The story of the man who loved prison continues…

The First Incident
“I returned to UK for my graduation ceremony after completing my Masters. Immediately after I graduated with a first class in architecture, I tried to settle down in London and get a job. That was when this spirit first manifested. I was in my room when suddenly I lost control of my body. I found myself going into my neighbour’s house, opening the door with a different key and sitting down in the house there until the owner came in. When the man saw me in the house, he began to shout. He had to call the cops who immediately came to arrest me. When I came to my senses, I tried to explain but it wasn’t any good – what was I explaining when he locked his door and came back to find a stranger in the house. They took me to court and I was thrown behind bars, remanded into prison custody in London, UK.

“I spent one year and six months in a London prison. During my time there, they would come to interrogate me to know my ability. They brought psychologists to monitor me to know if what I did was normal or if there was something mentally wrong with me. They saw that my mind was okay and began questioning themselves – what actually made me do such things. I was the best behaved in the prison and the wardens soon made me the head of all the inmates in the prison. Because of that, they began to save some money for me and wrote many letters to the courts to tell them of my good behaviour. Eventually, I was called back and the case was struck out based on the report the wardens gave that I was the best behaved and that they had found nothing wrong with me. My auntie was informed and they handed me over to her. She put me on a plane and forcefully took me back to Nigeria.

The Spirit Strikes In Shell
“When I came back to Nigeria, I returned to my local community in Rivers State. I got engaged with a girl and we were married on the 12th December 1999. But my marriage didn’t last because this spirit didn’t want anyone to come close to me. I had told her everything that happened to me and she really wanted to help me out. But the law was – if you tried to help me out, you lost your life for my sake. She tried and paid the price. I was working in Shell then in a good job as a supervisor but all of a sudden this thing happened again. One night, I went to the hidden room where they kept all the money to pay the workers at the end of the month and opened the door with an unknown key. It caused a riot as workers came in, stole the money and fled. I remained in the room while everyone ran away with the money. The security met me in the room sitting down with the money gone and began beating me. It was only in that moment that I regained consciousness but already it was too late. I was the only one caught and had to face the penalty because it was over N10 million that was stolen.

“Each time I was caught, I would be found with a bunch of keys that would incriminate me. Because once they show such evidence, there was nothing I would say to convince them. I had no lawyer to stand for me. My people were not there – everybody deserted me because of this, as the case was reported throughout the community. My wife could not do anything. So, I had to go back to prison again in Nigeria. Some months later my wife became very sick because of the trauma and disgrace, everybody talking about me and insulting her, telling her, “Your husband is a criminal, a thief”. I was in prison when she died and was buried. I didn’t know. I never knew what happened. She died of a heart attack – she was so depressed. Heartbreak killed her because she loved me so much and seeing all this shame upon her, she gave up. She was only 26 years old. That was how I lost her, though she bore me one son. My son does not know me because I have never been there for him at all. If he sees me for a day, the next week I will be back in prison. He never showed the love of an offspring for his father – he’s always with other people. Then, he was staying with my mother. The day of my wedding was the first day I knew my biological mother.

A Week On The Streets
“Whenever I came out from prison, I had nowhere to go. I had to go back to the streets – where the devil wanted me to be. You can imagine somebody that was living abroad now mingling with hoodlums and gangsters, sleeping outside in the streets and under the bridges of Lagos. I had to involve myself with some gangs and do what they did just to have something to eat. I took drugs and smoked weed and other stuff just to have shelter and try to continue my life.  But after just a week out of prison the spirit entered me and I was found sitting in someone’s house again, holding a key. When that spirit came upon me, I was not actually able to control myself. The thing controlled me; it overwhelmed me. Its powers were greater and it overwhelmed my body. It took control of my whole being. Whatever it had been sent to do, that’s what I did until I was caught in the act and beaten. Then it would go out of me and I would come back to my normal sense. By then it would be too late for me to explain because already I was caught in the act. So, I would receive a beating and would be sent back to prison innocently. That had been the story of my life for 15 years. I have been to prison eight times, each for a period of one year and six months. Each time the judge released me, within a week or month of being outside, I would find myself back there again.

“I could be in the midst of people, even talking and laughing with them when suddenly you would just see me jack up. Something would happen to me. I would be gone; I would not be there again. Even if you called me, I wouldn’t respond. I would go straight to where the spirit led me to. Even if you tapped me and asked, “Where are you going?” I wouldn’t respond. I would keep going until I was caught. I was not conscious of any of my actions in those moments. When that spirit came upon me, I would be totally controlled by it – I had no say of my own or power to resist it. It controlled me and took me to wherever it led me. I would just see myself moving in the particular direction that it led me to. I would see myself opening a door, going in and sitting down. And whenever that spirit took me, it would make sure that the owner of the building was already close so that within two to five minutes of my being in that house, the owner would come in.

“When he would see me and shout on me, I wouldn’t say a word. I would just look at him like a zombie. “What are you doing in my house!?” I would just look at him until he would begin to raise an alarm and people would come and beat me. That was when it would come out and I would regain my senses. Of course, by then he would not listen to whatever I tried to explain. I would start crying, “Please, help me. I don’t know how I came here.” But the more I cried, the more they beat and disgraced me. “You are a criminal. What kind of thug is this? How will you say you don’t know how you came in? Is that not the key you are holding?” And I was always caught with the key in my hand. I would just see myself picking keys and knowing how to open doors. I was very familiar with keys when the spirit came into me. If I was walking and I saw a key on the floor, I would see myself picking it up. So, before I knew it, I would be back at the station and from the station, back to prison again. I could be in the station for like three months – nobody would come to see me. I was just left alone.

