God’s power was overwhelmingly felt in the entire auditorium and beyond. Congregants were in high spirits as the choir took everyone on a dancing excursion in praise and worship. The testimonies that came added more colour to the day by inspiring in the people the joy of expecting their own testimonies.


In continuation of his message titled TALK ON FAITH, Prophet T.B. Joshua shed more light on the nature of faith as a practicable aspect of a true Christian’s relationship with God. He also added that many Christians claim to believe but do not know how to express their faith: “Faith is of man’s heart. You may believe and not be able to express your faith. Anyone can believe but not everyone can express their faith. That is what is going on all over the world. If they ask you, you will say, I am a believer. But you do not know how to believe and express your faith.” He also stated that without faith, the belief in our hearts would remain dormant and unable to be released: “When there is no faith, the belief in your heart will remain dormant. How will you call Jesus, talk to Jesus when the belief in your heart is dormant?”

Urging Christians to practice faith, the man of God reckoned that it does not come by force: “Anything that comes by force is not faith. Faith is something that comes spontaneously, naturally. Who will open the door for the belief you have? Belief is inside the box, locked. Faith locked the box and put the key in the pocket. For belief to come out, faith has to take the key out of the pocket and open the box. Many have the belief but no faith. Your belief is dormant; it is inside the box, inactive.  Christianity is not mere talk. We should put it to practice.”

Concluding, he taught Christians how to apply faith after prayer: “Prayer should be followed by an attitude of absolute trust in God. When you finish prayer, you should immediately leave it for God; don’t worry yourself. If we believe in God in a certain matter, we should have work of faith in that matter. You say, “In Jesus’ name, thank You, Lord. Amen”. Leave the issue for God. Don’t worry about that. It means you apply faith. Issue of faith is – immediately you finish prayer, faith takes it up.”

Earlier, Evangelist Morenike, in her message titled BE READY TO CHANGE, called on Christians to have a change of heart by allowing God, through the Gospel, to convert and sanctify their souls from sin to redemption: “People of God, we are here for conversion and sanctification. Remember that conversion and sanctification are the renewing of the mind – a change not of the substance but of the qualities of the soul. A regenerated sinner becomes a living soul. The Gospel of God’s grace challenges and changes everything because to His power, nothing is impossible. His works of wonders are of grace and they command our faith. We have seen a sinner’s character healed, we have seen a liar become truthful, we have seen a harlot become chaste and we have seen a drunkard become sober. This is the Gospel of God’s grace.”


Thanking God for His ability to transform one’s life, she acknowledged that everything happens according to His timing: “God allows everything to be beautiful in its time. God allows everything to take place at their appointed time and season. We may not believe it but it is this that constitutes the beauty in creation. The Bible says that for everything, there is a time and season; a time to labour and a time to reap the product of grace.”

She concluded with the following advice to the children of God: “People of God, get ready for a change. I don’t care what anyone says about you, I don’t care what statistics says about you. God can change anyone, anywhere and anytime. Change is coming to your situation right now… Embrace God’s Word as the most effective instrument for change… If you have taken God’s Word to heart and truly made it part of you, it will by its very nature, change you and when it does, you will find yourself called to act with God – able to say, “Be healed, be blessed, be delivered” and whatever you say shall come to pass, in Jesus name.”





The nature of his haemorrhoids was such that left many wondering why life could be that brutish. With incessant anal bleeding coupled with a painful sore, Mr Oluwasegun Akinbode seemed to be living his life in instalments as he regularly had to push back the protruding and carcinogenic overgrowth from the walls of his anus. Whenever he had to empty his bowels, blood oozed out and compounded the pain that had become part of his daily life at that time. His feeding was regimented as he ate only certain kinds of food. Even his doctor had concluded that the only solution would be an operation to cut off the cancerous growth. Time was running out for the young man from Osun state, Nigeria. The pain was becoming unbearable and there was an urgent need for a solution.

Boxed into a dilemma of decision, his sister who is a member of The SCOAN aborted the idea of an operation. Instead, she opted to hang her hopes on Heaven. Accordingly, she advised her brother to start watching Emmanuel TV. She was absolutely sure that doing so would lead to a divine intervention, going by the plethora of testimonies that have become a hallmark of the Arena of Liberty. Without delay or disproof, Mr Akinbode started watching the anointed channel and soon heard about the special healing and revival service to commemorate Prophet T.B. Joshua’s birthday on June 12, 2016.

Seizing the opportunity, he came down to The SCOAN and proceeded to the Prayer Line. He had expected a one-on-one laying of hands on him by the man of God but the manner in which he was healed has continued to baffle him the more. The man of God never touched him but only directed his hands towards him and in an instant, the pains totally disappeared. Mr Akinbode who could neither sit down comfortably nor walk long distances, finally got his groove back.

