Should Nigeria’s President Appoint TB Joshua As An Official Advisor?

Check out this incredible article giving insight into the state of affairs in the nation Nigeria. The writer listened to what TB Joshua said in yesterday’s service and watched as the events unfolded accordingly. 

By Nosa Osazuwa

The nation of Nigeria was in a state of limbo, a standstill going into Sunday 15th January 2012, as talks between the Federal Government and labour unions in an attempt to come to a consensus on the issue of fuel subsidies and protests, ended in an unsatisfactory deadlock.

The discussions on Saturday evening which lasted for hours in order to resolve the petrol price crisis which had caused a nationwide strike for five days was inconclusive as both sides acknowledged that they had been unable to come to a place of compromise. Talks were postponed again ‘till Sunday night, leaving Nigerians unsure of what the coming week might hold – whether continued protests nationwide or a compromise from the president and the government, or something else.

TB Joshua

On Sunday morning, while Nigerians were worrying about what the outcome of the crisis might be, many still afraid to venture out of the safety of their homes, Pastor TB Joshua, of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, addressed the issue directly during his sermon, broadcast live via his TV station, Emmanuel TV.

He said that Nigeria had prayed and hoped. But that one thing that was yet to be done was to apply love. He quoted, 1 Corinthians 13:13 – There are only 3 things – faith, hope and love. The greatest is love. “Since the greatest thing is love, we need to make the greatest sacrifice. Our president is the person who should make the greatest sacrifice. The other participants will follow”, TB Joshua asserted.

Addressing the nation, he said: “My message to the nation, to you Nigeria – is compromise. Love is compromise – to give chance for peace in the interests of the nation. To compromise means we must shift ground.”

He further said: “We should not give the impression of embarrassing the president and the other participants in the crisis. To achieve this easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats”.

Towards the end of his sermon, TB Joshua once again reassured his nation of Nigeria, saying:

“The nation Nigeria and people of Nigeria – the issue of the crisis, put it behind you. You say that you are not going on Monday, that you think you’ll be restricted. No. I think God is on top. God is in control.”

Later on Sunday night, the Nigerian government sent mixed messages. Many Nigerians sat glued to their television sets, awaiting a message from the president yet none came. Talks were postponed again and Nigerians went to bed unsure of what the morrow might bring forth.

The tables turned on Monday 16th January 2012, when early in the morning, the news was released nationwide that a consensus had been reached and an agreement had finally been made.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said in an address to the nation that petrol prices would be reduced to 97 naira a litre. That is a reduction of about 35 percent but it still remains higher than the 65 naira per litre Nigerians paid before the government ended the fuel subsidy at the beginning of the year. That is, he had come to a place of compromise.

“The Government will continue to pursue full deregulation of the downstream petroleum sector. However, given the hardships being suffered by Nigerians, and after due consideration and consultations … the government has approved the reduction of the pump price of petrol,” said Goodluck Jonathan in a televised address Monday morning.

In response, labour unions promptly agreed to suspend mass protests to allow further negotiations with the government.

The questions that might spring to many minds are, was it all just a co-incidence or did the president listen to the counsel from TB Joshua and act according to it? Did TB Joshua send a message to the president, giving him God’s opinion on the crises at hand?

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to see the connection between TB Joshua’s words and the action taken later that day by the President and the Federal Government.

TB Joshua is a renowned minister known world over, particularly for his prophetic ministry and his humanitarian services. Most recently, it was said that he had accurately predicted the street protests in Nigeria, stating in October 2011 that he could see people protesting from street to street, from state to state. He mentioned that the people that really make this economy work, the grassroots would soon be on the street and that the nation would come to a standstill as the big men would wonder how they could do the job by themselves.

One might ask, if the president and Nigerians had listened to this prophecy at the time it was given and sought advice on how to handle the crisis, we might not have lost the billions of naira that the catastrophe cost our nation. Perhaps our president should learn from the leaders and kings of old, who always sought God’s opinion from a prophet regarding the matters of the nation.


  • Ike Tebogo

    I really give praise and honour to God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua…God in heaven is using Him and I wish the President Of Nigeria and the Country as a whole could listen to His messages from God

  • adegoke

    Yes.The man of God should be an advisor to the president because he offers more practical solutions to Nigeria economic problems than Ngozi Iweala’s IMF solutions.

  • jean angella phiri

    Man of God pray for me u will know and I need help and anointing water please help me

  • Leo Hartikainen

    God is still saying something
    Yes he should !!!!
    The best is still yet to come

  • Gift Adoki Bipialaka

    This has been my thoughts for a long time now. I just don’t understand why other Presidents come to the Man of God for counsel and advice, yet ours just stay aside, ‘big-shotting’? Why can’t we just accept and nurture what is good and a blessing to us?
    Prophet T. B. Joshua is a true Man of God, but with uncommon blessings. No doubt he attracts so much uncommon critics and adversaries alike. My take is that we have God’s help to us through Prophet T.B. Joshua, but do we recognise it, and have we accepted it?

  • @SCOANTBJoshua Yes, that’s the hope of many Nigerians that a man of God such as prophet T.B. Joshua can be part of the adviser of the President, actually, you just have to see me today, I was feeling bad all through the day, thinking so this is the way this issue of subsidy would just die down. But now I seems to be the happiest man cos am see a better future ahead for Nigerians. Congratulations Nigerian.

    • Amen my brother, I personally wish that he can be an adviser for AFRICA GOD willing

      • I don’t understand what you mean by Africa God. Well, maybe you meant an adviser to the leaders of Africa. I guess that’s okay.

      • Grace oriaice

        Yes i wise d man of God can be d adviser to Africa has a hole we dont kwon wt w hv But i pray dat God should open d eyes of d blind once so dat they can see dat prot T.B joshua is a man of God .TB joshua let any one say anything they like thy will still come to d church as i have come

  • Our father prophet T.b Joshua doent need to be appointed,he is already an official advisor,the government just need to listen to his prophesies and the advise that comes with the prophesy.

  • Martha lekang

    what a blessing for the country Nigeria to have such a highly anointed prophet from God .God is in him,he is speaking through him.i pray God to talk to him about the future of my country Botswana.MAY GOD CONTINUE TO USE YOU MORE MAN OF GOD .AMEN!!!!!!

  • Sylvester Sakala

    Praise the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,Jesus Christ the Lamb of God. Glory, all the glory to your Holy worthy Name.

  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    Prophet TB Joshua is God’s vessel and gift to humankind irrespective of rank and class of the recipient of the message. He speaks distinctly and clearly and leaves it to those who have ears to hear-no matter their status in the society. Thank God for the Man in the Synagogue.”

  • I think Prophet TB Joshua is higher than that . The idea that he can be appointed to be the adviser is something that wil diminish his status as a minister of God to a politician thou prophets of the old worked hand in hand /together with kings of their times for the good of the nation. The leaders just need to hear and believe what the man of GOD had to say without appointing him. Plus one more thing they /he must be born again not just want to come for advise only.

