The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday services were packed as usual to capacity with huge overflow crowds in the facilities outside the church auditorium. Worshippers from all over the world came, eager to see the power of God working in the Spirit to expose the kingdom of darkness and set multitudes of captives free through Prophet T.B. Joshua and the five Wise Men.

The SCOAN Saturday service started with the wise men ministering praying to the people in Jesus’ name at the prayer line and it was clear that each wise man was energized by God to break the grip of satan and his agents off the lives of the people.



Prophet T.B Joshua gave some dynamic words of wisdom during the Saturday and Sunday services and said that those who humble themselves under God have taken the right course to secure themselves.TBJ

He said that joy is a fruit of faith and that joy is something only believers have, while the world may have happiness which they find in the environment around them. He further said, “If your hands are full of money and your brain full of information but your heart is empty, your life is very empty.”


Wise Man Racine gave a thought provoking message during the Sunday service title: ‘A Heart Decision’, the proof text being taken from John 17:16. He started the message by saying that in Christ, challenges and opposition are part and parcel of greatness, stressing that the road map to future greatness is not a bed of roses. He said, “No one can grow without challenges and opposition.” WISEMAN RACINE

He asked what lessons could we learn from the heroes of faith in the Bible like Job, Hannah, Zacchaeus, and the poor widow in Mark 12:42-44,  who took advantage of their opposition?

  1. Their victory started within them with a heart decision
  2. They had room in their hearts to bless God even when He takes away.
  3. They took a heart decision to honor God in their trials and God blessed them through their trials

Wise Man Racine further explained, “We overcome by keeping our purpose, our vision and our mission in the forefront of our mind.” He ended his message by saying that when we begin to have a heart decision, our life will begin to change.

The following faith building testimonies were given during the services by people from different walks of life to acknowledge and thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His mercy and favour:


Mr Linus Ejike, a young footballer, developed severe chest pain which crippled his sporting career and rendered him unable to train with his teammates. Weakened and in constant internal pain, he went to the hospital and was tested and diagnosed to have heart failure. The diagnosis surprised the doctors, as he was an active young man and had previously been healthy.  After months of taking treatment, the situation continued to deteriorate to the point where he was a shadow of his original self. It was at this low point of his life that he came to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water, knowing that his problem had gone beyond the power of nature and required divine intervention. He prayed, in Jesus’ name, ministered the Anointing Water all over his body. As he ministered it, Mr Ejike felt a supernatural strength returning to his frail body. Revitalised and renewed, he decided to go back to the hospital for a test. The doctor tested and confirmed that the heart was now functioning perfectly. The young footballer testified that he has now returned to the field of play and is healthier than ever before! He held up two medical reports showing his condition before and after the healing, medical proof of his miraculous recovery. To God be the glory!MR. LINUS EJIKE {FOOTBALLER HEALED OF HEART DISEASE-AW}


Mr Buba heard the Prophecy For Individuals in 2013, delivered by Prophet T.B. Joshua during the New Year’s service, stressing that agriculture was an anointed business for 2013 . At that time, he was very poor and was struggling to take care of his children. He decided to go into farming, based on the words from the man of God. After purchasing the seeds, he prayed and sprayed the Anointing Water on them before planting. To everyone’s great surprise, at harvest time he reaped extremely large yams. Displaying some of the tubers of yam in the church, he advised all to trust in Jesus Christ for their breakthrough.MR. BUBA {LARGE YAMS -AW}


Mrs Okonkwo was faced with a desperate and dire predicament. She had been barren for 13 years and nightly experienced strange spiritual attacks where a man would sleep with her. This experience was followed by lack of affection for her husband, resulting in constant quarrels and fights in the house. The marriage was at the verge of breaking when the couple decided to visit The SCOAN, having exhausted their efforts moving around hospitals and spiritualists. Medically speaking, her husband was diagnosed to have a low sperm count as well as an infection. Upon arriving at The SCOAN, the couple were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. Upon returning home, they ministered it together in Jesus’ name, believing that God would replace their barrenness with fruitfulness. The first sign of the deliverance was that Mrs Okonkwo began to sleep soundly, not plagued by the constant demonic attacks. Peace and unity began reigning in the house and affection was miraculously restored between husband and wife. One month after her visit to The SCOAN, Mrs Okonkwo experienced some strange stomach cramps, prompting her to visit a hospital. To her greatest surprise, she was confirmed to be pregnant! She proudly showed her pregnancy to the congregation, testifying that God used the Anointing Water to wrought a mighty miracle in her life and marriage. Her tears of barrenness have been wiped way!2



