The Power Above You

The early morning sermon was delivered by Wise Man Harry who spoke on people’s choices, meaninglessness of life, God’s power, place of assignment and problems of focusing on wealth instead of God. He said when God created you and I, He gave us the right to life, and within that right was the discretion to choose between right and wrong, God and satan etc. Without the discretion, he said, “Life is meaningless”. “You have to make the right choices if you have to make a difference in life”, he said, claiming that “he who wants to be great must first respect great men”. The theme of his sermon was “The Power Above You”. He made reference to 1st Kings 19:19-21 and verse 16, too.
Elijah, he said, “was a farmer at his place of assignment.” He noted that “your assignment is always to a place or to a people”. When you think about what Elisha did, you will begin to wonder how somebody could leave their assignment and begin to follow Elijah. He said if Elijah was not a man of vision…he would have remained a farmer throughout his life. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”, he said. He said our objectives must be clear for our lives to have meaning. “A large slice of life will pass you by if you focus on wealth”, he said.
A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built. To build a beautiful life, you must recognise the power above you or submit to the power above you” he assured. How do we experience the beautiful life, he asked. To experience that, you have to first experience the power above you (God) And unless you do that, there will be dissatisfaction.

The Truth Sustains God’s Prophets
Prophet T.B. Joshua emerged to preach by 10am, speaking on diverse subjects to the expectant congregation, He referred to the previous weeks predictions and prophecies especially the one which had generated much controversy – the prophecy on the death of the Malawian President.

Speaking generally he had said; “God has all men’s heart in His hand and turns them as he pleases. The day will declare who is in the right, and who is in the wrong. One lying spirit can make 400 lying prophets and make use of them to deceive us”. He has added that “If I say ‘God says’ and it does not come to pass, it means I have not spoken of God because God put His words in the mouths of true prophets and the words are genuine,” and that “The truth sustains God’s prophets”.
On the genuine prophets, he said “a prophet of God is all about time and preparation. God talks in parables, and he has, to prepare his messages properly, built on God’s parables through vision, “in order not to be called a prophet of doom”. According to him, “The Bible is full of parables; you must examine everything in the light of the Holy ghost; if not, it can be sheer literature”, adding that reading literature cannot give one true knowledge of the Gospel; “every sentence must be examined in the light of the Holy ghost. The Bible is an instrument, a tool, in the hands of Holy Ghost. If not, it cannot work. If it is a tool, it will heal, deliver and bless.

Delivered From Disgusting Act Of Eating Faces & Sperm & Drinking Urine

What appeared to be the greatest act of deliverance happened in the church when a man was called out before the congregation; he had been eating his own faeces and those of others, as well as his sperm and urine, all mixed together, for a period of sixteen years. He had enjoyed the odious delicacy on a regular, daily basis, as commanded by some evil spirit.
Mr. Mukaila Oyedeji Malomo used to be in Germany for sixteen years, married to a half German, half Hungarian, and was working in the midst of good , serious – minded people. Because of a problem, he was jailed in Germany, between 1993 and 1994. In prison, he suddenly woke up some night to behold a wicked demon who instructed him to start mixing his faeces, sperm and urine mixed together with his own hands and drink. It was at about 1:00am, and there were four other sleeping Nigerians there. After swallowing the filthy content, some weird power descended on him, and he saw himself as the most powerful man around, and ready for war. In the morning, he had engaged wardens in a brawl. The more he ate the unusual combination every day, the more he become physically powerful and “nobody can arrest me”, He stabbed many people in Germany streets, and became very dangerous to the community. Yet, he had houses in Germany, Hungary and Nigeria (he was not poor). He moved into public toilets in Germany and Nigeria to eat people’s faeces and urine.
He saw nothing wrong with eating such. Photographs with his wife and fellow workers were shown to the congregation, and the spirit warned him never to inform people what he was eating. He said he had a son with his very loving wife, who he has never seen; (due to his prison sentence) they could not see him when he was in jail. The Germans asked him to go for treatment as no orthodox medicine worked for him.
He was prayed for and delivered through the Holy spirit in The Synagogue Church, and the man confessed to “feel somehow light and fresh” and saw the consumption of faeces, urine and sperm as “disgusting, something useless; waste products from the body”.
He said further; “I feel like vomiting (he actually did). I believe I have been delivered. I thank God I am completely free. The smell is bad. I feel ashamed; I had been to many churches in Nigeria…The power of God has manifested.’’ He has added: I feel fine. I am okay. My reaction is that I hate it; it is a dirty thing; it’s rubbish. I enjoyed it in the past, but as from this moment, I have been delivered. It is not pleasant; it irritates my system. I can’t wait to see my wife’’.
To these, entire prophet Joshua glorified the name of the Lord, and that the wife will be rejoicing now because she will be watching. People in Germany will also rejoice’’. He called it “mother of all miracles’’ and what you have never seen in life, when you see it will influence your life’’.

