The faith of the congregants was lifted up as they listened to the divine teachings from Prophet T.B. Joshua in a message titled, ‘Pay Attention To God.’ Aside from the awe-inspiring testimonies and beautiful renditions from the choir, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke extensively on the concept of faith and how Christians are expected to apply it to their lives. According to the man of God, “If you pay attention to God’s Word, you will find that faith comes spontaneously, that is naturally.” He further observed that one cannot have faith by just memorising the Word of God. “It is good to memorize; it is valuable but it must become an integral part of you.” He likened memorising the Bible without it being a part of you to storing water in the mouth without swallowing it: it is a waste. “To live the Bible is to allow it to become an integral part of us.”
The man of God also reminded Christians that being in possession of the Bible or bearing the name “Christian” does not confer on them the privilege of having faith. Instead, faith is only available in those whom Jesus knows: “That you have a Bible or are a Christian does not mean you have faith, until Jesus knows you.”
Summing up his message, the man of God observed that “The Word of God is Spirit that has the ability to develop a spiritual force within our hearts called faith.”

In an earlier message titled ORDER YOUR WORDS ARIGHT, Evangelist Racine urged Christians to rise above the challenges and trials of life by confessing victory and triumph even in the face of the discouraging realities of life, adding that many people today are unnecessarily weighed down by their earthly worries: “Many people are walking in their situation. They murmur and grumble and speak as common people.” According to him, the life of a Christian will always go to the level of his or her words. He also noted that good Christians would surely have their faith tested as a mark of spiritual maturity and growth in the knowledge of the things of God: “As a man or woman of faith, your faith will be tested by facts and experience. Tests and trials are meant for our belief. Trials and temptations determine where you are spiritually. Prophet T.B. Joshua says that challenges reveal the true condition of our heart.”
Continuing, he urged Christians to repose their faith in God in all circumstances, stressing that, “We overcome by faith. Faith is a force that moves our words to work.” Evangelist Racine also reminded Christians that faith acts on the Word of God which is a reflection of His will: “The Word is a seed of divine life that comes into the heart and causes faith to grow.” He therefore encouraged believers to observe their supplications in accordance with the will of God: “When you ask and pray according to His will, your prayer is answered.”
Concluding, he urged Christians to realise who they really are and the power they wield as children of God. “There is power in your mouth. The belief in your heart is released by faith out of your mouth. God’s Word in the midst of your heart gives you an authority in Heaven.”


Mr and Mrs John Ughamadu were targeted to be kidnapped but escaped by whiskers. However, the same could not be said of their house help and a neighbour’s wife who were whisked away by the criminals. Soon after they were abducted, a communication ensued between the abductors and the victims’ families. The abductors were a bit disappointed when they realised that the person they had thought was Mr Ughamadu’s wife was in actual fact his house help, an orphan who they had adopted as their child. Their disappointment was inconsequential as it did not stop them from placing a ransom of one hundred million naira each on the two women.
After several pleas from Mr Ughamadu and his neighbour, the kidnappers called to inform them that the ransom had been reduced to fifty million naira each. But even at that, the money involved was just too much for the men. At that juncture, Mr Ughamadu who had been a staunch member of The SCOAN and an Emmanuel TV Partner, summoned courage and decided to exercise his faith. He put a call through to The SCOAN Prayer and Counselling hotlines. An evangelist picked up his call and listened carefully to his dilemma. The evangelist urged him to call the kidnappers and tell them that the house help is a spiritual daughter to Prophet T.B. Joshua and that they should release her unconditionally.
When Mr Ughamadu communicated the evangelist’s instruction to the kidnappers, there was apparent confusion in their camp and for the first time in a couple of days, he was allowed to speak with his adopted daughter. Sensing that their deal was already undone by the mere mention of the name T.B. Joshua, they resorted to keeping Mr Ughamadu incommunicado and shifted their attention to his neighbour. But all efforts to extort money from him also failed. Left with no other option and perturbed by fear, the criminals eventually released the women after sixteen days of captivity.
During their testimony last Sunday at The SCOAN Mr and Mrs Ughamadu, in company of their house help and adopted daughter, thanked God for the marvellous thing He has done in their lives. Both husband and wife as well as the girl took turns to praise Him for what He Has done. They were unanimous in their advice to people all over the world: “Hold on to your faith and don’t give up. Your faith in God will see you through.”