Mr Opuofeni Esanmabeke, a Director of Social Planning & Drama Director in Delta State, Nigeria came to The SCOAN with a powerful testimony of breakthrough in his life and career. Mr Esanmabeke was gifted as a writer and playwright but constantly encountered disappointment at the point of breakthrough. He had penned a book twenty years ago but all efforts to see it published proved abortive. Realizing that he was caught up in a cycle of backwardness and limitation, he decided to visit The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water on December 31st 2011. From the day he ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name, miraculous breakthrough began unfolding in every department of his life!MR. OPUOFENI ESANMABEKE {PLAY PUBLISHED AFTER 20 YEARS}

First, his unpublished play written 20 years ago was published after financial empowerment miraculously came. Thereafter, he submitted one of his publications to the Delta State Government and it was approved to be printed as an essential item in every Secondary School of the State for students to study. Lastly, an associate of his blessed him with a brand new jeep, the picture of which he happily showed to the congregation. Indeed, he has been lifted from the bed of poverty, stagnancy and backwardness!


After eight months of pregnancy, Mrs Alika Collins was given some terrible news. Her baby had died prematurely in her womb. Two different hospitals had confirmed the tragedy and counseled her to immediately go for an operation to remove the dead baby. However, these desperate circumstances triggered her desperate faith. Refusing to be discouraged upon hearing this news, she rushed to The SCOAN where she was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. She ministered the Anointing Water and then returned to the same hospital which had confirmed her baby to have died. She authoritatively told the doctors that the baby in her womb was alive, contrary to their diagnosis.MRS. ALIKA COLLINS [DEAD BABY DELIVERED ALIVE -AW}

She felt labour pains and began pushing even in the midst of the doctors skepticism, believing God that a miracle was about to unfold. The doctors reluctantly assisted her, expecting to see the lifeless baby come out. To their greatest shock, the baby emerged crying and full of life! Dumbfounded, the doctors reassessed their initial checks and could find no medical explanation for how the lifeless baby had resurrected in the womb of Mrs Collins. Even her husband testified that he never expected the baby to live but rather sent his wife to The SCOAN just to satisfy her desperation. Mrs Alika proudly showed her baby to the world, saying that she had named her ‘Emmanuella’ in honour of the Anointing Water that God used to restore her life. What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!


Mr Orobosa Aryudu had poor vision for 20 years. Doctors told him that he would wear spectacles for the rest of his life. He was not able to read or drive without his glasses and had even gone through four sets of glasses in five months.  He was very frustrated and discouraged but after seeing what God Almighty was doing in the lives of the people, he came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. By faith, he ministered the Anointing Water directly into his eyes in Jesus’ name. The following day, his final pair of glasses broke and he realized that God was encouraging him to step out in faith and receive his healing. The next day he woke up and realized his vision was clear and he was not wearing glasses. He went about his daily activities for the first time in 20 years without using glasses! He can now read, drive and do all other activities without the use of his glasses and even read a portion of a sermon to the congregation to prove that he is completely free from myopia. Glory be to God!MR. OROBOSA ARYUDU {HEALED OF MYOPIA-NO LONGER USING A PAIR GLASSES}


Mrs Jane Linch from Zimbabwe had the problem of a spiritual husband that tormented her.  The evil attacks she was experiencing in her dreams resulted in her facing severe financial difficulties and disappointments. She explained that the evil spirit had destroyed not only her marital life but also her relationships with her friends and family. She said she was married twice and that the first marriage had ended in divorce and her second in the death of her husband. She said that after meeting the strange man in her dreams, a few days later, her business would crumble. She also said that she had borrowed all the money she had to the value of $52 000 to a woman she knew very well. The woman promised to return the money within eight months but when the time came, she refused to return the money and kept giving Mrs Linch one excuse or the other.MRS. JANE LINCH {DELIVERED FROM  SPIRITUAL HUSBAND & $52,000 RETURNED}

