GOD’S WORD IS SPIRIT AND LIFE - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


On Sunday, June 18, 2017, congregants who worshipped at The SCOAN witnessed the demonstration of God’s power in many dimensions. The testimonies were inspiring and helped keep the light of hope aglow in the minds of all who saw God’s hand at work in the life of His people. The choir on their part ensured that the atmosphere was Spirit-filled as they provided the musical impetus that kept everyone on their dancing feet as praise and worship songs rented the air. The Word of God played its enlightening role as it formed the nucleus of everything that happened on the day.

In his message, GOD’S WORD IS SPIRIT AND LIFE, Prophet T.B. Joshua emphasised the fact that God’s Word has the ability to transform us spiritually, especially when we pay attention to it by meditating on it at all times. “God’s Word is Spirit. It has the ability to quicken us spiritually. It has the ability to form a spiritual force within our hearts or spirits,” he pointed out. And in case we find it difficult as Christians to pay attention to the Word of God due to distractions, the man of God offers a solution – “When your heart is not set, you cannot pay attention. In this case, take your Faith Bracelet and begin the battle to reset your belief”.

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded the people of God that faith comes naturally when we meditate on the Word of God which, in itself, is Spirit. He said, “Since God’s Word is Spirit, it has the ability to develop a spiritual force within our hearts or spirits called faith. You have faith, you increase in faith because God has a nature that makes it easy to trust in Him”.

In an earlier message titled UNITED IN CHRIST JESUS, Evangelist Angela enjoined Christians to remain one in the body of Christ. She urged them to eschew all forms of offence and put their differences away so as to form a common front against satan, their perennial enemy: “Offence, bitter separation, imprisons countless Christians, severs relationships and widens the existing breaches, misunderstandings between us. When we give room for misunderstanding and mistrust to thrive in our midst, we are going against that very divine destiny that unites us as a nation, as a people, as a family. Because of the wounds and hurts which offences have caused in our lives, most of us cannot function properly in our workplaces, communities or homes.”

Speaking further, she used the story of Cain and Abel as a veritable analogy to elucidate the reason children of God should tolerate one another and live in peace rather than allow bitterness tear them apart. “Cain was offended. Cain’s work was not recognized. Cain’s labor was not appreciated. Cain’s gift was rejected and Cain was corrected. Instead of learning from the difference of his and his brother’s offerings, he allowed the differences to divide; he allowed the differences to offend. And the rest is history. Instead of making a change, he made excuses and became bitter, not better. It took just one moment, one difference to separate a family, deny a destiny and lose an inheritance. This is the role of offence in your life.”


For children of God to live peacefully with their neighbours, especially those who do not even belong to the same religious affiliation with them, Evangelist Angela reckoned that the only way that can happen is when we learn to live in love and forgive those who have offended us: “Forgive our enemy – those who offended us, abandoned us, rejected us, insulted us – for liberty in prayer can be obtained only where there is an atmosphere of light; that atmosphere must be one of unity and harmony, for our relationship to God is measured by our love to one another. One nation under God – that relationship is measured by our love for one another”.




The medium God has used to provide all these blessings in our lives is the Morning Water. I have become an honourable member with a diplomatic passport,” said Major General Patrick Raphael Zamoi as he testified alongside his wife to the wonderful things God has done in their lives. Recounting how they had visited The SCOAN in 2012 in the face of serious marital challenges, the South Sudanese gave a dramatic account of their encounter with the man of God who, after praying for them, blessed them with the Morning Water.

As soon as they returned to their country and started ministering the Morning Water together, the winds of positive change started blowing into their lives. The nagging issues that tended to strangulate the peace in their marriage gave way to the presence of God in all their affairs. Shortly after, their union as husband and wife was properly solemnised in the Christian way. Ever since the consummation of their marriage, God unleashed a floodgate of blessings upon their lives. Hon. Zamoi’s health challenges that had threatened his personal life and career bowed to the power of God after he ministered the Morning Water. Both the high blood pressure and effects of a stroke he had suffered that had threatened his wellbeing, disappeared.

He has been highly favoured since he started ministering the Morning Water. Aside from receiving a brand-new car from the President of his country in 2014, he was subsequently appointed a governor of two states (one being in a caretaker capacity) in South Sudan before his current position as Governor of a newly-created state in the war-torn country. His academic life also received God’s blessings as he came out with a First Class in his Master’s Degree. The former Brigadier-General, who has since been promoted to the rank of Major General, also escaped an ambush during the crisis that had engulfed his country. Ten bullets were fired at his car but none touched him. He attributed his escape to the power of God present in the Morning Water.

