The special New Year’s Eve Candlelight Service that ushered in the New Year 2012 left all those who attended and viewers worldwide happy, grateful to God and full of hope for the coming year.

The service started with healing and deliverance in the name of Jesus as the wise men prayed for International Visitors at The SCOAN at the prayer line. Immediately, people began testifying to the healing and delivering power of God as this power located them and rescued them from the oppression of sickness, disease and affliction.

The SCOAN Sunday School Children

The SCOAN Sunday School Children then presented a beautiful programme including preaching, singing and dancing to the joy of the congregation which stretched far beyond the four walls of the auditorium to an overflow section. Thousands had come from far and near to begin their New Year by committing themselves wholeheartedly to God in prayer.

The SCOAN Choir

Then the choir led the congregation in a powerful time praise and worship to God, directing people’s focus to God, their Creator and Him alone.

Members of the Emmanuel TV Team then presented a dance/ drama titled, “Jesus Meets The Samaritan Woman”. It told the tale of the sinful Samaritan woman taken from the book of John 4 and how she met Jesus who redeemed her.

Drama - Jesus Meets The Samaritan Woman

The message that came with the drama was encouraging and inspiring. Jesus did not reject the sinful Samaritan woman but rather showed her acceptance by offering her living water. Jesus does not reject anyone who comes to Him to be cleansed from sin.

The Boakye Family

Then it was time for testimonies. Pastor Nicholas Boakye and his wife, Alberta testified to what God had done in their marriage as a couple. The Boakye family who had remained in the church since deliverance three weeks before, thanked God for their lives as a family and the change which their union had enjoyed since the deliverance.
Alberta was happy that her life had experienced such a radical transformation. She no longer sees a man coming to make love with her in her dreams, something she had been tormented with since the age of 16. All unnecessary anger is gone and she smiles broadly now. She advised her listeners that whatever the problem is, they should go to God who has a solution to all human problems. In his own testimony, the husband disclosed how the night after the deliverance at 1:42 am, his wife woke him and told him, ‘I love you’. She also went down on her knees and apologised to him. According to him, she has been humble and gentle since the deliverance, a stark contrast to her behaviour before she was delivered in Jesus’ name. He testified how his ministry in Holland is fast reviving; those who left are already coming back. In his advice to couples, he told them to look beyond whatever happens to them and be focused on God alone.


Before the healing

Antonia told the congregation her experience some years ago when her house girl who confessed witchcraft later, tormented her marriage and caused a divorce. The house girl in question caused hatred between the couple leading to Antonia leaving the marriage and renting a place for herself, children and the house girl. Soon after however, the house girl confessed witchcraft and shockingly gave birth to an egg in the house. Immediately Antonia saw this, she grabbed the egg and burnt it. The mistake she made was to touch the egg with her hand. This mistake almost cost Antonia her hand as an ulcer formed and her whole hand started to rot. After exhausting her resources seeking for a cure, she came to The SCOAN for healing from Jesus.

After the healing

She was arranged at the prayer line and TB Joshua prayed for her. In no time after the prayer, the swollen and decaying palm showed signs of healing. The ulcer which was to cause the amputation of the hand was on the path of healing. To the glory of God, Antonia’s palm was completely healed and she came to The SCOAN for testimony. She advised her listeners to trust God as there is nothing He cannot do for those in desperate need of help.


Before the healing

After the healing

The footage of a man, Mr Onyeka Nnaji being helped to the prayer line with a horrific leg ulcer, was also shown. The muscle of the calf was eaten away by the ravaging ulcer. Mr Nnaji was prayed for in Jesus’ name and declared free by the man of God and free indeed he was as the leg soon showed signs of healing. As he gave the final testimony, he tapped the leg which showed scars of the old mess and he confessed his total healing. According to him, he was in pain for three years and at the climax of the attack, he lost the power to walk or talk. To the glory of God, Mr Nnaji has been healed and enabled to do all those things which were beyond his power to do before. He advised his listeners to pray and worship God.


