The SCOAN Revival Service witnessed a massive turnout of people from different parts of the world. Arriving in their thousands, the sick and all others who had one issue or the other believed that Jesus Christ would turn their situations around. The first day of the revival was power-packed. The man of God ministered healing to a multitude of people, including those who had been confined to wheelchairs for years, HIV/AIDS patients, people with mental challenges and those with various spiritual problems. The power of God was at its zenith on that day, being Friday, December 9, 2016. Many people who had received their healing in the past also turned out to share their testimonies as a boost of faith for those believing God for theirs.

prophet-t-b-joshuaOn Saturday, December 10, 2016, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the Prophetic Service that saw a lot of hidden problems unfolded concerning many congregants. The man of God also gave insights into what the future holds for some. Many also received deliverance through prophetic words. During Mass Prayer, many were set free from the oppression of the devil. Sunday, December 11, 2016 witnessed a plethora of testimonies to the glory of God. The entire service was brought to a powerful end with songs of praise and worship after evangelists ministered the Morning Water to congregants.

In his message titled YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL, the man of God reminded Christians of their place in the world, stating that, though they may encounter challenges, they will always come out triumphant because they are in Christ Jesus Who is the Author and Finisher of their faith. According to the man of God, “If you are genuinely born again, nothing can separate you. Your faith may fail but not utterly.” Speaking further, he told Christians that they are not above attack. Citing the experience of Job, he submitted that, though satan may seek permission from God to test a Christian’s faith, he cannot destroy him/her: “As it was with Job, with God’s permission, satan can tempt or attack you but cannot destroy you. In the same light, if you are a true born again Christian, satan can attack you only if God permits.”

The man of God concluded by urging Christians to brace up for the coming year 2017, crowdadding that they must learn to live within their incomes. He warned against unnecessary spending and extravagance. He also advised them on certain management principles that will see them through the economic downturn that is affecting nations all over the world: “This coming year, you have to learn to cut your coat according to your size.”



Coming from a family that had a terrible reputation in witchcraft and other fetish cannibal-exposedactivities, the young man from Uganda lived a very horrible life. He was a cannibal that went to the extent of exhuming corpses from cemeteries just to eat them together with his fellow cannibals. He had dug a deep pit in his house in which he would push unsuspecting victims into. If the fall did not kill them, he would finish them off and eat their flesh fresh. Aside from his cannibalistic appetite, the young man also lived a wayward life fathering five different children with five different women. His actions took a toll on his mental state as he always thought he was going to run mad.

cannibal-exposedWhen his activities got to public domain, he was arrested and was even sent to prison a few times. He later encountered Emmanuel TV and discovered that God is at work at The SCOAN. It was the psychological burden of all his atrocities that brought him to The SCOAN to seek for deliverance. According to him, he knew it was only Prophet T.B. Joshua that could deliver him. During the prophetic service last Saturday, the Ugandan was fished out by Prophet T.B. Joshua through a prophetic Word and the urge to eat his fellow human beings left him. After that encounter, the young man confessed all his evil deeds, declaring that he has been delivered by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua. He vowed never to go back to his evil past and also pledged to continue in the ways of the Lord.



mrs-mariaFor six years, Mrs Maria Ikezue battled with a malignant leg ulcer and skin disease that rendered her incapable of doing many things. First, it immobilised her, making it difficult for her to carry out most of her domestic chores. For the woman who hails from Anambra State, Nigeria, life was at its lowest ebb. She could not cook for her children but rather depended on them for her daily survival. They aided her every effort to the extent that whenever she wanted to ease herself, they had to get a bucket for her. The severe pains that came with the ulcer also gave her a hell of a time. Mrs Ikezue visited many churches, native doctors and hospitals but could not find a solution.

One day while lamenting her condition, she had sought the help of her brother who advised her to visit The SCOAN. Mrs Ikezue heeded her brother’s advice and came down to The SCOAN. She proceeded to the Prayer Line where it took just a touch from the man of God to end her years of pain and anguish. According to her, as soon as the man of God touched her, she felt something fly out of her and that was it. By the night of that very day, she had woken up from sleep to discover that the watery sore on her leg had miraculously dried up. Thanking God during her testimony, she advised people all over the world to desist from visiting native doctors as they have no solution to offer. She however urged them to run to Jesus who remains the solution to all the fundamental problems of life.