Spiritual Attack
“Whenever I was in the police cell, I would become the head and would take care of the inmates there. They liked me because I was good-hearted. I bought disinfectant and made sure the place was clean and I befriended the police officers and asked them to get new blankets for us. When many of them were out on bail, they would come and buy things for me. But everyone refused to bail me out because they were scared. Anyone who tried to take me out would get himself in trouble again. All they wanted to do was buy things for me and encourage me to keep going. When I would be there for a couple of months, they would take me to the court. The court would look at me and say, “You again; the same case”. And the magistrate would ask, “What kind of attack is this?” He said that this thing was beyond human comprehension, that it’s spiritual. Because each time I came to the court, it would be the same case, the same occurrence, the same penalty. It was obvious that this thing was really spiritual. But due to the law, I had to go back to the prison because nobody was there to come and bail me out. So, I had to go back to the prison.

Notoriety In Society
“This thing really made me notorious and any time I was released from prison, people were scared of me. If anything happened where I was living, whether it’s me or not, they pointed fingers at me. Sometimes I would go to prison innocently for something I did not even know about. If a crime occurred some place near me, since I was around, they would say that it was me. And before I knew it, the police had come to take me. And there was no way I could say it was not me because I had other similar cases.

“Besides, I didn’t argue with them because I loved the prison. Whenever I was released, I would be scared. I didn’t even want to go. Each time the judge acquitted me, I would tell him that I really loved where I was staying, that there was no need for them take me out. I knew that once I was out, I would come back again in another week. The judge knew that there was really something wrong with me because a normal person would be happy to be released from prison but I was sad to be released from prison. I would even cry that I wanted to go back to the prison because I didn’t have a home outside. I was a stranger and outcast in my community.

At Home In Harsh Conditions
“Prison conditions in Nigeria are bad, very bad. The environment is foul and the water is dirty. The food we receive is beans and rice but the beans are half-cooked with a lot of insects and there is a lot of sand in the rice. I wouldn’t call it a meal – I call it disease. But yet, I still loved the prison because each time I would go there, it was the only home I had. Sometimes I could get clean water because I was friendly with the wardens. If you were being remanded in prison custody, you remained in your hall locked up all day; you didn’t do anything. If you were awaiting trial, you didn’t have any rights. Some people there had waited for eight or 10 years without being tried, especially robbers and murderers. Some spend their whole life without being tried. They do nothing – wasting precious time. A small hall contains a lot of people – 180 inmates in a small room in serious heat, stuck together like sardines. You don’t have any space. People will be choking.  We slept on the bare floor with no mattress.

“Whenever I came into prison, within a week I was always made the head of my hall because of my good behaviour and kindness. I was able to go to the prison wardens and ask for blankets to put on the floor because people were dying of infection. Sometimes when rain fell, it came straight to the hall and you would have to sleep in the water. Some sleep stood and had swollen legs because of standing all day and night. Some because of sleeping on the wet ground got pneumonia and died. With that, I had to create awareness to the wardens; that was one thing I did in the prison that everyone remembered me for. I was the one that brought about them bringing blankets into the prison to put on the floor. Because in a day, you could see six to seven people die before your eyes. If the person died in the night, you had to sleep with the dead body until morning. No matter how loudly you banged the door, nobody would come to open because they felt that maybe it was a set-up for you to escape. In the morning, they would come and drag the bodies out and take them to the mortuary. I’ve carried many bodies out of my cell. Sometimes you would be lying down and by the time you woke up, your neighbour would be dead. And many people had skin disease and infections because of the conditions. But in all my years in prison, this never happened to me. I didn’t have a single skin infection because then, it was my home.

Suicidal Tendencies
“Whenever I was released, the wardens knew that I was definitely going to come back. They would tell me, “Mr Brown, I know you are going out there but we will still welcome you back here”. And in one or two weeks, I would be back. I have been to prison eight times in life and wasted all my years – at least half of my life in the prison.  The aim of the spirit was to lead me to suicide. There were times in prison when I nearly took my life because I felt very rejected. I saw that people would visit even the worst criminals but me, nobody came to see me. Nobody even cared; nobody asked of me. It was so painful when you saw people coming to visit somebody that actually committed this crime but you that did not do it intentionally, nobody came to see you. I felt mentally disturbed. But whenever I felt like taking my life, something restrained me and my life would just go on like that.

Divine Arrangement
“The last time I came out of prison, I knew I needed somebody beside me. Because when this thing came on me, if somebody is around me, they could hold me down and bring me back to my senses.  So, I met this girl in my community and told her everything about myself. Most people refused to come close to me because of the shame but after hearing my story, she insisted and said she was going to help me. There was a day she was watching Emmanuel TV and she saw the case of a boy called Emmanuel who was delivered of a similar spirit of stealing. Whenever I was out of prison, I never liked watching Emmanuel TV because the spirit in me would not allow me to. Each time I tried to sit and watch Emmanuel TV, the spirit pushed me out to do something else. But when she saw this case, she literally sat on top of me and forced me to watch.

“As I was watching, I felt a strange sensation within me. I saw hope; I saw a way out. But there were still many problems that tried to stop me from coming. There was a battle going on. The day I finally came here, I knew that God was actually going to change me because the victory had already been won for me to even come in the first place. I knew that was the time God had assigned for me to change. When I came into the church, the first service finished and I said I would not stand up from my seat to even go and drink water or eat. I said that I must stay there until I got my deliverance because I knew here was my final bus-stop. Thank God that the man of God came and actually prophesied about my case. What he said that day astounds me, even up to his moment. He dislodged my problem, right from the root. While other men of God just cut the branches and in a couple of days they grew back, this man of God touched my life tremendously by uprooting my problem from the source. When you uproot something, it is dead finally.