Miss Zulu from South Africa

Miss Zulu from South Africa suffered from uterus bleeding for ten years. After all efforts to obtain a cure elsewhere had failed, Zulu’s mother came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. At home in South Africa, Miss Zulu prayed and ministered the Anointing Water. To the glory of God, the bleeding stopped immediately. Overjoyed, she thanked God for her incredible healing and deliverance.

Pastor and Evangelist Mrs Mbog of Cameroon came to The SCOAN to thank the Lord for the restoration of her pregnancy which was threatened by miscarriage. After all hospital’s efforts had failed, she phoned one of the Emmanuel TV prayer lines and one of the evangelists prayed for her. She immediately sensed security and restoration of the pregnancy in the course of prayer.

Mrs Mbog from Cameroon

To the glory of God, the turbulence in her womb which had threatened the pregnancy was over with the prayer. Evangelist Mbog thanked the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua for using using this means to serve humanity as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ. A beautiful baby girl was the result of the pregnancy.

Emmanuel , a student of Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri gave a testimony of his first class honours degree after he nearly crashed out of university because of poor performance. He related how he had been sick and this had caused him to lose concentration and began to have carryover in his studies. Emmanuel complained to his father who in turn visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water.

From setback to 1st class

Emmanuel prayed and sprayed the Anointing Water on himself as he revised and prepared for the exams. The result was extraordinary as he scored A in each of the 15 papers he wrote in the first and second semesters of the session and had a grade point average of 4.51 to make him clinch a first class degree in the final result. Emmanuel displayed his brilliant result as he gave his testimony which was the gift of our Lord, Jesus Christ, through the Anointing Water. He advised all youth to get closer to God. Confirming the testimony, his father, Thomas Egbado thanked T.B. Joshua whom the Lord had used to rewrite the history of his son’s educational performance. He cried for joy as he thanked the Lord and prayed for TB Joshua and the wise men recognizing them as tools in the hands of Almighty God.

TB Joshua declared this year, 2012 as a year of COMEBACK- –a comeback to worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. In 2011, he explained, people worshipped their possessions rather than the Giver of those possessions. In 2011, he went on, we never put God where He belonged; we saw Him as one of those things amid our businesses and social issues. God is the only thing.

TB Joshua - 31.12.11

We often said the Spirit said this or that whereas the Spirit never talked to us. Such worship and worshippers will face challenges in the New Year. In his words, a comeback is a return to a place of significance; a return to a place lost for a period of time. He explained how people need to hear others’ setbacks and comebacks so that they could hold on to their hope. A video clip was shown on the screen of T.B. Joshua’s journey with all its setbacks and comebacks as the church building was destroyed many times before the 5th church was built. In the midst of setbacks, people need hope. Even the great men and women in the Bible, like everyone else, messed up. Why did he go through storms and trials? The prophet asked the congregation. It was so, he answered, because Somebody wanted to turn his difficulty into a testimony. Somebody wanted to turn his sickness into a miracle and his mess into a message. If you do not have a degree in poverty, your degree in blessing is questionable. If you did not have sickness, you would not appreciate good health.

Overflow Congregation

It was then time for prayer and all those present and those watching lit their candles and began to pray their way into the New Year. TB Joshua explained that as the candles were burning away, so whatever unfavourable situations they were in were burning away. Poverty, he said, was ending as the year 2011 was ending.

A prayer for mercy and favour

The candle represents unfavourable situations in our lives and as the candle is burning, we are sailing over obstacles in our lives; poverty is ending with the year 2011 in the name of Jesus Christ. We will overcome adversaries and adversity without hurt to our person.

Addressing Nigeria as a nation, the prophet said:
There is no war between Christians and Muslims. I mean, there is no war between you and your neighbor. There is no war among neighbors. The idea of bombing and burning churches is to cause disagreement and conflict between you and your neighbor, to break the commandment and rule which says, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. If we are not armed for battle, we will fight the wrong battle. Strikes against your neighbor/ people – this is the wrong battle. God at all times is assembling for Himself a generation of spiritual worshipers. Because God is a Spirit, Christ came to declare God to us.”
He remarked that some people live within four feet ceiling whereas the sky is their limit. God has positioned you to accomplish your destiny in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, he declared.