Mr Adams had been treating Malaria and Typhoid for five years but unknown to him then, mr-julius-adamshe was carrying the deadly disease called HIV/AIDS. For those five years, he experienced a lot of pains and discomfort accompanied by many sleepless nights. In the year 2000, Mr Julius Adams visited the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital known then as Ayinke General Hospital. There, he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. After the result of the test was made known to him, Mr Adams knew he had only one option to seek God’s intervention or die slowly and painfully too. By this time, he was already aware of the awe-inspiring exploits of Prophet T.B. Joshua in the vineyard of God and decided to visit The SCOAN.

According to him, when he arrived at The SCOAN, he discovered that there were several other people who had the same problem. The man of God ushered them into the auditorium in a queue with each carrying a placard displaying their problems. As soon as the man of God stretched his hand towards Mr Adams, something unforgettable happened. A dark shadow came out of his body. While he was still trying to contain his bewilderment, the shadow had disappeared. Right from that moment, all the symptoms of HIV/AIDS that he had exhibited for five years ceased to be. There was even more bewilderment when he returned to the hospital for a confirmation test. After the test, the doctor was shocked beyond description as to how the incurable disease disappeared from his system. Mr Adams had to ‘educate’ the doctor on the omnipotence of God.

Thanking God for bringing him back from a state of hopelessness, near-death and anguish to one of hope, life and joy, he advised people all over the world to hold on to God, adding that He is the only One who can cure HIV/AIDS which has continued to defy medical solution to date.

“I CAN HEAR AGAIN!” – Hungarian Healed By Jesus Christ

evelyn-balassy-3Evelyn Balassy had come all the way from Hungary to The SCOAN with the problem of severe hearing loss. Since the tender age of eight years, she had experienced this problem which had made her a public spectacle because of the great embarrassment it caused. She was operated on at a young age but it didn’t change her condition. She was still unable to hear anything with her right ear. She was forced to wear a evelyn-balassy-2hearing aid which caused her great discomfort as the only temporary relief to her problem. The doctors had told her that it was nerve damage in her ears that caused the hearing loss and that it would never improve; she simply had to live with it for the rest of her life. Upon coming to The SCOAN in desperate search for a final solution to her predicament, she received a divine touch from God Almighty through His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. After she received her healing, she started hearing normally with her right ear and no longer has to use the hearing aid! Now, she can hear perfectly and she has been restored to the glory of God!


mr-anthony-familyAssistant Superintendent Laar Anthony of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps had been on the wheelchair for two months. He woke up one day to discover that he could not walk, having lost sensation in his legs. He was taken to many hospitals and churches but there was no sign of improvement in his condition. He also tried native medicine which also did not offer any reprieve. Through the help of his family, Anthony was introduced to The SCOAN. During the 2-day revival service held from December 9 to 11, 2016, he was among the multitude of people who received their healing.

Anthony was healed by God through Prophet T.B. Joshua who only laid hands on him and mr-anthony-family-2commanded him to walk. As soon as Anthony got up on his feet, there was jubilation amongst his family members who came with him. One of them lifted his wheelchair to show the world how marvelous the works of God are. Anthony was among 29 other people who were healed of inability to walk due to various medical conditions. After their healing, the man of God gave the thirty of them two bags of rice each and the sum of twenty thousand naira each for their transportation back to their different destinations.

Thanking God for his healing, Anthony could not conceal his joy. He described the day of his healing as a new chapter in the story of his life and thanked the man of God for reaching out to them materially, especially at a time when the entire nation is feeling the effects of the economic recession ravaging it.



Mr Jaspal Bharya had been addicted to cannabis smoking from a very young age. TheMR JASPAL BHARYA.jpg Tanzanian became unrestrictedly free when he travelled to the United Kingdom to further his education. There, he enjoyed unlimited freedom compared to those times when he had to hide from his parents in order to satisfy his urge for smoking. His addiction took a terrible toll on his finances as he would sell his personal effects just to satiate his appetite for cannabis. He sold his wrist watches, gold chains and phone.