Looking back, Hon. Zamoi has every reason to glorify the name of God who restored the bliss in his marriage, healed him of his health challenges, crowned his academic efforts with glory and blessed him with a significant promotion in his military career. Most importantly, he is currently a serving Governor in his country. It is indeed God’s doing and it is marvellous in their sights. For Mrs Zamoi, what God has done for her and her husband would remain always fresh in her memory. She recalled how her joblessness ended after she had ministered the Morning Water on her return from The SCOAN in 2012.

During her testimony last Sunday, she advised people to run to God no matter the situation they are facing. She added that Jesus would always be there to carry their burdens. Hon. Zamoi said, “God is real and Jesus Christ never said goodbye. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.”




It was an amazing experience for Mrs Talbot as she walked for the very first time in a long while after an encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to her testimony, God used him to bring back the joy that had departed from her when she began to suffer from chronic arthritis. The ailment embarrassed her so much as she had to be carried about like luggage by her husband and children. The whole thing took a negative toll on her husband who could not concentrate on his job. Most times, he had to be with her at the expense of his job just to ensure that she received the best care available.

Mr Talbot made every effort possible to ensure that his wife walked again. According to Mrs Talbot, when her husband realised that her problem was not a child’s play, he immediately made arrangements for them to visit The SCOAN. Seated in a car, unable to walk Mrs Talbot placed her hope on Jesus. Prophet T.B. Joshua had to step out of the church auditorium to come and attend to her outside. Moving with power in the name of Jesus, the man of God commenced a spiritual operation by using his faith to place a demand on the anointing, commanding the chronic arthritis to leave her. Tapping her legs in the name of Jesus Christ, he commanded her to stand on her feet. As she took that bold step, she stepped on her feet which immediately received the anointing and the man of God commanded her to walk.

Mrs Talbot walked for the first time after over one year. The power of God in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua was too hot for the chronic arthritis and it disappeared in a matter of second! In company of her husband and other family members, she returned to the church to testify. During her short but glorious testimony, the Nigerian from Bayelsa State thanked God for her healing, especially for making her fit again to perform her household chores. She also thanked God for taking the burden of her ill-health off her husband’s shoulders. “Don’t lose hope in God. Whatever situation you have, believe in God that He will do it for you. He is the Beginning and the End,” she advised.

                                                                                              MRS TALBOT AND FAMILY




Penultimate Sunday, Tatiana had received a prophecy from the man of God that she had the spirit of flirting as well as the spirit of dog. According to the prophecy, those spirits were passed to her through her mother. She confirmed that the prophecy was true in its entirety. She remembered that even her grandmother married five times with all the husbands dying. On her own part, she had married twice.

According to the Russian living in Spain, her mother had always told her that having a husband was purely a status symbol and nothing more. Somehow that motherly direction affected her life and left her the more confused. Most times, she would feel the urge to seduce men but on a second thought, would see them as irritants. She used them only to achieve certain personal goals because deep down in her heart, she had no iota of love for them. According to Tatiana, while she spent so much money trying to keep herself attractive outwardly, she knew in her heart that she was destroying herself but just could not stop on her own. Having divorced twice, sleeping around with men became the biggest burden in her life, as she never really liked them. Her interpersonal relationship with other women was also affected as she was always competing with them. Because of the challenges in her relationships, she preferred to be alone always. At a point, she started watching pornography.

Tatiana knew something was wrong with her but she could not help herself. Her constant battles with her mind led her into depression. She also developed the habit of wanting to eat something all the time. In the face of all those challenges, Tatiana visited The SCOAN in company of a friend who had earlier received deliverance through the ministry. It was penultimate Sunday when the man of God located her through the power of prophecy. As he laid his hand on her head, Tatiana’s spiritual battles and burdens went crashing to an abrupt but triumphant end for her and the spirit of flirting and spirit of dog were sent out of her life, in Jesus’ name.

During her testimony last Sunday, she told congregants how she has found peace and a sense of God’s light all around her after her deliverance. “Since my deliverance, God has given me peace, joy and revelation. Now, I find it easy to communicate with people and I feel free. Now, I can love others without expecting anything in return,” she added. Basking in the reality of her new-found joy, she advised people all over the world thus: “Don’t try to solve your problem by your own power but by God’s power.”




Miss Roberta came from a family that was in a mess as far as the institution of marriage was concerned. Almost all the women in that family were divorced. In her own words, it was a disaster. She remembered that her mother once told her that women in their family were usually very promiscuous in outlook, hence she was free to go and flirt with men. Such words coming from a mother signified a deep-rooted problem in the family. Roberta was not really impressed with the way things went with women in their family and was always saying she would not live that kind of a life. She recalled how men had always looked at her lustfully, even from a tender age. There was an incident in which a man almost raped her but for the timely intervention of her mother. She knew that there was something about her and her family that was not okay. There was a constant battle in her mind as she could not come to terms with the unfolding abnormalities surrounding her life.

