BE AN IMITATOR OF GOD - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


The atmosphere reverberated with the spectacular yet edifying delivery of The SCOAN choir which livened up congregants as they joined in expressing their deference to God through beautiful songs of praise and worship. The testimonies that followed brightened the configuration of the day as it reminded the children of God that He is still saying something, no matter the situation they are passing through.

Prophet T.B. Joshua engaged the minds of congregants as he admonished them to allow the Word of God take deep roots in their hearts. According to him, the only way Christians can have an uninterrupted latitude to God is to allow His Word to dwell in their hearts. “When the Word dwells in you, rules you and lives in you, it produces prayer fruits. The Word dominating you becomes the Lordship of Christ in you. You must let the Word have right of way in your life. Letting the Word have right of way in your life is letting Christ Himself have right of way in your life”, he said.

Frowning at the desperate refusal of men to wait on God, the man of God observed that people now copy one another just because they want to remain relevant. He however warned that prosperity is not an evidence that one is called by God. He said. “Prosperity is not evidence that you are called to do the job from Heaven. You can be very rich, prosperous in what you are doing but that does not prove that you are called to do it; the end will prove that what you are doing is your calling from God… Today, everything is copied because no one is patient enough to wait for God… The beginner is not the owner of the job but the finisher.”

Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to unite and live in love. He also encouraged them to love their enemies and neighbours. He explained that our neighbours could be those who do not share the same faith with us. We should love them all. This is the teaching Jesus left behind. “Christians unite by love, their love sees beyond enemies and attack but religious law does not see beyond attack – what you do to them, they do to you.”



While on his way to work one Monday morning, he had developed a feverish condition and had to return home, hoping that he would return to work the next day. By the evening of that same Monday, Professor Anene visited a relation’s hospital after it dawned on him that his condition was not improving. On the next day being a Tuesday, he received treatment for malaria but that notwithstanding, he felt a general sense of not being himself. It was on Wednesday that the tragic drama began. Having been overtaken by a persistent urge to vomit, he discovered that he had soiled his bed. Further checks revealed that he was emitting blood through his anus as a result of a massive stomach ulcer.

Professor Anene was stricken by both his health condition and fear of the unknown. He knew that bleeding through the anus was symptomatic of a severe health issue that would require urgent attention. The bleeding continued, leaving him almost emaciated and making his blood pressure to soar astronomically. He was alive yet very close to death’s cold embrace. His younger brother, a medical doctor, suggested that Professor Anene would require specialist medical attention. For that reason, he was transferred to the College of Medicine of the Anambra State University.

Two days into that facility, he had stooled out almost all the blood in his system. With a worsening blood pressure and a terribly low blood count, Professor Anene began to pass out gradually. Speaking to Emmanuel TV, his daughter Jachimma said that throughout the period her father was vomiting and stooling fresh blood, he did not eat any food. When she got to the hospital where he was admitted in the emergency ward, she met a totally anaemic father who had been on the verge of passing out. Jachimma would not allow sudden death to steal her father away from her. She rushed to her car, retrieved the Morning Water she had kept there and returned to her father’s bedside.

Giving the Morning Water to him, she asked him to drink it. As he drank, she asked him to receive his healing in the name of Jesus Christ. Shortly after, Professor Anene felt the urge to visit the restroom and discovered that his urine and stool which were earlier red in colour had suddenly changed – an indication that a spiritual rehabilitation was ongoing. Hours later, the colour of his emissions had returned to their normal state.

His older daughter also shared her part of the testimony by telling viewers all over the world that she quickly wrote her father’s name in the Seasons’ Greetings Card she had collected from The SCOAN and had her younger brother read the content to her father at the hospital. Also whilst on admission, the Professor kept counting his faith with the Faith Bracelet Jachima had borrowed to him. All of these culminated in the rapid recovery and healing of Professor Chukwunonye Anene, to the glory of the miracle working God.

For Professor Anene, a distinguished academic and former university administrator, his advice to viewers all over the world was simple. “Believe and you will see the miracles and breakthrough that will follow you; just believe”, he said.



Tovie was always on the groove. The beauty of life to him, was in the level of fun and pleasure he derived by hanging out with friends at nightclubs, drinking and frolicking about with different women. As a marine engineer, most of his earnings went in pursuit of those frivolous fancies. He continued painting the town red in the glitz and glamour of enjoyment until the worst hit him like a bolt out of the blue. His most cherished source of income was no more. Perhaps he had never, for one day, thought that all good things must end. Losing his job was the greatest blow that sent him staggering in different directions in search of a solution.

The young Nigerian started patronising native doctors, thinking that the job loss misfortune could be reversed through their intervention. He had spent a lot of money procuring all sorts of charms that were purportedly capable of landing him even juicer job offers. A particular native doctor had given him a charm and had instructed him to bathe with it, using a local sponge every midnight. After he had been scammed by the native doctors whose charms were nothing more than wraps of fetish deception, Tovie returned to his family house in what could be described as a self-inflicted fall from grace to grass.

With a wife and four children living together in a one room which they no longer could afford, relocating to his father’s house was a pill too bitter to swallow but he had no choice. He had to stand face to face with the consequences of his past actions, hoping that God would provide a second chance for him to correct his mistakes. Even though he had access to Emmanuel TV, his senses were beclouded by forces beyond his control. He was manipulated by the so-called native doctors to the extent that he sold his car worth 500,000 naira at a paltry and laughable sum of 30,000 naira just to complete the money for a special charm prepared for him by a native doctor.

