The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua delivered a message – LET GOD RELEASE YOU – to viewers all over the world. It centred on relationships and the need to allow God to direct our actions. He urged viewers not to end relationships because of disagreements or fights, adding that such scenarios create tension and stifle the spirit of forgiveness: “We don’t leave relationships as a Christian because of fights or disagreements. The origin of relationships is God. The man who is your enemy today can be your saviour tomorrow.”

According to the man of God, it is wrong for Christians to carry their offences into new relationships after they have ended previous ones. He reckoned that the same way we quit our previous relationships is the same way we will quit the new ones if we hold onto offences: “Whether you are wrong or right, you have no right to go with that conflict and establish another relationship.”  Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded the congregation and viewers all over the world that no one succeeds alone, hence the need to put away offence and forgive and forget in order to move ahead into a brighter tomorrow. He added that Jesus knew that principle; that was why He had disciples: “You cannot succeed alone; you need people. Jesus knew this; that was why He had disciples.” He also lamented the sad fact that many have lost their opportunity for divine visitation by taking offence and pulling out of the place God had destined for them to succeed. He therefore urged them to realise that the devil will always throw offence their way whenever they are in the right place where God wants them to be: “If you are in a place where God wants you to be, the devil will want to offend you to pull out.”

Concluding, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised Christians all over the world to wait for God in all circumstances rather than take rash decisions instigated by their human faculties: “No matter the crisis, don’t quit; wait patiently for God’s release.”



Diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age, Miss Uzoamaka kept her faith alive by drawing inspiration from the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua she began to watch on Emmanuel TV. She moved from one hospital to the other but the more the medication and treatment she received, the worse her condition seemed to be. In spite of the huge funds spent in search of a medical solution, there was no sign that the ailment could be cured. The mere thought that cancer is medically incurable was another burden she had to contend with. There were many agonising nights when her distraught mother would weep over the unfortunate lot that had befallen her daughter.

In January 2016, Uzoamaka visited The SCOAN and received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua in the Prayer Line. She had been watching Emmanuel TV prior to that visit and had faith to receive her healing from God. After receiving prayers and deliverance from the man of God, Uzoamaka slept peacefully for the first time in many months. In a matter of days, her cancerous breast healed and the blood and puss that usually oozed from the cancerous wound dried up.


Miss Uzoamaka And Mother

When she returned to the hospital where the diagnosis had been made, nothing was found to be wrong with her any longer. Even the doctors expressed surprise about her healing. Miss Uzoamaka’s story is one of the many examples of God’s illimitable powers to do the impossible. Thanking God in company of her mother, she said, “My advice to you viewers is to hold on to God and believe His Prophet and it shall be well with you.”


A Ugandan living in the UK with her family, Edna Mayindo suddenly started to have issues with her eyesight from an early age. Her vision became inexplicably blurred – a situation that warranted the attention of doctors. After careful examination, it was discovered that she needed to wear glasses. She became disturbed and could not perform as excellently as she used to do in school. Her mates bullied her a lot and that added to the psychological burden she carried. She began to feel that she did not belong to this world.

In her mind, every other person was better than her. Because of the seeming rejection she experienced amongst her peers, she had no one with whom she could share her problems. She resorted to self-pity accompanied by bouts of crying and absolute resignation to a hostile fate. As an escapist measure from all her worries, she harboured suicidal thoughts and expressed them by cutting her wrist with a blade. She had also taken a drug overdose and ended up unconscious. Worse still, she once stated that she was going to commit suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. Edna had nightmares in which unseen forces urged her to jettison the things of God and follow the ways of the world. Though she knew and liked the things of God, she could not explain why it was difficult serving Him in Spirit and in truth. She became addicted to the internet and alcohol and spent her money buying things she never really wanted – all in search of happiness.


Edna and Mother

After going from one church to the other in search of solution, something soon happened that changed her life. Pen ultimate Sunday, Edna visited The SCOAN in company of her mother. During the ministration of the Morning Water in Jesus’ name, the evil spirits tormenting her manifested and confessed all their attempts to destroy her. She received deliverance and all things became new for the young woman who was once an object in the hands of evil spirits. Thanking God during last Sunday’s service, Edna and her mother expressed joy for what He has done in their lives. Edna advised people all over the world to stand on the Word of God.

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    Thank you Man of God for such a powerful message that has opened my eyes to the truth about our failing relationships. Thank you for giving us words of wisdom from God that we should stay and cope with good and hard times alike and not hold on to offence so that we can experience God’s existence in our relationships.

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    God Almighty has really released me in the name of Jesus. Thank God of Prophet TB Joshua for blessing me. I am grateful.

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    Am so blessed with this Awesome message from prophet tb Joshua. God bless you daddy. May God continue to use you mightily, in Jesus name, Amen.

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    Mm,what a wonderful message…So touching,filled with the holy spirit…Only to say thank you Jesus. Prophet TB Joshua,you are truly sent by God.It is the holy spirit teaching, preaching through you.Lord,give me enough grace to hold this message into my heart as a key to my success.You are the awesome God.The bigginer and finisher of my faith. I glorifies your holy name.God of prophet TB Joshua,You have blessed me more than my expectations. You have take me to where I have never dreamed off.mm,you are so wonderful!The best is yet to come. emmanuel

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    Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua for this timely message to me.

    God Bless You!

    Yours in Christ,


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    Very inspiring word from Gods servant.though it looks simple ,The word is power packed and it is changing many lives.God bless your servant,Aman who does not insult others or answer his critics,He preaches what he does and does not take advantage of Emmanuel Tv to attack others.Men of God from all over the World,please let us copy the humility of Snr.prophet Tb Joshua,Let us not be attacking one another ,God is love.The world will not respect us if we insult our selves,point fingers to others as if we are perfect,even drunkurds and smokers share cups and sigarates but Christians don’t,We need to love one another and it does not cost us anything to love but it costs us everything to hate one another.LET LOVE LEAD.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.SCOAN TEAM-I LOVE YOU ALL-SHALOM

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    Emmanuel! we thank God for the word of this season as believers we don’t need to carry on the offences, Its time to forgive one another as we enter the new year 2017. Thank you papa for the word am blessed.

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    Amen! Glory be to God

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    An inspiring message indeed.

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    We often break relationships, and run to embrace another, thinking that everything will be all right, but according to this teaching, it is clear that this is not the case. The best way out is to repair the broken relationship and move on. Let us not try to embrace another, because it will not work. Thank you Prophet for this word of life.

  • Thanks be to God.

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    Good Morning
    i have been delivered with this message.
    last sunday 20.11.2016 i didnt go at church because of what i am passing trough. and i said God i will not back to church before year for you guive me the way out of this situation. i will just stay at home and wach emmanuel tv. because this is too mauch.

    i fasted and prayer to God to guive me one word in this situation. during my prayer i started praise and worship on emmanuel tv.

    surprising Man of God come with this title LET GOD RELEASE YOU

    endeed God can talk in your situation as prophet TB Joshua say.

    i cried to God because of this kind of miracle, these is a greater miracle for me. more than bilion of paund.

    is hard what i am passing trough in church but with the unswer of God was delivered for me. i am taking attitude to back to church now.

    thank you Lord Jesus

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    Glory be to Jesus the Redeemer of sins of the world. May His abundant blessing pours down to His prophet T. B. Joshua in in his service to the hungry souls. Amen

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    indeed you are a man of God I believe one day I will give testimony