The prophet also spoke of the grave economic realities of the coming year. The burning and bombing In Nigeria shall fizzle out and in its place there will be economic depression which will affect the whole world as well. He advised Nigerians to go into concentrate more on farming and agriculture and the well-placed to help the less- privileged in society.

During the time when the candles were lit, some extraordinary deliverances also took place. These included that of Jane from Zimbabwe afflicted with the spirit of eating soil, a daughter of a lawyer from Botswana who had the spirit of eating soap and anthill sand for two years, Mandela from Mozambique addicted to eating ice cubes and mint sweets and the case of Mr and Mrs Kolan from Ghana. Mrs Kolan was addicted to eating ice cubes and she was also delivered.

Leading the congregation in prayer

T.B. Joshua concluded the message by reminding the congregation and the viewers watching from around the world of the importance of having a special place to pray in their houses and rooms. He emphasised that there is a great need for us to go on our knees and cry out to God every day for He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end and the Owner of our souls.

  • the service was so blesssiful and i enjoyed it.T o God be the glory…..

  • Dr Gideon C Mwanza

    Greetings in Jesus’ name! Really it was a wonderfull Candlenight that me to pray together with the Prophet TB Joshua that all my limitation will be turned into opportunity, it was just like I was inside Scoan. He kept on saying every unfavourable sitaution you are in ends with 2011. The year of comeback. Comeback to worship God in Spirit and truth ; worshipping in a defective way; such worship and worshippers will face challenges in the new year. Prophet TB Joshua is the prophet of our generation that will make all nations to worship in Spirit and truth. My life changed because of Prophet TB Joshua who has preached into my life forever. Emmanuel partner ZM007369. God will bless my prophet and will live Long in Jesus’ name

  • I thank God for Prophet T B Joshua. May God keep increasing his annointing, so that a lot of people may be redeemed in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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    I thank GOD for the services HE give us through T.B Joshua and his ministry. Jesus is our savior

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    Thank you God for giving us man of God in the of TB JOSHUA and Wisemen. I was watching the all night and im bless thank you JESUS my life will never be the same since that day. Send me Anointing water man of God. Zambia

  • Robert Silali

    Happy new year man of God ,wisemen and the entire ministry,The end year service was very unique and i felt the presence of God in my life and family,as the year of comeback,i pray that my loving God should guide me and my family so that we can continue doing his will and also to help others,i know that the almighty father has good plans for those who will continue waiting upon him according to isaiah 40-31.SHALOM.

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    Glory be to the lord,we thank god for the man of god,it was really blessing to watch the night of candlelight with TB Joshua

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    Wethank God for such a wonderful experience and the rare privillage of praying with God’s chosen servant.I believe that 2012 is my year of comeback.

    • Nobantu

      Amen Daddy

    • Indeed it is your year of come back daddy and i wish the hand of God could cover you always in Jesus name

  • Edward…zambia

    God watches over His word to perform it,am believing God for my son who is medically said to be autistic and at seven yrs still unable to ulter a word even his reasoning is impaired.in his current state he doesnt mingle with friends. we had him withdrawn from school as he wasnt making any progress.Its my belief that God is going to touch him this year.Emmanuel TV has really changed our lives ie my wife’s and mine since we discovered it about 3yrs ago.If not for this station i dont know what we would have been talking about by now.I can only thank God for Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN.May the good Lord continue blessing the work He started in the prophet,SCOAN and partners in Jesus name.

  • Barbra

    Blessed be the name of most high Jesus Christ.Let the year of coming back be a blessed one and i wish all the emmanuel tv viewers, patners, church members,singers,wiseman and Prophet TB Joshua the best in this 2012.May the Lord continue to shower the man of God with wisdom and blessings.