MR AND MRS ETIBET EKUOMADU—Delivered from Poverty and Economic setback through Anointing Water.
The couple had come to the service to glorify the name of the Lord for retrieving them from the pangs of poverty and economic setback. Both had stayed in Italy for 15 years and in Florida, USA for three (3) years, before returning in 2008. Abroad, they had recorded failures in all they did, except paying bills and rents. In Nigeria, they had rented a place in Oke-Afa, and had prayed fervently against frustration and disappointments.
In November 2011, they got the Anointing water which they ministered. Inspired on the second day of ministration, the couple had started a mini fish pond at the rented compound, and made a plywood and tarpaulin erection around the pond, and made the vat. By December 2011, Prophet Joshua had prophesied that farmers would enter the season of success. The Anointing water has worked wonders for the family because they first made between 800 and 1000 fishes after hatching; later the fish 30,000 in eight weeks. What should be realized in 10 months was realized in 8 weeks an attestation to unusual breakthrough in one male and one female which have produced 30,000 fish.
The couple advised people that, in every situation of life, they should trust that God will visit them in Jesus’ name.

AMAKA ABOH: Delivered from pelvic pain through Anointing water    
As at September 2011, this Anambra State-born Nigerian was suffering from severe pelvic pain. She was diagnosed in hospital as suffering from kidney stones, and upon admission, was treated unsuccessfully with drugs and antibiotics.
Though discharged, she was to be taking 480 cl. Of water every day. This never worked for her. To bend her body was a problem; she had to sit and bathe. When she got hold of the Anointing Water, she had to call her husband, who had to administer it, with faith. Immediately, she felt a cold sensation at the back, and her blood pressure which used to rise at night, became calm. She started shaking involuntarily when she finished using the water, the pain disappeared. She started doing what she couldn’t do. She went for the scan, and in the hospital, the doctors were shocked. She said her deliverance is permanent in the name of Jesus Christ.

Gloria (Namibian) – Delivered From Eating Anthill Soil and Chalk)
A video was shown of a woman – Gloria from Namibia, and 36 years old – who was eating anthill soil and chalk. She had been on it for 14 years, and as a teacher, she ate it everywhere. She couldn’t obtain functional medical attention from the hospital; she collected more of the anthill soil from the forest, which she kept in a plastic and ate, until it finished. She found it difficult to visit the toilet, and blood used to accompany her faeces.
She said her problem had started in 1997, but she had seen those eating cement and charcoal and chalk delivered at The SCOAN on the Emmanuel TV. She received her deliverance through the Wise Man. She advised people never to take to chalk or anthill soil eating, and they should always pray to God and have faith in Jesus Christ for their deliverance, in a similar dilemma.

Bob (From Rivers State Nigeria): Delivered From Spiritual Wife and Crocodile Spirit
Mr Bob, as shown in the video, had come to The SCOAN for deliverance. He had been permanently destroyed. Though he was supposed to be a star, he could not because this Queen of the sea had also destroyed his marital life; his children disregarded him, though he is a good orator and an engineer. His children had also stopped watching the Emmanuel TV. He was also turned into a chain smoker, but by placing his hands on Emmanuel TV screen when Prophet T.B. Joshua was doing mass prayer for the viewers, he was delivered. He had vomited.

In his testimony during the service, Mr Bob said he was possessed by the spirit of spiritual wife and crocodile because he had joined a secret cult in his secondary school days, and had charms for the protection against knives and bottles. He used to find himself at the Bermuda Triangle, where he experienced a lot of strange things. In 1985 or 1986, he was physically initiated by the spiritual wife – a white lady who was naked.
He received three powers – in his eyes, private part and mouth. With his eyes, he could
seduce beautiful girls, whether they liked him or not. He was always searching for girls
in the church because of the spirit of seduction in him. Through space communication
(in which he encountered photographs of the girls with whom he slept), he became
used to many ladies (he had an aura which attracted them). These ladies eventually did
not have settled homes, or had no husbands. They also began to lust after other men, even after marriage. He slept with many ladies who could not even leave him; and his own daughters also got infected with the spirit of lust (after his marriage).
His heart used to be very heavy. He was lucky to have encountered Emmanuel TV earlier, through which he was delivered from smoking recklessly. He had smoked for 40 years (since he was 9 years old; but abandoned the habit since November 6, 2011).