In the midst of this desperate situation, Mrs Linch was introduced to Emmanuel TV. She saw how God was delivering many people from the same problem of spiritual husband she was facing. The testimonies encouraged her and she said to herself that if the Anointing Water had changed the lives of millions of people, her case would not be an exception. She came to The SCOAN and was privileged to receive the Anointing Water. She prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and received instant deliverance from the spiritual husband, as that night she slept peacefully for the first time in many years. She joyfully told the congregation that she no longer saw the strange man in her dreams after ministering the Anointing Water. Mrs Linch returned to Zimbabwe and to her greatest astonishment, the woman she had borrowed the $52,000 to, called her and told her that she had paid all the money she owed her into her bank account. From that day forward, the blessings continued to roll in as the spirit behind her setback had been sent packing!  She is now blessed with a booming business of importing maize. Glory be to God!


Mr Eze Meletus from Enugu, Nigeria was in his shop one day when he started having severe stomach pain. When he got home later that day, he started vomiting. Alarmed and in pain, he rushed to the hospital and the doctor’s said that they had to do an emergency operation. When they operated him, they discovered that Mr Eze had a ruptured appendix that had burst and rotted inside him. After the operation, he was discharged from the hospital but his stomach started to swell like a pregnant woman and he had to be rushed back to the hospital for yet another operation. After the second operation, he was once again discharged from the hospital but to his greatest dismay, his stomach swelled up yet again. The doctor told him that a third operation had to be performed. Hopeless and with great sadness, he asked his brother to get the Anointing Water for him before the third operation was to be performed. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water on his stomach in Jesus’ name and instantly, his swollen stomach started to go down moments before the third operation was performed. The doctors were shocked and asked him what happened. He explained to them that he had used the Anointing Water and the doctors praised God and told him that they did not believe that he would survive. He was immediately discharged from the hospital without having to undergo the third operation and within one week was completely healed. He testified that he no longer experiences any pain or swelling and is now strong and healthy. He also showed his before and after medical reports stating that had a ruptured appendix and another showing that he is now completely healed. He advised people to have faith in God and believe that He can do all things.MR. EZE MELETUS  {HEALED FROM RUPTURED APPENDIX}

Mr Eze shared yet another testimony explaining that his wife Mrs Eze Meletus used to have miscarriages and had a hormonal imbalance. He said that they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water to Mrs Meletus in Jesus’ name believing that God will take control and after meeting as husband and wife, to their greatest excitement, Mrs Meletus got pregnant. She is now seven months pregnant and proudly showed her pregnancy to the congregation. Glory be to God! Miscarriages are a thing of the past thanks to the Anointing Water.


Mrs Mary Akinola and her twin daughters came to The SCOAN to thank God for saving their lives. Mrs Akinola explained that they used the Anointing Water as if it were perfume and sprayed it on themselves every night before going to bed and every morning before going out. When spraying the Anointing Water, they would pray and ask God for His divine protection on their lives. One morning, she ministered the Anointing Water as usual and went to the market to buy goods to trade with. Upon returning from the market in a small bus with two other people and her goods, they experienced a terrible accident. She woke up and found herself outside a burning bus. With great horror, she watched as the final pieces of the bus burned to ashes with the two other people still inside. Miraculously, she was the only one who survived the ghastly accident. She further testified that her handbag and everything in it was burnt in the fire from the accident but to her greatest astonishment, the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker which she had stuck on her Bible and kept in her handbag, were not burnt at all.MRS. MARY AKINOLA & TWIN DAUGTHERS {SAVED FROM A BURNING CAR & TWINS FROM KIDNAPPERS}


