THE BARRIER BETWEEN YOU AND GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Prophet T.B. Joshua did not waste time in alerting congregants to the urgent need to unleash mayhem on the kingdom of darkness. As a prophet of the Most High God, he knew that satan and his agents should not be allowed any breathing space. The first thing he told congregants was that they needed to dismantle all barriers that could stand in between them and God. “Join me to remove the barrier between you and God, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! There is a barrier between you and God – there is a wall that does not allow you to feel the presence of God. That is why you do not dream and if you dream, you do not understand it. That is barrier – could be holding grudges, trials, unforgiving spirit, you feel the pain of the past and you refuse to let it ago. If you don’t let yesterday go, you cannot enjoy today”, he declared.

Stepping into the mood of prayer, the man of God led congregants to pull down strongholds, to stop afflictions and to set the captives free in the mighty name of Jesus. As the vociferous prayers raged on, many vomited poisonous substances while some manifested the evil spirits that had held them hostage for so long. In the end, there was victory in the atmosphere as children of God celebrated their healing, deliverance and breakthrough with faith-building testimonies.



Ever since their marriage seven years ago, their passionate dream to have a baby failed to be actualised. The most painful aspect of that saga was the fact that gynaecologists had confirmed them fit and fertile and yet the gap between them and a baby of their own remained unbridged. Mr and Mrs Asogwa were not the happiest of couples. Mrs Asogwa was worst hit by the psychological agonies of not being able to conceive. She became depressed and looked physically disorientated. Even her dressing patterns gave her troubled heart away.

The quest for a baby almost amounted to a perpetual existential probing. The Nigerian couple were asking all the questions both at churches and hospitals but received no fruitful answers. It was as if life itself had become hostile to them, denying them of the minutest glimmer of hope and laughter. And so, people around the couple started persuading them to try other means for a solution. Mrs Asogwa would not take chances as she was in dire need of a child. She had thought to herself that since orthodox medicine had failed to provide the much needed solution, it was time for her to explore other means.

Travelling to her home town, she was taken to a native doctor. The native doctor had boasted that she had the magical wand to undo the troubled woman’s problem. “I will give you a concoction to drink. That concoction will purge you and remove all the blockages that had been preventing you from conceiving”, she had boasted. After drinking that concoction, Mrs Asogwa almost purged the life out of herself as she became extremely dehydrated to the extent that she could not recognise her acquaintances anymore. Upon all the concoction, boasts and near-death purging, she could not conceive.

After surviving that harrowing experience in the hands of the native doctor, she returned to her husband’s station still upbeat about her chances of conceiving. A couple of well-wishers also took her to other native doctors who gave her different concoctions but all ended in futility. While she was being made to consume all sorts of concoctions, Mrs Asogwa would have strange dreams. She usually dreamt of having affairs with a man only to find herself wet whenever she woke up. Such a dream was always accompanied by scuffles between her and her husband. There were other instances when she would dream of an old woman who was always dragging a baby away from her.

The journey to redemption started when one of her husband’s colleagues told him about a special healing service organised by The SCOAN to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of the birth of Prophet T.B. Joshua in June, 2016. The colleague convinced her husband that all their problems would be over if they attended that healing service. Mr and Mrs Asogwa came to The SCOAN on the said date and experienced the presence of God in the life of His Chosen Prophet. Seated in the auditorium that fateful Sunday, Mrs Asogwa had felt the movement of a cool breeze and had thought that the ushers were holding a little freezer as the man of God came towards her direction.

It took just a single touch from the anointed man of God on her head. As soon as she received that touch, she fell to the ground under the influence of the anointing. When they returned home that same day, husband and wife met intimately. A little more than a year later, they visited The SCOAN last Sunday to testify to God’s faithfulness with a baby girl named Emmanuella. Mr and Mrs Asogwa thanked God for making them happy parents after seven years without a child. “Since our deliverance, we haven’t had any problem at all. Depression left me; no more arguments or nightmares”, said Mrs Asogwa. Advising congregants and people all over the world, her husband said, “If anyone is experiencing what I did experience, be patient and hold on to God; His time is different from our time.”



Favour has always had tall dreams of becoming the best she can be through hard work and dedication to her studies. Those dreams were being nurtured with every sense of hope when suddenly the young girl discovered some terrible changes in her body. Her spine started tilting to one side while she experienced chest pains and discomfort in some parts of her body. Her parents would not let their daughter just wallow in pains. They sought medical intervention and were shocked to discover that she was suffering from scoliosis of the spine – a painful spinal ailment that makes sitting upright a herculean task.

The ailment had taken a great toll on the young Nigerian who was living in Germany with her parents. She had undergone series of treatments. But all the treatments could only offer was a temporary solution, including the body brace she had been wearing for some time. The doctors had told her that there was no known solution to her kind of problem, at least medically. And so, the body brace was at best, a temporary palliative. Favour’s parents would not accept that finalising verdict from the doctors; they knew that there is a mighty God in the Arena of Liberty and decided to seek His face.