  • felix chukwuedo

    Where there is good and Godly counsel, d ppl rejoice so it would b a great idea if d prophet is made 1 of d advisers, on d condition dat d ppl will listen and do according to his advise

  • okey

    the only solution to the situation at hand in Nigeria is God’s intervention. and as we all can see God in his infinit mercy yesterday intervened in the matter that have almost bring Nigeria to ruin. God,yesterday speak through his annointed servant senior prophet TB Joshua his mind concerning our country Nigeria. thank you Jesus for this great gift and love you have given to this country Nigeria in prophet TB Jshua. i strongly believe, that at God’s appointed time the nation at large will come to embraze the prophet to seek solution from God through him. long live prophet TB Joshua.

  • Prophet TB Joshua is a gift of God to this world,all leaders not only Nigerian President, they should ask a direction and solutions for their states to the Prophet of God because he is sent to us and to them.The man of God he is a solution to many countries not only one state,therefore he can not be used for only one Country.The leaders must find their ways to the man of God.

  • Judy mulenga matale

    may the almighty God continue to use prophet tb joshua.i wish him a longlife full of you daddy you are my role model.God bless u

  • My blunt answer to your question is YES.

    Bcos in time past the Man of God T.B Joshua has Prophesied about our nation Nigeria and all came to pass just as he said it will. If our president should appoint him as a special advisor, definitely some governmental mistakes will be avoided and this will give room for our nation to develop. He is always in communication with God Almighty and all his prophecies are accurate to the point.
    Thank you.

  • Biggest ‘B’

    I will not advice that to happen because politicians are politicians, TB Joshua will advice according to what God tells him, and politicians takes decision based on political interest as they say “there is no permanent friend or enemy only permanent interest”. One can only imagine how TB Joshua will feel after advising the president and the man will say he can not do it.

  • Time for envy in Israel, recognise the power in Jesus (son of the carpenter)as of God, and that He is God.

  • I hope it’s time we are going to have one model of a country in the world that fear God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, and hail Jesus as His only begotten Son, who died for forgiveness of our sins, that we may made holy through Him, and experience the glory of the Father here on earth and forever more.God be with us.

  • I hope it’s time we are going to have one model of a country in the world that fear God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, and hail Jesus as His only begotten Son, who died for forgiveness of our sins, that we may be made holy through Him, and experience the glory of the Father here on earth and forever more.God be with us.

  • My blunt answer to your question is YES.
    Bcos in time past the Man of God T.B Joshua has Prophesied about our nation Nigeria and all came to pass just as he said it will. If our president should appoint him as a special advisor, definitely some governmental mistakes will be avoided and this will give room for our nation to develop. He is always in communication with God Almighty and all his prophecies are accurate to the point.
    Thank you.

  • Ayoub Araya Desta

    Glory be to the GOD. GOD is still saying somethings through His servants the prophet,to show the Nations the right ways,hallelujah,GOD,I give you glory and honor for the life of your anointed servant prophet TB Joshua the true prophet who lives among us,and who is zealous to please GOD WITH HIS TRUE LOVE to any human being and to reign GOD’S Kingdom,not the earthy one.Dear all believe in GOD’S Word,as GOD’S Word never fails.It is written in the Holy Bible in(HOSEA 12:13″The LORD used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt,by a prophet he cared for him.”)(NIV).Really I’m blessed,for GOD has manifested His Glory through His servant the anointed Prophet TB Joshua,hallelujah,in the Name of Jesus Christ.Amen.


    if anyone of you have the president number you please send it to man or you help me send one decoder to our president so that he can gain access to emmanuel TV from he will be listening to heavenly advise from man of god


    Yes!it is right time for all leaders all over the world to appoint man in the synagogue to be their advisor not only nigeria. Thanks lord for your servant Tb Joshua bless him always.

  • Gentle Faraday

    GOD Is Still Saying Something.God of TB JOSHUA,I glorify your name for this prophecy confirmation.Long live ,the Man in the Synagogue.Amen!!!

  • elias olakunle ibitayo

    The man in the synagogue has been the epitome of our generation an icon of love a philantrophist the visionary of tommorow god will continue to give you the grace to reduce the hardship of man mostly in so called africal kudos a prophet of our time

  • michel

    I do not think that the man of God TB Joshua should be appointed as an advisor to the president,but let the president himself seek the advise from God through the prophet of God.What will happen then?What political mecanisme should be put in place to appoint the prophet as presidential advisor?
    He is the president going to appoint TB Joshua and swear him inn?.
    Politics is a dirty game.And I know that man of God TB Joshua,in his calling was not annointed by man but by Jesus-Christ Himself and he should not mixte up with politician in their decision making but give them advise when they need it.
    What If the next president of Nigeria is a muslim,he will be afraid of considering advises from a christian source and if he does so it will be in secret.
    Jesus-Christ the one who appointed TBJoshua is greater than the president of Nigeria, and greater than the pope and TBJoshua mandate to serve God is unlimited as TBJoshua was not elected by poeple or members of the Scoan but chosen by God Himself.
    So there is no need for him to be an advisor to the president because he is already an advisor to christian families allover the world through his peace and reconciliation work he does.TbJoshua has reconcile family members and saves broken marriage,brough back children home to their parents.
    So let us avoid a situation whereby a man is appointed today as an adviser and sacked tommorow.This is a trap of satan.Be carefull same president are pharao,they can still refuse to hear from God.
    Regards in Christ-Jesus.The-Winner and God of TBjoshua.

  • Yabets Abraham

    You most Nigerian, do not listen to Prophet T.B Joshua. That is your big problem. This man gave you many prophecies. Rather you listen to false prophets. You Nigerians, resembles ancient people of Israel. For instance, remember, how you slam his prophecy & disqualified from 2012 African Cup of Nations.

  • Oagile Oagile

    if this is the WILL OF GOD, if this is a way to fight poverty out of Nigeria…then let it be..


    Prophet T.B JOSHUA ,i used to thank GOD that you were given birth to in NIGERIA,and not in every other country.GOD created you in order to move our country NIGERIA forward.I humbly pray that GOD should make you a DEVINE OFFICIAL ADVISOR,so that NIGERIAN we always learn to seek the face of GOD before doing anything or take any decision.


    GOD at all time in all ages raising prophet to giving HIS mind to the people. Leaders should listen to TB Joshua, 24/7

  • Basil Chiji Okafor

    It has always been said that a prophet is without honour in his own home and the case of Prophet TB Joshua is no different than those of the other prophets before him.

    God has blessed Nigeria with many gifts and those of us who have really come close to this great man of God, know that this modern-day prophet is one of the greatest gifts that God gave this country, Nigeria.

    But what does he always have to contend with? Name-calling and blackmail, often orchestrated by his fellow Christian pastors who are deeply envious of the enormous anointing of this great but humble padre, who has continuously brought succour to the poor, the weak and the helpless.

    Formerly not sure if there was indeed a God, myself, (I was an agnostic) I have followed and studied the life and work of this amazing man closely and continuously for years now and gained enormously therefrom. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that the leadership of this country, (and indeed every citizen) just like the president of Ghana, next door, has a great deal to gain from cultivating the friendship of Pastor Joshua.

    On the other hand, they have everything to lose by not seeking his wise counsel. If leaders of a great nation like the United States could make the late Jean Dixon, the official astrologer of the White House, why can’t our leaders constantly seek the advice of an inspired leader like TB Joshua?

    What many people do not realise is that no leader simply leads a nation to greatness without seeking divine guidance, and no nation becomes great just like that.