The Name Above All Names
“I stayed in the church for that entire week and in the following service, I shared my experiences with the congregation. Then the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua asked me to shout the name of Jesus Christ. I’ve never had such an experience in my whole life. It was so awesome! I had never seen such bright light in my life. When I shouted the name of Jesus, I saw this light hitting my face. It was like the light that shone on Paul’s face on the way to Damascus. The light was so awesome and great and mighty that I couldn’t stand it. It overwhelmed my entire being. Before I knew it, I was down on the floor. I knew that God was at work. When this light came into me, that’s when I knew I was free because I felt light. I felt relieved. I felt as if there was a rebirth of a new life. I was being reborn. It’s like my life actually began the day I saw the light. I started seeing the reality of life. I started seeing the sweetness of my future, which the devil would have deprived me of getting.

“Since then, life has been so beautiful to me. It’s the most wonderful thing that has happened to me. I’ve lived my life so freely. My heart is light. I don’t think about my past any more. The burden has gone. I now see my real self, my real potential, my real value. I now know who I am. And I have great peace – peace that nobody could give me. I can now truly say, if the Son of God has set you free, you are free indeed! Since then, people who have rejected me for years have been calling. “When do we come to embrace you?” My family and community that called me a black sheep, who didn’t want to identify or have anything to do with me are now calling me. It’s nothing but God’s hands.

Advice Born Of Experience
“From my experiences in prison, I would say at least 75% of inmates there have similar cases like me. What brought them into the prison, they don’t know about it. If you ask them, they say, “I don’t know what brought me; I don’t know what came into me’. If you begin to interview them and see their life, you see they have a very pure heart; they don’t have criminal tendencies but something really drives them to do such things. So, my advice to the authorities is that they should look at such cases when they are brought to court. Sometimes they bring folks that are innocent – and the devil makes them accept what they are not. They are actually being convicted for what they are not. If the people in higher authorities would look into it and begin to take cognisance of the spiritual element in this, it will help a lot of folks from going into prison innocently. Such people need deliverance from an anointed man of God, not a life wasted behind bars.

“Also, my advice to young people – there is nothing too hard for God to do. If God could change me, a rejected son, how much more them? God is still interested in them. And God can and will change them from their situation. It’s only their determination. Progress and success lies upon the platform of determination. Unless a man is determined to change, change cannot come to light. And that’s the only force that has brought me to this change – determination. I was determined; I was tired of my situation and that’s why I experienced this tremendous change.

Final Words
“One thing I really want to say – I have spent my whole life in the darkness, half of my life in prison. I never knew this tremendous light that has come to me. And now that I have embraced it, I don’t want to stop here. I want to give my whole life to it and serve God. Let the few days I have here on earth here be worthy of Him. And also to my family, to my son and my children, I want them to look unto a good father, a responsible father that they could point to and be proud of tomorrow, one that they will grow up and defend in the future. I want to erase the bad record and begin to allow God’s light to take over and make me what I am. I just thank God. I want to serve Him with all of my heart. That is the only thing that will give me joy and fulfil my destiny – by serving Him with all of my heart.”

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    Praise be to Jesus Christ in him we have to belive and indeed when you are told to be free you wil be free indeed

  • Muthusi Joseph Butale

    Praise be to Jesus Christ in him we have to belive and indeed when you are told to be free you wil be free indeed thank you for delivering our brother

  • Miriam chaitezvi

    Glory be to God,thank u man of God for delivering mr Brown this is a sad story bt with hope that with God all things a possible to think for hw many years mr Brown suffered bt God just put an end to that praise the lord

  • GOD is great.nomatter what situation, HE is able

  • Favour Tony

    I tnk God 4 d life of dis brother 4 d delieverance upon his life and may his name b praise

  • Debra pise

    I thank God for this testimony. I pray that yo light might shine on my life also bringing deliverance from evil spirits. I also pray for deliverance of souls under bondage from the devil Amen

  • Lillian

    God protected us from the beginning by sending His only beloved son Jesus Christ to come and wash us with His precious BLOOD and to show us the light my brother keep on praying, keep on thanking Jesus Christ for giving your life back. Satan is always a liar

  • Johny Loots

    I pray that GOD will keep you and your family in HIS strong right hand and never leave you.I also thank GOD for HIS servant senior Prophet T B Joshua may GOD keep you and grow you more & more&more in HIS great love in JESUS mighty name.Amen.

  • ndivhuwo malwela

    With GOD all things are possible,thank u Jesus

  • Junie Amon

    Our God is a God of miracles. He allows such things to happen to people so that His name is exalted. Mr. Brown, God allowed the devil to use you for a purpose. “You are a testimony” which will strengthen many in the Lord. Praise God!!

  • blessing

    this story is so painful to my heart how the devil use people,thank you KING OF KING,JESUS nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with you i bring HOPE to the hopeless may you be worshiped for ever i am in tears this how devil enslave me to credits now i owe a lot of people no want to borrow because i dont pay back but i know JESUS have set me free through this story he delivered me

    Thank you JESUS

  • Nana Alex Omovigho

    I so much thank God for the way He has been using His son TB Joshua through Jesusu Christ in saving millions of Souls World wide, my prayer request is for God to grant him (TB Joshua) long life and continue to use him the more to free the suffereings in Jesus name,,,Amen. ADVICE: Other men of God shuold copy from TB Joshua (not his power but the love he do show to human). By doing this, the World will realy be a better place to live.

