The atmosphere was Spirit-filled as congregants witnessed the mighty hands of God in the lives of His children. Those who had been blessed by the Most High came out to share their faith-building testimonies to the glory of His name. Informing congregants of the 11th anniversary of Emmanuel TV on Wednesday March 8th, 2017, Prophet T.B. Joshua also took them on a spiritual excursion with a message titled TALK ON FAITHT.B.J

According to the man of God, those who truly believe in God would always be at rest: “Faith and rest cannot be separated from one another. Whenever our heart truly believes, it will always be at rest. If our hearts are restless and uneasy, if we are afraid of this and that, if we are struggling with all our efforts to plan, resolve and ask for help, this shows we have not yet believed.” Speaking further, he urged Christians to make their faith practical by not just believing but by carrying out actions that show that they really believe in God: “If you have faith in God, you should not just believe in Him.          Today, we claim we believe but where is our faith? Faith is practical. What we do expresses what we believe. The reality of faith can only be proven by practice. We should not merely talk about faith but put it into practice. Faith is a conviction. It’s a demonstration.”

He then asked the congregants and viewers a probing question: How many of us know God like children know their father?  “Not only should we know God as our Sovereign Lord; we should know Him like children know their father,” he submitted, adding that good children depend on their father for everything and know how much they need him: Jesus calls you children. Before God, you are a child – total dependence on God for everything.” He said that many of us introduce ourselves as children of God but behave otherwise. Concluding, the man of God urged Christians to see themselves as children of God and not to behave as if they were superior to Him. Leaving them with this to ponder on, he said: Just recognise you are a child of God before your Father.”    




Last year, he had visited The SCOAN and had shared a testimony of how God used the Morning Water to inspire his promotion to the rank of a Warrant Officer in the South African Police Force. Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita {Promotion in S.A Police} (2)Then, from a position of near-obscurity, Mr Mbhalati Simon Kita was saddled with the responsibility of commanding a unit of 34 officers. After that memorable testimony, the South African police officer returned to his country only to be further smiled upon by the Heavens. Barely four months after he returned from Nigeria, he was promoted to the rank of a Captain. According to him, all along he knew that great tidings were in the offing for him as he had always memorised one of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sayings that “BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH; THE BEST IS YET TO COME.”

As soon as I arrived in South Africa from Nigeria, I started praying and ministering the Morning Water given to me by my father in the Lord, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I continued ministering the Morning Water day and night and that is what opened the doors for me,” he said. Mr Kita is not just a Captain but one that commands a unit of 44 police officers. While still savouring the joy that came with his promotion, the devil, in his kill-joy tendency, struck! Ten members of his unit were involved in a torture and murder case and were detained in prison. The development was a big blow to him administratively and psychologically. However, he was able to muster the courage to weather the storm of that inglorious saga by latching on to another of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s sayings – “GREAT PROBLEMS BRING GREAT PROMOTION.”

Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita {Promotion in S.A Police} (1)The power in those words energised him and instigated in him an irrepressible spirit to stand up to the occasion and follow the matter up with prayer, faith and a powerful sense of expectation from the Throne of Grace. While his detained unit members were in prison, he would go and pray with them, ministering the Morning Water and using the Believer’s Card to place demands on the anointing. Likening the matter to the case of Paul and Silas, he always called on God to miraculously free his members. When the trial of his members commenced in court, he had told them, against all their misgivings, that they would celebrate but they took his optimistic confessions with a pinch of salt.

Mr Kita would not eat his words. He kept operating at that frequency of faith where doubt and unbelief would never survive. When it was time for judgement, he went into meditation, confessing the unconditional release of his members. To the glory of God, all the ten members of his unit were discharged and acquitted. Mr Kita, professionally known as Captain Mbhalati Simon Kita told congregants that the discharge and acquittal of his men was an act of God. He recalled a similar case in the past, in which some officers were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment. “Those who are police officers – you must receive Jesus and follow Him in carrying out your duties,” he advised as he thanked God for doing what no man could do in his life and in the lives of his men.


The unfriendly hands of poverty and lack had gripped her family and had thrown them into the gutter of humiliation. The only thing they were known for was their poverty. Not even her sweet-selling business could upturn the yoke from her family. They were so poor that no member of their family could get formal education. Mrs. Hleziphi Doreen Goge {councillor & treasurer of ANC women's League - S.A} (1)For Mrs Doreen Goge, there had to be a way out and even though she didn’t have a television in her house, somehow, she found a way of going to a neighbour’s house to watch Emmanuel TV and pray with Prophet T.B. Joshua before selling sweets on the streets.

