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In commemoration of his 54th birthday anniversary, Prophet T.B. Joshua, during the live Sunday Service, encouraged congregants and well-wishers all over the world to reach out to the needy and less-privileged, adding that they should celebrate his divine, rather than his human nature, “Go to the elderly, widows, orphans and less privileged in your society and show your love and care. Tell them you care with your smile, appearance, strength and quality time. Whatever you do to them, that you do unto God. If you give something you cherish, what your life depends on, you are giving to God. You will receive something worthy from God. Our compassion and care is not limited to money. This is the man, prophet we are celebrating. Let us celebrate his life, his journey so far. Celebrate this man’s divine nature, not his human nature.” He further observed that whatever we have as Christians is not for us alone but for the vulnerable among us. He submitted that those who give from the little they have, do themselves a lot of good spiritually as it helps build their faith to miracle-working levels, “What you have is not for you alone, you are a messenger of God sent to the widows, widowers, orphans and less privileged. The best time to give is when you have little. When you have little, whatever you are able to part with, part with it. When you part with it without complaining, then your faith will work miracles.”

The man of God concluded his love and sacrifice-based message with the following advice to Christians all over the world, “See your contribution to others as an assignment from God. I am not seeing it as I am helping you. I am seeing it as an assignment from God. If you see it as an assignment from God, you will not expect a reward from the person you are helping. Your greatness depends on your giving. Give, so that you can be great!”

Earlier in her message titled GOD SEARCHES THE HEART, Evangelist Kemi reminded Christians of the truth about the nature of God and how He relates with His children. With Biblical references, she explained the fact that God looks at the heart (inner beauty) of men rather than outer beauty,   “The Bible says, there is more to life than meets the ordinary eyes. When Prophet Samuel was searching for a man to succeed Saul as King of Israel, God said to Samuel in 1 Samuel 16:7, ‘But the LORD said to Samuel, ‘Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.’ ”

To sum up her message, she left the following reminder: “The Word of God in the midst of our heart gives us an authority in Heaven. It was the Word of God in the heart of Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego that turned the blazing furnace to ice cold. It was the Word of God in the heart of Daniel that tamed the lions.



Years ago, he had been ruthlessly ravaged by poverty, joblessness and lack. Things deteriorated to the abysmal extent that he had to sell his house just to be able to survive. When the proceeds from the sale of his house had been totally expended, Mr Samuel Durojaiye’s story became an absolute tragedy. With nowhere to turn to for help, having seen his mortgage business crash, the Nigerian resident in the United Kingdom discovered Emmanuel TV and held on tightly to the inspiring teachings and messages that emanated from the anointed channel.

Mr Durojaiye would later visit The SCOAN where he received prayers and was delivered. He also received the Morning Water which he began to minister consistently in prayer. Ever since his deliverance at The SCOAN, life has indeed been a tale of glory to glory. His failing mortgage and accounting business sprang back and became big booms. Transactions upon transactions have become the order of the day and with a bang. Companies have been chasing him just to do business with him.

With that radical transformation coupled with a new and prosperous lease of life, both his mortgage and accounting firms have been restored to winning ways, attracting mouth-watering businesses that can only keep his heart bubbling with ebullient joy. His firms have more than enough clients and sometimes he even has to refer some of the clients to other consulting firms. The blessings are just phenomenal. As it stands, his firms offer services to over 365 companies in the United Kingdom.

He has been able to develop, to near-completion, a land he had bought many years ago in Nigeria before he relocated to the United Kingdom. How he has been making the money to fund the gigantic building project remains almost effortlessly as he does not feel the brunt of his expenses. Thanking God last Sunday during his testimony alongside his wife, Mr Durojaiye was filled with joy as he told congregants how marvellously God has blessed him, especially in the year 2016. He also revealed how giving has been a source of blessing to him.

His wife also expressed her deep appreciation to God for what He has done in their lives. She revealed that since their marriage, she had not met his parents until recently when he visited Nigeria after receiving deliverance at The SCOAN. She blamed the whole thing on his inability to visit the country for many years. Hopeful of an even greater and brighter future, Mr Durojaiye advised people all over the world to always present their burdens to God, no matter the magnitude.