Her flirtatious attitude, coupled with her inability to put an end to them, became a burden on her conscience and soon inspired her decision to give her life to Christ. The guilt that had taken over her conscience was so immense and required true repentance for her to be set free. After giving her life to Christ in 2016, she discovered that was when the real battle started. She became disgusted with herself as the forces of good and evil struggled in her mind. The spirit was willing to stick with Christ but the flesh was too weak to tow the righteous path. Her dreams were contaminated with sexual affairs with all sorts of men. She had one day cried out to God to either take her life or deliver her as she was no longer able to bear the psychological battles that were raging in her mind. It was that urgent need for deliverance that propelled her to visit The SCOAN where she received a prophecy from the man of God. Speaking about her problem, the man of God said, “She is possessed with spirit of flirting and this spirit has been in the family. It will be cast out. She is just like a dog. ‘Dog’ means she is just flirting with any man. Anytime the spirit comes upon her, she is just like a prostitute. She is not going to a hotel but she is flirting around…”

After that Sunday Service, Roberta received her deliverance in Jesus’ name. She testified about her deliverance and how God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to lift away all the burdens that had hung heavily on her life. Radiating great joy, she told congregants how she had laboured under the yoke of the spirit of prostitution and how her pursuit of deliverance to many other churches had failed to yield any positive results. She also testified that since her deliverance through the man of God, her constant urge to have affairs with men has stopped. “When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I could not control my body and my spirit felt happy,” she observed. She left the following advice to people all over the world: “Ask God to deliver you. Your heart and mind should agree for deliverance. Also get strong to say no because we are to please God, not people.”





Around the age of ten, Susan was introduced to immorality, influenced into it by some unknown persons with whom she chatted on her phone. As a child, those callers would tell her to touch her private parts – a directive she carried out with naïve ignorance. Those obscene actions began to take deep roots in her subconscious and she soon realised that she could not do without thinking about those ungodly actions; they had become cemented in her mind and would not be easily obliterated from her infantile memory.

As she grew, the urge to further explore those immoralities expanded through the sophistication of social media. She engaged in chats and exchanged amorous messages as well as nude pictures with different men. While in secondary school, she suddenly developed the knack to steal petty items and whenever the owner cried for their belongings, she would feel her heart harden. She soon began stealing her father’s money and spending it on frivolous purchases. Chained to the spirit of stealing and lust, she later lost her virginity to a boyfriend which resulted in pregnancy. She realised that she could get an abortion and cover up the inglorious product of her waywardness. But there was another river for her to cross. The ‘doctor’ informed her that her uterus was too tight to undergo an abortion and as such, the only option was for her to sleep with a man again, while pregnant, so that her uterine walls would expand. The same ‘doctor’ offered to ‘help’ her. Taking advantage of her immaturity and ignorance about pregnancy and maternity, the doctor slept with her and afterwards carried out the abortion on her. After the shameful saga was over, she had vowed never to have a sexual affair with any man, whatsoever. The more she tried to stick to that vow, however, the more she began to be tormented by the spirit of masturbation. Her case was like that of someone who took one step forward and ten backwards.

The evil spirits made her life a wasteland, lacking in spiritual enlightenment with the light of God’s Word. Susan continued to masturbate morning, afternoon and night. All her efforts to stop those immoral habits failed to tame the spiritual menace, even the painful experience of putting pepper into her private parts to unsuccessfully stop the urge.


By this time, she was in the university in the Caribbean but could not concentrate on her studies. She began to realise that too many of her mates were doing well while she was retrogressing academically. She had thought that moving to a new environment would bring peace to her life but that was never to be. While in the UK, the same evil spirits continued to torment her. She kept on stealing and masturbating. Most of the things she stole were clothes and shoes which she never needed. It was after she was caught and arrested that she realised how terrible a life she had been living. Her parents were totally disappointed in her.

After that ill-fated stealing escapade, Susan was inspired by her mother to come to Nigeria for deliverance at The SCOAN, where she came into contact with the power of God through prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua. It was a prayer that broke every spirit of urge in her spirit, soul and body. For a young woman who had thought that she would never succumb to the anointing, she found herself on the ground, floored by the Holy Spirit. Years of torment and urge behind closed doors came to a stunning end. “I am totally free. I feel light. I no longer have those evil urges. I thank God for my deliverance,” she said as she testified in company of her mother. She advised youths to avoid the trap of unholy living by drawing close to God, through His Word, by His Spirit. Truly, God’s Word is Spirit and life – and brings life to all who trust in Him.