  • Thank you man of God senior prophet T.B Joshua, the wise men and emmanuel tv team. God is alive he never say goodbye. Happy new year.
    you are really blessed to bless others in deed. Thank you Jesus.

  • this is the best candle live service i have ever seen in my entire life, Prophets, SCOAN, Emmanuel TV Partners and all Nigerians to come together in one accord and join SNR PROPHETS TB JOSHUA as he prays to Almighty God to redeem our lands in Jesus name amen.
    God bless you sir and happy new year….

  • Mumba Shamboko

    Indeed… a candlelite service into 2012 was a BLESSING. Jesus never leaves or says goodbye,He is the same yesterday, today & forever. Thank you Prophet TB joshua and the entire Emmanuel tv crew.

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    To the Man of God, Wisemen, workers, Emmanuel tv partners, and all worshippers, may your oil never get dried, may your cruise b filled with fresh oil daily. May you never b absence on the day of your blessings. HAppy New Year. We shall testify in this year of COMEBACK. To God be the glory.

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    wow, just from the pictures i see how powerful the service was. I really love the theme of the year, indeed this is the year of COMEBACK!

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  • congratulations for the candlelite service. i really thank Master Jesus for His servant prophet TB Joshua who He has annointed to save mankind.i believe distance is not a barrier but will really like to have a touch from the man of God. i’m really disperade because of the troubles of life, i’m very far away from Lagos had i been near i would have run very fast to scoan. please you people should pray for me that this year should be different. if possible you should send me an invitation letter. i’m waiting patiently for your reply. write as quick as possible. God bless you.

  • It is really wonderful the way God is working through pastor TB Joshua. But it is very difficult to have access to the church of synagogue. Is that place for some group of people only, i ask this question because my family and i have been filling the forms for invitation for about two years now but we have not been invited, we have called the lines that needed to be called but still no invitation. I know of many who are also facing the same problem, many want to visit but why is that difficult for one to be invited?

  • Olga maluleka

    Thank u man of god

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    Emmanuel, Man of God may God bless you for the encouraging word that you gave on 31st night, and I confessed all the prophecy is mine, and believe that all my past is over and end with 2011, and that my transformation is going to be a great one indeed. May God bless you again and your entire family, the Wise men and the entire family of SCOAN. Wishing you all a happy new year. EMMANUEL.


    Emmanuel! Real it was greater night that day I never seen it before. I Enjoy every second of that candlenight. Thank Lord

  • joe from italy

    One of the real joys of the season is the opportunity to say Thank you Tb Joshua and the Wise men

    Whatever is beautiful.Whatever is meaningful. Whatever brings you happiness .May it be yoursthis 2012.i and my family says we love you from italy .
    As lam writing now you know me ,the young man with gray hair .Thank you once again,Be Bless.

  • Stephen Bryson Phiri

    Thank God for the Prophet of our time, Prophet TB Joshua. yes I agree that 2012 is the year of ‘come back’.

  • Wonderful night I will never forget.Comeback to worship God in Spirit and truth.I thank God for giving us another chance.Glory be to God.

  • christopher

    Am waiting from u man of God am looking for some wonders come into my heart take out all the evil forces talk to me on my face book pray for me to be a God fearing soldier and unite my collapsing heal me from all the pains I have in my bordy ur real send by God distance is not a barie I all watch emmaniul tv help me please

  • christopher

    Prophet tell me my. Future am real in need join my counrty army. I need Gods power to protect me and I should believe. In jesus not traditional man am havimg long time sickness heal me in jesus name

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    l thank you papa l was blessed to lit the candle while l was at home together with the congregation at SCOAN

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    I thank GOD so much for giving us and me in particular another year to comeback to his throne of grace and worship him.And i also bless the name of the lord for sending his servant SENIOR PROPHET T>B JOSHUA to our generation. May the good lord continue to empower him and the 5 wise men to hold our hands with the word as we go through this new year in JESUS NAME.THANKS GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Dear pastor ,Happy New year,and the entire church,thanks God for life today,pastor I am still living in Belize city,the man have not killed me,His name is August Franks at Belize city,I and my family thank you for what your are doing in my family,No matter the distance,please pastor kept it on ,our God will bless many-many times,please keep on praying with us,As I told you we are plane to leave this country this year.thanks

  • Charity Quilie

    Thank you Prophet only God will Bless you Sir,The service was inspiring and encouraging, Thank you once again it was awesome.

