Every day is a new dawn and a new beginning at The SCOAN. The Sunday Service of June 30, 2013 witnessed the extraordinary deliverances of those possessed by demonic spirits. Most spectacular was the melodramatic deliverance of a young man who came all the way from the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The lean-looking man interrupted the mass prayer ministration of Prophet T.B. Joshua as he boldly positioned himself in a strategic point near the altar, threw off his suit and unbuttoned his shirt, bracing up for combat. Little did he know that as children of God, our combat is not physical but spiritual. Making a demonic sign above his forehead, he started some incantations and as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for breakthrough, he defiantly pronounced that there would be no breakthrough!

When the Prophet asked the man what his problem was, he insisted that he had been sent from the kingdom of darkness to halt the work of God manifesting through the faculties of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. At the end of the encounter, the kingdom of darkness was dethroned, proving superiority of the kingdom of Light and the majesty of Jesus Christ over all the earth.

Testimonies of healing and deliverance through the use of the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and Emmanuel TV respectively, continue to pour in, as we read from the accounts that follow.



Mrs Vera Igberasu, Edo, Nigeria, came with the problem of multiple fibroids to The SCOAN. They caused her severe pain in her lower abdomen and she was unable to conceive. Doctors said that she could not become pregnant unless she underwent operation to remove the fibroids.  She decided to try alternative medicine but it did not help her situation.

She was privileged to receive the Anointing Water which she ministered to herself in the name of Jesus. She immediately began to experience a tremendous pressure in her womb which lasted for three hours, after which she began to feel calm and the pain completely ceased.

She went back to the doctors for reexamination and the scan showed that she no longer had any trace of the fibroids. She was then able to conceive and is happily pregnant, which had been her expectation for many years. She advised that when you put your trust in God, your pain will be taken away.



Mrs Gloria Aduba’s baby had a chronic case of anaemia which required her to receive transfusions of several pints of blood.  After some time, the doctor suggested that she had had too many transfusions and advised she undergo a test which revealed that she had sickle cell anaemia. Drugs were prescribed which she took for several years but her situation only got worse.

One night the sickness reached its climax and Mrs Aduba, in her desperation, turned on her television, looking for a religious station that could offer her some comfort through her child’s sickness. She accidentally stumbled onto Emmanuel TV, which she had never tuned in to before. She was impressed and captivated by the manner of prayer going on at that time as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers around the world. She prayed along with the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and when she went back to the room where her daughter was, she discovered that the sickness had passed and she was happily playing in her room, something she had not done for a very long time.

After that miraculous transformation, she decided to come to The SCOAN and was privileged to collect the Anointing Water. As soon as she started ministering the Anointing Water to her child, the entire crisis associated with sickle cell anaemia stopped.

She went back to the hospital to do another test. Behold, the girl had been set free from sickle cell anaemia. Her genotype also changed from SS (positive to Sickle Cell Anaemia) to AA (negative to Sickle Cell Anaemia), to the glory of God. Mrs Aduba advised that what is impossible to man is possible with God.


ImageCalistus Chinedu Chimezie is a Nigerian living in the United Kingdom. He experienced difficulties in his academic career – scoring below average at every examination he took. He had complicated health challenges which made him feel weak, feverish and itchy and he also suffered from a loss of concentration, especially in his studies.

He had received medical attention from the best hospitals but his condition did not improve. He visited his family doctor for a thorough check-up. The tests they conducted at the hospital proved that there was nothing clinically wrong with him. The medical doctors even remarked that he appeared to have been healthy all his life.  That was how they suspected that his case could be spiritual.

When his case came to the knowledge of one of his uncles, he sent to him the Anointing Water he had earlier received from The SCOAN. His uncle assured him that the Anointing Water was the only remedy he knew of that was capable of demolishing any kind of affliction and that his case would not escape what he called the atomic blow of the Anointing Water.

After ministering the Anointing Water in the name of Jesus Christ, the itching and all other sicknesses stopped. His brain became calm and assimilative and he was able to come out with a First Class in Electrical-Electronics Degree. He is now reading for his Masters and has been scoring fantastic grades.



Mr Eric Peprah from Ghana came to The SCOAN in search of financial breakthrough. He was disturbed by the fact that every time he wanted to go anywhere with his family, they would encounter transportation difficulties. He was worried that in spite of all the efforts he had put in towards acquiring a car for the family, he still could not afford to buy one.

He was privileged to receive the Anointing Sticker that was being given freely to the congregation by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the Sunday service.

Initially, he had asked himself what he would do with a car sticker when he did not own a car yet. Because of his financial constraints, he couldn’t even think about buying one in the near future. But after accepting the Anointing Sticker by faith and being encouraged by the prophetic words of the man of God, he put the Sticker in his drawer believing that some day, he would stick it on a car of his own.

Just two weeks after returning from his visit to The SCOAN, a man he had encountered only once called him on phone and said that the Lord had ministered to him to bless him with a car! Today he is a proud owner of a prestigious sports utility car.



Beatrice Mangue from Equatorial Guinea complained of severe stomach pain for several years. It was unbearable and she had taken many drugs to ease the pain, all to no avail. One day she joined the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua as he prayed on Emmanuel TV.

That night, she had a dream where one of the wise men prayed for her and she was delivered in Jesus’ name. When she woke from sleep, she felt pressed to go to the toilet. Before reaching the bathroom, she noticed an object emerging from her body. She tried to grab it with her hands and it felt like a huge thread. When she pulled it out, it happened to be a long worm! The moment it left her body, her stomach problem completely ceased.



Mrs Aina Williams from Edo, Nigeria had been looking for a job for four years. Each time she was about to be offered an appointment, she would have a nightmare and would not be given the job. Three days before she went for another job interview, she had a particular nightmare where strange beings came to mock her, telling her that she was not going to get the job.

When she appeared for the interview, one of the panellists laughed at her and another panellist said he was familiar with the lady’s case, accusing her of having made a mocking gesture and insulting them at an earlier meeting. They were prejudiced against giving her the job. Of a fact, she had not done anything like that. She went home crying and narrated her experience to her husband, believing that it had to do with a case of mistaken identity.

When her husband came to The SCOAN, he was privileged to receive the Anointing Water which he gave her to minister on herself in the name of Jesus. That same night, she had a dream in which she related her problem to Prophet T.B. Joshua who counselled her not to worry.

Five days later, she received a call from a man with whom she had attended an interview a year earlier.  The man announced that she had been given the job of Education Officer from an interview she had long forgotten! That chain which satan used to tie her career was loosed and she is now a happy employee.

Truly, in mercy, you are not excluded. The blessings, healings, testimonies we have witnessed are available. As Prophet T.B. Joshua said, we are to be all God has called us to be. If we are to be all God has called us to be, we have got to spend time with Him and learn from Him at His feet. For the main thing about Christianity is not what we do but the relationship we maintain and the atmosphere produced by that relationship.