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The SCOAN Sunday service of May 7, 2017 witnessed a lot of attractions. Clips of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s second visit to Israel in one week were rebroadcast during the service. It was a spectacular sight to see the man of God being received by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, David Lau in Jerusalem. Prophet T.B. Joshua took time to explain some Biblical Scriptures to the Rabbi who expressed great delight that the man of God was able to enlighten him.

In another clip, Prophet T.B. Joshua was received in grand style by Israel’s Minister of Tourism, Yariv Levin. The minister showed enthusiasm in having the man of God in their midst, saying that he had read a lot about the Prophet. According to him, the presence of Prophet T.B. Joshua in Israel will no doubt bolster the tourism potentials and bilateral relations between both countries. In his reaction, Prophet T.B. Joshua described Israel as his home, adding that he has been visiting the Holy Land for many years now. Concluding, the minister promised to cooperate with the man of God on any area where he needs the country’s help.

Stepping into the auditorium, Prophet T.B. Joshua told congregants that he has been praying for the French Presidential candidate, Emmanuel Macron. According to the man of God, in spite of his apolitical stance, he prays for Macron to come out victorious because of his laudable plans for refugees and immigrants in an era when most countries have shut their doors against them. And true to his prayers, Emmanuel Macron was announced as the winner of the French Presidential elections, hours later.

The man of God went round the auditorium, ministering prophecy, healing and deliverance. Many were healed of age-long debilities while others were delivered from all sorts of demonic oppression. There were those who received life-changing and destiny-transforming prophecies. The testimonies that followed were simply faith-building and to the glory of God.

Earlier in her thought-provoking message titled CHRIST, THE LANDLORD, Evangelist Annette urged Christians to make Jesus the Landlord of their life and not a tenant. She decried the contradictory attitude of most Christians who proclaim Christ but behave in ways that portray them as His enemies: “If you took some time to reflect on life, I believe you would find that there are many things that seem to stand as contradictions. For example, many will say one thing but then do another. That is, their words do not reflect their behaviour, character and lifestyle. In Christianity, for instance, we have many who claim to be Christians yet consult witch doctors and spiritualists when looking for a solution to their problems in life, instead of Jesus – the Answer to all fundamental issues of life. That is a contradiction.”

Speaking further, she observed that the mind of a true Christian must be trained to be his/her servant and not master. According to her, it is only by so doing that he/she would be able to allow God be the Landlord, in spite of the usual and inevitable conflicts that the heart must have had to deal with: “The great thing that the Lord looks at and requires is the heart. That is why your heart must be trained to be your servant and not your master. In the heart of man, there is a constant conflict, a constant struggle, a constant war against the flesh and the spirit, against, good and evil, against faith and doubt, against humility and pride, against hope and despair, against peace and anger, against patience and impatience, against self-control and greed, against love for Christ and love for the world.”

Concluding, Evangelist Annette left congregants with the following food for thought: “Christ that energised you wants to dwell in you. Our failure to give Christ His proper place in our heart is actually responsible for the crisis in our faith. But as you open your heart to God’s Word, His faith and His Spirit, the Lord will make His home in your heart and become the Landlord, for home is a heart where God dwells.”



Miss Luise Amadhila had received a scholarship in 2012 to study for a postgraduate degree in India. As noble as the opportunity was, it was not without some hassles which almost frustrated the young woman from Namibia. Life in India was a far cry from the familiar terrain in Namibia. The language difference also posed a great threat to the extent that her academic performance was nothing to write home about in the first semester. And being a Christian, the proliferation of temples and mosques in India meant that she would have to struggle to even find a proper place of worship.

A fellow African and friend had muted to her the idea of watching Emmanuel TV via YouTube and using the medium to pray but she initially appeared listless about the proposition. With time, Luise’s interest in Emmanuel TV grew just as her faith. Her Ghanaian colleague encouraged her and would later bring the Morning Water for her after a visit to her native land. As Luise started ministering the Morning Water, things took a positive turn. Her grades improved from the second semester to the last semester in which she graduated with a First Class honours.


According to her, she had faced a lot of spiritual attacks which tended to destroy her career with anger, arrogance and pride. She would call the bluff of her superiors and damn the consequences. But the more she prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and the more she ministered the Morning Water, the attacks stopped. When she returned to Namibia after her two-year academic sojourn in India, the Ministry of Justice where she had worked in the past virtually insisted on having her back with them, owing to her expertise on the job. Knowing that she would soon be offered a more fulfilling role in a more rewarding job, she accepted to work with them for two months.