Delivered by Wise Man Christopher, he advised parents that they should know what their kids do, so that in the near future, they would know how to behave. He also advised his friends to stop drinking; that they need deliverance, and those in cults should surrender to God, through a touch from the Holy Spirit.

Mr & Mrs Mellitus Ovia (Enugu State): Delivered From Infertility and Staphylococcus Through Anointing Water
Mr Ovia had suffered from low sperm count and inferility as well as staphylococcus. He had gone to different hospitals and churches without getting solution for 12 years. His first wife ran away because of the problems. He had started watching Emmanuel TV in his brother’s house, and became encouraged by the kinds of miracles he saw, and he decided to go the The SCOAN. He married the second wife, and with her, they prayed with the Anointing Water, and the woman is now pregnant. The wife also testified in church.
Both advised people that, when faced by any difficulty, they should believe God to solve same, and provide for their needs, especially because The SCOAN “is a home of miracles”.

Mrs Benedicta Matthias (From Rivers State, Nigeria): Her Baby Was Delivered From Immature Death By Anointing Sticker)

In March 2012, after Prophet Joshua shared out the Anointing Sticker to the congregation, Mrs Matthias’ child was sleeping beside her father, while the mother was eating. The girls, about a year old, passed on. The mother had to rush to the door to remove the sticker to place on her, which refused to be easily retrieved. The back of the sticker was pressed on the child, and life returned to her. She had died for about one hour, and the mother has faith because according to her, “I know where I belong”, and she said that people should believe in God because “The God of T.B. Joshua never fails”.

Mrs Gladys (From Accra Ghana): Delivered From Ice cubes Consumption for 12 years
Mrs Gladys, a 48 year old Ghanaian had visited the church for deliverance from ice cubes consumption for 12 years, which was an affliction to her. She also had fibroid, pains in the stomach and ear, and was always bleeding. She had to eat ice cubes everywhere, every time, which she saw as biscuits. She was delivered by Wise Man Daniel.

Another woman, a Zimbabwean was delivered from ice cubes consumption too, because she had done so for 8 years, and the hospitals had diagnosed that she lacked iron in her system. She used to experience chest pain. She was delivered.

Prophet Joshua arrived the church to exposed a young man, who had been an armed robber and was one of the gang members who killed a woman, after stealing N3 million from the family. The charms – the brandishing young man was identified by the prophet, said his charms were to prevent gunshots from affecting him.

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    • Indeed,we are watching freely.May God bless ProphetT.B. Joshua and Emmanuel Tv partners all over the world.

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    I thank GOD for giving us PROPHET TB JOSHUA in our midst. Since i started reading some of his prophesies and watching his programmes on EMMANUEL TV, I realised that GOD is real and willing. I am in need of prayers that will transform my life spiritually and financially. Each time get money it just disappears without leaving anything meaningful on ground. Sometimes this leaves me with no option than to think a wicked spirit is manipulating me. I am a police officer and in need some help.

  • patience

    I thnk God 4 each day of ma life and tht w hv a prophet such as T.B Joshua. man of God pray 4 m against spiritual husbands they turn 2 destroy marriages in my family. I want 2b wat God says i am i knw that the devil is a liar. i wnt 2 tak care of ma parents. Emmanuel

  • Maybin mwaba

    I thank God for the life of tb joshua & the wisemen,my prayer is that one day wil meet.

  • Lindiwe

    I thank the All Mighty G.O.D for blessing us with Man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua, Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! what a mighty GOD we serve, weather people like it or not Man of God is the only true prophat to the whole world, also like to thank Emmanuel TV for give us this service in a perfect and clear. The delivery of a man of Germany yes indeed is a mother miracle which doctor in this world will cure this man? Thank you Jesus for the miracles and great deliveries this is really show that we have the Mighty Lord who is praying for us everyday. GLORY TO THE ALL MIGHTY GOD.

  • gladys

    watching a emmanuel tv i have admission to go and study abroad and i was able to raise the money for my passed port though in the making now where will the tuition fee come from,?

  • great God! glory

  • I thank God for TB Joshua ,i need God to anointed me and use me for his glory , amen

  • James Tsikayi

    Thank you God for using your child Prophet T.B.Joshua to deliver this man eating human waste.I thank you Sir.My faith is lifted up and i hope God will help me to keep it up for ever .