Mrs Mary Akinola’s twin daughters shared their own testimony of how God had saved them through the Anointing Water. The sister’s confirmed what their mother had earlier said that as a family, they would pray and minster the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name before going out in the morning. One morning, they were on their way to school and entered a bus not knowing that it was full of kidnapped victims. They explained that when they entered the bus, they noticed that everyone was silent with serious facial expressions. When the bus passed their bus stop without stopping, the conductor told them that it was a ‘kidnapper bus’ and they had just been kidnapped. They started praying aloud to Jesus Christ – the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to save them. As they shouted, ‘Emmanuel!’ the bus conductor immediately turned and asked them whether they were from T.B. Joshua. They said yes and the conductor started shouting that he could see fire and instantly instructed them to leave the bus. That was how they were saved from kidnappers!


Mr Theophilus Danjuma had been addicted to using snuff for 20 years. In an hour, he could take it twice. It cost him a lot of money and when there was no money, he would sell his property to buy it. He could not sleep without taking snuff and had to take it first thing in the morning. He would even close his shop early in order to buy snuff. He saw many people delivered on Emmanuel TV from various similar addictions. That strengthened his faith and he borrowed money to come to The SCOAN. He bought more snuff in Lagos on his way to the church but when he entered the church, he forgot that he had snuff tobacco with him. He received the Anointing Water and prayed with it, in Jesus’ name. Instantly, the urge for snuff disappeared. He threw away the snuff he had bought and is completely delivered from the addiction to snuff. He could not eat after taking the snuff previously but now, he can eat. He is a healthy man now and has put on weight. He promised to serve the Lord with dedication because of what God had done for him. Advice: The Anointing Water is fire, in Jesus’ name and people should trust in the power of God to deliver them, just as God used it to deliver him!MR. THEOPHILUS DANJUMA {20 YRS SNUFF ADDICTION}


Mr Anakpe had no source of income and was jobless when he came to The SCOAN. He received the Anointing Stickers for a house and car by faith regardless of the fact that he did not own anything at that point in time. He said that he had faith that God would bless him through the Anointing Stickers because Prophet T.B. Joshua had said that even if you did not own a car or a house, if you take the Anointing Stickers by faith, you will become a car and house owner.MR. ANAKPE {CAR OWNER THROUGH ANOINTING STICKERS} Mr Anakpe believed what the man of God said and took the Anointing Stickers by faith believing that he soon would be a proud owner of a house and car. When he returned home, he told his friend that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua had given him a house and a car. His friend congratulated him and asked where the house and car was; when he showed him the Anointing Stickers, his friend thought he was joking and laughed at him. Mr Anakpe was not moved however by his friend’s unbelief and within no time after receiving the Anointing Stickers, he got a job and was able to purchase his first car. He showed the congregation a photograph of his new car with the Anointing Sticker proudly stuck on its back window. He advised everyone to have faith in God’s power.


A video was replayed showing Alphonsus Ugan who had developed a terrible skin disease all over his body. The disease had been with him for over 8 years. As a result, he had to stop school. Because of the smell, he could not be in a public place or with his friends.2 The fungal infection escalated and the doctors transferred him from hospital to hospital without a solution. Alphonsus was brought to The SCOAN by his mum and placed on the prayer line. He said that when Wise Man Daniel prayed for him in The SCOAN Prayer Line, it felt as if something left him and instantly, the pain disappeared. Within just three weeks, the terrible disease had cleared up and he was able to return to all normal activities expected of a teenager. Completely healed, he has since gone back to school. The doctors who treated him were shocked at his miraculous recovery and said that what was medically impossible, God had made possible.HEALING

Alphonsus is now studying political science at the university and is one of the best students in his class. He showed the now perfectly restored glowing skin on his hands, legs and feet to the congregation with only a small scar on his right leg to remind him of what God had done for him. He also showed everyone that he can now wear shoes, which he could not do before. Alphonsus advised people to believe in the Mighty Healer, Jesus Christ because nothing is impossible for God and that He alone can heal all types of diseases.2 (2)