  • Panama Patrick

    You don’t appoint Man of God, They are appointed by GOD HIMSELF. TB Joshua is appointed by God. The Government of 9ja must just believe the prophecy from the Man of God.

  • pertunia zzeeee

    He{Prophet TB Joshua} is a true prophet of God Almighty… having him as the presidents’ advisor or kings’ advisor would be making God himself a nations advisor

  • Enyi

    I think that will help but because the prophet had a special assignment he wont even agree to be an official advicer but that doesnt stop the president himself to ask the prophet for advice that is if he belived on the man of God.

  • Themba

    Thank you Man of God for guiding the world to a better future.

  • Jacob muyambi

    Tbjoshua is a man of god please nigerians listen to him

  • Nerville Johnson

    Yes Prophet TB Joshua is the right man for the right position,right time and right reasons.If I was the president i wouldn’t hesitate to make him my legal advisor since he is spirit filled and has a gift to see things prior to happening and existence.

  • Lennox Anazia

    The bible says in deutonomy that when a man of God or Prophet speaks and God acknowledges it by making it come to light then that Man of God or Prophet is from God. I have said it time and time again that Prophet Temitope JOSHUA is a TRUE MAN OF GOD and that we should rally round him and bless the ALMIGHTY GOD for blessing US with him. HE EXHUMES TRUE LOVE, he is down-to-earth HUMBLE, A man that places others above him, his generosity knows no bounds. He associates with the down troden, a friend to dwarfs, a father to the fatherless. I have been watching his ministry grow from a plywood church to an heavenly structured church, this can only be God doing his miracles in his Ministry, the synagogue church of all Nations. Please always put him and other great ministers of God in prayers. God bless you sir. May you accomplish your call on Earth In JESUS NAME. AMEN

    • marjay queyou

      Amen to that you said it all

  • livhuwani Nancy Kutama

    They must appoint him, he is indeed a Prophet. God bless him for ever and ever.

  • herbert sithole

    may god bless u man of god .i m from zimbabwe i always view your great works from Emmanuel tv

  • dumisani chibambo

    he is already the advisor of nigerian government only tht they should b taking seriously his prophetic messages!

  • Masele Maxam

    I wish TB Joshua was a South African,Nigerians are lucky and they should be greatfull

  • dumisani chibambo

    i wish he was an african advisor!

  • Gama

    TB Joshua shld be respected he is a great man! Iam Malawian but I call Nigeria blessed to have a man like Prophet TB Joshua! Viva Nigeria!!!

  • The Republican President of Nigeria should not lean on his knowledge but on God s’.In time of crisis,God can show light.Let the president express love during this time and God will manifesto!

  • kedida worku


  • It surprises me that many Nigerians still decide to ignore such a blessing from God.If only they knew how much he’s appreciated here in Zimbabwe.

    TB Joshua is God sent. All of Nigeria has been blessed to have him as national defense because he’l been shown by God if harm is along the way.

  • One thing is sure, our Prophet will not accept such corruptable appointments but if i am giving an opportunity to be President for a second, i will make SCOAN my home and the Prophet my father.

  • Prophet T.B Joshua is truely a man of God,and our president as well as the entire nigerians should listen to him

  • Our prophet is a bigger assect to Nigeria than the Crude oil that have brought us terrible problems.

  • prophet joshua said we should not exchange our oil with money and pocket it instead we should exchange our oil with technology that will bring employment, jobs, reduction crime everywere, but no one listen to him, he said again there is no war between christian and muslim in nigeria, the act of burning and bombing of church is to cause comflict between neugbours, which break the law that says love your neugbore as your self and is to cause economy dispression. Thanks

  • gloria nemavhola

    i dont think prophet tb joshua should be appointed to be the presidents advisor.god has already appointed him as an advisor for the whole world.he is a man of god and for god he we only work os only up to the people to listen and believe every prophecy given.let us let the man of god do what god has appointed him to do.i thank god for his prophecies because even the non believers in god they are starting to see the powerfull work of god through prophet tb joshua.praise the living god always.amen.

  • God’s work is amazing,praise the Lord for this turnaround & we are surely brothers & sisters of Love……

  • yvonne shabalala

    The wise listen we are truly blessed to have a true prophet among us

  • Tyness mkandawire

    Thank God 4 the man of God, plz man of God prophesy about my country malawi

  • theophilus mairuwa

    I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and shall speak unto them all that i shall comand him. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, i will require it of him. But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which i have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shall not be afrai of him. Deuteronomy 18:18- 22. Man of God, prophet TB Joshua is just Gods REASSURANCE of his unconditional love for Nigeria & the world @ large: believe him.

  • The GOD of miracles is still at work and is proving to all and sundry that GOD has placed his faithful servants to lead and show the whole world the way to go.May the ALMIGHTY GOD continue to bless his servant Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and the many others around the world as well as forgive those that keep on doubting his call.All HONOUR AND GLORY BE UNTO THE KING OF KINGS JESUS CHRIST. Thank you MAN of GOD.

  • Moses Henandez Chikoma

    spiritually the highly anointed man of God is arleady appointed.

  • Muambadzi Funananie

    jesus is da 2rth, TB cn b advsr

  • Aaron Zulu

    He is the appointed advisor for the world. He was chosen before he was formed in his mothers’ womb. Also the greatest appointer is God, no one else.

  • I need your Prayers Man Of God

    Man of God you are worthy listening.

  • My name is Vincent Okwudiri I am from Enugu State and Aba based business man I am very happy for you, very very happy for bringing peace between the muslim and christian they thought we are enemies but they don’t know that they are our lovely brothers and sisters then I also thank God for chosen you to bring peace among the people keep the good work God bless you. one love

    FROM ZAMBIA…………….

  • Chota Chota

    When God Speaks, the Wise Listen!!! Senior Prophet TB Joshua is the Voice of God & it would be Wise for the President GoodLuck & All the Other Presidents World Wide to Always Listen to God’s Opinion concerning their Nations each time Senior Prophet TB Joshua Speaks. Senior Prophet TB Joshua has Always been the Official Advisor, People & Leaders just need to listen

  • mulalo cedrick mukhola

    hope the Goodluck wil start to attend the scoan if he want to lead nigeria wit wisdom cos wisdom comes frm God. tb Joshua is de real man of God

  • Albertus

    people of Nigeria has been blessed by is the true man of God,open your eyes and listen what the man of God says.that is what we read in bybel where Moses lead and when Nigeria allow the man of God to be a adviser, the Nigeria nation is always save in God hands.

  • pamela

    Thank you God protesting is over and thank you man of God TB Joshua for direction. thank you Jesus

  • Mqondisi Ndebele

    Thats what tells us that we have a prophet from God among us,lets not treat this man with ridicule and scorn but with respect as a messenger of the true Living God. In my own opinion,l think being the advisor to the whole world best describes this man of God.

  • Mbonu Gozmac chigozie

    Our President should not appoint Senior Prophet TB Joshua as a special adviser rather A spiritual director to the president and nigeria at large!