Corporal Yerimah Ojoh was on a United Nations Peace-keeping Mission in Darfur, Sudan, when he suddenly developed a strange ailment that rendered him bedridden. The Nigerian soldier had to rely on colleagues for support in order to walk to and from hospital. After various hospitals in Darfur failed to diagnose the cause of his problem, he was referred to a specialised military hospital. It was there that doctors discovered that he had a liver infection that defied medical solution. While the military authorities in Sudan were making arrangements to redeploy him and another sick soldier back to Nigeria, in the event that their conditions deteriorate, Corporal Ojoh summoned faith and decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on a colleague’s laptop in their hostel.
After that prayer, an incident he would never forget occurred that night. In a trance-like encounter, a voice beckoned on him to rise from the bed. As he arose, he found two of his own frame still lying on the bed. The voice then went on to say. “I created you without any problem. Now, these two bodies represent you. Which of them do you want? The one with sickness or the one without sickness?” Corporal Ojoh who also doubles as a pastor answered and chose the body without sickness. He was then told to enter the body without sickness by the voice. As soon as he entered that body, a strange but fresh surge of energy came into his body. He went into jubilation and was joined by other soldiers in praising God. Since that day, he has had no cause to visit the hospital save for a confirmation test he carried out on the advice of his wife. The result showed that his liver function was normal.
Testifying at The SCOAN last Sunday, Corporal Ojoh thanked God for restoring his health even when he was on the throes of death. He however regretted the death of his colleague who was referred to Nigeria but could not make it home alive. He also urged ministers of God to jettison the politics and sentiments of denominationalism and work together as one family of Christ. He left the following advice to sick people all over the world: “You should connect to God by faith through the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.”
He had been tormented by a spirit wife right from his childhood. Mr Innocent Chinedu would find himself eating and having sexual intercourse in the dream. He experienced stagnation and could not have a successful marriage because each time he tried to settle down with a woman, the spirit wife would wreak havoc and frighten the woman away. The Nigerian living in the USA would eventually have an encounter with God through Emmanuel TV. While flipping through TV channels in his home in the United States, he came across the testimony of a brother who had the same spirit wife issue on Emmanuel TV. The mere fact that the brother received his deliverance ignited Mr Chinedu’s faith with passion and a sense of urgency to push for his
Remembering how the ruthless spirit wife had destroyed his earlier marriages, Mr Chinedu decided to pray along with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. In April, 2013, he laid his hands on the TV screen and prayed with the man of God. In an instant, he felt something get out of his body while a heat sensation took all over him. After a while, he felt a breath of fresh air. That same 2013, Mr Chinedu returned to Nigeria and got married to his new wife without any problem. When he went back to the USA after his wedding, he had a strange dream encounter in which the man of God woke him from sleep to alert him of the physical presence of an evil bat trying to attack him in his room. Mr Chinedu finally hit the bat down and sprinkled the Morning Water on it. After disposing of the dead bat, Mr Chinedu’s life further changed for the better.
Even business-wise, he is doing well. He no longer has financial challenges. Indeed, God has turned his life around. Testifying in company of his wife and brother, Mr Chinedu expressed profound gratitude to the Almighty God for bringing total peace into his life. He advised people all over the world to install Emmanuel TV in their homes because it brings the presence of God.

Mr James Joseph was sent to school to study but decided to pursue other fancies. He jettisoned his academic pursuits and dabbled into cultism, alcoholism, drug use and night-crawling. He would use his school fees and allowances to drink alcohol and sniff cocaine in company of his friends who shared his kind of thinking and attitude. Matters got worse for him to the extent that his elder sister began to see him in her dreams lurking around the corners of death. She had to intervene through pleas for him to come down to Lagos and encounter God at The SCOAN.
Mr Joseph visited The SCOAN on 20th December, 2015 and was caught in a cross-fire of the Morning Water ministration against all the antics of the kingdom of darkness. As soon as the Morning Water hit him, the evil spirit tormenting him manifested and was cast out of him. After his deliverance, Mr Joseph’s life has taken a very promising and glorious shape. Those irresponsible behaviours have taken flight. He enjoys an unprecedented inner peace and has since reconciled with his parents who had been grossly disappointed with his former ways of life. Mr Joseph has since completed his studies and has been awarded a degree in Biochemistry, despite having missed several papers due to his former ways of life. Thanking God in company of his in-law, Mr Joseph regretted the time he wasted living an irresponsible life. He called on youths to avoid evil associations. He advised them to give God a chance in their lives.