By the beginning of 2015, she was employed as a lecturer by the International University of Management, the most prestigious private university in Namibia. Looking back at the challenges she had faced in India and the inspiration she had gathered from the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua, Luise’s faith has grown even beyond imagination. During her testimony last Sunday, she told congregants how she had asked for inner grace in accordance with the teaching of Prophet T.B. Joshua. She also declared that her prayers for inner grace have seen all her yearnings granted by God.

The blessings of God have trailed Luise’s life. With just seven months into her job as a lecturer, she has been able to acquire a very good car. Exuding great joy with a spirit of thanksgiving, she advised congregants and people all over the world to pay great attention to process rather than result just as the man of God had taught recently. In order words, it is the process of acquiring a thing that matters and not the thing in itself. She also urged students to eschew all forms of corruption and malpractice in their pursuit of academic excellence.


Mr Ogiku Osamuyimen was born with asthma and had grown up with the condition. He had lived most of his life avoiding dusty, irritable and cold environments and had taken a lot of drugs in order to manage the condition. Currently a software developer, the young man had also faced career stagnation even with ten years’ experience on the job. Going by his years of experience, he was supposed to have been in a senior or managerial role but that was not to be. Confronted with both his health condition and the career problem, the Nigerian from Edo State drew inspiration from his father who had also received a career breakthrough after an encounter with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Visiting the Arena of Liberty last year, Osamuyimen had received the anointed touch of the man of God and according to him, there were instant manifestations of a turn-around, especially in connection with his health. He told congregants that as soon as the man of God touched him, he felt light in the chest while his breathing improved. Reaching home, he went into the kitchen were some frying was going on and yet did not feel any form of irritation – a move he dared not make prior to his visit to The SCOAN. After receiving his healing, he also received the Morning Water. That same day, he dreamt of giving a testimony. While trying to reconcile that glorious dream with the stark reality of career stagnation before him, he dreamt yet another dream. This time, he was awarded a mouth-watering contract.

It was while pondering on the last dream that a friend called him and told him about a job opening and requested that he should send his CV. Osamuyimen sent in his CV, albeit with certain misgivings. A few days later, he was invited for an interview. He was not excited by the unfolding drama because, according to him, there was nothing special about attending an interview. It had almost become like a routine to him. At the interview venue, the calibre of people he met almost scared him. Without being told, they were well-qualified and would pose a stiff competition. Going into the restroom, he ministered the Morning Water and asked God for help. By the time he came out, some of the candidates had left in anger.

Osamuyimen sat for the first and second stages of the interview successfully. Before the second stage commenced, two of the candidates also left in anger. Making his way through to the final stage of the interview, he was thereafter invited to discuss remuneration. During the negotiations for salary, he remembered the dreams he had and was encouraged to ask for a very robust pay package. After telling them what he wanted as salary, he returned home and continued to minister the Morning Water amidst prayers. After a few days, he received a call confirming his employment with a salary two hundred percent more than what he was earning.

Testifying in company of his father, he received superb ovation from congregants who were touched by his testimony. As a further confirmation that his asthmatic condition has been healed, he told congregants how he came inside the heavy rain without hassles to give his testimony. “Jesus is the missing link. To the youths out there, involve Jesus in your situation and it will change”, he advised


Her sister’s daughter had been healed by Prophet T.B. Joshua and in appreciation for what God had used the man of God to do, Mrs Salamatu Shaibu accompanied her sister to come and testify to God’s goodness upon their lives. During that visit, Mrs Shaibu received a season’s greeting card with the picture of the man of God as well as a short prayer in it. She also received the Morning Water. When she returned to her native Kaduna in north central Nigeria, she started using both the greeting card and the Morning Water to pray to God and never stopped watching Emmanuel TV.

As an accountant attached to the Nigerian police, she had always aspired to attain the coveted position of the second in command at the police pay office in Kaduna. But that aspiration would soon be dealt a disastrous blow. For no fault of hers, she was issued two queries within a day and was subsequently removed and demoted from her position. The drama was like a nightmare. She could not just come to terms with the development. Mrs Shaibu would not resign to self-pity. She went on her knees, calling on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to come to her aid. Using the anointed greeting card to pray, she reminded God that demotion was not one of His promises to her.