Alphonsus’s mother also spoke and said that four specialist German doctors had told her that they did not know what to do because they had given her son the strongest medication for the problem with no effect. She said that her son’s condition affected her so much that she even lost her job as a civil servant because all her attention was on caring for her son, Alphonsus. 1 (2)She explained how she had to carry him to The SCOAN on her back because walking was a grueling and painful task for him. She said that immediately after the prayer from Wise Man Daniel at The SCOAN Prayer Line, the dead infected skin on her son started to fall off his body and within three weeks, he was completely healed. She advised everyone not to lose hope or limit God and said that when God touches you through His servants, you will be healed and restored in Jesus’ name.3


Mr. Patrick Benson came to The SCOAN unable to walk without a walking stick. After armed robbers viciously attacked him, he sustained a horrific injury on his foot after the robbers opened fire on him. A bullet ripped through his foot, leaving a gaping wound. Escaping with his life, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors recommended an immediate amputation of his foot due to the severity of the wound.2

Mr Patrick refused to undergo such operation and began desperately searching for solution. However, the condition of his foot kept deteriorating and the wound kept widening. 1After exhausting efforts moving around both conventional and unconventional hospitals and herbal homes, a friend recommended he come to The SCOAN. Hobbling painfully into the prayer line, fully dependent on a walking aid, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for Mr Benson in the power of the Holy Spirit.healing Immediately he began to walk as he threw the walking aid away and placed weight fully on his foot for the first time since the robbery incident. He returned to The SCOAN to testify that since receiving prayer, the wound on his foot completely closed and covered over, enabling him to return to work and continue his daily activities freely! 3Within just a week, he returned to the doctors who were astounded by the speedy recovery and said he no longer needed to go for the amputation. Hallelujah!7


Last week Sunday, we listened to Ms Chinonye Ubochi who said that she was pregnant but that the man who impregnated her rejected the pregnancy. As a result, she said she had wanted to sell her baby for 250,000 naira. She stated that she had already negotiated the said price for her unborn baby with a particular woman who was waiting for her to deliver. She said that she had told her mother about her intentions to sell her unborn baby and that her mother had said that she should do whatever was in her mind because her mother was already taking care of her other child and the familywere not financially capable of caring for another. She wanted to sell the baby because she did not have a job or any source of income. Prophet T.B. Joshua said Ms Ugochi needed deliverance as it was an evil spirit that pushed her to even contemplate such a inhumane act, promising that the ministry would provide scholarships for the unborn baby and her other child. Later in the service that day, she was prayed for in the power of the Holy Spirit by one of the wise men and delivered in Jesus’ name.MS. CHINONYE UBOCHI & MOTHER {UNBORN BABY FOR SALE}

During this week’s Sunday service, Ms Chinoye Ugochi shared her testimony and explained that she used to have evil attacks at night and had two pregnancies including the current one, from two different men who had each rejected the babies. She said that after her deliverance, she has been sleeping well and no longer experiences nightmares. Chinoye’s mother also thanked God for delivering her daughter. Chinoye was given a cash gift of 300,000 naira for her children’s scholarships from Prophet T.B Joshua and The Emmanuel TV Partners as well as four bags of rice and a copy of The Mirror. They rejoiced and thanked God for His mighty provision and restoration.


Mr & Mrs Steven Eze, Nigerians residing in South Africa came forward to share their touching testimony. During last week’s service, Mrs Ifeoma Eze was delivered from an evil spirit that had threatened to destroy their young marriage. The evil spirit had caused constant fraction in the marriage, leading to no affection and regular contemplation of separation. Mr Eze described living with his wife before her deliverance as being hellish, stating that it was as if she was a robot programmed to irritate him. Before their marriage, he was a thriving businessman living comfortably but since getting married, he stated that it was like someone pointed a remote control at him and pressed ‘pause’ as all his business investments and contracts ground to a halt. It was only after installing Emmanuel TV in their home that the couple began to realize the spiritual element to their marital problem and resolved to visit The SCOAN together.MR & MRS STEVEN EZE {DELIVERED FROM SPIRITUAL HUSBAND}

Mrs Eze testified that since her deliverance last week, she had slept peacefully without being tormented by a strange watery man in her dreams. She further stated that it was as if her eyes were opened after deliverance and she saw her husband’s handsomeness for the first time! Mr Stephen thanked God for his wife’s deliverance, explaining that even in the short period after her deliverance, he has seen huge changes in her attitude and relationship with him. The couple advised people to watch Emmanuel TV and attend a living church for deliverance if they realize they are facing a problem which is spiritual in origin.