  • tereza ferani

    thnx u jesus i love u myfather in th lord prophet tb joshua, please pray 4 me and myfamily we need blessing in ourlife plz help us man of god.

  • alfred siluonde

    im owez been encouraged by many miracles at emmanuel tv as a pastor leadin a group of people i see myself to be far away from GOD coz such a manifestation of power is o we need preachin without demostration of GOD power sometime its meaninles pipo must see christ at work im owez encouraged man of GOD

  • Rifkatu

    Wat a mavelous GOD we worship. Every tin in life have expiring date include living in boundage. Feeding on feaces,urine & sperm for 16yrs. God that set him free wil do dsame for me and my family and set us free frm any boundange Amen.

  • siluonde alfred

    the miracles im watchin on emmanuel tv ar realy amazin as a pastor servin the hous of GOD i see myself fa away from GOD coz today people want to see the miracles jesus promised us preachin without power and authorin will attract the of GOD tb josua u hav shown the whole world that jesus is stil at work through the holy spirit yo faithfulnes and yo humility before GOD has brought blesin to us we ar able to learn stardard fo life,breakin chains that connect us to the devil thru bad habit GOD blees u

  • Prophet TB Joshau may God protect you to live long so that the unborn children will not incounter with any sign of darkness.may God bless you the wise men and the Emmanuel tv team.

  • Thank you lord for every thing you are using prophet TB Joshau to do.JOHN 3:30 He must become more important while i become less important.


    Glory be to GOD my faith is lifted up for these wonderfully testimony.SURELY ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO GOD THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN NOT DO.
    I didn’t ever see these kind of miracles rather than reading from bible but since i started watching Emmanuel TV my life never be the same again.Talking about a man delivered from eating mix of farces,sperm and urine its only the hand of GOD through his man of GOD TB JOSHUA. GLORY BE TO GOD OF TB JOSHUA.BE BLESSED MAN OF GOD.

  • I thank God for connecting me,to scoan,i never been to Nigeria,but i receive whatever God want to give me,through touch of the screen,i weep for those who allow to be deceived,scoan!your God is my God!

  • Thank you Jesus for the life of Wise Man Harry.May God protect you all.

  • MekonnenTone

    Man of God please pray to me for evangalist &spritual growth I wish this praing ?

  • thanks God, Please live long the T.B Joshua as much years as you like coz we need him, In the name of Jesus we pray….Amin
    How can i contact with you direct through email of phone number…

  • Matodzi Mulalo

    GOD is good……..

  • Galebone

    Thanks to the Lord Almighty for the ALL NATIONS authentic Prophet T.B. Joshua. His authentic prophecies,healing and deliverence and being the father of the fatherles, his appreciation and rejection by different people of this world inform me that we are heading for the third testament, where writers witnessing his ministry will write about it more so that he is of all the nations and has kept documentries since he was young.May God Bless him more and more for our salvation in Jesus Christ’s name.

  • faith

    Man Of God! Please pray for me that my mother may be delivered from sickness and that l may prosper in every area of life! Please Man of God l strongly need you to Pray that brighter doors to open for me.

  • Man of God pls help me out of siknes of pourverty pls sir i need ur help am 4rom enugu states thks.

  • sebina

    Dear TB Joshua

    I would like you to pray for my marriage, please deliver both my husband and I. The problem with us is that my husband has been using witchcraft on me and he has agreed,not in so many words, and he wants me back. I am scared although I want things to get back where they used to be except the beatings and abuse.I am afraid that he is still possessed and I also need deliverance as he made me to leave my job by trying to make me sane because he suspected that I was cheating on Him.I know and believe that although you are so far away but by mentioning his name when you pray for us we will be delivered.Please man of God I have forgiven him in my hearts of hearts and I dont know if I should go back or if things will be right between us.I tried to get back to him many times and he keeps on disappointing me but with the power of the holy spirit I know that God is watching upon us.

    Please pray for us.Most importantly for him because he is allowing Satan to use him.His name is Tebogo Mmako.

    Thank You Jesus,Thank you TB Joshua

    In the name of Jesus Amen!!


  • Thank you Lord for you never say good bye or there will be no more healling. Emmanuel! thank you Lord.

  • Speechless. I saw it all and I was touched by Mr. Mukaila Oyedeji Malomo’s deliverance. Our God is really great, mighty, awasome and wonderfull. His name be praised in Jesus name.