  • I thank God for revealing things to come for us to be aware and to be strong in the Lord through the mouth of our Prophet TB Joshua.Because if we are strong in the Lord no matter what comes in our ways nothing will shake us.I pray to God to bless the prophet because he is a solution to us, by telling us what God says about the future and how to correct things and turning things around for our good.


  • Ina

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  • Thilivhali

    Greetings in the name of Jesus. The service was just so beautiful and I thank God that I watched it all. Indeed it is a year of comeback to worship God in spirit and truth. Time has come for true christians to stand up and show the world just how great our God is. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men for work you are doing in our lives. I pray that God will protect you, the ministry and your fanilies in Jesus’ name. Much love from SA

  • J Tsikayi

    Thank you Man of God, i was so blessed the candle night was treuly a reflection of year of comeback.May God help all of you to fufill your resolutions in his name.

  • happy new year of Come Back SCOAN hope to see you soon, still awaiting for response for my applicationb, am trusting God it will be soon, I cant wait i even dreamed of myself been there lol!

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    Keep on doing good job man of God ,I need ur guidernce in to be dellver and my family. I don’t have piece in my home every thing is possible with God,am willing to join the army its my dream job please pray for me to be recruted in jesus name

  • Nancy Kalaba

    Emmanuel thank you prophet Tb Joshua for your obedience to the word of God.may you and your ministry grow to reach every country .amen

  • The man of God prophet Tb Joshua has indeed taught and revealed to us many revelations on the year 2011..and we have come to know that the messages he declares are prophetic messages,so as the theme of this year,the year of comeback! God has started doing it in my life.we bless the Lord for the life of prophet Tb Joshua.

  • sandra chipere

    I must confess the prophecies are starting to manifest in my life last night I prayed like never before. Like something had taken over my body glory be to God who was and is. I know the transformation is happening Praise God. Bless u Man of God and the Wiseman.

  • we thank God for the prophetic mesages!…..surely we are coming back to where we rightfuly belong in Jesus name!…..Bless you man of God!

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    I thank God for giving us another Son being Snr Prophet T.B.J !!!!!!!! I feel blessed to know be knowing him May GOD BLESS HIM MORE & MORE!!!!!!!!!!

    Oarabile Tau – Botswana

  • makougam marie

    god bless you man of god and all your ministries and he will continue to see you through in jesus name.
    powerfull message for the candle lit service indeed.

  • stephen bryson phiri

    great is our prophet!! Prophet TB Joshua, for he is showing us the true LIGHT in this time of our generation. yes ” GOD is gathering to himself the generation of spiritual worshipers”. Alleluya !!

  • Tsakani

    To God be the glory.Thank you Lord Jesus for speaking to us through Snr Prophet TB Joshua .”But an hour is coming,and now is ,when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in the spirit and truth, for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.john 4:23.

  • Tangisai nyamuzuwe

    ‘Distance is not a barrier’. I watched the candle burning away/my 2011 unfavourable situation burning away. Help me Lord Jesus Christ to come back to you only this 2012. Thank you Lord for burning all my challenges. Thank you Man of God of telling the world over the mind of God. Deliverance, Blessings, Career breakthrough and all that l need, well known by my LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST will be done accordingly. Once more, Man of God, l thank you for praying for us viewers all over the world. Your prayers are maintaining a spiritual togetherness though l would be here in Zimbabwe. ‘My miracle is on the way’. Amen