  • Robert Silali

    Not just Nigeria but he should be advicing other leaders too,in my last mail i wrote about Ghana and their president and how he has benefited from the servant of God,our leaders should rely more on God and continue to wait upon him,they should be seeking for aword of advice from men of God in order to govern their countries coz leaders are chosen by God himself,may the lord help US as we wait upon him in jesus name….AMEN

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    Thank you Jesus Christ for making me believe in your servant T.B Joshua. You are the Living God’s spokesman. All creatures must bow to the Lord including the so called presidents. There are in those offices because God allowed them to. Every president must seek, listen to God’s opinion above all. Thank you Nigerian President Mr Jonathan for your love. I pray for the same spirit to fill other presidents. May our Lord sow many such prophets like T.B Joshua to save the world from satan’s hands. Here, ‘satan had been defeated by Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection power’. Lord protect Zimbabwe also. Emmanuel! Amen and Amen.

  • chrispin F Matemba

    It’s time rulers should seek guildance from GOD just as in Bible times……..

  • chico

    Glory be to God ALMIGHTY..I thank God what he’s using our Prophet to do in the life of we all.May the Lord continue streghten the man in the synagogue!.

  • Tony ukairo

    No,d prophet Tb Joshua should not be a part of govt in any capacity wotsoeva bt an independent voice of wisdom dat govts n pples anywhere in d world can consult 4 advice n spiritual guidiance bt if he becomes a part of govt in any capacity his role as father of all will be compromised.

  • Endashaw Beyene

    @Prophet TB Joshua a messages he transfer 4 the nation is true, so we have to accept. But i don’t think TB Jushua shuld be an official advisor for Nigerian President.

  • Shingirirai Zimuto

    When the Prophet speaks,the wise listen.If the Nigerian President is to be counted as wise then let him seek advice from the Prophet.About the issue of appointing him as an advisor,i think it’s very unneccessary.I think the Prophet is busy with the church of the lord JESUS and the prophecies about countries come as confirmation that JESUS CHRIST is the KING OF KINGS.It’s a way JESUS uses to cofirm to the people that he really knows the end from the beggining.

  • John chirwa

    Yes that cool

  • Ekeh okorie

    Millions thanks to the elijah of our time, Prophet TB Joshua, who has, for d past years be of tremendious importance and visionary to our great nation through his intercesory uterances and prophetic words

  • Indeed, God is looking after His word to perform it. Glory be to Jesus. O, how blessed are you Africa, how blessed. Nigieria should reallly embrace the counsels of God through the man of God TB Joshua. I wish our South Africa’s leadership was more alert as President Jonathan. Thank You Jesus!!!!

  • Patience Hove

    I thank God for prophet TB Joshua, Nigeria you are blessed to have him and the world is grateful. Lives has been changed, every word he says brings joy in my life

  • Prophet T.B Joshua is already the advisor of all Nations no need to be appointed what is needed is the Leaders to listen to his words for those words are not of him but the creator of the world.

  • Alera in California

    Emmanuel! God is with us! I am very happy to hear that President Jonathan hearkened to Prophet TB Joshua’s advice. This should be a message to the leaders of nations that they ought to watch Emmanuel TV and seek counsel from Prophet TB, for he is truly a man of God, has vision, and is blessed with wisdom. I am also content that President Mills of my home country of Ghana is likewise a friend to Prophet TB. I hope and pray that what happened in this matter will cause the people in the world to hear the message of God that Prophet TB preaches. May God grant him long life and continue to bless and protect him and his family in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Benson Obasi

    God in His infinite mercy have sent Prophet TB Joshua to be His son on earth particularly to Nigeria and the entire globe and yet people at the centre rulling Nigeria failed to acknowledge the Prophet.
    The Prophet prophised about the current happenings in Nigeria and the globe and the other nation’s leaders sought for ways to curb the occurences from happening but our leaders failed.
    My people,the Prophet words are God’s words and we should not take it for granted because God ordained him to serve Him and represent Him in our regions.Praise God.
    What a great man of God we have and indeed a crusader of peace to the broken homes and the world at large.Hosanna in the highest.

    The issue of appointing him as an adviser is a secondary issue ,He is on earth to identify,foretell and tell us God’s opinion in our life,society,region and the world so let acknowledge when God have given what to tell us.He is too much for that because God is saying Something through Him.
    He is my Daddy and I cherish and adore him greatly.
    Praying God to anoint Him with more anointing in Jesus name.Amen

  • Milka Ahemed

    For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
    And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
    7 Of the greatness of his government and peace
    there will be no end.
    He will reign on David’s throne
    and over his kingdom,
    establishing and upholding it
    with justice and righteousness
    from that time on and forever.
    The zeal of the LORD Almighty
    will accomplish this. Isaiah 9:6,7(NIV)
    The Lord give hime this sprite for His man, listen to the man of God.
    Thank you Jesus to have such profite in this time. Amen

  • Prophet TB Joshua is favoured by God, when God want to say something He use people, I thank Prophet TB Joshua because he is always available when God needed Him. He is the advisor or the whole world!

  • Samuel tosin okekunle

    I pray the president should listen to the prophet, is nt too late to start believing & and obeying GOD‘s words blc there are still more prophecies concerning the nation nigeria.

  • Festus ukwuani

    The earlier the better for Nigerians and Africa in general, if only our christains brethren can stop the campaign of calumny against this great prophet Elijah of our time….but am glad that Ghana,south Africa and other european and American countries has embrace him and we can see the fruit right there in their countries
    Obviously we got no other choice than to accept this wonderful gift from God almighty. THANK U JESUS!

  • T.B.Joshua is a blessing to the whole world. God give him messages for the whole world.All goverments should look unto him for advice.He is a True Man of God.We all know. Lets pray for God to touch our leaders s hearts and make T.B.Johsua an official adivisor to all our goverments. To end the difficulties in our communities and sustain the well being for our future generation. With God all things are possible. This has not happen before.But Let it happen in our generation IN JESUS NAME.

  • Tabitha Irmiya

    Most of our Leaders are not clean to face Prophet T.B Joshua, they believe he will tell then what is in hidden. But the true is that they should hold on there God and believe in there Prophet for there way to be straight

  • Goodman Langwenya

    Should the president appoint the prophet;yes or no, the Will of God will prevail on this one. Remember what happened to Daniel during the time of Kind Nebuchadnezzar in old Babylon? Daniel never asked to be appointed in to the highest office in the land but the grace of God was all over him. So yeah, the grace of God is all over prophet TB Joshua and this case can best be handed by God himself.

  • Apostle Thami Rakosa

    I say Big yes

  • kristin kolo


  • Glory be to God, its a high blessing to HAVE a Man of God like prophet TB Joshua, nigerians PLEASE open your eyes, belive in him, because God IS IN HIM, as with no one else before, God speaks and works through him, please open your eyes and stop crusifying him all the time for no reason. Is a blessing for our generation, a real one. I wish he comes one day in my country GABON, where so many people need him. You have him and you don’t realise your chance!!!!!!!!!!

    I have got so many heallings & delivrances touching the scream, watching and calling of prayer lines, belive me I don’t even know where to start to testify . I sow man of GOD to deliver me in my dream, my life was without hope, but today, even if I coudn’t make my trip to Nigeria, I got everything in the name of Jesus through

    GOD BLESS YOU PROPHET TB JOSHUA, my daddy. I love u.

