Prophet T.B Joshua The SCOAN Saturday and Sunday services, which were watched by millions around the world, gave many hope and a new existence. God not only used Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise Men to preach His Word but He gave being, that is life, to His Word. Here is a snippet account of what actually took place.


During The SCOAN Live Saturday Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua contributed to the faith of congregants and viewers worldwide as he gave a life-changing message on knowing the value of our situation. He said, “As a Christian, you must know the value of your trial. It is to prepare you. Trials are meant to strengthen you. But when you don’t know the value of your trial, you will complain. It was in the midst of situation that the Lord got me to the place where He could use me. You need to know the value of your trial. When you know the value, you praise the Lord. No one is ready-made before God got him. The Apostles in the Bible, none of them were brought from the palace. Once you know the value, you have overcome”.


WISE MAN CHRISTOPHEROn Sunday, Wise Man Christopher’s dynamic preaching left many with food for thought. In his message titled, “Man’s Judgement”, he said that man’s judgement is a judgement that is based only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like. This kind of judgement is limited and cannot understand God. When you base your judgement only on what is seen, heard and on what the circumstances look like, you have not looked deep enough to the heart. In Acts 16:16-18, if Apostle Paul had considered what the slave girl was saying, he would have been misled. In 1 Samuel 16:1-13, if Prophet Samuel had considered only the sizes, appearances and experiences of David’s brothers, he would have been misled to anoint the wrong person instead of David – a man after God’s own heart. The same thing could have happened to Ananias.  Acts 9:15, “But the Lord said to Ananias, ‘Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim my name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.’ ” If Ananias had actually considered only the past record of Saul, he would have not gone at the Lord’s instruction to pray for Saul who later became Apostle Paul, by the grace of God. These men were able to see things from God’s stand point because they acted with God. When you act with God, you will know God’s opinion about yourself and others. The summary of the message was clear, “As a child of God, look deep enough to the heart by focusing on what God says about the situation at hand”.

It was testimonies galore during the Saturday and Sunday services. Jesus Christ gave us plenty of evidence to believe in Him as testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough seemed to be the order of the day. Testimonies were restored through the mediums of the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker and His servant’s voice!


Rose Muller was a chronic drunkard for 40 years and was addicted to marijuana and cigarettes which she got involved with at the age of 14. She stated that it all started with the bad influence of friends. She would finish two bottles of alcohol a day. As an elderly woman of almost 60 years old, she would go to nightclubs, drink and dance the night away! She said that everybody knew her in the clubs. She would get so intoxicated from the alcohol that she would not even know how she got home from nightclubs. According to what people would tell her, colleagues would put her in a taxi which would take her home. ROSE MULLER She became well known among the taxi drivers in her area as a chronic drunkard.  She was deported from Germany as a result of her addictions as none of the required insurance companies would cover her because of her serious drinking habit. After administering the Anointing Water, she experienced a radical transformation and was set free from her smoking and drinking addictions. Her cousin confirmed that after praying and ministering the Anointing Water, Ms Rose no longer dances at clubs, drinks or smokes.

She advised people who had a similar problem to hers, “Run to Jesus and go to a living church. Smoking and drinking alcohol destroys your life. Jesus is the only way.”


Iyoyin Oritseweyimi is a young man who had been addicted to gambling for 20 years. Gambling had led him to stealing and committing adultery in order to get more money to gamble. He stole his brother’s car, sold it and used the money to gamble. He stole his friend’s generator to do the same. When he was looking for money and had nothing left, he would lie to his friends that he wanted to start a business; they would give him money and he would gamble it away. When he married, his wife had to shoulder the brunt of the costs as due to his gambling, he had no money in his bank account. As if that was not enough, his wife was also the one who rented and furnished their house. When she was not at home, he began selling the possessions in the house to continue gambling. He even sold his own wedding ring in his pursuit to continue gambling. But all this came to an end after watching Emmanuel TV at a friend’s house. After witnessing the transformative power of Jesus Christ, he decided to come to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. He prayed and ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and was set free from his gambling addiction. He discovered that he no longer had the urge to gamble, steal or lie. What’s more, his friend who was also into gambling, on seeing the change in his life, also decided to quit gambling and he too was set free, by the grace of Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water.