For twenty-two years, Mr Bharya lived with his addiction. He became confused and could not concentrate on any useful venture. Apart from cannabis, he also experimented with cocaine and other hard drugs. Because of his untoward behavior, he was humiliated by family members who found it hard to come to terms with the shame he was bringing to them. Somehow, he became an outcast. During his younger years, his parents also stopped giving him pocket money. Later in life, even his marriage was not spared as he was separated from his wife and children as a result of his bad lifestyle.

Mr Bharya got to know about Prophet T.B. Joshua through his father. The Tanzanian who now resides in the UK visited The SCOAN and received his deliverance from the man of God. According to him, the day he arrived at The SCOAN, he was looking for a way to go and take his drugs but thank God that after his deliverance, that evil urge had gone for good. He now sleeps better and has peace in his life. He urged people all over the world, especially smokers and non-smokers to desist from the act as it comes with many negative health consequences.


mr-richard-nkhwaziTwo years ago, Prophet T.B. Joshua had released a prophetic word, urging congregants and nations all over the world to return to agriculture, adding that the reliance on oil will soon spell doom for many countries of the world. Back in Malawi, Mr Richard Nkhwazi was watching Emmanuel TV and was inspired by the prophetic word. He thereafter conveyed the message to his entire community which had 24, 000 hectares of uncultivated land. Most of the inhabitants of that community were rustic poor people who could not finance any form of agricultural project on their own and so, needed support.

Mr Nkhwazi therefore solicited the support of a private organisation which got interested and provided some financial support to the community. As cultivation began, the Malawian government also got involved and made available funds for the construction of dams, canals and other useful resources. Other private organisations from India and South Africa also got involved, making the project a very huge one with international status. With the level of investments channeled into the project, it will create jobs for many and also provide food for the community and beyond. According to Mr Nkhwazi, over 5,000 thousand people, including the less privileged will benefit from the project.

Thanking God for granting him the grace to key into the prophetic word of the man of God, Mr Nkhwazi urged people all over the world to take the words of a prophet seriously because they convey the righteous thoughts of God.


Since 2011, she had been bleeding through all the orifices in her body. She also hadhope nightmares in which strange people would forcefully sleep with her while others tried to inflict bodily injuries on her. She also dreamt of strange beings with odd frames. While all that happened, Hope would not tell her mother. She preferred to keep it all to herself. By the year 2013, the attacks had become so recurrent that she could no longer hide them. She would bleed from her eyes, nose, ears and skin. Most times, her pillows were stained by the blood from her eyes, nose and ears.

The young South African became depressed with the strange developments happening right in her own body. There was a time she started having prolonged menstruation which would span 40 days at a time. Her aunt would eventually let the cat out of the bag by reporting the matter to her mother. When her mother confronted her about the whole saga, Hope cried. But alas, her tears were bloody. It got to an extent that her friends in school started deserting her because they believed she was an evil child. In search of spiritual solace, she would resort to reading her Bible but each time she did, she wept blood. Because of the seeming insoluble nature of her problems, she had considered suicide on several occasions.

A mysterious hair loss also set in to compound her already complicated case. Hope tried to HOPE 3.jpggive hope to her mother by covering up the hair loss issue. The financial implication of her travails was immense as she had to be placed on a lot of medications which ended up proving unbeneficial. The family was able to visit The SCOAN months back and Hope was delivered during a Sunday service through the ministration of the Morning Water. The young woman who was raped three times, first at age 8, had surely seen many horrible things in her life. But since after her deliverance, behold, old things have passed away and all things have become new in Christ Jesus. The bleeding, the depression and the suicidal thoughts have given way to the peace of God.

Thanking God in company of her mother and sister, Hope advised young people all over the world not to focus on their circumstances but to concentrate on Jesus because He cares for them. According to her, no matter the situation, God still Has something to say. She also urged them to make God’s Word the standard for their lives.


mrs-heide-menzel“Since I was born, I would always cry.” Mrs Heide Menzel, from Germany, grew up with a feeling of rejection from her father, since childhood. From the age of six years old, she would always ask God why she was even alive. From that young age, she even tried committing suicide. This became a regular occurrence in her life, trying and failing to end her life. There was not a single night that went by that Mrs Heide would not dream of death. “I felt rejected and imprisoned in my own body. I always thought something was wrong with me.”

