The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of December 18, 2016 witnessed the demonstration of God’s everlasting glory. The glorious as well as victorious power of Christ was displayed with the testimonies that greeted the Spirit-filled occasion. The prayer led by Prophet T.B. Joshua further proved that, we as Christians, are drawn in an everlasting battle of supremacy with the kingdom of darkness. The prophecies also revealed the hidden antics of the devil while illuminating the lives of congregants with the resplendent fire of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking about the concept of faith, Prophet T.B. Joshua took Christians on an excursion into the nature and power of faith in their daily living as children of God. He urged them to cultivate Biblical faith which does not deny the existence of a problem and which “…must arise in each person’s heart based on the Word of God”. According to him, “Faith is not an issue of ordering God around”. He lamented the attitudes of some Christians who feel bad and lose faith in God whenever their prayers seem not answered. According to him, God knows best and has His reasons for not answering some prayers. “Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better life had been answered?” he said.

evangelist-gbengaEarlier in the service, Evangelist Gbenga, in his message, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM, had called on believers to put the service of God first in every situation so that they may share in the endless glory that abounds in the Kingdom. He reminded them that life is more beneficial when lived in Christ than in the valueless things of the world: “This life is too short to waste time on things that have no lasting value”.

According to him, this world is not our home; our home is more precious and everlasting than this earth and thus, we are only wayfarers on earth: “This world is not our home. We are only passing through”. Even though this world is not our home, Evangelist Gbenga added that we need God to guide us through the rough edges of a wicked world full of evil and strife: “In our passage through this wicked world into our permanent home, we need God so that we will not dash our feet against a stone”. He also observed that the love of money and material possessions above God is evil, adding that, “When fame, wealth and authority come, we become too busy to serve God”.

Concluding, he urged Christians not to bother about their situations. Citing the account of Job who remained faithful in the face of all the calamities that befell him, he submitted that, “Whoever is great among men, it is God that made them so”.



In July 2016, Mrs Veronica Nyathi had applied for admission at the University of South Africa  but received no response from the school. A month later, another school, the Gordon Institute of Business Science sent her a mail inviting her to apply for a scholarship. After applying for the scholarship, she embarked on a journey to The SCOAN. While on her way to Nigeria, the Gordon Institute of Business Science contacted her, requesting her availability for an interview. The South African was already at The SCOAN and would not leave the presence of God in a hurry. Having informed them of her mission to Nigeria, the school requested for a telephone interview. Veronica was unperturbed; instead she believed that the scholarship would have to wait for her.

After receiving prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Veronica also received the Morning Water and headed back to South Africa. On her return home, she found another mail requesting for a telephone interview by the school. By the time she called them, they told her that it was too late as the scholarship offer had closed. Somehow, she was not moved by their discouraging response. She believed in her heart that her mission to The SCOAN was not going to be in vain. In a matter of days, the very same school which had told her that the scholarship offer had closed, called her to arrange for another telephone interview. During the interview, one of the panellists enquired about her mission to Nigeria. Veronica was quick to inform them that she had visited The SCOAN for prayers. The panellist surprised her by telling her she was blessed.

Though it was apparent to her that she did not do well in the interview, by the sheer grace of God, she received a mail the next day congratulating her for winning the scholarship offer. All expenses involved in her upcoming studies were shouldered by the school. Thanking God for making the scholarship possible, Mrs Veronica Nyathi ascribed her selection to God’s special grace and nothing else. She also described the scholarship as a rare privilege, citing the fact that the Gordon Institute of Business Science is among the best business schools in the world. While thanking God for also protecting her home later during a burglary incident, she advised people all over the world to live in faith no matter what they are going through, adding that with God, all things are possible.


For eight years, Mrs Adeyanju could not walk as a result of lumbar spondylosis. She had been placed on many analgesics and had used a lumbar corset and knee brace but still could not walk. The fact that her problem started in the United Kingdom, a more advanced society in terms of medical equipment, did not improve her condition. Instead, it made matters worse as she would have to rely on aid to move around. She was almost incapacitated by her condition as she could neither carry out her domestic duties nor do any business. A friend would later introduce her to Emmanuel TV. She started watching the channel and built her faith. She also witnessed the healings that took place during the special healing service to commemorate the birthday of Prophet T.B. Joshua on June 12, 2016.