  • fred

    Thank God that we have a prophet like daddy TB Joshua who speaks as a mediator between Nigeria and God, i want to advice the government that they should seek Gods opinion concerning Nigeria through his servant Daddy TB Joshua. God bless u sir continue your good works

  • Kingsley Adams

    OH Jesus, What a turn around Country like Nigeria, So this is how Nigeria will be, God is God, what a blessing from Heaven, It high time Nigeria come together both other Men of God highly respected leaders in Nigeria, please respect what almighty God has giving your country Nigeria, blaspheming is not going to help this country Nigeria, this is just a little of what God want to do for this Country.

    Secondly Nigeria can go further and left the world cup on one condition, corresponding action with the man of God will take Nigeria to another level in life, please people of nigeria respect the man of God T.B Joshua, there is nothing bad or evil with this great man of God.

    I can see the right hand of God in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria. God bless the president Good luck,

  • I thank the Almighty God for the life of our father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua. He is really a blessing to the continent of Africa and the world over. The wise should always listen to the voice of God through the annointed like ProphetTB Joshua because whatever he say truely it always come to pass. All our leaders should comeback and DREAM AGAIN. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua. May the Lord restore peace in the whole world and continue to use the annointed ones in giving words of prophecy!

  • Edward…zambia

    If you check in the Bible,the Kings that listened to God’s advice through His prophets, governed their kingdom better than any other that depended on their own wisdom.Our leaders all over the world should not be proud or boast in their capabilities but give glory to God for all their achievements consequently,they will have no problem consulting the prophet of God as they make critical decisions for their nations.There’s no need to appoint TB Joshua,God has taken care of that already,if he has a message just consult him and he will speak the mind of God.Our presidents take heed and let God direct your every step.

  • Kingsley Adams

    I feel the hand of God in Nigeria, Please president Good luck follow the right line of God and lead the people of Nigeria peacefully, let there be joy and happiness in Nigeria, this is a true man of God, this is just 5% of what God is about to do for Nigeria, but the president must stand on his feet and follow each and every prophecy from God through the man Of God T.B Joshua, Very soon Nigeria will soon be the center of the world Oh yes. i pray for you president Good Luck, may God give you more wisdom and understanding to follow his world and as well lead the people of Nigeria. this is a new born country, congratulation Nigeria.

  • I want to thank the Almighty God for giving us somebody like Senior Prophet TB Joshua in Nigeria. His message is very clear, he whom has ear, let him hear. Thank you Jesus, thank you once again for putting an end to the crisis in Nigeria.

  • Achmed an exmuslim

    I wish to know TB Joshua’s view on the murder of christians by muslims FIRST.

  • Maurice Mondoloka

    Emmanuel! Greetings once again to all that are going to read and greetings to the servant of the most high God, Prophet TB Joshua whom God almighty has chosen to be a Prophet among us.

    The Bible says in the book of Proverbs 29:18,” that Where theres no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he” and this is a typical example of the many thousands prophesies that God has revealed through his servant, the man of God. Lets imagine what would have happened if God had not spoken through his servant. Really I think the outcome would have been disastrous.

    Personally I think the man of God is an adviser to all leaders in that the prophesies that have come through the servant of God have not revolved around Nigeria only but the world over. So it’s up to all leaders to embrace not only the advice but the instruction as well so that we may all go the way and plan of our Lord God.

    Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and Thank you Jesus!

  • michael

    Ȋ̊†̥‎​ ωa̶̲̥̅̊S̴̩ God doing, ωa̶̲̥̅̊S̴̩ A†̥‎​ †ђξ synagogue live service †ђξ man in †ђξ synagogue address †ђξ nation  †ђξ situation ☺ƒ things Ąπϑ gave God’s opinion,that what w̶̲̥̅ξ Ω̴̩̩̩̥ε̲̣ε̲̣d̶̲̥̅̊ †̥‎​Φ apply now ȋ̝̊̅§ ℓ♥√ε̲̣ Ąπϑ he quoted 1corint 13:13.

  • Rita Ogbuku

    If GEJ had listened to his prophesy or consulted the prohpet b4 taking this decision, all this wouldn’t have happened. It is said that a prophet is nt valued in his home, this is a man of God(TB Joshua) that sits in Nigeria & see wat happens all over the world, his prophesies have always come to pass, that’s why u see prominent people from other countries coming to Nigeria just to worship in SCOAN, even there leaders. I’m of the opinion that our President (Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) should always consult Prophet TB Joshua for spiritual advice b4 he takes any decision, this means he’s acknowledging God, cos it’s in the scripture that ” believe in the lord & will be established, but believe in his prophet & u will prosper”, so for us to have a properious nation, we have to believe & consult God’s prophet.

  • Ikeokwu George Ojimaduka

    According to senior prophet TB JOSHUA he said and i quote:”prophets and pastors are sent to utter the deep things of GOD for the conviction of sin and for edification and confort. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GOD i thank you for makin this possible in our they say moves moutain just have faith and get connected with heavenly frequencies

  • God bless nigeria, God bless our presidend goodluck, God bless TB. Joshua

  • Dave

    Hmm. . . Indeed, where there is no wrod of prophecy, people will perish and nations will go astray. Since Prophet T. B. Joshua gave the word of prophecy on Sunday, I started preparing for work for the week. Thank God for the Man in the Synagogue.

  • Aguba Gopa

    My mentol in the lord if every man of God tow his part then heaven is here with us he show of love to pple the lord will give him streanght to do more let his prayer work for my family we will visit scoan for thanks giving Amen

  • Pastor Aderemi Tayo

    We need God’s intervention 2ru we d servant of d Most High which i bliv dis Prophet can do by d power of Holy Spirit. lets keep praying. Prophet T. B Joshua is a Man of God who does nt mind any criticism, I support d motion

  • When God speaks the wise listen we thank God for the blessing TB Joshua

  • kunda mwansa

    When God speaks through is Servants people leaders should listen.We thank God for our prophent Father T.B.Joshua.
    God bless u more

  • Muhammed Aminu God’swil

    by your fluit i have alread know you and i thank God for remembering the land nigeria by RAISING us a prophet known as TB JOSHUA to deliver nigeria and the whole world. Our leaders, upen ur eyes. Man of God, pls pray for me I want to relocate to sokoto and look for job.

  • fomuso solomon

    All of us can see that TB Joshua already has an appointment from God! He is the Prophet from God almighty!!

  • John Bello M

    God being the Alpha and Omega appointed Prophet TB Joshua to be a fulltime Man of God.He’s an advisor to everyone regardless of colour, creed or position. All we have to do is to listen to his word/advice.

  • Chituwa

    May God bless Prophet TB Joshua and ALL Nigerians.Thank u Jesus for your peace in Nigeria,my heart bled when l heard about the strikes shortly after l left Nigeria SCOAN to be specific.May God place his mighty hand on all the citizens of Nigeria,l love you.

  • Daniel Nwaru


  • Apostle Wellington T Mahati

    Papa prophet T.B.Joshua represents God Almigty,he is His mouthpiece.Thus,God through His son Jesus Christ,the Holy Spirit has already appointed T.B Joshua to be Official Advisor,and more,not only to Nigeria,but to the world. No man can just appoint whom God has appointed already. A prophet receives his orders from above. WHEN GOD SPEAKS,THE WISE LISTEN

  • Tirhani Norman Baloyi

    Prophet T.B Joshua is a man from God. God has resurrected a prophet among us today for the world to know what God wants us to do. When a situation happens, God is saying something. Today God speaks to us through His servant prophet T.B Joshua just as He did though the prophet Elijah. As all previous prophets had messages for heads of states, so does T.B Joshua. There is no need for Prophet T.B Joshua to be appointed as an official advisor to the Nigerian government. He is a prophet of God. In Deuteronomy 18: 15-22, the bible gives us a checklist to be used to see if a message is from God. In many times it has been proven, beyond doubt, that the message is from God. When God’s servant speaks, the wise must listen.

