It was an atmosphere filled with the power of God. From the ministration of the choir to the ministration of the Morning Water, the kingdom of darkness was thrown into confusion. Evangelists led the initial onslaught against satan and his evil works as they ministered the Morning Water to the congregation. As the anointing in the Morning Water hit the target, many who were possessed and oppressed by evil spirits manifested and fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit. As the battle raged on, the host of Heaven inflicted heavy casualties on the kingdom of darkness as the afflicted and oppressed were delivered and set free from the grip of the devil.

Ministering prophecy, Prophet T.B. Joshua laid hands on many congregants who came with different challenges. As obstinate as the challenges were, the power of prophecy laid them bare and offered spiritual insight on how they can be solved. In addition, the man of God also ministered deliverance to congregants even as they confirmed the prophecies to be very true. Admonishing congregants, the man of God enjoined them not to focus on their challenges but to focus on their Creator who is greater than all challenges: “We talk about the battle instead pf the One fighting for us.”

He encouraged Christians to maintain a joyful disposition in times of trouble, sickness or hardship, stressing that no hardship or sickness would last if we are happy from the heart: “Once you stop trading your joy with your situation, you always overcome.” He also urged Christians to pray for God’s grace so as not to fall prey to the pressures of the world: “Lord Jesus, give me the grace not to be ignorant of my faith under the pressure or tension of temptation.” A brother who was under the yoke of a generational stomach ulcer testified to his miraculous healing after the man of God laid hands on him.

Several testimonies sent via email were also read out concerning how Prophet T.B. Joshua’s message the previous Sunday titled, ‘Let God Release You’ had brought reconciliation and peace to many lives and homes.

Earlier, Evangelist Evelyn Joshua in her message titled YOUR TRUE IDENTITY, called on Christians to embrace the Spirit of God and abide by the dictates of His Word rather than long ignorantly for the freedom of the world which comes with many negative effects.evang-evelyn According to her, it is man’s endless quest for freedom that has jeopardised his relationship with God: “The quest for freedom brought us out from where God had placed us.” She further explained that true freedom comes from God and described it thus: “Freedom is when you are no longer under the dominion, control and captivity of satan.” In furtherance of her submission that we can only have our true identity through God, she added: “In God, you move, live and have your being… Only God can tell what we are because He judges men by their hearts.” Concluding, she left the following counsel for Christians: “Believe in God’s Word; confess the Word every day and do not change your confession every other day.”

Talking about his prophecies for the year 2016, the man of God recalled that the things he said have come to pass. A couple of congregants also corroborated what the man of God said. Some families told congregants how they were able to beat the ongoing recession by storing food items after the man of God had made the 2016 prophecies last year. Concerning the year 2017, the man of God told congregants, “YOUR FAITH WILL NOT FAIL.” According to him, the coming year will come with serious challenges but he urged those who put their trust in God not to panic as God would see them through. He described 2017 as the bridge that will lead to a refreshing period in 2018, stating that there will be a general sense of reprieve in the second month of that year.

Meanwhile, a delegation of Hausa men from the northern Nigerian state of Jigawa led by Mallam Mohammed Ali visited The SCOAN in search of help from the man of God. According to the group, the man of God had always sent foodstuff and cash to them but for a while now, the largesse has not been forthcoming.27-11-2016-glo-527-11-16 [OLI] (6).jpg27-11-16 [OLI] (3).jpg  Mallam Mohammed Ali and his group therefore decided to come to the church to make their pleas known. They lamented the largescale hunger and deprivation they have been suffering for some time, adding that their children are falling sick and are almost dying of hunger due to the ongoing recession ravaging Nigeria. They submitted that it is only the man of God who could understand their plight because he had been very charitable to them, irrespective of their tribe and religion. After the service, the sum of N700,000 was given to the delegation to support them.

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