One day while watching Emmanuel TV, the South African was thrilled by the documentary of Prophet T.B. Joshua showing his grass to grace story. It dawned on her that the man whom she was watching praying for people from all nooks and crannies of the world was once in a humble state as she was. She also discovered, through many miracles on Emmanuel TV, that God had changed the lives of many people who were like her. That discovery gave her a new orientation about life and prepared her mind for a brighter future. That very moment, she cried out to God, urging Him to do in her life what he had done for Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Whenever she was coming back from work she would stop by her neighbour’s house asking her to put on the television so that she could pray with the man of God. Mrs Goge believed that distance was not a barrier and had great faith that praying with the man of God would bring about the needed change in her life. According to her, as a mark of his genuineness as a man of God, she always felt the presence of the Spirit of God whenever she prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua. During those prayer sessions, she would refuse to focus on her troubles but on the prayer with the man of God.

Mrs Goge eventually became a strong woman spiritually. As iron sharpens iron, the anointing in Prophet T.B. Joshua released her and put her in a good position to tackle her problems. Her role as an activist in a local party was unknown by virtue of her lack of education. But as soon as her praying with the man of God intensified, she was elected as a Councillor in her party. Her journey from oblivion to recognition, from poverty to contentment are testaments to the fact that nobody is a write-off before God’s benevolent eyes. A woman who couldn’t read and write now communicates fluently in English as she joyfully told her own testimony. “Before watching Emmanuel TV, nobody knew me but after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, I was promoted to a Councillor in my political party. I was uneducated before watching Emmanuel TV but after I was appointed a Councillor, I also went to school,” she told congregants as she testified.

Thanking God amid loud ovation by congregants, Mrs Goge marvelled at the transformation that God has brought about in her life. With a house of her own and an exotic car, she remembered her humble beginning, adding that her children are now living comfortably. Mrs Goge is well-loved in her community because of the way she rose from obscurity to prominence through prayers with Prophet T.B. Joshua. “I am also doing charity to people of different countries and races because of the example of Prophet T.B. Joshua. I am blessed to bless others and I use the blessings God has given me to help the less privileged in my community,” she added. She also advised people all over the world to listen to the voice of God spoken through Prophet T.B. Joshua because it works.


Hajia Sohiya Abu {Rescued from armed robber} (1)Hajia Safiyat Abubakar had been a victim of armed robbery whenever she embarked on business trips. She hardly returned with money. Instead, her husband would have to provide new funds whenever she wanted to travel to buy her wares. Bothered by the development, her family became edgy, forcing her to seek for solution from places she ought not to have gone to. She visited a lot of herbalists and spiritualists but all ended as exercises in futility until a friend told her about The SCOAN. Coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Morning Water, she returned home and told her husband about the new discovery. “Let’s try this,” she had told him, thinking it would end up failing her like all the other charms she had received from herbalists.

With the Morning Water in her possession, her husband provided new funds for her to embark on another business trip. As she set out for the trip, she ministered the Morning Water. On getting to her destination and after buying her wares, she ministered the Morning Water once more both on herself and on her wares. Other passengers were wondering what the heck she was doing but she remained focused. Midway into the return journey, their vehicle ran into a gang of ‘gentlemen on the highway.’ Shooting at their vehicles and eventually stopping it, the marauders ransacked all the luggage in the car, discharging occupants. When they got to her luggage, they asked about its owner.

As soon as they asked that question, she stood up and was immediately told to follow them into a bush. While eight of them ushered her into the bush, she would later discover that seven others were waiting inside the bush, bringing their total number to fifteen. As she stood before their dreadful presence, one of them screamed that she was a sumptuous meal. As she tried to figure out what they meant, she was asked by their leader to undress, apparently in a bid to rape her. As she pleaded for mercy, they threatened to kill her. In an attempt to register their seriousness, they pointed a gun at her and pulled the trigger but the firearm could not fire. Shocked, they raised it up and fired into the sky. Confused, they tried again to shoot her but the gun went impotent. They raised it to the sky once more and fired.