    The reason why I do not want Prophet T.B Joshua as an official advisor is that if the Nigerian government fails in service delivery, people may assume that the God had failed them. God is good all the time. He will reward those that listen and punish those that do not listen. Prophet T.B Joshua should remain as a servant of God, but the government, organized labour and other stake holders must view the prophetic words as God’s opinion over an issue, provided they don’t have doubts about his legitimacy as a prophet of our times.

  • YES

  • Apostle Wellington T Mahati

    Papa prophet T.B.Joshua represents God Almigty,he is His mouthpiece.Thus,God through His son Jesus Christ,the Holy Spirit has already appointed T.B Joshua to be Official Advisor,and more,not only to Nigeria,but to the world. No man can just appoint whom God has appointed already. A prophet receives his orders from above.FOLLOW THE PROPHET’S COUNSEL AND YOU WILL BE ON TRACK.

  • Willie MABIKA

    TB Joshua is a man of GOD a prophet for the nations of the world . Its wise to hear him and worship the LORD GOD at this point in time

  • samuel Getachew Feleke

    God has raised us an end time prophet as he used to in the past. so all nations should look for the advise of God’s prophets. however it is not wise to think that leaders of these world would lesson and obey. see the two end time prophets in Revelation 11, they were betrayed and killed

  • Clinton

    Yex oh

  • Sam

    In every season and time,God doesn’t leave his people in the dark. Nigerians especially and the world at large should forever remain thankful to God for the gift of a man of God like Snr. Prophet TB Joshua.It is not just enough to appreciate God for the gift of this man of God,but it is also time we start taking his revelations seriously.Our president and others who are in authority should please as a matter of necessity and in humility seek God’s opinion as regards every decision they would want to take,no matter how simplified they might consider such decision.This they can comfortably do via the man of God; snr. prophet TB Joshua.

  • Nomvula zongwana

    Let Man of of God play dat role, i think advice from God is d best advise . Man of God pls help South Africa also.

  • yes,he should b appointed as d official adviser to d president.he worth it cos he is indeed a prophet.

  • penford nguluwe

    This is a man of God believe in him and seek his council his been sent for the times as these

  • In these times leaders need to listen to God, Prophets in old times spoke the mind of God , and Kings would be guided in their rulership, likewise all well meaning leaders should heed and seek God’s guidance through such Men of God . I believe that OUR father Prophet TB Joshua is a God SENT, to all the World.

  • Oni Ayoola

    God wil should be done


    I dont even believe the Prophet will agree to be an adviser to our President. He is a spokesman of the Almighty God. All our President need to do is to listen to what God is saying and what HE is doing all over the world through the man of God.The man of God as patriotic Nigerian will be willing to pray and tell the President the mind of God and Nigeria will be better for it.

  • Thulisile sibanda

    Am from Zimbabwe but am based in S A. Papa you r true man of God when God speaks the wise listean wish u many yrs to come stay blessed Emmanuel

  • charles bwale

    John the baptist advised king herald not to take his young brother ‘ s wife. let the president seek the mind of God in his decision bt to make the Prophet as official advisor for the sake of peace! bt his advise is correct! long live our prophet!

  • Michael

    No need to appoint him all the governments of africa should do is to take his council and contact him directly for advice.T.B Joshua is not a politician and therefore He should not be appointed in any political position.



    • yes i think he should be,TB Joshua is a man of God,he is the massenger of God. so God will speak an he will deliver the Word to the people of Nigeria.

  • Emmanuel!That will be great the President to have adviser like Prophet T.B. Joshua.Please Nigerian listen to what God is saying through Prophet T.B. Joshua.I wish my country Malawi to have him as adviser.Because he is a Prophet of the world.When God servant speaks forth,the wise listen.Deotronomy 18:22.

  • Alfred Chileya-Zambia

    Not at all, the prophet doesnt need any appointment from man!he has one from above and i mean from the creator. Look, wethere the president or the entire opposing leadership in the form of unions, Nigeria political oposition parties or the protesting masses wants or not, what has been shown to prophet TB Joshua will come to pass indeed! Are they not by now used to him and the prophetic massages he gives?
    Let us just help explain the need for the subsidy removal, then we will help president Jonathan to rule and bring us long time good. I just cant believe that u guys there dont have crude oil refineries, but just export it without adding value! Nigerians when subsidies are removed, u will see room for oil refineries which will extract petrol, diesel, oils as well as other petrolium products and consequently u will not inport them, but export. In turn industries, not one, but many for such will spring up and employe Nigerians.Your economists should be able to translate and tell you how many direct employement positions will be created as well as indirect markets and jobs.Some of those talking loud will be benefactors, so let us stop protests and listern,give reason a chance. When TB Joshua is involved or takes sides then know it is for good!
    I challenge University dons and other technocrats and industralialists to stand up to this call and challenges because unionists have taken a popularlist stance out of this.

  • Alfred Chileya-Zambia

    We have a saying in my native Bemba language,”inama shifwa ku babula ameno” meaning, those with no teeth to chew meat easily find or kill game or animals because they will not even eat the meat. You have the oil, but dont see need to expand oil indusry. Learn from Iran, after sanctions from America!

  • Barbra

    Really Prophet TB Joshua is a prophet from God, so the wise should listen to his prophetic messages for Nigeria to move on well. God bless you man of God

  • nchang

    Oh yes not only the president of nigeria alone but i believe if all the leaders around the world should come to TB Joshua and seek for advice, direction and Gods oppinion about leadership, then, the world will be a better place than ever before.
    Thanks a million Prophet and may the Almighty God continue to be with you and use you more and more.

  • suleiman ibrahim Nda

    thanks!!! Alot a muslim d seniour prophet tb joshoua is my mentor i refer to him as tbj my mentor dough i av’t seen him face to face.this issue has been my wory how 2 bring him in as consultant to our leaders just as he once mentioned’devine econmist’it hot me when he say something concerning our last election nobody meet him for advse and he was refer to as prophet of doom.if other countries can take him as consultant why cant we.I opine he should be among our political and economic thinkers and sort our mentor. God bless Nigeria.


    Dear readers, sincerely speaking, any leader’s that ignored God Direction being spoken by the truely men of God inwhich Prophet T.B. Joshua is one of them will surely fall into the hand’s of satan. I beg our leaders to see it that it a very great previllege for God to have given us His Anionted Servant Prophet T.B. Joshua in our country Nigeria at our own generation. Many people knows that Prophet T. B. Joshua will not look for any cheep popullarity, so making him the S. A. to Mr. Presiddent of Nigeria is not the issues raither Mr. President is humbly advised to listen to him in order to know the way of God for our country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

  • Julius Alatan

    I am of the opinion that our prophet, TB Joshua should be appointed into the advisory body of this nation. Because the nation is like a man walking in darkness right now, it’s needs God’s guidiance and direction that is where the great prophet comes in. The Bible said, where there is no vision the people perish. We need God’s eyes to take us to the promise land. We cannot do it on our own. Em

  • Stephen Bryson Phiri

    i think it is high time that leaders all over the world should listen to prophetic messages and act upon what it demands for them to their people. it is important that leaders of different nations should listen to the voice of the poor and those in need. we believe that leaders can serve better their people only if they put GOD in every decisions they want to deliver them. GOD is talking to his people through his prophets of our time like prophet TB Joshua. May GOD continue using prophet TB Joshua for us to be served.