  • Apostle wellington T Mahati

    Really there is no ceiling or limit to the great works of God. The sky is not even the limit.I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF THIS GREAT Ministry.

  • Barbra Samutsa

    Emmanuel. I was tongue tied when i saw the deliverance of that man eating feaces. This had really showed me that the power of our living lord Jesus christ is still within our midst. Thank You man of God for being used mightly by God. It only needs a true prophet like you to deliver this kind of a demon which is so unusual. May the Lord continue to give you more wisdom and power to save his people

  • Temwa chimphepo

    Man of God you are my mentor. I thank God for the word Pray for me+ This message has lifted my faith. Thank you

  • Charlotte mnisi

    The word of God says believe the Prophet and you shall prosper. Prophet Tb Joshua He is a true man of God. My father was at Lagos last year October for the first time from South Africa. Prophet Tb Joshua prophcey my Father about my family photos to go bring the photo to Him. My father went and fetch the my family photo in his bag. It was Monday service

  • To GOd be the glory.thank lord for using your sevant TB Joshua.

  • emefa

    What happens to all those people who are delivered from spiritual husband and wife.? Can we see some of their testimonies

  • Nonceba

    I want to be there! Thank you Jesus for your true prophet.

  • Samuel Siame

    I really thank God for Prophet TB Joshua. Man of God, you are a blessing to the whole world. I really need you your prayers. Thank you.

  • What a wonderfull GOD we save. am having more and more faith in JESUS CHRIST and to continue living in faith and under his CARE. Thankyou LORD for yo blessing, l cant wait to see my miracles that You r about to give to me by yo mercy i JESUS CHRIST NAME, I RECIEVE, AMEN

  • What a wonderfull GOD we save. am having more and more faith in JESUS CHRIST and to continue living in faith and under his CARE. Thankyou LORD for yo blessing, l cant wait to see my miracles that You r about to give to me by yo mercy in JESUS CHRIST NAME, I RECIEVE, AMEN

  • Robertson Chidi Moses

    T.B Joshua is the prophet of now sent by God almighty. May God strengthen his ministry Amen.

  • INO1986

    i thank GOD in my life im blessd in the words of the lord man of GOD my you be blessd and i thank GOD for using man of God TB JOSHUA to our life and my GOD bless you more in jesus name AMEN

  • Robert Silali

    You are aman of God and theres no doubt about it,may our loving Father continue using you mightly.

  • Gaone Tshoganetso

    truly T.B Joshua is a true man of God nd i wud lyk 2 mit him 1 day

  • ethel manyathelo

    May God almighty continue his work and strengthen his ministry through man of God prophert T.B Joshua,we love you man of God. Please pray for me and my family.Emmanuel!!!

  • Mispah Torgbetse

    I wish I have the opportunity to come to SCOAN one day to have my breakthrough. For some years now, I have been experiencing pains in my right breast which is disturbing me. I yearly go to hospital for scan and mammograph. Please Man of God, pray for me to be delivered from the work of the devil against my life. I want my breakthrough now. Help me Prophet and your working team. Have mercy on me. Can I please get a bottle of your Anointing Water or Sticker, to be precise. My address is:
    Mispah Torgbetse
    University of Ghana
    Academic Affairs
    Box 25

    Thank you. God richly bless you and SCOAN. Amen.

    • grace


  • grace


  • mbandazayo nomakhwezi

    I couldn’t avoid tears from rolling down .some hours ago my husband suprisingly came and visit me at my daughters place all of a suden had a different feeling as I usual had while we we’re at home together I’m sick person on s.leave planning for pensioning,we then discuss reminding him of my plans to Lagos pleasanlty gave me some words of encouragement instantly forgiveness atmosphere felt the space.I saw him as different person who cares about my health .Last night couldn’t read my bible a voice was perstering me saying God won’t hear yo prayers because you have no peace, once he left I felt at ease I took my phone peruse Prophet TB Joshuas en Emmanuels tv up dates I cried I regard myself as one of luckiest person to b one of my prophets child Iv changed and still going ther picture my family siblings be Jesus followers Satan you v got no place to fiddle with Gods peoples life watch out! decisions to pension before time I don’t regret for as iv ask God to take control of my life its bn 6yrs now not happy at work my enemy doesn’t hide his filthness”,Mem when are you going 2 pension yo talent isn’t in this department” ,worst part all these yrs working hard with my staff senior post was created he filled the post what a gentle person as you look at him I’m not cross with God vgot something 4 me Hapi to b Emmanuel viewer God Bless

  • daniel tembo

    emmanuel,,,,pipo of god that issue of a man eating feaces,urine,sperm and being delevered is one of the great mracels i have eva seen at scoan,god is great,may tb joshua,and crew at scoan and emmaueltv live a trillion years more in jesus name amen.