Just after a day of prayer, God came onto the scene and reversed her demotion. It did not stop there. Instead of maintaining her last position, she was promoted to her next rank with immediate effect. According to her, it was like a dream. How God upturned her demotion and elevated her within a space of one day remains one of the greatest miracles she has ever witnessed in her entire life. Thanking God in company of her sister whose daughter had been healed at The SCOAN, Mrs Shaibu advised people all over the world to realise that the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua is a wonderful God who answers prayers. She also advised people to hold on dearly to whatever they receive as gift from the man of God.


Mrs Esther Atiemo-Addo had been diagnosed with fibroids during a pregnancy scan. According to the doctors, though she was pregnant, it would be very difficult for her to deliver the baby because of the presence of a fibroid. That discovery was the worst thing to have happened to her very young marriage. Even her husband was jolted by the news. The doctors had also suggested that the only way to settle the matter would be to remove both the baby and the fibroid. In order words, the pregnancy would have to be terminated because keeping it could be harmful to Mrs Atiemo-Addo who was already experiencing excruciating pains in her abdominal region. They also said that if she was allowed to deliver the baby, it would definitely have some deformities while the mother would pass through serious travails.

However, the couple would not give in. Instead, they declared that they are children of Prophet T.B. Joshua. The doctors went to the extent of asking them to sign a bond, indicating that they rejected the option of surgery. After signing the bond, the couple summoned courage and prayed with the man of God just days before he proceeded to hold a crusade in Peru in 2016. During that Sunday service, the man of God led a massive Mass Prayer session which saw many people delivered from different types and degrees of bondage. After his return from Peru, the couple again visited The SCOAN where Mrs Atiemo-Addo was touched by the man of God.

According to her, when the man of God touched her, she felt that something had changed inside her. Returning to Ghana with the Morning Water, the couple visited the hospital for re-examination. After tests, the same doctors who diagnosed her with fibroid were shocked that it was no more. They were very confused and astonished at the same time. The couple returned to The SCOAN in December 2016 to receive prayers for a safe delivery and to the glory of God, Mrs Atiemo-Addo has delivered a baby girl who is a couple of months old now. Expressing immense gratitude to God for the wonderful thing He has done in their lives, the couple advised Nigerians to protect the gift God has given them in the person of Prophet T.B. Joshua while acknowledging that only God is the greatest solution.


Shortly after their marriage, Lizzy discovered that her husband was no longer the loving and caring man she had given her heart to. She was even more frustrated when she realised that he had married and divorced, something he did not initially tell her. It was a very tough time for Lizzy as she considered a lot of options of whether or not to quit the marriage. Even though they lived together in Zambia, they were like two rivers apart flowing into separate distributaries. Her husband would sleep on the couch while she was left alone in the dull hands of their bed.

Lizzy had even become pregnant but her husband would not accept to be a father at that point in time. He made money available for the termination of the pregnancy. Lizzy became the more frustrated when the same husband who insisted he did not want a child suddenly changed his mind afterwards, saying he was ready to have a child. At that point, Lizzy started seeking the opinion of friends and acquaintances.

She was eventually connected with a witchdoctor who claimed to be able to commune with spirits. According to Lizzy, she was always led into a dark room where she made her supplications to the spirits. However, it would soon dawn on her that she was only wasting her money without getting any help. After failing to make any headway through self-effort, she decided to leave her husband’s house, moving all her belongings and seizing his credit card. For weeks she remained incommunicado while her husband longed for her return.

Not happy with the direction their marriage was headed, Lizzy visited The SCOAN some weeks ago and received a prophecy about her estranged marriage from Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to the man of God, it would not be proper for her to walk out of the marriage because she meant so much to the man even though he had wronged her. The man of God advised Lizzy to allow God’s will to prevail over the marriage. After the prophecy was given to Lizzy, her husband flew in from the United Kingdom to team up with his wife at the Arena of Liberty.

Obviously remorseful for the way he had treated his wife, Mr Kieran was full of apologies as he declared that he was looking forward to God’s help. According to him, he has decided to put the past behind him and would want God to rekindle the warmth and affection in their marriage, adding that he does not want to lose Lizzy. On her part, Lizzy told congregants during her testimony last Sunday that ever since receiving that prophecy, her marriage has regained its lost warmth. She advised married people all over the world to seek the face of God, adding that a marriage without God is ruined.

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