It was after the charm proved to be a monumental failure that the shroud of deception was pulled off his face. It dawned on him that he had been fooled by a smarter fellow who called himself a native doctor. It was also at that point that his wife’s advice (that he should watch Emmanuel TV) started growing roots in his mind. Tovie’s decision to heed his wife’s advice yielded good fruits. Having seen the mighty demonstration of God’s power through Emmanuel TV, he visited The SCOAN and received the Morning Water. After four days of ministering and praying with the Morning Water, breakthrough came.

The job he had been searching for, for four years and for which he had been running helter-skelter from one native doctor to the other, bathing with all sorts of concoctions, finally came to him on a platter of his own faith. Tovie was restored to his job as a marine engineer. Having learnt positive lessons from the negative experience of his job loss, he has become a better manager of the blessings God has been bestowing upon his life. From a one-room apartment, he now lives in his own house, a four-bedroom house. To God be the glory!



Nancy had been struggling to pass her professional exam known as the Chartered Management Accountants’ exam. Though she had passed all the sixteen preliminary papers, the only obstacle she had was that she needed to pass the competence level exam which will enable the examination body to issue her a certificate. Whenever she was about to sit for the exam, she would dream of herself walking about in the washroom. She wrote the exam seven times and failed on all occasions. The total score that qualifies a person to pass the exam is 25 marks whereas she always ended up scoring between 22 and 24 marks. It was embarrassing for the Ghanaian because most of the people she tutored ended up passing the exam while she kept failing.

The trend continued until she came to The SCOAN and received the Morning Water which she ministered amidst serious prayers. When the time for the exam approached, Nancy noticed something. The dream of seeing herself walking about in the washroom had stopped. She sat for the exam in November and when the results were released in December, she passed successfully.

Displaying her professional certificates during her testimony last Sunday, Nancy now bears the title of Certified Management Accountant, Senior Level. Her certificates also have international affiliations, empowering her to practice in foreign countries.

When you are in an affliction like mine, run to God and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and His power of deliverance”, she advised.



Mr and Mrs Ndubuisi Nwokoye had issues in their marriage and almost allowed their union to crumble. Husband and wife did not understand what was going on. Each made efforts to rekindle the fading fire of love and affection in their marriage but all to no avail. Mr Nwokoye later developed a habit of keeping late nights outside, drinking with friends in bars and engaging in all sorts of unpalatable activities. He hardly spent time with his wife and children. The more he stayed away from his wife and children, the worse his condition became. His business went down, forcing him to virtually live from hand to mouth.

While their marital woes continued, the couple did not know that there was a spiritual side to their problem until they decided to visit The SCOAN and were prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua and they were delivered in Jesus’ name. After their encounter with the man of God, their lives changed just and they have continued to prosper in different areas. Mr Nwokoye has since that deliverance, realised how wonderful a wife God has given him. The level of love he now has for her is unquantifiable. There has been peace, mutual love and understanding between them since they visited The SCOAN.

He thanked God for restoring the love in his marriage and for blessing him with financial breakthrough and prosperity in business. “Every married man should know that marriage is from God; don’t chase your wife away in times of difficulty”, said the Nigerian from Anambra State.



The sirens blazed. Helicopters hovered. An elite troop of special agents steadily surrounded the house. There was no escape in sight. Flushing the remaining cocaine steadily down the drain, Mr Muyideen braced himself for the inevitable. Fearlessly brandishing his multiple firearms, he threatened the police below that if they dared move, he would jump to his death. Jump he did…

At a tender age, Mr Shittu Muyideen was initiated into a world of devilry. His father, who belonged to a secret cult, gave him the deadly mark of a scorpion on his arm – a symbol of demonic power which would ultimately lead him down a path of untold destruction. As the only son of his father, who had 16 wives and 47 other daughters, he was a fighter from day one.

In school, he could beat up 20-30 grown men at a go. That spirit of violence led him to fearlessly travel abroad and engage in a life of criminality to extreme degrees. Traversing from Nigeria to Libya, he crossed the ocean in a makeshift boat to arrive unceremoniously in Italy. It was there that the wickedness of the devil’s plans for his life began to fully hatch.

Dealing in drugs and human trafficking, Muyideen, known then as ‘CK’, became a friend of Europe’s most deadly and dangerous. “I would sell human beings without a trace,” he admitted. “I would sell young women to old men,” he explained, adding that the women concerned would later ‘drug’ such men into willing their entire belongings to them. CK would take fifty percent.

Arrested during one such shady operation, he was imprisoned but through “Mafia connections”, he was quickly released and relocated to Germany. There, Muyideen became a notorious ‘drug baron’. His methods of human smuggling became more advanced, this time arranging marriages for naïve German locals with men who would quickly divorce thereafter and take money from the inevitable proceedings. He even conned physically challenged women by promising to provide husbands – who would leave them shortly after concluding marital nuptials.

Escaping prison again in Germany, he went to the US where he affiliated himself with a notorious drug lord and his gang. With the proceeds from his dubious activities, he bought properties in different states in the US and married a Norwegian banker with whom he had two kids. When asked where he was getting his money from, he told her that his father was a wealthy king in Africa!

However, one day his wife opened a package that was delivered to their house and she was horrified to find cocaine hidden therein. Shocked, his wife reported to the police who quickly surrounded his house. Jumping from a balcony, Muyideen was caught by a net dropped by the helicopter and hauled into custody. Deported back to Nigeria, the drug baron never relented in crime. Moving to Ghana, he began to co-ordinate human trafficking activities to countries around the world.

It was in the midst of this that ‘CK’ discovered Emmanuel TV. Deciding to visit The SCOAN, his encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua was nothing short of remarkable. The demon within him was wickedly exposed at the touch of the man of God, confessing the havoc it had wreaked in his life and the destruction it had caused him to do. After deliverance, the sober man tearfully admitted that satan had used him to destroy so many lives in the past, calling on people to embrace Christ fully as the only way to enjoy life in abundance.