  • Germany

    My Name Julia Mansaray i thank God and the prayer of Man of God T .B Joshua;s explained that everybody whaching should belive him and he well do it and i call my girl she all ways eating are mauth since 5years and i tell her did you belive and she say yes mum i said lass pray as man of God is prayer and then i tell her to go to bed in the morming she toll me mum see when i was sleeping some body tell me i should stop eating my mauth and we pray since then i did not eat my mauth agern so we thank God for the prayer of the Man of God may he remand blass

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    Hallelujah,praise the LORD.What a wonderful NEW YEAR’S EVE,WE are blessed.Man of GOD, GOD bless you richly and we thank you for your prophetic message for the Year 2012(The Year of Comebacks).Yes I declared”GOD has positioned me to accomplish my destiny.”.In Jesus’ Name.Amen

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  • Alera in California

    Emmanuel!!! The message that came with the drama was really encouraging and inspiring. No matter how we are, Jesus loves us. The performance by the SCOAN Sunday School children’s group also really touched my heart with the marvelous singing and dancing. Thank you, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for the prophecy given during the candle light service on 31st Dec. 2011. “The Lord has positioned us to accomplish our destiny”. Thanks again for remembering the viewers as well. God bless the SCOAN in Jesus’ name. Amen.


  • Angela

    Happy New Year man of GOD and the Ministries.

  • Elestina D. Chimimba

    Happy newyear T.B.Joshua and Emmanuel team may GOD give you abundant life your indeed a servant of God.

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    I thank God for using Senior Prophet T.b Joshua. May God keep increasing his anointing so that a lot of people may be blessed and healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Wow the candle live service was amazing. May God keep anoining SCOAN members at large in the His Might name.

  • Bongani Kotelo

    Thank you man of GOD for everything in this year of comeback.The night of candle light was very great full and marvellas.I filled the presence of holy spirit that day it was emanuel that night.I also filled with joy and love!!.We will pray for the world for the prophecy you have sad and we will take actions too.I like to ask that how can i get the anointing water cause i’m in South Africa? and stickers also.May the Lord be with you and your ministry.

  • kerapetse bena
    compliments of new season!emanuel i thank God for making somebody like you man of God .may God bless You AS we start the new season to yet Use you ,the wise men in changing the lives of people

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    Thankyou for the massage it has buld me to reach another level it was so powerful. I like it

  • Thank be to God through Jesus Christ for the life of prophet TB Joshua. I and my family entered the new year in holiness of the Lord. The candlelight service was awesome and I believe this is a year of comeback and I will not cry again.

  • John Bello M

    This has been the best candlelight service.The message in the drama was really inspiring.Hope to have one or more of such faith lifting drama in a month should the Holy Spirit directs you.

  • May God bless you for this great revelation and I pray that God will open the eyes and ears of those who are refusing to see or hear who a true Prophet is. but for me and my household we shall follow the God of T.B.Joshua and observe to his prophecies and messages, May God bless T.B. Joshua. his family. the Wise men and the entire family of SCOAN. Emmanuel. and
    God has given us a Prophet, Let us just say thank you to our Lord for this Gift. Let us just ask God to Anoint him more!

  • The candlelight service was awesome just as the theme of the year was, while we hear so many ministers declaring the year as that of harvest, bountiful supply, unlimited breakthrough, which is centered on prosperity, we have TB Joshua’s declaration actually much about our relationship with God being restored, “comeback to worship God in spirit and truth” seriously you can hardly find a theme for the year similar to this, are you talking about how the service was conducted, he didn’t shout happy new year in the usual conventional way, even well after 12, he was more busy dishonouring himself while lying down on the ground- what a display of humility. i was more suprised at how he was lying there before the altar for almost thirty minutes if just lying on the floor in worship. what a prophet!

  • Man of God, we lit our candles along with you and burnt away our unfavorable situations with 2011 and were blessed because the Lord has nevet given you a false message for those sheep under your care. Favored as the Lord gave us the grace to Be among those who were ushered into the year of COMEBACK. Thank you Jesus, thank you man of God for making yourself available to be used in blessing us. Emmanuel !!!

  • I was not their in persön but was their in spirit. I’m also thankin the good God 4 providin me a patner &job.