    Yes! I mean yes, because a tree does not make a forest but a tree after trees make’s a forest. He that is with God is majority. Therefore, God is with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Nigerian Government is a tree and that can not make it without the help of God. It is God who gives divine knowledge to rule and to lead. Nigerian Government needs God’s intervention for positive changes. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a true man of God and can help Nigeria in terms of economic and leadership. God shows him the past, present and future events. Therefore, it is necessary and obvious that Nigerian Government should go to Him for advice and also God’s opinion on how Nigeria would be freed from economic, infrastructural and political issues.

  • Daniel Dennisovich Malongwa

    I don’t think it would be appropriate to appoint Daddy to any political office! He is sent from God and he represent God here on earth. All the leaders of our nations and all people should do is to listen to what God is using him to say to the world and act accordingly.
    Prophet has said in various sermons that when a leader hears a prophecy about his country, he should call the Prophet and ask him God’s opinion on the matter and how it could be settled! That is all that our leaders need to do: call the Man of God, ask for God’s opinion and God will surely guide them through.
    We can think of many many times that the Man of God has sounded alarm and even requested all concerned to pray about them, but we waited until disaster struck and then held our breath. We must learn to rely on God for solutions and when God gives us a word, we must seek His advice on how to go about it. Our Man of God has always given us enough time before anything happen so that we can take action, but we always doubt. Doubt without faith only brings distress.
    Thank you Daddy for answering God’s call to save the nations of the world. May God continue to use you and increase you. Emmanuel!

  • Tecla Zenda

    I thank the Lord our God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. He is a real blessing to the continent of Africa and the whole world. When he speaks the wise should listen to the voice of God. Everything he says truely come to pass. What a blessing we have! Emmanuel! May the Lord Jesus be with my country Zimbabwe.


    We thank God for every thing and i know that He will see Nigerals off

  • This is what we need in our lifes. TB JOSHUA . May GOD bless you.



  • please nigerian’s i beg you i take God beg you again we love our prophet the man of God prophet tb joshua. have you every see light and darkness work together? please he don’t need anything from nigeria but he give nigerians alot. God bless him.

  • Michael mashuro

    Tb joshua z a father to ol elijah,elisha he z e right person to b e advisor o e president

  • Cynthia Chidimma

    Dats hw u knw a true man of God. He speaks and it com 2 pass. I wish TB Joshua wil b d next president or d special adviser 2 d president.

  • Cynthia Chidimma

    I wish TB Joshua wil b a special advicer 2 d president. Dis country wil encounter gud prosperity. Whn a man of God speaks it com2 pass

  • walter karirwi

    nigeria would be the most blessed nation on earth by making such move.l think its resouces would start to be handled wisely&profitably to the nation as a country on earth would be as blessed as nigeria lf the president Goodluck Jonathan is make such!this would be karirwi from zimbabwe

  • it is high time Nigeria Gvt should hear this great man of God out. look at ghana president & some of the ministers; they all came to hear from prophet T B Joshua and their Economy are growing well. pls Gej go and seek advise from TB Joshua you ll not regret it. God bless Nigeria!

  • Angela

    YES, as a divine official adviser not only to Nigeria but to the whole world.

  • For the world to be at piece leaders of our nations should listen to th adivice of the man of GOD. they should not just see him as one of th pastor, he is a true prophet sent by GOD AlMIGHTY.

  • Andy Ndukwe

    Every leader needs A prophet to be a great leader.

  • Oshiotse Ayetsoya

    Yes bec.we need somebody dat have d faer of GOD truly ad can see d fuchur

  • joseph

    Man of God is gift to all nations.

  • Kingsley Chinwe

    I’m impressed abt my daddy senior prophet TB Joshua. In short talking abt Nigerian president making him an adviser, who is president compared 2 2ic of God. D president should beg him(Prophet TB Joshua) 2 b close 2 him if he wants a successful tenure otherwise wat happened 2 Nigerian super eagle couch would repeat itself(failure) Nigerian president should take Prophet TB Joshua as a father n Nigeria will never remain d same. Better is nt gud enough bt best is yet 2 come.

  • Mapaseka

    I think man of God should be an adviser for the whole of Africa not only Nigeria,our leaders needs God’s intervetion through man of God my prophet TB JOSHUA

  • Akinwalere Ebun Best

    God is still saying something 2012 indeed a year to come back to live by God’s opinion, Let Nigerian and the Leaders seek God’s opinion on what to do and how to do it, Prophet TB Joshua is God’s sent it is left to the fool to be wise and follow his Path. His Humanitarian Service is enough to tell. God bless you Emmanuel!

  • Aroloye olurinmade emmanuel

    That’s what we are hoping for,B’cos without d man of. God,we Nigerians we can’t move forward…

  • Evangelist Evans Mwansa

    God has given Men of God to nations so that they may give advise to the ruler . In the old testament those Kings who relied and depended on prophets were successful in there governing . It is not the matter of appointing TB Joshua but listen to him and get what he said , because this people they prefer witch doctors to Men of God ,that is the problems we have . No one has taken advantage of having the Prophet like TB Joshua . God has given him to the world its up to us to listen to him or not. ( Evangelist E Mwansa , Zambia)

  • Buhari Sufiyanu

    I think is time Nigeria should valu this man he have said many things about the world and it came to pass why cant Nigeria Gvt take his word and see how it gos to i belive God is realing using him i dont what the gvt is wainting for

  • Grace oriaice

    Dont mind our stupid nigerins when other cuntry leaders are coming to d man of God we dat d man of is very closs to are not coming wt a disgrasd we dont valud wt we have no wonder is d chucrh of ALL NATION d man ofGod is their if thy like let them listen to him he has done or say wt God send him if it is a muslim mallam d muslims will not look done on him but we christens we are forne of dicrenating our self may God heip us amen

  • emelda

    How I wish that will happen in Nigeria, God will use him to change this Nation for the BEST…



  • Miyelani


    Emanuel , God is with us and no one can be against us.

    The best is yet to come indeed,whether people judge or not God will continue to use TB Joshua.
    Isaiah 64:1 Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down ,that the mountain would tremble before you 2. as fire burns brushwood,as fire causes water to boil,to make your name known to your adversaries(enemies) ,that the nations will tremble at your presence.

    God almighty will show them.

  • Tirhani Norman Baloyi

    The man of God does not need to be elected as official advisor. He is God’s mouthpiece. People, government, and other stakeholders must listen to what God is saying. If people fail to do what has been commanded, they will pay the supreme prize, unfavourable conditions. Should the government fail to implement what was asked by God through prophrt T B Joshua, due to neglegence or being stubbon, people mat feel let down by God. T B Joshua is a prophet among us today, and we must acknowledge this fact. He belongs to the Synagouge. His messages are real, we must trust and believe in God as we receive the message .