During his testimony last Sunday and in company of his family, he thanked God for putting an end to his travails. “Before, I couldn’t sit properly because of the pain, but now I can sit properly and do everything on my own,” he pointed out amid a loud ovation by congregants. The choir also gave the occasion a melodious outlook with the delivery of the song – I HAVE A FATHER WHO WILL NEVER EVER FAIL ME. Mr Akinbode advised people to run to God whenever they are faced with similar situations.



In 2014, he had discovered that his left ear suddenly went deaf. The development frightened him and made him incapable of hearing what his colleagues at work were saying. Most times, they had to scream at the top of their voices before he could hear them. The same scenario also played out in his home. It took his wife some extra effort to communicate with him. Ogo Chinanu, a Nigerian resident in South Africa knew that something urgent needed to be done. His quest for help at the hospital was inconsequential. Though, the doctors detected a partial deafness, all the ear drops they gave to him failed to make any impact.

Being an ardent viewer of Emmanuel TV, he reckoned that with the spate of wonderful miracles which he had seen on the anointed channel, he would rather visit The SCOAN than cling on to any other alternative. Conferring with his boss, he demanded for a 3-day leave to enable him to visit Nigeria. Prior to the leave request, he had dreamt about Prophet T.B. Joshua. According to him, in that dream, he had visited The SCOAN where he saw the man of God who led him inside.


When he awoke from that dream, he had told his wife that the dream signalled a confirmation of his healing at The SCOAN. Having been motivated, Mr Chinanu travelled down to Nigeria and landed at the Arena of Liberty. Attending a service, he was seated in one of the overflows. As the Mass Prayer gathered anointed momentum, a thick substance came out of his mouth followed by the burst of a bubble in his ear. Immediately, he realised he could hear perfectly well. That night in his hotel room, there was a massive thanksgiving session as many people who knew his condition were surprised by that wondrous work of God.

Waking up one early morning in January, 2017, he had felt a very sharp pain in his stomach and was virtually wheeled to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with appendicitis. The doctors had suggested that he would have to undergo an operation. Booked to be operated the next day, Mr Chinanu suddenly remembered that he had a Good Morning Sticker in his pocket. That development also took his mind to the divine intervention that brought about the healing of his partial deafness three years back. He decided to place the Good Morning Sticker on his abdomen as he embarked on a spirited prayer session witnessed by some nurses: “Lord God, I cancel the operation. By the time these doctors come here tomorrow, they should not find any appendicitis, in Jesus’ name.” And true to his petition and faith, by the time the doctors came in the morning, they discovered that the appendicitis which their scan had captured was no longer there.

The whole thing was strange to them. Both the nurses and doctors confessed that indeed, he was serving a living God. Mr Chinanu became an instant ambassador of The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV as he told them wonderful things about the ministry. Last Sunday while testifying before The SCOAN congregation, he was full of thanks and praises to God for healing him of two major health challenges. “Whenever you discover any problem or sickness in your life, run to Jesus.” he advised.



When Edward was 10 years old, his parents had discovered that his jaw bone was protruding and were left with no other choice than to take him to hospital. At the hospital, doctors said he had mumps and gave him the necessary medication. However, as time went on, the jaw bone increased in size, causing the lad a lot of pains. He was unable to eat and talk very well. He couldn’t sleep comfortably and became an object of ridicule among his peers in school. As the boy’s condition became worse, his father took him to another hospital where he was diagnosed with jaw bone cyst, a condition that could only be medically corrected through surgery.

Confronted with the idea of surgery, Mr Tabe refused to yield. Instead, he had vowed to run to God, having seen a lot of miracles on Emmanuel TV. The Cameroonian took a step of faith and decided to come to The SCOAN to get the Morning Water. After receiving the Morning Water, he returned to his country. One Sunday in August, 2016, while watching the man of God pray with congregants during Mass Prayer on Emmanuel TV, Mr Tabe summoned all his children to come and pray along with the man of God. After the prayer, he ministered the Morning Water on them. For his son who had a jaw bone cyst, he gave a special attention. Holding the Morning Water, he commanded everything that was not of God out of the lad’s life and ministered it on him.

Edward went to sleep that evening only to wake up at 4 am the next day to alert his father about a strange development. A bitter liquid was gushing out from the exact spot where he had the jaw bone cyst and he could not just swallow it. Mr Tabe on hearing that, asked the boy to go and spit the liquid out. Mr Tabe and his wife continued to minister the Morning Water to their son and after three days, the liquid that was gushing out increased in intensity and this time, it was a mixture of foul-smelling blood and puss. The ministration of the Morning Water continued until the liquid dried up. To the glory of God, Edward is fully healed now.

Testifying to his son’s healing last Sunday, in company of the boy himself, Mr Tabe thanked God for making his son able to eat, sleep well and talk normally without having to avoid his friends who mocked him at school. “Have faith. The same God that did it for me will surely visit you” he advised people with related challenges, all over the world.