Realising that this problem was not one that she wanted to carry for the rest of her life, she began seeking a solution. Coming from a religious home, she tried to get close to Jesus Christ but always felt like there was barrier between her and God. She became so desperate that she started trying anything, including dry fasting, to attract the attention of God. “No matter what I did, I always felt a barrier because I was trying to force the hand of God.” She started reading books about deliverance and began to search YouTube for deliverance ministries. That was how she came across Emmanuel TV. After watching a few times, she became hooked and began to feel there was hope for her situation. She could relate to so many of the testimonies that she had seen and had a strong urge to come to The SCOAN. This desire came to fruition last Sunday as she partook in the Live Service.

The Spirit of God located her as Prophet TB Joshua gave her a word of prophecy saying, “You are depressed. There is a suicide problem from your father’s side.” It finally made sense! For so many years she didn’t know what the cause of her pain was, to now discover that it was a spirit of suicide tormenting her. She came to The SCOAN feeling so desperate, but after receiving deliverance from the evil spirit, she has now come to testify to the glory of God for her newfound freedom. The burden lifted and feeling like a new person, she testified, “I now feel joy and I feel so full of love.” She gave a strong word of advice to all who were listening, “Please endure – don’t end your life because Jesus loves you so much!”


mrs-alice-amaraMrs Alice Amara and daughter came to The SCOAN for the Friday Healing Service in a vehicle because she couldn’t walk for the past five years. She had lumbar spondylosis which had rendered her completely unable to cater for her own needs, even the most basic and necessary ones! She had gone to many orthopaedics and hospitals, searching for a solution but they were all unable to provide any relief to her ever-nagging pain. She confessed that in search for healing, she had gone to many spiritualists who had demanded for her to pay up to 50,000 naira for her to receive that miracle. Unfortunately, after paying the required amounts at various places, the solution never came. She decided to come to The SCOAN, saying to herself
that it would be her last bus mrs-alice-amara-2stop. As she arrived at The SCOAN, she remained in her car outside of the church because she was unable to walk by herself into the auditorium. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua came out of the church to pray for her, she received her healing and immediately started walking majestically, all to the glory of God. Since that day, she can walk freely, painless and limitless, all thanks to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ!

Finally, she is advising viewers to believe in Jesus Christ, who is able to heal and set us free, for His glory.


mrs-yevgeniy-leeIn 2015, Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee from Kazakhstan received dreadful news about her US-based brother-in-law that he had been shot in the stomach. The bullet, fired by an unknown gang, had penetrated the stomach and ruptured his spinal cord. In the aftermath of the onslaught, the functionality of her brother-in-law’s brain began to dwindle. His vital organs started to fail, resulting in loss of senses in his limbs. His body deteriorated by the second. The medical doctors and nurses assigned to his case had all given up on any hope of Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law ever recovering. He remained in a coma, with no hope in sight that any part of his muscles would ever be able to coordinate any movement of his body again. Disturbed by the fact that his sensory organs had been compromised, he had been reduced to a vegetative state and placed on life support in the hospital, the family in both the US and his native Kazakhstan collectively wrote to The SCOAN to seek the face of God.

In December 2015, Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee came to The SCOAN. Although bad news coming in from the US about her brother-in-law were disturbing enough to distract her focus, she continued to pray. After being prayed for by the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the prophet requested to see a photograph of Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law and prayed for him.

After her visit to The SCOAN, all the bad news about Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law turned into non-stop good news. Doctors who had booked her in-law for further surgical operations that would have included a kidney transplant, had to cancel the surgery because of the rapid pace at which the young man was making a recovery. All his vital organs bounced back to full life. Doctors, who had once claimed he would never walk again, were left baffled to see how God’s miracle got them to change their confessions. They watched in awe as Mrs. Yevgeniy Lee’s brother-in-law started to eat, talk and walk freely without any support. One of the nurses, who also thought the young man was certain to die, was so dumbstruck by God’s awesome miracle in the man’s life that she fell in love with him and subsequently they got married. The nurse, who never believed in the existence of God, has now given her life to Jesus Christ. The couple has been blessed with a child to the glory of God.

Sharing their joy with the world, Mrs and Mr Yevgeniy Lee advised the congregation and viewers all over the world not to lose faith in God because He is in control and that He will see them through.

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