This young man learnt the hard way that patronising prostitutes is not a child of God’s way. Utilising the opportunity provided by his father’s absence, Mr Sunday Akinrinwa had gone to sleep with a prostitute. The lad returned home to find that his erection had not gone down. While making use of the restroom, he had felt an unusual breeze blow past him. As he made his way from the restroom, he collapsed. The next thing he would remember was that he found himself in a specialist hospital with severe pains all over his body and his manhood was still erect. Little did he know that the erection would remain permanent for the next five months!

The pain coupled with the permanent erection made it very difficult for him to walk, stand or move freely. In spite of the volume of medications he received, his condition refused to yield to treatment. His erection refused to come down. When the doctors saw that their treatment was not yielding results, they concluded that Mr Sunday should undergo surgery. Mr Sunday’s father would not accept the option of surgery and so, the hospital discharged him.

After his discharge from hospital, Mr Sunday was taken to many places in search of solution but his manhood remained erect. When it was almost becoming hopeless, his father remembered he had watched on Emmanuel TV, a man healed of a similar case. So, they decided to come to The SCOAN.

Brought to The SCOAN by his father three weeks ago, Mr Sunday was in severe pain as his manhood stood erect all through until Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him, in Jesus’ name. According to him, immediately the man of God touched him, his whole body started shaking. Prophet T.B. Joshua declared that he would urinate all the poisonous substances that had caused the permanent erection. He started urinating uncontrollably and as soon as he did that, his manhood that had been erect for five months, finally came down. The severe pain also stopped immediately.

Last Sunday, the Nigerian lad testified to his healing in company of his father. According to him, it was a great relief to have his permanently erect manhood come down after prayers by the man of God. Mr Sunday’s father also expressed gratitude to God for healing his son.


Tormented from a young age by a spiritual husband, Mrs Udem could remember her parents taking her to different places to perform sacrifices on her behalf. She wouldn’t easily forget a particular occasion when she was asked to carry a clay pot on her head while inside a river, adorning a white cloth. There was also a time when she was given the entrails of a ram to eat. This was how Mrs Udem’s parents had tried to rescue their daughter from a marine spirit which had been tormenting her life until her deliverance at The SCOAN weeks ago.

Most hit was her marriage, which almost went crashing as the spirit husband had vowed to make life difficult for her physical husband. Many a time, the Nigerian woman had dreamt of having affairs with strange people. Whenever she woke from such dreams, she would find herself wet and with pain all over her body. Those spiritual experiences that came in the form of dreams always led to more trouble for her marriage. She would suddenly exhibit fits of anger and quarrel with her husband. There was a day she told him that he would die in an accident. True to her word, her husband was involved in a ghastly motor accident that left people wondering if the occupant of the car would survive.

She had lost all affection for him and would not see anything good in him. Her husband had tried on several occasions to find a solution to the problem in their marriage but Mrs Udem would not yield. He had proposed to her the idea of coming to The SCOAN long ago but she insisted that he must buy her a car before she would do so. Bent on salvaging his marriage, Mr Udem bought his wife a car as she had requested but after taking possession of the car, she refused to fulfil her promise of coming to The SCOAN. The man was confused and dejected by the demeanour of his wife and because he loved her, he refused to give up, believing that God would intervene someday.

According to Mrs Udem, her lack of affection for men was not exclusively for her husband. She recalled that in most of the relationships she had had before meeting her husband, there was no iota of affection for those men. It was that same spirit of anger that led her to join the Nigerian Police Force. She had always thought that the force would be an avenue for her to vent her anger against the world. If not for God’s intervention, she would have stabbed her husband to death one day when they were engrossed in a fracas.

Two weeks ago, Mrs Udem was delivered during a Sunday service as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered healing and deliverance to congregants. The scenario was violent as the evil spirit manifested. In the end, the power of God, through Prophet T.B. Joshua prevailed and the evil spirit was sent packing. Testifying alongside her husband, Mrs Udem thanked God for rescuing her life from a spiritual entanglement that had eroded the love and peace in her marriage. According to her, since her deliverance, she is now full of love for her husband. Their marriage is now restored through the power of the Holy Spirit.