  • Hosea 12 v13 says- (The Lord brought Israel from Egypt by a prophet, and Israel was tended by a prophet.) In our generation, God has blessed us with Prophet T.B Joshua who is a divine advisor to Nations. May our good Lord open the ears of our leaders to get divine advise from Prophet T.B Joshua.

    Susan Mutambo

  • maureen kasune


    Maureen Kasune

  • romeo edigin

    man of god i thank u for healing me

  • Grace oriaifoh

    Nigeria is a blessed cuntry

  • Apostle TimNissi Abur

    you guys are hundred percent correct our country Nigeria need a prophet of God like Daddy Joshua. but i think what is really happing to us is the case of a prophet not having honour in his our land and that is killing us pride and empty ego lets go back to the Bible days, lets start listening to Gods voice via his servant Daddy Joshua to better our Nation. imagine the April elections, think about Nigeria football match with Genie republic he said it all the watch it all but when he declared it the nations including pastors fought him and disagreed with him. the other coach lost his job…….

  • kangwa

    TB Joshua has been appointed by God. Those who want can use him and benefit from him. Nigerians you are lucky to have this messager of God in your midst. God will continue to bless you TB JOSHUA.

  • Georgina

    Prophet T.b joshua is a gift from all the leaders should ask for direction from him.our leaders should rely more on God so that they can govern their countries and they must listen to God’s opinion.may God continue to bless the man of God.

  • Mathews Chalwe

    Rightly so! It will be in the best interest of the people of Nigeria for the President to get divine advice from the man of God. Infact the man of God said it that in as much as the President already has advisors, he also need DIVINE ECONOMISTS

  • Cynthia Chidimma

    D president should alys seek advice 4rm TB Joshua so dat dis country wil move forward


    It is quite sure ! leaders of this World should have as advisors men of God like Prophet TB Joshua. A nation without God, a Leader without Prophet who can see what ordinary people can not see, who can foretell the future and the will of God is promised to a confusion.

  • Gloria Forson

    God’s word in 2chronicles 20:20 is what the world need to survive in this end time. God bless prophet T B Joshua and his team of wise men.

  • Gabriel Dzukey

    Prophet TB Joshua is a prophet of our day.

  • Chance Chipofya

    Our Prophet TB Joshua I really love you.God has called you to lead the world.Please I admire your calling,its my prayer that you should stick to this calling.May God richly bless you, keep you and protect you.From Chance Chipofya,Malawi.

  • James Zulu

    Emmanuel! The man of God should not join them in making any meetings,he is there for guidance for what God is revealling to him for the nation.

  • Kingsley Adams

    Oh what a disgrace from Nigeria National team, 2012 nation cup, after all the prophecy giving to the nation nigeria, God is still saying something. God bless TB Joshua

  • patience atabong

    why should they?there donot believe in him.nigeria is compared to a dog who is giving meat to eat but instead the dog decided to go for a empty bone.i wish i was in nigeria.if they do not believe in what he tell them will they believe in him only when he is their advisory official? they should leave him alone to us we need him ok we do realy need him and GOD HAS GIVEN HIM TO EVERYBODY NOT TO NIGERIA ALONE

  • Masele Maxam

    TB Joshua reminds me of Micaiah the son of Imla who spoke and said “As the Lord lives,what the Lord says to me,that I will speak” he differed with 400 prophets and he was sent to prison for the word of God.Remember the postponement of elections 3 times? They said he was a prophet of doom and the failure for the soccer team to qaulify many pastors said they would but he said no they would not and what happened? I hope to see this man one day

  • Desire Sigauke

    Nigeria you are a Blessed nation to have so such favor from GOD, I pray that your leaders, our leaders begin to seek first from God

  • Matilda Blewudzi

    Prophet T.B.Joshua is a true man of God. His prophecies are always accurate and straight to the poin. I, therefore, advise that all leaders of the world, including President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, must put their prides aside, listen to the messages of the man of God, and pray for God’s guidence and protection for their nations.
    As for my humble President John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana, I congratute him for always seeking the face of God and taking the advice of the man of the God serious. I pray that he should continue to respect and value the prophecies of the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  • Peter Osazuwa

    I shall be the happiest man on the surface of earth, if my mentor,the Elijah of our time,prophet TB Joshua, a Chief adviser to our dear president Goodluck Jonathan. nigeria needs to hear from God daily,God bless our Prophet,and God bless nigeria.

  • kobamelo mmamosweu


    its not up to man of God or us to decide rather God wil do it fo him.May God bless our prophet TB Joshua .

  • Basil Chiji Okafor

    One of the greatest joys of my life is that I have had the good fortune, the honour and the privilege of meeting, interacting with and learning at the feet of this amazing prophet from above. I will never stop thanking God Almighty for this great favour!

    However, for the greater majority of my fellow Nigerians, by the time in the far future they realise who was really in their midst, the man of God would have completed his work here and departed in a hail of glory, to where he came from. Pity, but this was exactly what happened to the master Jesus, Himself.

  • Ashley Zakuza

    God is working Wonders! Thank you Jesus.

  • David Igbadumhe

    When Jesus came the world knew him not, but he was in the world and the world refuse to believe him he gone to heaven and ask the deciples to preach the goseple the world refuse to believe the deciples left the world by giving us the bible to believe again the world refuse to believe when will the people of Nigeria will accept that what they are looking for in America, uk, indian, china etc is right there if only they will believe him and that person is TB JOSHUA i will say YES the president should chose him to be is advancer because he can see what the president can not see…….God bless you prophet TB JOSHUA

  • henry

    nigeria alone is too small for the man of God.he is already advising the world.

  • Nigeria is a blessed nation,
    please listen to the word of God through Man of God Prophet TB Joshua.Ask him for God’s opinion for every situation.Prophet TB Joshua advise the whole world through
    anointing power of God.

  • Lordvinsaint Okoi

    It will be the best thing to happen to Nigeria since 1960/1963. But, it will be kind of difficult considering the religious state of the nation. Even more, corrupt government officials may have the fear of being exposed which is actually what they should embrace to receive salvation and grace to govern the nation. May God’s extravagant grace, love, wisdom and power never depart from the SCOAN family and my father Prophet T.B. Joshua

  • Samantha

    Good news is God News for Nigeria. Make it real in an unreal world.

  • Tb joshua i want to have familyare very poor but i.iwant to have like jaz

  • Rebecca omosimua

    Am not surprised that uptill now prophets have no honour in their country..
    But i want everyone to learn from the life of late president of Ghana prof. John Evans Ata Mills whose spiritual father was senior prophet TB Joshua, he lead an exampliary life , an example of what true politics without bitterness is , an example of a leader who ruled his people by making God,s word a standard for his life….After his departure on earth we saw all the testimonies that were said about him .. If only Goodluck Jonathan can humble himself and come close to the prophet just like Late Mills , this nation will take a new turn just like Ghana…make Tb joshua ur special adviser on religions matters…long live my beloved nation Nigeria…..

  • Sharon Gono

    He deserves

    • Prophet The. B. Joshua has always been an advisor to all leaders. He is appointed by God and needs no human appointment. What our leaders need to do is listen to what God says through him and do as they are told.d