SLYVIA  KARLSSON (2)Sylvia Karlsson from Ghana had a fracture of the tibia and fibula, rendering her unable to walk after an accident in which she was hit by a motorbike. This had put an end to all her normal activities and landed her in the confines of a wheelchair from which she could only venture, albeit in great pain and difficulty, with a pair of crutches and knee brace. She and her husband came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. They prayed together before ministering the Anointing Water back at their hotel after the service. She said that immediately she ministered the Anointing Water, she felt a difference and shouted that she was healed. She took off her knee brace, dropped her crutches and began to walk by herself for the first time in ages. Guests at the same hotel were astounded and asked her if she was not the woman they saw coming in with crutches. She showed pictures of how the condition was after the accident, before receiving the Anointing Water. She advised that with the power of God in the Anointing Water, all things were possible and that people should look up to God Almighty.


Twenty-one year old Cynthia and her sister, Faith got tired of their destructive and useless lifestyles. Enough was enough. They decided to take a different direction in order to achieve a different solution. That step was what brought them to The SCOAN. Cynthia stated that at the age of five, she had a spiritual husband who would make love to her in the dream. There, she would see herself as a princess in the sea. Following her experiences in the dream, in the physical, she began to live an immoral lifestyle, sleeping with different men. The men she slept with would tell her that she would appear to them in their dreams as a mermaid. When relationships with men started breaking down, she went to a spiritualist where she acquired spiritual powers.  She used the powers and charms she obtained to attract men and entered into a lifestyle of prostitution.

The powers caused her to steal, lie and sleep with men. She would first seduce them before sleeping with them in order to get money to fund her education. Then she would steal their money. The spirit would tell her where the men kept their money.  She said that she had locked one man in the bathroom after sleeping with him and then stole his money.  However, the money she would collect from men would mysteriously disappear. She said that the lifestyle affected her education. She would write exams but the results would always be cancelled and hence, she would not get admission into any university.

While doing prostitution, she also fell into the hands of some ritualists who intended to use her as a sacrifice. Fortunately, she made a narrow escape and decided to come to The SCOAN where she was prayed for by Wise Man Christopher. During the prayer, she received a mighty deliverance from demonic possession, in Jesus’ name. After her deliverance, she had a dream where she saw three snakes come out of her body. She chased them and they ran into a bush. Since her deliverance, she no longer has the urge to sleep with men, lie or steal. The ‘old man’ that once dwelled in Synthia has gone! Her advice: “God’s time is the best. God answers prayer; just wait for the appointed time.”

Faith entered prostitution at the age of 14. She said that her friend would introduce her to different men and they would go to nightclubs and negotiate how much men would pay them for sleeping with them. CYNTHIA&SIS (1)She went with her friend to a spiritualist who gave them charms that would attract men. After sleeping with men, she would regret her actions but was unable to stop. Her friends convinced her to join a cult where she was initiated and given a tattoo. She chose the tattoo of a dollar sign representing money, believing that as long as she had money, she would be alright in life. She also took a blood oath. The evil spirit behind her behavior also caused her to steal. When she would dance in nightclubs, men would fight over her. One day, she was captured by kidnappers who they took her to the bush with many others. There, she saw many different body parts lying around. They undressed her, left her in her underwear and started to price her along with others who were captured. An argument broke out among the kidnappers where she took the opportunity to escape. When she came to The SCOAN with her sister, Wise Man Christopher delivered her. She no longer has a desire to continue her previous immoral and destructive lifestyle, having been set free from the evil spirits that had possessed her, in Jesus’ name She advised people against living for satan and encouraged them to embrace Jesus Christ.


MRS ACHAIMrs Achai came forward to testify to the mighty deliverance she received in the course of last week’s service. She came all the way from America knowing that she needed divine intervention in the troubles in her life and family. Her case was very mysterious. She explained that she came from a family in South Sudan that worshipped an idol located in a river. The idol would regularly demand for sacrifices of various animals. However, according to the stories told her, the goddess of the river one day demanded that her great-great grandfather should give her his most priceless possession – his only daughter named Achai. He therefore threw his young daughter into the river and she disappeared instantly, never to reappear. For generations, the worship of this river continued. Every second daughter of the family was to be named Achai in reverence to the river.