Mrs Amos came to The SCOAN in August 2012 knowing that her marriage was in a rocky period. She had not heard directly from her husband living in Malaysia for nearly three months and he had sent a text message to her sister that he was no more interested in the marriage. Arriving at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua located her in a word of prophecy, stating that he saw separation in her marriage but that she should not cry as her husband would return from abroad to apologize to her and reconcile. As Divine providence would have it, Mr Amos was watching the prophecy live and direct in a different continent and time zone in Malaysia. MR & MRS AMOS  {PROPHECY RECONCILIATION}He had already made up his mind to quit the marriage and told his friend that the only person in the world who could restore their relationship was Prophet T.B. Joshua. Shocked to see the accurate prophetic message, Mr Amos called his wife, forgave her for the past issues they were facing and asked for forgiveness for his previous actions. He testified that since that reconciliatory act, his business in Malaysia began booming miraculously. Upon returning to Nigeria, he went straight to meet his wife and they have been together since. He stated that before the prophecy, he was a womanizer and used to go out late at night with friends to smoke and drink. However, since the prophecy, he has been staying at home with his wife. Who else could bring about this reconciliation other than Jesus Christ!


Mr & Mrs John Gbasa from Nigeria and Mr & Mrs Benson from Ghana came to testify to the fulfillment of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophetic words. Mr John Gbasa heard Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prophecy that the year 2013 would be a year in which agriculture and the food supply industry would boom. He immediately went into cocoa, cassava and plantain farming regardless of the fact that he had no knowledge or experience in farming or food supply. Within a short period of time, his agricultural business started booming and international companies started partnering with them. His company represented Nigeria in a Japanese food exhibition a week ago where there was a huge demand for his products from foreign customers.MR & MRS JOHN GBASA FROM NIGERIA, MR & MRS BENSON FROM GHANA { A  BOOMING FARM INDUSTRY AFTER DADDY'S PROPHECY FOR 2013}

Mr Benson the company director representing the company in Ghana spoke and said that within six months they had harvested a mighty harvest of plantain, cassava and cocoa which should have taken more than one year to achieve. They advised everyone to take the prophetic words from Prophet T.B. Joshua seriously and act according to God’s instruction.


A video was replayed of a pinpoint prophetic message Prophet T.B. Joshua gave to a couple during the course of last week’s service. The prophecy centered on a controversy over a child which had resulted into a serious marital crisis. Mr & Mrs Ben Emenari came forward accompanied by their first son, the child the controversy concerned. Mr Emenari explained that he travelled to Italy after his wife conceived their first son and only returned three years later. He was surprised to see that his son’s development was abnormal because all his other children were academically excellent and showed no such signs.MR & MRS BEN EMENARI & SON - PROPHECY- THERE IS A CONTROVERSY OVER A CHILD

The issue caused arguments between the couple as Mr Emenari began believing it was not his child and demanded for another son, even though they had initially decided not to have children again. He explained that as a result of this problem, he sent his family back to Nigeria while he continued living in Italy. Mrs Emenari spoke further to confirm the prophecy, explaining that medical doctors in Italy told her that there was a blockage in his brain that affected his growth. She said that the problem with their child really affected the marriage to the point where she almost left her husband due to the constant fights. The couple thanked God for the prophecy which reconciled the couple. Prophet T.B. Joshua said that he was going to join the family and pray for the child’s full recovery.