Miss Otaru Evelyn was involved in a tricycle accident in September last year. Her leg was seriously affected to the extent that on-lookers and even the doctor who later attended to her said she was going to undergo amputation because according to them, the leg was badly damaged. But Miss Otaru would not bulge. She insisted on going God’s way much to the consternation of the doctor who threatened to send her home for being unnecessarily stubborn. She demanded for her wallet and from it brought out a Good Morning Sticker and placed it on her leg. There was an instant effect. A leg that had remained unimaginably stiff, gradually became flexible.
The doctor, unable to convince her to accept amputation, sent her home. But for Miss Otaru, she was being pushed to exercise her faith in God. Back home, everyone avoided her because of the offensive nature of her wound. Miss Otaru was unperturbed. Instead, she sent for the Morning Water. As she intensified her prayers with the ministration of the Morning Water, miraculously, the pieces of dead bones fell off Miss Otaru’s affected leg and she was eventually healed, against all odds and discouraging remarks by people around her who had thought she would end up as an amputee. It could only have been God for a leg which was badly damaged to heal completely. During her testimony, a visibly elated Miss Otaru advised people all over the world to hold on to God because there is nothing He cannot do.
Mr Godwin Adiga was a successful businessman until the devil came onto the scene. A man who ran a petrol station became indebted, stagnated and oppressed by the spirit of lack. The more he and his wife sought help from different places, the more heartbroken they became. There was a church that asked them to sell one of their trucks and sow a seed into the ministry. As they grappled with the debts on their shoulders, the bank that they were indebted to even threatened to dispose of their petrol station in order to recoup their
A friend of the family told Mr Adiga about The SCOAN and advised him to seek the face of God there. Mr Adiga visited The SCOAN last year and received his deliverance during the ministration of the Morning Water. The spirit wife and family idol that had been oppressing him all manifested before they were sent back to the pit of hell. After his deliverance, many changes occurred in his life. The spirit of anger and lack of affection for his wife have all gone for good. He has paid off all his debt and now has more than enough to take care of his family. His business has also returned to boom time. Mr Adiga had the following words of advice for people all over the world: “When you are going through the storms of life, always focus on God and stop doubting.”


When Emmanuel enrolled at a university in his native Ghana to read Maritime, little did he know that striking acquaintance with a strange woman he’d caught sight of a first time would soon evolve into another journey in parallel to his academic pursuit. It all began when he offered to give her a lift home on his way from the university campus. It was there that a strange relationship started – and with it, his freedom drifted away. The first thing that she told him was that every first female in her family are kept for two weeks in a room and covered with red oil in a ritual. He did not consider it strange.
The relationship reached a crescendo and became almost undoable to the extent that the lady threatened to kill him if he ever dared to leave her. The young man received the shock of his life when the lady intercepted him while he was urinating and dipped her finger into his pee and back into her mouth. As bamboozled as he was, he took the whole thing as part of the oddities of a love relationship. Afterwards, whenever he wanted to urinate, the lady would kneel in front of him and drink his urine.
The despicable routine continued while Emmanuel became lost in sin. He was enmeshed in fornication and pornography and lost complete focus on his academic pursuits. She wanted to be happy at all times; she never bothered about his own happiness. She ensured that he never communicated with anyone else except her. Even calling his mother on phone led to quarrels. She bought him everything and made it impossible for him to receive anything from anyone else. According to him, the body cream she always bought for him enabled her to know his exact location at all times.
Emmanuel was shell-shocked when he saw a dog that she had given him consuming the urine he had passed out on the sand. And for the fact that the dog remained the same size all the while, he became suspicious. Emmanuel suddenly became an induced glutton. She would encourage him to eat and eat and eat until he started bloating. His manhood also started feeling funny. By this time, his academic performance had become abysmal.
Emmanuel had an encounter with Emmanuel TV and since that day, he started worshipping with The SCOAN in Ghana. As he intensified his fellowship with the children of God and continued to watch Emmanuel TV, he discovered that some of the things he used to do no longer appealed to him. Even the lady was surprised when he told her he was no longer interested in the immoral acts they carried out together. Emmanuel suddenly realised that his understanding had been held captive by the devil. On one occasion, he found the lady with a lot of snakes on her head. After that frightening experience, he attended a Sunday service in the Ghana branch of The SCOAN and received his deliverance through the Morning Water medium.
During his deliverance testimony last Sunday, Emmanuel recounted how he was always flying in his dreams and having sexual intercourse with strange people. According to the young man who is presently living in the United States of America, he has since graduated from the university and is doing very well now. He is gainfully employed and is no longer connected to the lady. He is married with a son and is expecting another child soon. Emmanuel advised people all over the world in the following words: “This battle is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.”

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