  • What a great testimonies!Real God is able! It is a good hope for those we are waiting for our miracles to take place in our life for a certain dificult issues in the families.Is not Yet,God is still saying something!My sister will be Marriade.They shall be reconcilliation in the broken families!Hold on.If God did free this Prison Man from this Afflication,what else God cannot do!All things are possible with God!Emmanuel!

  • Nita omako

    D way God delivered him,i claim deliverance by faith in jesus name amen

  • Masego Taka

    to god br the glory

  • Michael Masvore

    His name is Wonderful; counsellor; prince of peace; evalasting Father. Thank you Lord Jesus for this powerful testimony and i thank my Lord Jesus for the man of God senior prophet TB Joshua. You’re a humble man and may God continue to bless you.

  • jacquelyne

    Emmanuel. It is touching story, satan is always a liar, No one like jesus ,. Thank you lord jesu.s

  • Christine

    What a great testimonies! when one is reading and visualizing your testimony indeed only God’s grace and mercy have kept you free from all the harm devil indented to do.May His name be glorified in all the ways.

  • Rodrick Chattaika

    This story is really touching and one that makes you shade tears as you read. I read through it and it really confirms the wonderful work of God and his true servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. However, to many we lead ourselves to events that entangle ourselves in the worldly issues, in trying to enrich ourselves with worldly treasures when we should be striving and living the Godly way. Read Psalms 73:1-28. Rodrick Chattaika

  • nita

    I believe God that everything that has beginning must surely have an end…God is ever faithful…thank you Lord

  • Cynthia kampira

    Praise be to God for your deliverance thanks be to Jesus for using the man of God to set you free when God says you are free indeed…..AMEN

  • chansa

    this is just so touching,i dont even know what to say except God is so great,he does mighty things in our lives.nothing is too hard or imposible with him!
    May his name be praised for ever.

  • Lydia

    Glory to God,

    Thank you Man of God for all what happen to David and you have saved him in the Name of Jesus Christ. God is alive for us so is there today and forever. One day he will visit us the way David suffered but through you he is back again in the name of Jesus. Amen. Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua please God Bless you live long live. Amen.

  • Kingsley o. ochigbo

    My brother tank almighty 4 ur life since u have been delivered. my is family crises, hw i wish my dream come through just like ur own.

  • onks diphofu


  • Alfred Chileya

    Thankyou indeed man of God, thankyou David Brown and i say AMEN to the prayer above by Tangisai Nyamuzuwe!
    What has been the response or effect of David’s salvation upon the life of her aunty, please tell us we are waiting eagerly!

  • Victor Akidi sunday

    Tank to God 4 used dad T.B

  • herbert midzi

    What a story,if only people knew that the realm of the spirit is real,they would seek Christ. Glory be to His Majesty King of Kings for the annointing he put on His servant Prophet Tb Joshua.You such an inspiration ,Acts book is being repeated in our day. I am praying may God continue to annoint you protect you agnt all forms of persecution name calling and intimidation. Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.i wish i could come and meet u but i know where u are found most of the time..realm of the spirit meet you there. This is a secret most pple dont know i dont need to come to nigeria to see prophet i need the relm of the spirit .Herbert midzi . Zimbabwe

  • dumisa msibi

    GOD is awesome! to u mr brown GOD has sumthing great in store just 4 u be blessed



  • Revai marara

    Jesus is so loving and his love is really unconditional to our lives.iam touched and strengthened with this testimony.EMANUEL TV & PROPHET T.B JOSHUA,continue on sharing us such testimonies…GOD BLESS you i love you all.

  • yolanda phiri

    this is so touching the devil is at work snaring souls i pray for streangth not to be lured to such suffering thank God for raising such a powerful man who exposes such evils

  • Robert Silali

    Father we thank you,Holly spirit we thank you,Lord jesus we thank you.

  • Ntebogang tshikane

    This is one of a very touchy testimony..nothing is impossible in the eyes of God almighty. If only i d do da same n change my ways infront of Gods eyes and i know i can be delivered cos we live by Gods grace.n from every word i read i can simply say its a miracle..jesus love will never fail us…. My achievements r still to come…financially,getting married.having my own house, my career to build it to a better thank u prophet T B Joshua..if God liked,i will also like to come toSCOAN.. Please father pray for me in Jesus name amen… never get to miss to watch emmanuel tv when @ home.

  • Hulisani Mahwasane

    I really thank God who watches over this man,in my life what I know its that God has the solution for every problem….the devil is the liar,most of the people we are born with curses,but thank God we are having a solution,God is the solution and I always expience Him through Emmanuel tv….I really thank You my God for giving us Prophet TB Joshua,eish I even get emmotional when talking abt this humble man of God…Thank You Jesus for everyting….Better Its Not Good Enough,The Best Its Yet To Come…Amen

  • chris yarison

    God is wonderful. Brother thank God 4 deliverance. our God is great

  • Evance

    Very touching story.

  • Rediet

    I really have learned a lot…from his experience…that…THIS LIFE We’re livin is truly spiritual!!!…MAY GOD BLESS HIS ANOINTED SERVANT PT.JOSHUA, SCOAN AND EMMANUEL TV!!!…LOV U EMMANUEL TV!!!…LOV U SCOAN!!!

  • Josephine Mulenga

    it is so wonderful and great really God performs wonders through man. If God can deliver my brother why cant he to me. Faith is very important in our lives i feel it is easy to live again if you believe in Jesus Christ our Saviour.. My brother continuing living in light shame to darkness.

