PRESS IN TO TOUCH JESUS - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Last Sunday, the mighty hand of God was put to instant use as Prophet T.B. Joshua declared war on all infirmities, in the mighty name of Jesus. Many received their healing immediately after coming in contact with the anointed touch of the man of God during the Mass Prayer. Perennial afflictions used by satan to hold God’s children in captivity were dismantled and crushed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Inability to walk, arthritis and all forms of infirmity were reversed. The testimonies are too many – a sign that the Kingdom of God is winning the battle. The choir moderated the occasion with musical mementos rooted in the Scripture. Their songs inspired the feelings of victory, glory and redemption through Christ Jesus.

In his message titled, “PRESS IN TO TOUCH JESUS,” Prophet T.B. Joshua admonished Christians on the need to repose their trust in God, adding that we can only have access to His blessings when we put a demand on the anointing. “God is reliable. If God is reliable, you must put your trust in Him. How do we put our trust in Him? We put our trust in God by using our faith to put a demand on the anointing. Anointing is the power of God,” he observed.

Speaking about the woman with the issue of blood, the prophet said, “She believed enough to press in to touch Jesus for her healing. There was not only so much crowd but also hindrances and obstacles. You must press in to touch Him to heal you. ‘I believe! I press in to touch You; Jesus, heal me. I press in to touch You; Jesus, deliver me. I press in to touch You; Jesus, bless me. Let Your seraphim touch me, in Jesus’ name’.” Then, the prophet declared, all who press in to touch Jesus will be like that woman of whom the Lord said, “ ‘Somebody touched me for I perceived power going out of me’. Who touched Jesus? You!”

You can only maintain that touch, that blessing, that healing, that deliverance as you “continue your meditation on God’s Word in your heart. ‘I am here in Your presence; I am here for You. Use me, Lord. Make me Your channel – a channel of shining light, a channel of forgiveness, a channel of holiness, a channel of purity, humility, faithfulness, goodness and self-control, Oh Lord Jesus’.”

The man of God summed up his message in the following prophetic declaration: “I release you for meditation because that is what you will live on for the rest of your life. Don’t for any reason forget your meditation”.

Putting the message straight into practice, Prophet T.B. Joshua walked into the midst of the congregation and unleashed God’s power onto the scene in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. He met a young 12-year-old girl sitting with a body brace encasing her small frame. In company of her parents, Miss Favour Okere cried out for help. Encouraging her faith for a miracle, the prophet instructed her to pray, “I press in to touch You, Oh Lord; heal me, in Jesus’ name!” Then, with just a tap, she was standing on her feet removing her brace and walking freely, healed to the glory of God. The moment she realized her healing, her countenance changed and the young girl broke into a run, shouting, “Thank You, Jesus!” God’s power continued to manifest itself as Prophet T.B. Joshua continued to make his way through the crowd. The evidence of this power of Christ Jesus is shown throughout the abundance of testimonies below.



In his quest for a job, James had gone to a trampoline park in London to find out if he could be employed. After the meeting with the manager of the park, James and a friend decided to try some stunts on the trampoline. The fun he was catching soon became a tragic blow of fate as he landed on the wrong side while trying a backflip. His severely sprained his neck in the process, leading to a dislocation of his bones.

James was taken to a hospital where he underwent some tests, including the Magnetic Resonance Imaging in order to ascertain the extent of damage to his bones. They told him that his spinal bones were broken and required an operation to correct them. In the meantime, he was given a body brace which he wore for six weeks. During this period, the young man was hospitalised and virtually bedridden. Fortunate for James, his faith-filled mother rushed to the hospital along with a drink that she anointed with the Morning Water as well as a Good Morning Sticker. While she placed the latter under James’ bedsheet, she asked him to continue taking the drink until it was finished. He had no inkling about his mother’s strategy. He only felt that, as a loving mother, she had come to show some care.