  • Mihretab

    Thank you Jesus . Thank you Lord , thank you Daddy T.B Joshua and all wise mens . I love u SCOAN , I love you Emmanuel TV.

  • Mr koketso Selekanyo

    emmanuel;im blessed when i see the power of God doing things that i never thought of like a man drinking sperm and of God prophet TB JOSHUA i love you prophet.May the lord my father continue to use proud GOD is using his servant,and he is demostracting his power through his son.

  • Sunny Iviemu

    Man of god,i jst want 2 thank u 4 allow 2 use u 2 other.god almight we continue 2 bless u amen.

  • kesentseng kenosi

    we are real blessed to have such a beliver like me you are a father to me . please pray for am having a problem of finacial . healthy also am sick please pray for me i want this prayer to be done by my father TB Joshua also pray for my son .
    Sheki Botswana is my country.

  • Sinyangwe peter

    Tb joshua is da Elijah of ur generation.may God uz u more.

  • Elias frm Zimbabwe

    God is God of miracles and wonders l pray that 1 day l shall also b his vessel

  • bright moyo

    Man of God please Pray for wisdom unto me.Man of God please pray for me to leave a peacefull and good life.Pray for my faith to be strong and also I need to be delivered fro all Evil.Amen

  • Margaret

    Iam always addicted to hearing the preaching and wisdom of Prophet TB Joshua and his wise men. I look forward to more and more of healing in my system through the TV Telecast. Please pray for me man of God to be healed of BP. May God Bless you and may you live longer, so you may continue to heal the sick.

  • Titus Moaisi

    Man of God deliver my family from hardship and conflict there is tension in the house we are not free to talk to each other please deliver us

  • Gaedupe Gopolang


  • Winifred Thibile

    my name is Winifred Thibile from South Africa I need a prayer for deliverance from spiritual husband I dreamet kissing man I dont know on friday night I am working and now retired with nothing to write home about I have been to the SCOAN last year but I have not seen any change as yet all my adult children are not working they stay with me and it is very difficult to suport adults who have children also help me man of God deliver me I have debts that I need to pay thank you Amen

  • Sunitha John

    Please pray for my mother Mrs. Retnam, suffering from severe stomach pain and overall tiredness for the past one week.

  • Man of God,pray for me i have been renting a house with no electricity so the land lord has promised to wire the house and she dint do that so we miss to watch Emmanuel TV.Man of GOD i have also wanted to be prayed for setback and family curses.

  • Margaret

    Iam Always happy and looking forward to watch live Sunday services. May God Bless Man of God TB Joshua and May God give more wisdom to the four wise men. Margaret Chisanga.

  • Margaret

    I believe in Faith and miracle healing. Please man of God pray for me.

  • Doris chilapondwa

    Please help me in prayers i need to be deliverd

    • oyewole toba sanmi

      The God of mercy who has the whole universe we meet your needs in jesus name amen. glory alleluyah, glory praise thy lord 2ce. amen.

  • Bishop please pray for me to be delivered in spiritual dryness.My children punishing me.GENERATIONAL children are unemployed.Pray for my daughter to get married to a GOD FEARING HUSBAND AND ALL MY CHILDREN.PRAY FOR MY MARRIAGE.pray that I GET PROMOTION .I THANK GOD FOR YOU.

  • Man of God.i want to come please i have alot of issue and need deliverance,am going through very serious rejection from my family members and at work please reply to my request to visiting the scoan.

  • rebecca funde

    Thank you Prophet T.B .my sister Annakie Mashile is very sick.. Her body is turning black and swollen.. I believe that she need deliverance in Jesus name.. I have already lost 2 sisters under mysterious circumstances. T.B I am born again I pray , I fast.. But evil seems to haunt my mother’s children and it feels like we a open to evil attacks.. T.B I know you can help planning on coming to nigeria this year…. My family need to be delivered completely in Jesus name.. Thank you

  • mamphwe Lutendo Rose


    Man of God i need a very serious deliverence on my fighting against spirits,spiritual husband ,snake and other evil relationships dont last and i have 04 kids not yet married.there is lot of dissapointments in my life.since i experience all this i start to watch emmanuel tv and i always dream myself being delivered on the prayer line at i realy want to come and receive my deliverance but i dont have money to come there.please man of god help me by prayers to get money to worried about my mother she belive that she very close to her death due to the pains she experience every day. I am a beliver and born again and i beleve that God will help me in Jesus name,AMEN.