During the 2-day revival service at The SCOAN from 9 – 10 December, 2016, Mrs Adeyanju was brought to The SCOAN in a car. Prophet T.B. Joshua had to come out of the auditorium to minister healing to her. Laying hands on her and commanding her to stand up and walk, Mrs Adeyanju stood up and walked for the first time in many years. It was to the glory of God as people around, including her two daughters, celebrated her healing in the name of Jesus. During her testimony last Sunday, Mrs Adeyanju told congregants that she did not know how it happened. According to her, she only realised that she could suddenly walk. She also thanked God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver her daughters who accompanied her to The SCOAN that fateful day.“Trust in God and have faith in Him,” she advised people all over the world.

During the 2012 Candle Light Service, Miss Rita Adzokatse was watching Emmanuel TV live from her home in Ghana. She had heard Prophet T.B. Joshua advise people to return to farming as a way out of the looming economic recession that would cripple many oil-dependent countries of the world. Keying into that prophetic message, Rita started a farm in 2013. Being a graduate of Animal Science, it was even more auspicious for her to engage in farming. And so, as she started the farm, she ministered the Morning Water on it, thereby involving God in the whole thing. In spite of all the challenges she encountered, she kept faith in God and continued to minister the Morning Water.

Early 2016, she was told about an organisation that supports young entrepreneurs and she went ahead to gather information about them. She subsequently applied for support after submitting a business plan. Rita was among 1,300 people whose applications were received and she knew it was going to be a serious battle. After processing the applications, 514 applicants were shortlisted for the next phase. From 514, the final list had 157 applicants shortlisted. Rita was one of the 157. A date was set for the final presentation and it was a 3-day process.

Having prepared for her presentation, Rita ministered the Morning Water and proceeded to the presentation venue. Before she started the presentation, she also ministered the Morning Water. After her presentation, the panel was impressed. Even though there were initial doubts, it was later discovered that she was a practising farmer. After the entire process, Rita returned home and continued praying with the man of God via Emmanuel TV while also ministering the Morning Water and remaining expectant of good news.

Two weeks later, Rita received a mail inviting her for an award. At the award, she received the highest financial support from the organisation to the tune of six thousand pounds. With the money, she acquired over 2,000 birds (layers) for her farm. Rita testified in the company of her sisters. She thanked God for finding her worthy of His favour. She advised people, especially youth who are unemployed, to embrace the prophetic message of Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning agriculture and create jobs for themselves instead of waiting for ready-made jobs.


Mrs Rita Chukwuekwu suffered from uncontrollable urination due to vesicovaginal fistula. The indigene of Delta, Nigeria noticed the anomaly after she delivered a baby through caesarean session. To worsen matters, a surgical needle was also forgotten in her womb, making her need for another surgery very urgent. This myriad of problems made life very difficult for her. She could not breastfeed her baby properly as she found it difficult to sit down for long. She also used a catheter to pass out urine lest she mess up her body. This artificial living continued until she visited The SCOAN.

During a prayer session led by Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mrs Chukwuekwu cried out to the man of God about her problem. Led by the compassionate Spirit of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on her and commanded the root cause of her problem out, in the mighty name of Jesus. In the twinkle of an eye, Mrs Chukwuekwu received and declared her healing to the glory of God. She returned to The SCOAN last Sunday to give her testimony in the company of family members.

Thanking God for healing her of an embarrassing health challenge, she lamented the near-death situation in which she had found herself, losing blood profusely and relying on all sorts of support to live. According to her, all that stopped as soon as Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her. Today, she is hale and hearty and is no longer living on medications. She now eats well and drinks water freely unlike in the past. “Put your hope and trust in God and He will see you through,” she advised people all over the world.