Penultimate Sunday, Favour and her parents were in the church auditorium when Prophet T.B. Joshua was addressing congregants, telling them to press in and touch Jesus. Her case was a demonstration of the practicability of those anointed words. Repeating those words and touching the ailing parts of her body as directed by the man of God, Favour’s curved spine was instantly healed while the pain on her chest disappeared. To the surprise of many, the youngster who could hardly walk for long took to her heels in a triumphant demonstration of her total healing.

Testifying last Sunday alongside her parents, Favour exuded unbridled joy as she told the story of her battle from pain to glory. Exercising parts of her body to the delight of applauding congregants, she said, “I don’t need the body brace anymore.” Her parents were also thankful to God for putting an end to the troubles occasioned by her health challenge. Favour left the following words of advice: “I would advise people all over the world that they should always remember that God can heal them.”



He had been a very good boy when he was growing up. At school, he did well and kept a straight head at home. But all those great values about him would soon vanish when he started mingling with older boys on the street. He suddenly realised that he had been influenced into many illicit activities including drug trafficking. Street life took over him and almost ruined his chances of becoming a responsible man. Tebogo was soon schooled in the art of opening people’s cars without keys, stealing them and keeping guns amongst other criminal tendencies.

The South African later joined a gang which specialised in robbing people with knives. Their targets were usually vulnerable people such as drunks and the elderly. They would dispossess them of their money and belongings and sometimes beat them blue-black. His gang would later start robbing people with guns, disarming other drug traffickers so that they could dominate the local drug trafficking market. With time, they had amassed a lot of guns and drugs to themselves. In all of those escapades, Tebogo always exhibited absolute confidence.

His criminal engagements always took him in and out of prison and while the vicious cycle lasted, his mother never knew. Although there were instances when she had heard that he was into drugs, he always denied when confronted. By the time he entered university, he was already a big boy in the business. He had bought a car and would live life like a king, spending money and catching fun at will. Describing how they usually dispossessed drunk people of their cars, he told Emmanuel TV, “When they were going to their cars, we would bundle them into the boot, drive off with the car and dump the owner outside.”

It was while in prison that he learnt the different ways of survival, including making tattoos and trading in essentials such as bedsheets and other personal effects to new inmates. It was the thought of the wretched nature of prison life that once made him remember that he really needed his mother. That very moment, he contacted her and she came visiting. Mother and child would then get emotional, knowing that they deserved a better lot in life. For a woman who had done so much for her son, she did not deserve the kind of life he was living, not at all. On one occasion, he had been shot by the police after they had carried out a robbery operation. While trying to escape, he was shot in the ankle and was left bleeding until an ambulance came to take him to hospital. He was in hospital for nine months during which his mother would visit, from time to time, to pray for him. By the time he came out of hospital, Tebogo returned to his art of making tattoos and drug business.

When I was angry, I did tattoos”, he declared, displaying the artwork on his body during his testimony last Sunday. He also showed congregants a scar on his neck which resulted from a knife attack when some criminals tried to snatch his car while he was driving in company of his girlfriend. He was actually stabbed six times. “No matter what I did, my mother would always pray for me”, he continued, adding that she even gave him some of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s books to read. Though he had been sceptical about Emmanuel TV, his mother kept encouraging him until penultimate Sunday when he found himself at The SCOAN after several persuasions by his mother.

Tebogo received his deliverance from Prophet T.B. Joshua after the man of God had prophesied to him about his problems. During that powerful Mass Prayer, the man of God led by the Holy Spirit had said, “There is a brother – you have tattoos everywhere. You are a criminal wearing dark, dark. That spirit is tormenting, disturbing you.” By the time he would return for his testimony last Sunday, Tebogo was already a changed person as he had been delivered by Jesus Christ through the man of God. “Since my encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua, my life has changed. I can confess that Jesus Christ is my Saviour now”, he said.



Omoku community in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria had been a theatre of war. It had been besieged by kidnappers, armed robbers, cultists and ritualists. There was hardly a day that did not witness the gruesome murder or decapitation of people either due to cult rivalry or sheer bestiality. Being one of the largest oil-producing communities and host to three major oil giants, Omoku community, rather than being in the news for its strategic position in the oil and gas sector, had become a landscape for human butchery, rape and kidnapping.

Many private as well as government corporations had deserted the community, preferring to operate from Port Harcourt, the state capital because the killings never seemed to abate. The scenario painted the sad picture of an unending carnage that had defied even prayers.

Confused and overwhelmed by the stark reality of the endless carnage staring them in the face, some of the community elders came together and decided it was time for them to come to the Arena of Liberty. Six of them proceeded to The SCOAN in May 2017 and tabled their problem before the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, who accorded them a hospitable reception, accommodating and feeding them throughout their stay. The man of God gave them the Morning Water and asked them to minister it in strategic locations within their community. He also gave them money for their transportation back to their community.