Mrs Okafor Omale came to The SCOAN for the first time last week and was surprised to receive a word of prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua while sitting on the gallery. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that her senior brother was in grave danger due to a community clash close to he was doing his youth service. Mrs Omale came forward alongside her brother to testify to the accuracy of the prophetic message. Her brother, Mr Vincent, said that immediately he received the call from his younger sister, he left his vicinity and came straight to The SCOAN. Whilst in The SCOAN, one of his colleagues in the community he was serving in called him that during the course of that week, he was almost killed in that community by unknown gunmen.MRS. OKAFOR OMALE & BROTHER -PROPHECY-CALL YOUR BROTHER I SEE HIM BEING KILLED

Prior to that, there were serious clashes within the community that led to many deaths. Most of his colleagues rushed away from the community due to the severity of the clashes but he refused to leave and stayed behind. The crises continued to the point where most of the residents and all of the youth corp members in the community left but he was the only one that remained. He testified that God really used Prophet T.B. Joshua to save his life from certain death.  Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied that the young man had a very bright future.


Prophet Ebenezer Gabriel was in The SCOAN last week with his wife when he had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ. First of all, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to him in the service, asking of his father who had something to tell him and revealing that he went to a spiritualist which had adversely affected his life, despite his claim to have accepted Christ. Thereafter, as the Wise Men moved in the midst of the congregation, the Wise Man prayed for Pastor Ebenezer and the evil spirit within him manifested, saying that it was an ancient altar over 250 years old that had destroyed his life and ministry with lust, anger and depression.PROPHET EBENEZER GABRIEL & WIFE {DELIVERANCE -ANCIENT ALTER}

Prophet Ebenezer explained that after attending Bible College, he was ordained as a prophet but still experienced severe demonic attacks emanating from the ancient shrine in his village that his family worshipped. The evil spirit that tormented Prophet Ebenezer gave him the spirit of lust, depression and anger. He said that after his deliverance, something that had been influencing him came out from him and he is now free. He feels light in his spirit and no longer has bad dreams.

His wife, Mrs Ebenezer explained how the spirit of lust had pushed him to watch pornography on the internet. His preoccupation with pornography left him with little time for his wife and also stopped him from reading his Bible and praying. She said that he especially loved watching pornographic images of large, fat women with fair complexions. She said that after his deliverance, he has started appreciating her and her marriage has been restored in Jesus’ name.


A video was replayed of how Mr David Parkotyuk from the USA received his deliverance some weeks ago through prayer from Wise Man Racine. He narrated his life story of how the evil spirit that possessed him caused him to live a life of hard drug addiction, stealing and fighting. He said that his destructive lifestyle led him to prison many times where he met hardened criminals. He explained how one day he had a argument with his father while David was yet again high on drugs and the evil spirit within him drove him to attack and attempt to kill his own father, if not for the fact that he was restrained and tied up in order to stop him from hurting himself and others around him. He was then taken to prison yet again and David sadly recounted how his life had become hopeless and how everyone around him had given up on him believing that he could not change. He narrated how his family had taken him to many places and churches in search of a solution but to no avail and he thought that coming to The SCOAN would yield the same fruitless results but that he had nothing to lose. To his greatest shock, David received a powerful deliverance when Wise Man Racine prayed for him during a service day. He said that after his deliverance, he is completely free and is eager to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.  He thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for mentoring and caring for him physically and spiritually. Indeed, no one is hopeless whose hope is in Jesus Christ.



Twenty one year old Mary-Jean Nleya from Botswana came to share her testimony with God’s people. She said that when she came to The SCOAN, she explained to the man of God that she did not have a father who could finance her education. Prophet T.B. Joshua told her that her father was Jesus Christ and that He would provide for her. She became a beneficiary of The SCOAN scholarship scheme sponsored by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partner.MARY-JEAN--A FIRST CLASS LAW DEGREE FROM SOUTH AFRICA Prophet T.B. Joshua counseled her to pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on her. She studied diligently and the messages of Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV inspired her to remain focused amidst distractions from the world. To the glory of God, she obtained a distinction in law, equal to a first class result, and was picked from millions of students worldwide to undertake an internship at the world-renowned International Criminal Court at The Hague, Netherlands. She has also applied for a master’s degree at the Oxford and Cambridge Universities and The London School of Economics.

Remember, better is not good enough: the best is yet to come!