  • Ernest Bere

    That the great works of our lord Jesus Christ

  • Dorcus

    i cried because of these story and i would like to thank God for the life of Mr is only by God’s grace that he managed to overcome all these trials and tribulations. all these happened for the name of the Lord to be glorified and i thank God so much for the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua,GOD continues to use and bless all their undertakings. to God be the glory




    Thank you Mr Brown for your testimony, for sure there’s no situation that is above Gods power in the name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and every spirit shall flee from peoples lives, Prophet TB Joshua may God bless you.

  • eddie

    I watched this incident from prophecy to deliverance live on Emmanuel tv service,that opened my understanding that dark world is really and most people who commit crime do it while influenced by unclean spirits,really touching,thank God for the brother’s life.

  • Antonio Barata

    The devil is shamed and God is power forever. The story indeed when i read it i cried but by Gods name is free forever. New life.

  • Emmanuel! I am very grateful for the manifestations of God’s power in David’s weaknesses. I am aware that in the town where I stay, just as in many other places, when a thief gets caught “red-handed” as David Brown was on several occasions, the thief would immediately be burnt to death by using petrol and an old car tyre before any police intervention can be sought. I have heard of how some suspected criminals held in custody had been killed in place of hardened/condemned criminals who make settlements and are let loose. I wish to congratulate David first of all for the grace of God in his life that he has been used by Him to give those who are oppressed the hope of freedom in Christ for I know that this is not luck as many people would term it. God’s power was manifested in David’s weakness to confirm that we have no right to judge because our judgement is always faulty and so we should leave judgement to the Almighty God. To those of us who are not able to visit the SCOAN, the man of God has assured all that distance is not a barrier and only our faith will make our miracles visit us anywhere we may be. Please trust in God for you needs and I can see that your eagerness to visit the SCOAN would be for testimony only, in the Name that is above all other names, JESUS CHRIST. Hoping to read your testimonies even on this blog soon. Stay blessed in the name of Jesus Christ. Emmanuel!

  • maria walter

    this is wonderful experience i thank God for ur life´. I pray that the Lord will help u to stand for him in Jesus name.
    To the autorities please look at the prisoners not all are criminals some are there but spirituarl force like this man´ please have mercy on them that are innocient.
    Thank God for u and also Eemanuel tv that God is useing to save the lifes of people.
    Thank God…

  • Lami Magaji

    Lord change my lyf as u ve done in d lyf of dis brethen in Jesus name Amen

  • Glory be to God

  • So touching. No one else can save people like the Son of the Living God. Jesus you are so wonderful. Thank you for delivering this brethren. For how many more years were he to suffer like this if it wasn’t you.
    Thank you brethren for sharing this experience. It left me at a higher level of FAITH IN CHRIST. One thing i like with this God is he’s never too late. He knows a way out of every situation nomatter how big the problem is in the eyes of man. His time is the best. I believe that whatever that has been tommenting me in my life is over. For there is A LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, who by just a GROAN every negative scatter. I keep Thanking God Almighty for a Prophet in my generation, TB Joshua, Man of God Live longer, for many more are awaiting their deliverance through you In Jesus Name. Amen


    Thank you Lord for the life of our brother,our Lord Jesus Christ is alive,he never said goodbye,we should trust and believe in him,many will be changed because of this testimony…We love you man of God and the entire emmanuel tv team.Emmanuel!!!

  • Tarisai Makubika

    Our Lord is faithful thanks 2 the man of God profet Tb Joshua

  • Charles Msaiwa Kapawo

    Our God is really awesome.Everything is indeed possible with God.

  • Hi, There is no one like JESUS and there is nothing He cannot do. Just trust in Him and He wil direct your path. What agreat testimony has touch my heart and i beleave many are going to be delivered from many bondange of devil IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

  • I give glory to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for delivering us from the hand of satan through the man of God prophet TB Joshua,this shows there are people of God who are in prison not because they committed those crime intentionerly but the evil spirit entered them and forced them to do what is not in their hearts.Therefore as Christians we need to walk in love and pray for the brethren including those inmates let LOVE lead,love them all.


  • Adelusi Oluwadamilare Israel

    Praise GOD! I join U thanking can GOD 4what HE had done for U.

  • With God all things are possible. Thank you father. You are love. Thanks for saving the world. Thank you.

  • Cleopatra Kwenda

    Our God is a Hero! Without him we are nothing!

  • Cecilia Nkwabi

    Painfully and touch story, Glory be to the God as he sets you free, halleluia

  • cynthia nwizu

    Thank u jesus! the devil is a liar. brother am happy 4 u

  • Winnet Ncube

    There is God in heaven.This testimony has really touched me, God can do anything to anyone anytime.He is ever faithful.Thank you Lord Jesus for the wonderful grace

  • Hilda Ndlovu

    So interesting to know how the devil works. Thank you Jesus.

  • what a mighty God we serve? thank you for exposing works of demons.their hidden things has been exposed. Brother, may God strength you to praise him forever. Amen

  • Daniel Gögolo

    Wow! God is always indeed at watch for whatever is happening to our lives….thank you Lord for the delivarance, indeed you’re worth to be praised…Amen!

  • Spinner Odiagb

    God indeed is great. I am privileged to ve a man of God in d person of prophetT B Joshua in my time. May d oil of annointing in his ministry never run dry

  • Okeke Tony

    God is The Greatest!!!…Thank You Lord!

  • Maemu Ratshivhombela

    i feel so blessed through this testimony,God watches over us day and nyt and he forgives us without looking at how much or how many times we do wrong things.WE SHOULD ALWAYS PRAY AS HARD AS WE CAN TO AVOID TO BE DECEIVED BY DARKNESS.I thank God 4 using Prophet TB Joshua to show his Grace and mercy through him,so he can help all nations.

