. His ‘wife’ had alerted the American authorities after he was accused of trying to abuse a child – an offence heavily punishable under the U.S laws. He came back to Nigeria to face the grim reality of a country grappling with many challenges. He recalled that he had been involved in many fetish activities, including following masquerades and eating at shrines.

While in the university, he kept multiple girlfriends. He would drink himself comatose with strong liquors like Tequila and the rest. His dreams were nightmarish as he would find himself eating in them. Sometimes, he would dream of being chased by masquerades. His struggles with life brought him a chance encounter with an American pastor who told him about Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Because of the unfounded criticisms about the man of God and his ministry by some people, Ayodeji had nursed some misgivings about having anything to do with him. But with time, things changed. He later changed his mind and started considering the possibility of having an encounter with the man of God. He eventually visited the Arena of Liberty penultimate Sunday.

While the man of God was ministering prayer and deliverance, he gave words of prophecy about a young man who had just been deported from overseas. “There is a brother that just came back from the prison yard. The key thing is that your wife was the one who reported you and immediately, they deported you”, said the man of God.

Ayodeji’s deliverance was immediate after the evil spirit responsible for his life’s battles had manifested, revealing the harm it had done to him. Taking authority in the mighty name of Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his anointed hands on the Ondo State indigene and cast out the evil spirit. Rising from the ground after being floored by the Holy Spirit, Ayodeji thanked God, raising his two hands.

During his testimony last Sunday, he apologised to the man of God for ignorantly castigating his ministry. He stated that he never knew the same man he had disparaged would one day be his helper. Since his deliverance, all those wayward attitudes have stopped. He now walks in the light of redemption, peace and divine cover. “It is painful to be disciplined by God but the end is beautiful”, he declared.