  • mgamodu faith

    man of God, i was at scoan last week sunday, but i could not see you face to face,but i was healed, thank you man of god,am mgamodu faith, from south africa.please remember to pray for my country south africa
    , will need success, god protection. God bless scoan in jesus name amen…..

    • Margaret

      I have not been able to go to Nigeria to see Man of God. But my Faith in God and in Prophet T B Joshua has healed my spirit in so many ways. Long Live Prophet T B Joshua. Please pray for me I have a pain under my foot!!!

  • wokoma

    i hv seen that truth is not bitter ,truth is honey,prophet TB JOSHUA prophet of our time ,continue ur good work ,God our God will always support you,nigerians re afraid of shame,there re much to life,pls pray for me

  • Titus Moaisii

    God bless man of God

  • Thank you man of God for the job well done, may the dear Lord bless you always

    • anosike wokoma

      it is not dat i am short of words,i hv come to relised dat all power belongs God almighty,nd thanking God immenseling for his prophet on earth,,TB JOSHUA ND HIS APOSTLES, ALL D GLORY BE TO GOD

  • anosike wokoma

    i am happy so happy becos as i hv not meet our prophet on earth TB JOSHUA but hearing him nd seeing nd organising,helping the down trodden,low spirited pple,lifting pple,s faith through d power of God, sir all wht u re doin,i pray nd i know dat God himself hv rewarded u,,u changed my life, nd i hv seen d importance,,pray for me,4 spirit of lust,flying ,eating in d dream,,i see why we d nigerians re afraid,nd keep critizing,PROPHET GOD WILL NOT ALLOW U TO FALL U ND UR APOSTLES FOR D WHOLE WORLD LOOKS IS UPON U, GOD WILL SUSTAIN U ND EMPOWER U MORE AMEN

  • wokoma a

    Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,prophet of our time nd his apostles,oh wht a christ like attitude, for ur humble acts , teachings and wonderful works through the power of God,,May God richly bless u,Across my hrt u re prophet of our time, ,I BELIEVE I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE TO GIVE WONDERFUL TESTIMONIES IN DIS YR OF NEW DREAM IN JESUS NAME always remember me in ur prayer thks

  • Bertha

    Emmanuel!!!1 Man of God please pray for my family to be delivered. the enemy has separated us.

  • wokoma a


  • I need prayer,prayer of deliverance

  • wokoma a

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY, IF NOT DIS PROPHET OF OUR TIME,wht could hv happened to all dis pple all over the world,,pls prophet dnt look back God hv called u for us to be deliver,set free from world of darkness to light, more greeze to ur apostles, the wise men,may God continue to empower u pple more nd more in JESUS NAME.

  • anosike wokoma

    God is real,u see as our prophet always says dat,doubt will eventually come ur way but in as much as dat happens,nd u really believing him( jesus=) in totality,he is there for u,,In d scripture it says u can,t please God without faith, nd i come to know dat as prophet TB JOSHUA gives its definition of faith,nothing more than A HRT DAT TRUST IN GOD ,wow we the Nigerians re ashame to be exposed because of our unneccessary proud,dat brings up cooked stories abt THE MAN OF GOD TB JOSHUA,I HV SEEN GUD CHANGES SINCE WATCHING EMMANUEL TV ND PRAYING ALONG WITH HIM,YES THE WAYOUT HAS COME, SOON TESTIMONY,GREAT FATHER OF HEAVENS PLS FOR OUR SAKE GUIDE ND PROTECT HIM ND HIS WISEMEN FOR US ND EMPOWER THEM MORE IN JESUS NAME AMEN,

    • Titus Moaisi

      Hallelujah. I believe that those who are with me fighting for me are bigger than those in the world. Father don’t take your presence from me or your holy spirit. Guide me speak to my heart guard it against negative things. Amen
      Sent by Mascom from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  • wokoma a

    WOW CAN ANY GUD THING COME FROM NAZERETH? yes it has landed not come,wht a mighty God we serve,gr8 father of heavens,all d glory will be with u ,in d name of JESUS,God you really inspired ur servants ,thk u lord for our PROPHET OF OUR TIME SNR PROPHET TB JOSHUA ND HIS APOSTLES D WISEMEN,MAY GOD CONTINUE TO EMPOWER THEM ALL IN JESUS NAME AMENNNNNNN;

  • Stella matululu

    In jesus christ i trust

  • Jesus is alive!!!