As the second daughter of her parents, she also was given the name Achai. At age seven, she fell extremely sick to the point where she actually died. Her grave was prepared but she strangely recovered. Her guardians insisted she made a sacrifice to the river for the fact that her life was restored. Upon entering the river with a goat in hand, strange forces suddenly grabbed her legs and took her deep down underneath the water into another world where she witnessed many strange things. She saw people with the appearance and skin of fish moving around, as well as people who were half-fish, half-human. A young lady approached her in the watery kingdom and placed a bracelet round her leg, requesting that they swap places. Upon Achai’s refusal, she was pushed back up through the water and reappeared physically. She had been underwater for three whole hours; the bracelet she was given appeared with her!

Ever since that encounter, Achai realized that she had a number of strange powers. Any person who angered her would end up in trouble, as she realized that any word or curse she pronounced would come to pass. She also realized that she had the ability to foretell the future and would converse with dead people as their families carried them to the morgue. These strange powers isolated her from society, as well as destroyed her marriage and career. Her dreams were filled with people from the river trying to force her to take up responsibilities as a queen, something she kept refusing to do.

It was in the midst of these troubles that a friend introduced her to Emmanuel TV and she decided to visit The SCOAN with her elder brother from America.MRS       ACHAI&BRO She explained that as the Wise Man approached her in the service, something within her suddenly told her to run away as fast as possible. However, the light of God overpowered the darkness in her life and she was completely delivered from the demonic spirit that had tormented her life and family for so many generations. She advised Emmanuel TV viewers around the world to follow Jesus Christ as the only Way, stressing that the spiritual world was real but the power of God superseded all demonic powers. Her brother also thanked God for his sister’s deliverance, stressing that their journey to The SCOAN was a miraculous one from the onset. He advised the congregation to put full trust in God. Hallelujah!


MONGOLIA LADY (2)Ms Sumiya and her children ran to The SCOAN a few weeks ago for refuge and protection. She explained that she was from Mongolia and that she had met a Nigerian man in China and followed him to Nigeria. She lamented that when she arrived in Nigeria, he started to beat her and lock her up in the house. She also explained that he took her passport from her and she had no way of returning to her country despite trying to contact her nearest embassy in Egypt. She said that upon seeing her suffering, her neighbours came together to give her money to come to The SCOAN to meet the man of God. During last week’s Sunday service, Prophet T.B. Joshua invited the man in question, the father of her children, to come to The SCOAN to explain his side, which he did.  Today, we listened to Ms Sumiya, the father of her children and his brother.

Ms Sumiya said that after Prophet T.B. Joshua had met and counselled them, she forgave the father of her children and his family for whatever they had done to her. She said that her decision however was to go back to her country, Mongolia with her two daughters. She also said that she would invite the father of the children to freely come and visit his children in Mongolia. She thanked Prophet T.B. Joshua for all he had done for them. She then showed copies of her and her children’s travel documents, which the man of God had helped them to obtain from the Mongolian embassy in Egypt, in order to travel back to her country.


We listened to Chinonye UbochiCHINONYE UBOCHI (1) who said that she was pregnant but that the man who impregnated her rejected the pregnancy. As a result, she said she had wanted to sell her baby for 250,000 naira. She stated that she had already negotiated the said price for her unborn baby with a particular woman who was waiting for her to deliver. She said that she had told her mother about her intentions to sell her unborn baby and that her mother had said that she should do whatever was in her mind because her mother was already taking care of her other children. She wanted to sell the baby because she did not have a job or any source of income. The man of God said that that was not the mind of God for their lives and that the ministry would provide scholarships for the unborn baby and her other children.


During the Saturday service, Mrs Titilayo Suleiman from Abuja, Nigeria received a prophecy from the man of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to her that he could see a key that was used to lock something and that unless it was opened, nothing could go well. She initially denied that the prophecy was true but the following day, during the Sunday service, she apologized to the Holy Spirit for her dishonesty. She explained that the problems that brought her to The SCOAN were failure and disappointment in marriage. She expressed that some time last year, she was in a relationship with a man who had cheated on her. She said that she went to a spiritualist who took a padlock and locked it, stating that the man should never marry. The spiritualist locked the padlock and gave her the key, which she threw into the sea. She said that after that, her life had been in a state of confusion and that neither she nor the man, had married. The man of God said that both their marital lives had been locked by the spiritualist and that neither would be able to get married unless they were delivered and the padlock was unlocked. It was a lesson for all present to know the value of being sincere, open and honest in the presence of God.