  • Mrs Esambi Georgette

    Dios es Grande y Capable de liberarme a mi y liberarte a ti como acabe de hacerlo para nuestro hermano

    UN SECRETO (Permanecer en el SeÑor Jesucristo)

    Man of God Profet T.B Josuha, que Dios te de larga vida y a todos los Colaboradores Amen.

  • Bernice Eghoroekwuke

    After Reading this interview all I can say is No situation is permanent and with God all things are indeed possible. I wish Good luck in ur new life as you walk with the Lord he will surely direct to in ur life. Thank u man of God for Delivering this Gentleman stay Blessed. AMEN!!!!!!



  • Very touching life experience. Thank you Jesus Christ. As I was reading this story it came to my attention that, there is a similar curse at my neighbours house. There are 3 brothers who always been in prison. 1. The elder brother now is in prison. He has been known for stealing since he was very young, it was so suprising how he knows where his mother hid house keys. Now he is a man of about 35 yrs and he has been in and out of prison many times. 2. The second brother is notorious of rape. He escaped the police, now he is on loose. He is a serial rapist in our village and neighbouring villages. People are living in fear (PLEASE, PRAY WITH US. We are in SA, in a village near the border to Zimbambwe).

  • batisai moniel mazhuwa.

    i just saw a comment of Mr T.B joshua and i say to maself let me look tha history of this man .as i go down the history i saw that it also happened to me.for sure most of prisoners are in jail for something they did do.ech time i try to help where its stolen i was the one arrested

  • monica

    Am really touched by this story and I can say all of us need to be delivered. The devil is a liar! Glory to God to have servant of God TB Joshua may the almighty continue using u.

  • Leah Kubayi

    To God be the glory.There’s no other name indeed,the name of the Lord Jesus’s the only name that brings life to the lifeless.Thank u Jesus for delivering my brother.U are the consuming fire indeed.Love u Jesus!!!!

  • Chief Ben O. Ebito

    Congratulations Mr. Brown. My advise to you now, is to change your name. Once more, congratulations, to God be the glory

  • Christelle

    I thank God for delivering you. May he lead you while you are serving him in Jesus’s name. Hallellujah

  • Pindiwe Yona

    Wow Glory to Jesus Christ indeed He is a wonder, a loving and carring God. There is none like u O Lord worthy to be praise. God who answer by fire. Thank u Holy Spirit for doing this great work. Just by hearing this i am delivered for I see with God all……….. things are possable. I am blessed. God bless u Man of God.

  • phindile sithole

    What a true motivation story. Iam really revived sometimes I thouht god forgot me, but now the story made me to trust my god m

  • phindile sithole

    What a true motivation story. Iam really revived sometimes I thouht god forgot me, but now the story made me to trust my god .

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    Can anyone help me with the anointing water from SCOAN. I need a total breakthrough. I am in Zimbabwe and my number is 0772976568. Thank You Jesus Christ. Emmanuel.

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    Sir, l am much interested to talk to you. My number is 0772976568. Believe you are in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe. I am waiting from you in Jesus Christ’s name. ‘WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LOVE, LET LOVE LEAD. BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME’. Emmanuel.

  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    This narrative sounds like a fairy tale, but I know it is a live story. I am very blessed to know Prophet T.B Joshua. I am equally blessed that I have achieved a lot spiritually through his ministry. To God be the Glory. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your services to humankind. Can anyone still doubt that “The Man In The Synagogue” is God Sent? This Miracle,-like several others in SCOAN-will be told for and within generations yet unborn. Praise Our Lord God Almighty!!!!

  • Mbu Takang Stephen

    Trials and temptations and all other trying situations in our lives like the one in this narrative have their positive value in the lives of God’s people. They are the testing ground that serves to consolidate or solidify our faith in the Almighty God or as Prohet T.B. Joshua succintly puts it “Adversities constitute the soil on which our faith grows.” But only places like the ARENA OF LIBERTY of SCOAN could have succeeded to provide a solution to such a seemingly unsolvable problem (of course, we are watched more difficult problems like cancers, HIV and AIDS, Madness etc solved). Thank God for this 21st century rare prophet T.B. Joshua, he is one of a kind. This century is very blessed to have him and those of us living in the the same era like him and whose lives he has personally touched are mightily blessed. Thank u TBJ.

  • gladys matongo

    God loves us all and when we allow him in our lives he will protect us from all evil. Nothing is impossible with him. There is no name greater than Jesus, so we can denounce everything in his name. Pple must not judge others because of their past because Jesus looks at the new person. Lets open our hearts to Jesus and allow him to control our lives like Mr Brown. We can all be saved

  • Aguba Gopa

    Man of God pray for me am a victim of near success syndrom people harth for no reason I believe ur prayer will set me free

  • Edgar khan

    Alleluh praise God!

  • pedzi

    wow wat an unprecedented revolutionary story ,a story of hope for those in chains of satan.for sure JESUS is alive ,He never said good bye to our sorrows and shame.may He continue to deliver more pple oppressed by satan,by His mighty JESUS’ NAME .Amen

  • God is still God and God is the Word. Praise the living God for ever and ever and lets wait for God `s time is the best Amen.

    • Johny Loots

      I am singing.
      This kind GOD oh I have never seen your type oh
      This kind GOD oh blessed be your Holy name

      Thank u LORD JESUS. !!!

  • Praise be to God!i pray for my family to receive salvation n total deliverance distance is not a brother has been out of control plis pray with me for gis jesus name.Amen!