Mrs Mercy Cherono, a Kenyan Olympic athlete came to The SCOAN as advised by her husband to seek the face of God for deliverance and career breakthrough. Mercy is a renowned long-distance runner who represented her nation and came fourth in the 5000m event at the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil. Despite representing her country, she was not where she ought to be in terms of achievements. Even though their marriage is just four months old, they had witnessed a lot of crises in the family. Quarrels and disagreements fuelled by anger became the order of the day. The fact that another woman had a child for her husband further compounded the already complicated union.

The young athlete was beset by a lot of problems. Whenever she was preparing for major international competitions, she would just get injured towards the commencement of those competitions. The same scenario played out days before the commencement of the last Olympics in Rio in Brazil where she competed with an injury and could not qualify for the medal table after coming fourth.

According to her husband, a politician and businessman, the boat of their four-month-old marriage had been seriously rocked by misunderstandings between him and his wife. He told congregants that for reasons he could not understand, his wife was always unhappy whenever they had visitors. Her unhappiness which was always subsequently followed by anger would usually put them at daggers-drawn for days. Mr Edmond Cherono who perhaps, knew that there was an evil spirit fanning the embers of discord in their marriage, advised her to come to The SCOAN for deliverance.

Penultimate Sunday, Mrs Cherono was delivered as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered prophecy and healing to congregants. The man of God had enquired about her husband. During her deliverance, the evil spirit behind her problems spoke out clearly, stating that it had wrecked her career with injuries and had also afflicted her with the spirit of anger. According to the evil spirit, it destroyed her marriage and career, gave her injuries and wanted her to suffer. Laying his anointed right hand on her head, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared Mrs Cherono free from her affliction, as she slumped to the ground under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

During her testimony last Sunday, she radiated an excellent spirit, adding that things have changed after her deliverance. Even her husband corroborated her submission. “After my deliverance, I feel light and everything is now going well… After the prophecy, the man of God invited my husband. Everything has changed as if we just started a relationship,” she said. She also advised people and athletes all over the world to seek God as He has the final answer to their problems.


Mrs Elizabeth Agandaa went through tough times as she battled with fibroids and ovarian cyst. For six years, life for her was reduced to a tale of woe. Her menstrual flow was so heavy that it made her to stay indoors for a whole week, tormented by severe pains and a weakened body system. All the medications prescribed by her doctor failed to offer any respite. According to her, the doctor said that the only solution to her problem was to remove her womb. That idea landed into her hearing like a bombshell. The Ghanaian woman blatantly refused.


Even though she was passing through the valley of the shadow of death, Mrs Agandaa vowed to fear no evil. Her faith in God became a source of irrepressible encouragement. Luckily, a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV. Watching the channel and praying along with the man of God, she became more and more poised for a great encounter with God. Visiting The SCOAN, she received prayer as well as the Morning Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua and returned to Ghana. As she continued to minister the Morning Water amid prayers, things started turning around for her good. The pains and discomfort gave way to joy and inner peace. Even the menstrual flow became normal.

In the face of those positive changes, she decided to see her doctor. After examining her carefully, the doctor certified her free from the fibroids and ovarian cyst that had earlier been detected in her womb. Thanking God during her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Agandaa was categorical in her belief that Jesus is alive and that He healed her. In her advice, she urged people all over the world to run to Him as there is no problem He cannot solve.



When she visited The SCOAN in 2013, she had received a prophecy from the man of God about a property she had bought and how that property was sold to three other people. According to the man of God, she had been duped by the sellers of the property. Because of the controversies surrounding the purchase of that property, she, in company of her husband went to court for two years. The litigation cost them time and money and almost made them lose hope. However, Prophet T.B. Joshua assured her that all would be well as long as she had been located by that prophecy.


And true to the Prophet’s prediction, the court case eventually went in their favour. Mrs Susan Gang and her husband were adjudged the authentic owners of the property. Returning for her testimony last Sunday, the Cameroonian resident in South Africa was overwhelmed with joy as she thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to free her and her husband from a predicament that had taken a lot of their time and money.


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    my name is Olivia Anderson from new york city, the greatest testimony i have ever seen in my life i want to use this great opportunity to thank prophet Tb Joshua the man of God.i was having a breast cancer over 9months, everyone around me run away from me even my husband who i think he loves me so much told me is over i cried and cried no body could help me out i went to the best hospital in india no solution, all hope was lost, on one faithful day as i was going online i saw a testimony of this great man of God Tb Joshua that people sharing about him how he has been helping people i never believed that this will work out but not withstanding there is nothing God can not do, so i decided to contact his Email: i explain all my problems to him he told me not to worry about if really i believe in God the most high i shall be healed. he told me what to do i quickly follow up with his instruction within the next 14days my illness and pains were gone, my brothers and sisters there is nothing God can not do if you have not given your life to Christ please try and do so once again his if you have any problem similar to this you can contact him and your problem shall be solve, i in jesus name Amen.