At that juncture, the criminals became jittery. “Which church do you attend?” they had asked. “I don’t go to any church. I am a Moslem,” she responded. Thinking she was using a charm, they wanted to know its source but she told them she was using the Morning Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. As soon as he heard the name T.B. JOSHUA, their leader decided to search her by himself. Dipping his hand into her brassiere, he brought out the Morning Water only for his hand to start trembling like a sea-water fish placed on sand. Unable to come to terms with the reality before them, the leader of the gang and his fellow bandits, bolted away on their heels, leaving all their guns and loot behind. They ran and ran until they were buried in the depth of the bushes.

Hajia Sohiya Abu {Rescued from armed robber} (2).jpgFinding her way to the road from where she was abducted by the robbers, she met her fellow passengers in a stable state. They even thought she had been killed, going by the number of gunshot sounds they heard. It was not her ghost appearing as they had thought. It was the same Mrs Safiyat Abubakar, who went, saw and conquered the machinations of armed robbers who thought they could touch the Lord’s anointed. Happy to be reunited with her co-travellers, she became happier when she discovered that not a single pin was taken from them. All their monies were intact. Testifying in company of her husband, Mrs Abubakar told congregants that ever since that day, she has not encountered armed robbers on her way. “This Morning Water looks very small but it is very mighty. It saved my life. It works, in Jesus’ name,” she advised.




October 26, 2015 will remain an unforgettable day in his life. He had helped a friend buy cooking gas and was about preparing a meal but unknown to him, a cooking stove was already aflame. Immediately he removed the seal on the gas cylinder, in an attempt to connect the cylinder to the gas plate, his whole body was engulfed by fire. Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh {Severe Fire Burn Injure A.W} (1)By the time Mr Mbangsi Emile would get out of the flames, his body was severely burnt. Rushed to a hospital by a friend, the doctors there said the only thing they could do was to give him painkillers.

Moved to another hospital in his village, Emile’s case deteriorated with his skin rotting away gradually and emitting offensive odour. After four days, the doctors confided in his mother that he would require staying in the hospital for at least six months to stand the chance of recovering. Meanwhile, they also observed that his left ear would have to be amputated because the vein was affected. The doctors’ suggestions notwithstanding, he had an ultimate expectation. He was waiting patiently for an acquaintance who had visited The SCOAN to return with the Morning Water.

Mr. Mbangsi Emile Suzeh {Severe Fire Burn Injure A.W} (3)As soon as the Morning Water arrived, his family, friends and acquaintances prayed and ministered it on him regularly. In a matter of days, his condition improved. Even the doctors who had said his ear would have to be amputated rescinded their suggestion after they discovered that he was very okay. Praying and ministering the Morning Water continuously, the young Cameroonian was discharged after sixteen days as the doctors found no reason for him to stay longer. Just as no one knows how water gets into the coconut, they could not comprehend the way their patient was healed in a matter of days, having said that he would have to spend six months with them to recover. Thanking God for healing him rapidly and giving him new skin, Mr Mbangsi Emile told congregants that he is now very well. He advised people to run to God in whatever situation they may find themselves.


MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA]3.jpgFor twenty years, she had battled with a severe back ache which was later discovered to be a herniated disc by doctors. The pains that came with the ailment made life very difficult for her as she could hardly carry out domestic chores. She couldn’t even take care of her children as a mother. The doctors recommended many medications that ended up not proffering a permanent solution. They also advised her to undergo physiotherapy – a treatment she underwent three times yearly. Later, she was advised to undergo surgery but because they were not sure she would get any better, they told her to bear the pains, instead of coming under the surgeon’s knives and ending up on the wheelchair.

MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA]2.jpgMrs Virginia Martha was eventually given a lumbar corset and also received a lot of medications, including those that would make her sleep. When she became fed up with the futility of human effort, she decided to seek for divine intervention. According to her, the Spirit of God led her to the internet from where she got to know about Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua. After watching the man of God pray for the first time, she became attracted to the anointed channel. She would pray along with the man of God, asking her children to interpret for her as she was a Spanish-speaking Bolivian living in Argentina.

MRS VIRGINIA & HUSBAND [ARGENTINA].jpgVisiting The SCOAN, Mrs Martha received her healing penultimate Sunday as the man of God laid hands on her during the church service. According to her, as soon as the man of God touched her, she felt a cold sensation all over her body. Almost immediately, the twenty-year-old pain and discomfort disappeared. Filled with joy and a spirit of thanksgiving, she threw her lumbar corset and medication away, saying she needs them no more. Testifying in company of her husband, Mrs Martha said she is now free and can sleep well. The couple advised people to have faith in God.