After he finished the drink, the doctors said they needed to carry out more tests. The results showed that the broken bones in his spine had begun aligning. Three weeks later, James realised that he had received his total healing through the ministration of the Morning Water. He removed the body brace and began moving freely, no longer in need of an operation or support.

Testifying last Sunday in company of his mother, he thanked God for intervening at a time when his doctors had suggested that surgery was inevitable. “The things on Emmanuel TV are real. You will have your own testimony. Just believe in the Lord”, he advised.


“Go to the river, collect three scorpions and a ring,” the strange woman who had just had an affair with him in his dreams commanded him. Maxwell obediently collected the items, kept the three scorpions in a container of water inside his room and wore the ring daily on his finger, deceived into believing that as he spoke to the scorpions and ring, his desires would actualise.

Suddenly, however, Maxwell found himself engaging in despicable activities such as taking and trafficking hard drugs, drinking, chain-smoking, committing fornication and adultery and stealing. The evil spirit behind those demonic items had a firm grip on him and caused him to do those things he would ordinarily not like to do. Meanwhile, his evil affair with the strange woman continued in his dreams and she would instruct and direct him on the things he would do each day.

Maxwell had a way of approaching people so that they would trust him, not knowing that beyond that innocent face laid a dangerous heart full of all sorts of wicked intents. When his mother discovered that he was into drugs and other disreputable practices, she decided to seek the face of God at The SCOAN.

Penultimate Sunday, Maxwell and his mother came to The SCOAN where the young man from Ghana had an unforgettable encounter with the Holy Spirit. He received his deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus after receiving a prophetic message from Prophet T.B. Joshua, describing the exact diabolic items he kept in secret.

During his testimony last Sunday, Maxwell renounced all ties with the evil spirit that had been behind his ugly past. Basking in the joy of a new life filled with the freedom of deliverance, Maxwell is indeed a new creature living in the light of God. “Run to God for your deliverance. I thought what I was doing was right but after my deliverance, now I know it was bad”, he concluded.



Dr Anthony and his wife had received a prophecy about squabbles in their young marriage from Prophet T.B. Joshua several years ago. After that prophecy, which the couple confirmed to be true, the man of God laid hands on them, blessing their marriage and bringing to an end all the hostilities that had threatened it. Last Sunday, the couple was at The SCOAN to testify to the great things God has been doing in their lives ever since that fateful encounter with the man of God.

Financially and career-wise, they have been blessed immensely. They first visited as tenants but have built their own house and other rental buildings. God has also blessed them with several cars. Later, he received a call from a United Nations agency dealing with the prohibition of chemical weapons. He had applied to be part of the body’s training in chemical disarmament and production on three occasions but had been rejected, even with his doctorate degree. But because of the anointed touch he had received from the man of God, he was energised to apply again this year.

To the glory of God, he is among the thirty-two persons selected from different countries across the world to participate in the training programme. He is also the only Nigerian shortlisted for a phone interview. Before that interview, Dr Anthony had anointed his phone with the Morning Water, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to make the process a resounding success for him. During the interview, all the panellists were impressed with his responses and scored him excellently. Two weeks later, he received a letter officially notifying him of his selection for the training programme.

That same day, he received a message from another United Nations agency – the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITA) on Globally Harmonised Systems for the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals. The United Nations body conducts an e-training on the regulation of chemicals and for any chemist who wishes to excel in that field, he or she is required to pass that training with good grades. To his utmost surprise, the body offered him admission and also paid for the tuition.

Having enrolled into the programme, Dr Anthony continued to study in the light of God’s Word. Whenever he wanted to write the series of exams in the programme, he would come to The SCOAN premises to tap the ever-flowing anointing during a SCOAN Live Sunday Service. When the results were released, he came out in flying colours, scoring an average of 92 percent for which he was congratulated by the body.

During his testimony alongside his wife, he was overwhelmed with joy as he could not hold back the avalanche of gratitude he poured out to God. His wife thanked the Creator for His unending faithfulness, adding that the inflow of blessings has remained a glorious continuum. Advising congregants, Dr Anthony had these simple words: “Be committed to God’s Word because God is in His Word.”