On his part, Mr Udem also expressed immense joy that the gaps in their marriage have been bridged by God through his wife’s deliverance. The anger is no more. During his testimony, Mr Udem also told congregants how he had been advised to divorce his wife but he held onto God and today his house is ettled. “When you have this kind of problem, don’t run from God, run to Him”, he advised.


Mr Donald Offor was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1999 after several months of experiencing horrible symptoms including severe headaches, acute fever and general malaise. His discovery of Emmanuel TV, encouraged his faith in God. He witnessed numerous testimonies of others who were healed of the deadly disease through Prophet T.B. Joshua, in Jesus’ name on Emmanuel TV and he decided to visit The SCOAN. According to Mr Offor, as he was ushered into the church alongside others who had come with different problems. His healing was almost effortless as the man of God prayed.

Immediately, all the debilitating symptoms stopped. Since that day ‘til today, he has undergone several tests which showed that he is no longer HIV/AIDS positive. Even his most recent test in the same medical facility where he had been diagnosed with the disease showed that he is negative. Eighteen years after that historic encounter with God at the Arena of Liberty, Mr Offor came to testify last Sunday, exuding great confidence and an excellent spirit. Looking robust and lively, he thanked God for giving him a second chance after he had been served a death sentence by HIV/AIDS. Admitting that he had been engaged in immoral affairs, he urged men to desist from such unholy paths. “Live for Christ and live like children of God”, he said.


According to Prophet T.B Joshua, she had been possessed by the spirit of woman when she went swimming in a pool some time ago. Since then, she had lost affection for her husband and would rather prefer to mingle with her fellow women. Mrs Meg Victor’s marriage was virtually on the brink of collapse when she came to The SCOAN to seek the face of God. The Nigerian woman from Delta State recalled how she had been involved in a family ritual aimed at eradicating the spirit of hardship that was tormenting their community then. Based on all she could recall, only virgins were needed for the ritual and so, she was one of them that participated in the fetish activity.

In the course of that ritual, she was given certain concoctions to eat and since then, her life took a precarious turn. She suddenly lost control over herself and started engaging in irresponsible acts as a young girl. She later had a boyfriend with whom she had a blood covenant. That covenant turned out to be a disaster as they always quarrelled and never agreed with each other. One day, after swimming with a friend, she decided to spend the night in that friend’s house. That night, she had a dream in which she was involved in a sexual affair with a fellow woman who came with the face of one of her friends.

Ever since she had that dream, her urge for fellow women increased. She later hooked up with another woman and they became partners in the immoral affair. They would have sexual relations without the knowledge of their husbands.

Matters got to a calamitous level in Mrs Victor’s marriage when she stopped sleeping with her husband on the same bed. They were more or less like a couple facing each other with their backs. Rather than turn to her husband for any form of intimacy, she preferred to chat and exchange nude pictures with fellow women through social media platforms.

Her deliverance two weeks ago at The SCOAN brought to an end the romantic drought that had characterised their union for some time now. Mrs Victor was in the church auditorium during that fateful Sunday service when the man of God prophesied about her problem. Led by the spirit of God, the man of God had declared, “There is a woman here. It is difficult to tell your husband that it is woman to woman spirit that is disturbing you now. You don’t have any affection for your husband. This is like the marriage is at the edge of breaking. Affection is gone but you have affection for a woman like you. It’s an attack. Please, come out; don’t be shy… You contacted this through a swimming pool.”

Coming out from the congregation and confirming the prophecy to be true, Mrs Victor called on the man of God to help her. Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered her afterwards, bringing an end to the variety of problems that had beset her marriage. Testifying last Sunday in company of her husband, she was happy that the lost affection in their marriage has been found after her deliverance.

Her husband was full of praise to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver his wife whom he had always loved. For a man who had been relegated to the background to the extent of doing house chores, it is indeed a new beginning made possible by God. Mrs Victor advised women who have a similar problem to seek the face of God for their deliverance.