Since their return to the hitherto troubled community on May 29, 2017, they have not witnessed any form of bloodletting or violence. The transformation is so obvious given that prior to their visit to The SCOAN, the community had become notorious for cultism and all shades of violence. The community is presently enjoying an unprecedented era of peace and tranquillity after the elders’ visit to The SCOAN. They have never had it this good and so, they could not tarry any longer. They were in the church last Sunday to testify to the new-found peace and calm that God has brought to their community. To God be the Glory!



His greatest undoing had been the spirit of anger which had eaten deep into his life, even as a growing child. Then, he would see people who wanted to correct him as being forcefully wrong. In his childish universe, everything he did was right and whosoever tried to correct him was wrong. Growing up under the tutelage of his grandmother, Actofel exhibited horrible traits unbecoming of a boy of his age. Whenever his grandmother disciplined him for any wrongdoing, the Namibian lad would either populate his mind with thoughts of a revenge or suicide.

He had attempted suicide in different ways when he was barely seven years-old. There was a day he tried to hang himself in between tree branches. On another occasion, he had dipped his finger into a snake hole, hoping he could receive some venomous bite that would gradually snuff the life out of him – all as a result of the spirit of anger that had built its evil nest inside his heart. He was always absconding from home because he just couldn’t accept correction. The spirit had corrupted his childish mind-set, making him a habitual aggressor against those who tried to correct him.

The same spirit of anger led him into the boxing sport so that he could always exercise his angry instinct. He would engage his peers in fights and would beat them to a stupor even when they had dangerous weapons in their possession. He had no iota of fear and could withstand any form of aggression. “The spirit of anger made me like an animal in that, I did not fear anybody”, he recalled. On several occasions, he had given thieves in his community some beating to remember whenever they broke into his house, attempting to steal valuables. He had killed one who had invaded their house by crushing his skull with an iron rod. He was jailed but later released on bail.

The bail notwithstanding, a murder case was filed against him by the court with a possible sentence of between fifteen to twenty years’ imprisonment. While awaiting the verdict of the litigation, he had prepared himself to evade imprisonment. He had planned to stab himself to death if he was found guilty so that the so-called prison sentence would be over his dead body. Moreover, he had explored other alternatives like consulting with witchdoctors in order to avert the legal doomsday that was gradually closing in on him.

While the murder case progressed in court, Actofel became mentally delirious. He knew that he had to fire on all cylinders to escape the wrath of the courts and so, he left nothing to chance. One day while browsing the internet in his office, he came across Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV. Incidentally, he witnessed the deliverance of a man who also had a court case and that really inspired him. Alongside a colleague, he finally made his way to The SCOAN.

During that Sunday service, the spirit of anger had told him to go and stab the man of God but he could not carry out the evil instruction because of the anointing in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Actofel received prayer and deliverance that day and was also given the Morning Water. When he returned to Namibia, the tables turned in his favour. The court found him not guilty in the murder case. The spirit of anger disappeared finally even as his reckless womanising habit stopped.

Today, he is happily married. The glory of God, through the Morning Water medium, has taken over his once turbulent life. “Parents, we should keep our children close to us, especially when you discipline them”, he advised.



Right from when she was eleven years-old, she had been complaining of back pains after falling on ice in the street. She had been taken to the hospital but the doctors only prescribed some painkillers and that was all. At school, she could not join her peers in the usual exercises. At a time, her incessant complaints were thought to be childish pranks. But as she grew, she developed other problems, including scoliosis – a spinal problem that makes sitting and walking very difficult.

With time, her body also became host to other conditions such as cervical spondylosis. Her doctors had even suggested that she would have to cope with the condition ‘til death. As far as they were concerned, there was no known cure for the condition except the temporary relief from analgesics and perhaps the neck collar. Most times, she cried all night, wondering why such a painful lot had befallen her. There were times she thought of the idea of surgery but such a thought would later be overtaken by events.

The Serbian living in Botswana eventually realised that she needed a spiritual approach to her problem and so, she started reading her Bible just as she watched Emmanuel TV. She later discovered that whenever she read her Bible and watched Emmanuel TV, there was always a feeling of wellness in her body. Having come from an unbelieving background, she also realised and felt the difference between meditating in the Word of God and remaining perpetually attached to her ungodly past. The more she studied the Word of God and watched Emmanuel TV, the more her faith assumed an unflinching level.

It was that strong faith that motivated her to visit The SCOAN. Last Sunday, she received her healing after Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her during the Sunday service, uprooting her problem from its very source in the mighty name of Jesus.

In a matter of seconds, she was back to her normal self. The pains stopped, making her to discard the neck collar. During her testimony that same Sunday, she demonstrated her new-found wellness with some bodily movements that drew applause from the congregants. She advised people all over the world to believe in God and His Word.