While working at a power station, Eric and his supervisor were involved in a massive explosion. While his supervisor was able to escape from the confined environment, Eric was engulfed by the resultant fire and was burnt beyond recognition. His condition was so terrifying that he was rushed into the intensive care unit for burns in a Ghanaian hospital. Due to the severity of the burns and the concomitant trauma, the Ghanaian electrical technician went into a coma.

By the time Eric’s wife reached his side at the hospital, she doubted if he was the one. She raced home to collect the Morning Water, stopping only to pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and minister the Morning Water on Eric’s pictures, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to intervene and save his life.

Returning to the hospital, she ministered the Morning Water on her husband, saying “God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, I commit my husband into your hands. Please cover him with the blood of Jesus. I believe that You will be able to save and deliver my husband from this. This is not our portion, in the name of Jesus”. After ministering the Morning Water, she placed the Good Morning Sticker under his pillow.

She visited her husband every day and ministered the Morning Water on him. Gradually, his condition began to improve and he regained consciousness. One day, the doctors raised an alarm concerning his lungs, saying he had inhaled dangerous fluid during the explosion. Unperturbed by the melodramatic alarm of the doctors, she continued to minister the Morning Water and after a few days, Eric was completely healed.

During his testimony last Sunday, Eric corroborated his wife’s account that, immediately after he received the ministration of the Morning Water, he started breathing normally and regained full consciousness. “God has completely restored my skin that was burnt beyond recognition and saved my life, in Jesus’ name”, he told Emmanuel TV as he thanked his wife who refused to give in to fear and self-pity. He advised people to keep trusting in God to deliver and protect them in times of trouble.




Twenty-one-year-old Omolade was booked for an operation due to Intestine Obstruction, Ovarian Cyst and Tuberculosis, with a drip fixed by the hospital still in her hand.Coming to pray for her, Prophet T.B Joshua instantly turned to the parents and said, ‘I know you but I have never met your daughter. She ought to be part of the Usher or Youth Departments within the church but she refused to come and you refused to bring her. We have these departments so that our children can be sheltered under the shadow of God’s protection and learn God’s ways. This is the cause of her problem.’

Following the instruction in righteousness, the family came to repentance and promised God never to take their family away from His presence. Once that commitment to God was made, healing came instantly to Miss Omolade and she came out of the vehicle and walked freely, healed by the Lord.

Parents, instruct your children in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart. Our children are a gift from God; what comes from God returns to God. Let God find your children in His house. If they find themselves far from God, it is not too late. As Miss Omolade received correction and returned to His presence, press in to touch Him and receive restoration and reconciliation, in Jesus’ name!





Losing hair and vomiting blood had become the reality of Victoria Jimmy’s life as she suffered from blood cancer. In that state, she had been jobless for five years and as a result, left in abject poverty. Hoping for a better tomorrow, Victoria decided to come to The SCOAN, where she joined Prophet T.B. Joshua in The SCOAN Live Sunday Service as he led the congregation in prayer: “Shout – Jesus Christ, let there be light!” As she was praying, she saw a spirit being cut a rope from around her and she began burping as if she was about to vomit. Claiming her victory over sickness and poverty, she returned home and almost immediately started seeing the signs of healing. Strength returned to her body and hair returned to her head! With newfound confidence and firm faith in God, she applied for a job and was called for an interview.

As an ardent Emmanuel TV viewer, she greeted her interviewer, “Good Morning!” and after the greeting was surprised to hear that all she needed to do was sign a three-month contract and start the job. Glory be to God, two months later, her temporary position transformed into a permanent post and early promotion to the position of Assistant Property Manager. The testimony didn’t stop there. In a dream one day, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared to her and told her to go into farming. She obeyed the instruction in righteousness and now, has more than 50 acres of fertile yam, onion and cassava farmland and 40 milk-producing cows.

Her testimony is an admonishment to all that the way of obedience is the way of healing, blessing and freedom, in Christ Jesus!