  • rachel

    I thank God for what he had done to your new life, God is great though is hard fof human beaung to beleive in him. TB Joshua please visit to Tanzania we need you so much. AMEN

  • Man of God, l believe that you are really Man of God. What have gone through it is only God knows, please help me to pray for my children and my husband,my husband promise me to stop drink beer when he was very sick, he told me that from now onwards l have stopped drink beer, but up to today he is still drinking,please pray for my family. And my family wants to abandon me just because of my husband his behavior is not good at all, l pray that man of God today is my day you will respond to me and pray with me or you will send me what you promised me, to send me a wrist band and anointing oil and water, my number is 0968375535 please remember me when you are delivering my fellow friends and heal me as well as my family. May God keep on using you always in Jesus name l pray that whats God has done to others he will do it to me has well in Jesus name Amen.

  • thank you God for serving our brother he suffered too much lets pray for him everyday and to those people who are like him in the prison lets ask a fever of almighty God to pray them Amen.

  • It is a reality that has really shook me, I am not just a husband and a father to my boy, but the Pastor who I am so broken by the life expirience of this man and moreover the statement he said about the Man Of God Prophet TB Joshua that he was able to deal with the problem from the root course of it unlike other Pastors who simply deal with branches which always grew back again. I need help Man of God , please hear my heart and help me to be what God created me to be. Please Man of God Help me to at the centre of my own world according to God’s plan and purpose. Right I don’t even know if I am going or coming. I need a Mentor who has gone through all life’s challenges, who will be there to guide me into my Destiny,who will help me to know God better. Please Prophet TB Joshua Help me to fulfill God’s will for my life. I have tried but it seems like nothing is happening. I will also love so much to know God’s opinion about myself and to others. Help me Man of God so that I may help others. In my community there such as is this man, their lives seems to be unfortunate thing “meaning they are themselve hopeless”.

    I am forever greatful for your inspiration Man of God and we really thank God for such a great and awesome work that you are doing. For brother David Brown we thank God for what He has done for you and your family, He has Redeemed you! Glory to Jesus Christ!!!

  • Goodman Langwenya

    This testimony from part 1 to part 2 sounds more like a fiction but I know it is not for the devil is nothing but a liar. Upon reading this testimony, it becomes crystal clear that every knee shall bow before God. There is never a burden that is greater for God to bear.

    We thank God for restoring the life of Mr. Brown and may God’s spirit continue to search for the lives of us, mankind, whom then devil has found a playing ground for himself. Father, we commit ourselves before you in the name of Jesus Christ. All we ask for is your favor and mercy!

  • Nancy Kalaba

    God is wonderful he saves his children at his own time.Glory be to God, i want to know if the man’s Aunt is still alive because these are the prophets of doom.

  • Mulenga Miranda Mwemeke

    God thank you for your love and grace for our dear brother Mr Brown.
    Jesus Christ our savior Thank you for your love you have for us.More power more love more of you in my life.I will worship you for the rest of my life you are my God you are my God.
    Lord in the name of Jesus I ask for Your grace on Prophet T B Joshua the wise men and many more of your humble servants in the whole world who do your work,Amen.

  • What an awesome story. Whatever Mr Brown went through was for a purpose just as Prophet TB Joshua said that every stage in life saves a purpose what is needed is to stay steadfast and determined. Thank you Lord God Almighty in Jesus name, amen.

  • kedida

    hey bro God is great that u became free finally from the demonized world!!!!yup SCOAN is really the arena of liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Nilantha Kumara Senaratne


    Thank you JESUS for the deliverence you gave to this brother.
    Praise your holy name. Praise your holy blood.
    Sir, I desperately need your prayers for my twins sons and for my carreer.

  • Benonia Muchenje Chiadzwa

    Thank u Jesus, thank u man ofGod Senior Prophet TB Joshua fo allowing br Brown to share his inspiring story with the whole spirit is lifted & i pray that may God destroy evil attacks in His people &let all be free in al bondages. i want to thank Prophet TB Joshua fo allowin God to use him,may God grant him many more yrs. i also pray to God to give me the opportunity to meet Prophet TB Joshua.

  • Wenzile Mhlauli

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Richard ngosa

    Thanl u lord for delivering mr brown & giving him peace and freedom in Jesus name amen.

  • Ivan jabu mahomani

    This is very powerfull we thank the Lord that there is nothing too hard for the Lord.

  • I was opportune 2 watched d delivered of brother Brown in one of d live service on Emmanuel Tv, i waited 2 hear d conlution ,finally i had it all,i just want 2 appreciate God 4 using senior prophet Tb Joshua n d wise men, may lord Almighty continue 2 strenghten them in d name of jesus Amen.

  • God is great,TB Joshua is his servant!
    Thank you Lord for devering our brother.

  • indeed god is really wonderful this is all the gracy of almighty father i bilieve in jesus name that what ever is from our god nobody would deprive you from getting be cause he ‘prepares banquent for me whr all ma enemies can see’


    GOD is great n merciful, THANK U JESUS

  • Cynthia morris

    Hey come and see what the Lord has done.

    A miracle indeed.
    Praise the Lord and the man of God T.B Joshua

  • Benson

    This testmony has touched me

  • Sundale Sweet

    Wow.what a testimony.there is noone like Jesus Christ.He wil change yo life if u accept him.this testimony has shown me many things abt wht God can do.God hs gret plans for every1 while the devil hs plans to destroy.this testimony shall cause many to come to Christ.

  • vicky

    only God can do miracle, i am happy for u and i just advising don’t try to look back, look straight to Jesus. Thanks God for delivering you.

  • tereza ferani

    all th power belong 2 jesus!!!

  • Chikondi Juma

    So touching, so motivating, thank you GOD for your mercy in our lives and for you humble servant Prophet TB Joshua.