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    Thank you man of God , you are doing wonderful work in people,s life , man of God help me because my families are scattle and our father denied us as his children we are three (susan and nancy) we need reconcilisation from God ,so we are still living in his house he is in jail now because of private things ,he took 50 million from the bank for the bussines but he didnt return back , he was christian but suddenly he became muslim – i think we need delieverance in the family ,might God use you to free us
    to contact me :- kukujomo@yahoo.com
    0995135585 sudan khartoum
    jomo yunis Domi

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    I was so blessed & touched with the Candle light Services and i saw the Holly spirit moving.

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    Tb Joshua May God countinue to uphold and prosper ur ministries in Jesus name , i believe dis is my year of comeback in Jesus name amen

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    ATT: Dear Propthet TB Joshua

    I need your help with payers in my life. I am 24 of age male.

    I lost my job in 2010 till now..
    and i have a 1year old son that needs my support but i can’t because i don’t have a job, I had personal loans and acc, when i lost my job, I couldn’t pay so my name is with ITC blacklisted. I am a child of god, grew up in a christian family, I stay in windhoek, Namibia in search of life to support my family…Please help, it’s all in god’s hands and i believe.
    Also, there is a demon in me that needs, and i need him or them to leave me alone…I am highly exposed to woman and want to have sex at all times even when i am not married like now, I can’t give or concentrate in school, church, work etc, mostly my mind and brains thinks dirty and evil doings…..In gods name i beg you to cast out all this earthly demons I am a child of god. My i be delivered & Healed in jesus name…

    i need jesus in my heart all my life, i need to be guided by god and the holy spirit..TB Joshua help me I am a lost sheep…AMen!! Tearz

    My contact details are: 00264 8175 8822 8 or e-mail: tjohaan@yahoo.com

  • The candlelight service was wonderful. All of us who watched it the whole night were blessed by our Jesus Christ. I know that millions of people watched it the whole night. With SCOAN services you will never go wrong. By watching the station you are 100% sure that the blessing are within reach.

    Keep on helping the needy, less previleged and reconcile broken marriages. T.B. Joshua you are a role model to most of us. The standard that you have set is not easy to reach. They are a lot of churches in this world but unfortunately they cannot reach the standard. You are a real man of God. God bless you for ever and ever amen.

  • Mark

    Lord I need your favour and mercy

  • Stephen Bryson Phiri

    Me and my family shall worship GOD the Almighty- the Lord who has been showing his love to his people all the time. In this ‘our time’ through prophet TB Joshua, GOD is showing us his mercy and power to deliver people of all nations out of hands of Satan. Let all people come together and worship GOD in spirit. This is the ‘year of come back’ our time to worship GOD in spirit. alleluia!!

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    Amen! the “Year of Come Back”, I receive this in Jesus name! How can I get the Anointing Water? I am Roswinidis Miilanda From Namibia.

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  • Atametsang

    Awesome. Man of God my heart gets warm when I watch what you do with humility.You are always yourself,no pretense.You are the chosen one.No one can match you by worldly standard.You are a star.I love you and your ministry.
    Glory be to our Savior Jesus Christ for planting a seed that is bearing such sweet fruits.

  • Holding back the truth from others to protect your ego or your hold on your congregation as a leader is evil and 95% of church leaders in the United States do not know who Prophet T.B Joshua is. This is the reason many die out of ignorance. If the prophet T.B Joshua was a white-man his miracles will have been a “breaking news” on BBC, CNN and others. The devil is a lair, the Holy Spirit rest on the faithful whether black or white. May the Lord continue to strengthen the Man of God IJN….Amen.

  • metterdly

    Lord Jesus Christ said he is the gate. whoever enters through him will be saved. He will come in and go out and find pasture.




    When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Redeemer and Saviour – He will do it again and again.”

    Thousands have received a touch from heaven either through visiting the ministry of TB Joshua or through watching Emmanuel TV. Don’t keep it to yourself!

    This is the opportunity for you to share your testimony…

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