    • Titus Moaisi

      Hallelujah to God be the glory

  • wokoma a


  • wokoma

    happy anniversary scoan,will will continue to strengthen prophet of our time,from u i hv seen dat life is more than wht we think,u hv reshaped my faith,may God who sees in scret reward u open as he is doin to u,

    • mamphwe lutendo rose


      happy annivesary scoan may the good lord of heaven my continue to show signs and wonders for the holly spirit.

  • Titus Moaisi

    I am happy when I see the gospel of Jesus being put to reality if you believe you can do thing on earth even better than Jesus. I pray that God might bless T B Joshua. Emmmanuel

  • Titus Moaisi

    Emmanuel we serve the living let all of us serve the living God we have seen the miracles and testimonies. Hallelujah

  • wokoma a

    PROPHET TB JOSHUA AND THE ANOITED WISEMEN THAT GOD OF ELIJA THE GOD THAT ANSWERS BY FIRE,,will continue to guide and direct all your affairs in God,s kingdom, personally i dn,t know that ,there re lots nd lots of sickness in life,, ancesstral spirit,generational curses which lots of pple dnt know about, are you talking about family,, couple reconceliations, giving hope to the hopeless, mending the brokenhrts, and some pple are there calling names instead helping issues on ground. OH YES WHT PPLE DNT KNOW THEY CALL NAMES ND WHT THEY KNOW THEY DESTROY FATHER FORGIVE THEM THEY DNT KNOW WHT THEY RE DOING; FAITH BUILDER MY PROPHET OF OUR TIME FORGE AHEAD ,WATCHING ND PRAYING ALONG WITH PROPHET GOOD SIGNS HV SHOWN; GOD OPEN MY HRT OF FAITH THK YOU JESUS EMMANUELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GOD IS WITH US

  • wokoma a

    God take all the glory(ies)this minisry SCOAN hv really influenced lots of lives all over the world lots of pple hv been buried alife for wht they dnt know abt,,is now i know that truth sustain the true man of God ,,my mentor TB JOSHUA,u always say wht pple dnt know they call names ,nd wht they know they destroy, I hv seen men of God,but still hv attachments with evil spirit in them not knowing,thk God for this ministry pls church ,churches,so called churches come together nd give honour to whom honour is bestowed upon. TB JOSHUA U RE THE PROPHET OF OUR TIME, yes there re deeper nd deepest God continue to guide ,protect, ,empower u nd the wisemen for our sake; ABLE GOD WE THK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THIS WONDERFUL HEALINGS DELIERANCES BLESSINGS ND GREAT TESTMONIES THK YOU JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS;

    • Titus Moaisi

      Emmanuel I serve a wonderful God and I am happy that satan reign is coming to an end glory to my lord Jesus Christ the rest thank you Jesus for coming into my life amen hallelujah

  • wokoma a

    Emmanuelllllllllllllllllllllllllll,God is indeed with whoeva believes him,,for this ministry, father we re saying thk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,pple of the world u can now see how stupid and ,ungodly souls,try to tanish the image of our prophet,,by goin to get money from pple who re so desperate to come to SCOAN,for one problems or the other,,almighty God forgive them,for they re sinning against the holy spirit,nd u know wht it means,, once again ,gr8 father of heavens i am thanking u for this ministry, in JESUS NAME, my prophet, snr TB JOSHUA GOD HV PROMOTED UUUUUUUUUUU,my testimony comes soon by his grace,,wisemen more greeze,nd the entire members of SCOAN GOD BLESS , as he (JESUS) has risen ,our problems hv been rolled off,, thk JESUSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • wokoma a

    Amazing man of God TB JOSHUA,faith builder,, God i personally thk you for this ministry, lots of pple hv been fighting wrong battles, becos they re not equipped, , great father of heavens may thou name be blessed in JESUS NAME, the wisemen may God continue to sustain , guide,nd direct you people ,more nd more in JESUS NAME,

  • wokoma ano

    yesterday, 2day ,nd evamore is his name ,gr8 father of heavens thk uuuuuuuu for dis gr8 ministry, thk u lord

  • Lutendo Rose Mamphwe

    Emmanuel..God is able, i post a reply on 18/10/2012 as prayer request to the prophet, i wana thank him for praying for me because all my prayers answered. i am married a, i found money to go to scoan and i received my deliverance in February 2014. my mom is still alive and she is healed. Glory to the most high God.