  • Ruben

    God Love us, and He want us to be with. Thanks for delivering us, Halleluiah, Let us sing Halleluiah to God Almighty, Thanks!!!!!!! To Jesus.
    May God bless you T B Joshua – Amen!!!!

  • all to Jesus!

  • Doreen

    Its a touching story and a lesson to me, I dnt know how to express it I am hurt cos of the way people treat kids they adopt and to the wife who passed away before the light of God could reach her,anyway it was for a reason and purpose why it happened like this, and it means God was on Brown ‘s side. Hallelluya!

  • Dorcas kubheka

    Wow I stl blv god for such great power praise unto hm alone da one who never faild by any situation,this brings hope to me too I ws abonden by my parents frm babyhood even nw,my mother is an alcoholist my dad never been responsible I dnt knw why,I try to help my mom to stop drinking da prophet of god told me I must nt ,cz god said he must tel me I must nt try to change her god is aware of it.I cnt let it go I need my family,I’m 25 years nw I hv gt my brodas n sis who r old dn is vry dfclt to deal wt isues of growth ,family,relatives,dating isues,u knw u dnt trust any one evn if I’m convicted I feel dt evrything is unfairly to me its nt easy,wt kind of kiss wl I raise ?I cnt share my heart nt evn wt my siblings.I cn tel u more bt let me ask evryone for prayer abt my family kubheka at south africa I need help.

  • Amanda

    Our brother really suffered. It is too much, way too much and only God could save him from the devil. Thank you lord. God u are good.

  • jesuscenter

    hallelujah! our is forever able

  • jesuscenter

    hallelujah! our God is forever able!

  • phany

    Very touching story indeed but i have learnt something.

  • Laizah

    Firstly i would like to thank God for the life of the servant of God senior prophet T b Joshua. Since my life i never across with this kind of story. Mr Brown may the God of Abraham, Isaac,Jacob and T b Joshua continoue to protect you. Pslams 118 vs 13 l was pushed hard, so that i was falling, but the lord helped.You are in the good hands in the Arena of liberty SCOAN. Continue to follow in light of your testimony. May God’s word be the starndad of your life. Hard time never kills but it pains.

  • Egharevba josephine

    Thks 2 God,he’s worthy of praise

  • Father God u are great am very much moved ! God makes a way where there z no way i praise u my lord king of kings our shephard !

  • aduaye monday aka evidence delaw

    i tax God for dat great testimony,we christina of
    this end time must known dat we carry God power,we must not allowed satan to mess us up.stay under unction of the holy spirit

  • syprose Anyango

    yes we serve a great big God with a great big plan for our lives if we submit and leave everything in his hands; he will direct, and restore us to that great plan and purpose which he had for us in the first place, the devil is a liar and his tack-ticks are exposed! thank God for your life brother and hold on to Christ to keep your deliverance.

    your life is just beginning; with Christ on your side, sky is the limit for the glory and honor of his name. He uses the stupid things of the world to a shame the wise, your reputation might be bad in government records but we thanks God because his government system does not require clean record! he is the repairer and for that reason he came, may his name be glorified in your life.



  • Joel

    This story has taught me that Jesus is the only solution to any situation, also taught me that the devil is out there seeking one to destroy but if stick to God NO weapon formed shall prosper.

  • annahsedm

    He is a good God, He is always watching over us, Glory be to the almighty!

  • Galebone

    Above God, there is NO other. He is our saiviour, with him, we are protected.Thanks God Mr Brown has been delivered.This sounds good in a belivers ear.A happy ending indeed!May the Lord Alimighty deliver the aunt and each and everyone of us who may be aware or not aware of the evil spirit attacks that we experience In Jesus Christ’s mighty name I pray. Amen.

  • adolf


    This is a testimony! i am so shocked reading this once in a time’s testimony revealing one of the tactics and high technology of the devil in one’s life; if we are careful readers we can now understand Ephesians 6: 12
    I thank God for this unforgetable testimony i think my faith is lifted up today.

    Glory be to God!

  • I am really touched by this testimony. Really the devil is at work – he came to steal, kill and destroy, BUT our Lord Jesus has come to give life and peace in abundance. Praise be to His Name. Amen.

  • Moniqueph

    I was really touched by this story Mr. Brown and we need to be delivered. The devil is a liar! Glory to God to have servant of God TB Joshua may the almighty continue using u. We love you man of God. be blessed in the might name of Jesus Christ our Lord Ameeeeeen

  • Kunze milca


  • Mr Brown thank you for your testimony my brother.Glory be to God.keep on trusting our God.There is no power that is more than Jesus.

  • I want to thank God for my Brother’s deliverance,please keep preaching the gospel of your Testimony in your hometown prisons,sorry lives can be changed indeed in Jesus Mighty Name!!!!

    • I was really touch but l praise the Lord for He received Jesus Christ ,nothing impossible with Him,n’ every knee shall bow we luv you man of God b blessed

  • Prophet of God l am blessed watching emmanuel tv may the God that blesses bless you and the work that you do pray for my family and my grandparents and pray for our home and were we a staying ,the devil is everywhere left and right but greater is He that is in us than the one that is in the world luve u



  • Kealeboga M. Kgosisejo

    Thanks Mr Brown, i wish you may retrace your steps from the Majestrate, Police, Prison Guard and your former prison inmates and pass this good message to them. Go armed with Anoiting water and the holy ghost

  • J Tsikayi

    I know God has done it in his life forever.

  • colleta

    Thank you JESUS CHRIST!


    indeed our GOD is faithfull and tough time never last thats was a story to prove that jesus christ is alive lets the glorry be to GOD

  • Chrispen Butsu

    Uhmm, Prophet came a long way, those were trying days of your life.