Miss Collette Umeokwara had been labouring under the yoke of bedwetting for a very longmiss-collette time. According to her, the problem started through a dream experience in which she had excused herself from a group of people to go and urinate, only to discover that the deed was also happening physically while she was sleeping on her bed. Since that experience, she had continued to suffer from the problem. She had had to cover up the embarrassing situation on several occasions, especially when she was in school and during her National Youth Service Corps programme.

She could not visit friends or family members because she did not want to embarrass herself. In her desperate search for a solution, Miss Umeokwara had resorted to serious prayers on her own but it appeared the affliction was beyond her capacity. She would eventually attend last Saturday’s prophetic service where the power of God located her through Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God saw her case and called her out. As soon as she stepped out from the congregation, Prophet T.B. Joshua commanded the spirit behind the affliction out of her life. As a demonstration of God’s power and victory over her problem, the young woman fell to the ground.

During her testimony last Sunday, she narrated the ordeal she faced while under the yoke of that affliction. According to her, ever since her deliverance, she has not had any of those evil dreams anymore. She thanked God for putting an end to the embarrassing situation she had battled with for years. She also advised people all over the world, especially those having similar challenges not to lose hope but to put their trust in God.



Mrs Catherine Tetteh and her husband had both had broken marriages prior to their union three years ago. While Catherine is in her third marriage, her husband is in his second. Their union as husband and wife had been threatened by a lot of misunderstanding occasioned by lack of affection and an unexplained incompatibility. Mrs Tetteh had been harbouring the thought of walking out of her third marriage but somehow reckoned that it was better she sought the face of God at The SCOAN before taking that decision.

mr-mrs-bongani-2During the last Prophetic service held at The SCOAN, the Zimbabwean living in South Africa visited the church in the company of her husband. While Prophet T.B. Joshua was ministering prophecy to congregants, the Holy Spirit led him to see her problem. Mrs Tetteh was moved to tears when Prophet T.B. Joshua told her about the thoughts in her mind concerning her marriage and how she had walked out of previous marriages. The man of God also revealed to her that a spirit was behind all the disappointments she had gone through in all her marriages.

As Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mrs Tetteh, her husband also came out to receive his own part of the prophecy. The man of God prophesied that the man had quit his first marriage without God releasing him. He also told Mrs Tetteh that she quit her previous marriages without God releasing her. In effect, both husband and wife were victims of failed marriages due to their own impatience and decision not to wait on God. Even though a spirit was behind their marital crisis, they inadvertently made matters worse by side-lining God in the entire equation.

After the prophecy, the couple received counselling and prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua. They came to The SCOAN last Sunday to thank God for restoring their marriage. While Mrs Tetteh was happy that God revealed the root cause of their problems, her husband expressed joy that God’s opinion about his marriage was confirmed through Prophet T.B. Joshua. “No one can address the problems we face, only God. So, run to Him,” he advised people all over the world.


The young man was initiated into cannibalism by his mother when he was a child. He grew up to relish human flesh to the extent that he would go to the graveyard to exhume corpses through magical powers and devour them in company of fellow cannibals. Most times, he would dig holes and ditches in his room and trap unsuspecting persons whom he would eventually kill for onward consumption together with his cannibalistic allies. According to the Ugandan, the spirit of cannibalism which his mother afflicted him with through some herbal concoction, was one that could not be easily resisted. Whenever it came upon him, he became blood-thirsty like a lion and began to look unrelentingly for human flesh to consume.

The spirit had sent him to jail on several occasions and yet there was no end in sight to his unwholesome appetite for human flesh. He continued to eat human flesh and had even lost count of the number of people he and his cohorts had eaten. After coming in contact with Emmanuel TV during one of his prison experiences, the young man vowed that he would be delivered at The SCOAN. During the last prophetic service at The SCOAN, he was spotted by Prophet T.B. Joshua and received his deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus.

Testifying last Sunday, he told congregants about the change that has taken place in his life. According to him, the urge to eat human flesh has since disappeared from his life. He no longer experiences those nocturnal encounters with spirits. Instead, the peace from Heaven has taken over his soul. He reminded congregants and people all over the world that “everything can be done in Jesus’ name,” when you seek first the Kingdom.