Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher

Wise Man Christopher, with his usual fervour, issued his message which he titled, ‘The Weapons Of Our Warfare’ to the congregation and cited many portions of the Bible to make his case clear. In his words, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual through God in pulling down every demonic stronghold. The Word, he clarified, is not on the written page of the Bible but in the lips of the believers.  As Christians, you need to fill your mind and heart with the Word to speak it.  In Matthew 4 : 1-11, Jesus gave Christians  the battle plan when He spoke directly to the devil in the wilderness. You need to learn the value of God’s Word on your lips to confront the devil victoriously. In Ephesians 6:17, the Bible tells us that those who overcome satan will be required to use the power of the spoken Word. David, in 1 Samuel 17:45 – 50 used the Word of God in his heart as a weapon to defeat Goliath. David’s first victory was therefore in the choice of the right weapon, which was the Word of God on his lips. As Christians, Jesus has given us the Word of God as a special weapon that no power of satan can withstand. Whatever your giant or mountain, you, as a Christian, can address it with the Word of God and achieve total victory. Prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit is the most formidable weapon, the wise man concluded his message.


A week after her deliverance, Mrs Josephine Eseme Jimmy, standing beside her husband, happily gave thanks to God for her deliverance as, according to her, the urge to eat her hair had completely disappeared.  Josephine came to The SCOAN the previous Sunday for deliverance from addiction to eating her hair, including those on her head, armpits and private parts.  She said the addiction took form after she heard a voice ordering her to eat her hair. The unusual behaviour was cultivated before her marriage and had continued since then for a length of 23 years. After her confession, Josephine was delivered in the mighty name of Jesus by Prophet T.B. Joshua who told her that she was free and would not eat her hair anymore. She said that in her dream two days after the deliverance, the demon appeared to her to lure her to the old act but immediately, the man of God also appeared and the demon ran in fear. The man of God then held her and she woke from sleep. That was the end of her addiction to eating her hair.  The couple thanked the prophet one more time for being used by Jesus to bring about her deliverance. In reaction, the prophet once more established the difference between authority and power. In his words, knowing facts about Jesus does not change your relationship with Him. He however added that your reward for a relationship with Jesus is power.


A video clip on the events of the previous Sunday service showed Wise Man Daniel as he laid hands on the congregants. A woman among them,Mrs Alberta Boakye from Ghana reacted by manifesting the spiritual husband in her.

The spirit, speaking through her, said Alberta was his wife who disobeyed her to marry an earthly husband. The spirit added that it had destroyed the husband’s ministry for that reason. The spirit also said their second child could not learn because of the punishment by the spiritual husband. She was then delivered after prayer from Wise Man Daniel. Standing by her pastor husband as she gave her testimony, Alberta revealed that she sensed the spiritual husband in her life at the age of 16 when it used to have sex with her in her dreams. The spirit had been a thorn in their marriage of ten years, causing her to inflict emotional pain on her husband all the time. Under the influence of the spirit, she became the husband and took delight in issuing orders to her husband and beating him. She was however relieved to be free after her deliverance.

In response to the prophet, Pastor Nicholas the husband chronicled all the shameful treatment his wife inflicted on him under the influence of the spiritual husband. She would wake up and ask her husband in the dead of night to clean the house and wash the dishes. When she knew it was fasting time for her husband, she would deliberately set food before him to break the fast unjustifiably. Either she would meet the husband in the church to fight and embarrass him or prevent him by force from going to church after he was ready. On such occasions, the pastor whose church had branches in other countries, would call his fellow pastors in the church to ask them to carry on as he was still ‘waiting on God’. He lost his congregation to other churches and the branches closed because of the wife’s abnormal behaviour.  A king of the community who attended his church withdrew his membership because of the wife’s behaviour. After praying for the deliverance of the pastor, Prophet T.B. Joshua assured him that he would assist him to reactivate his ministry and re-open the branches. Asked to comment on her husband’s confession, Alberta, in unmistakable remorse said, ‘I feel bad and sad’ and bemoaned satan for all that her husband had suffered in her hands. Prophet T.B. Joshua ended the episode by explaining that it was the evil spirit inside the wife that was responsible and now that she was delivered, her husband should not remind her of the past.


Mr Solomon Ogheneovo

A man from Delta, Nigeria, Solomon Ogheneovo by name, told the congregation of himself as a victim of the spirit of masturbation for 24 years. He thought that getting married would stop the embarrassing act but in fact, it continued. Even after marriage, he masturbated at least every day. After unsuccessful efforts, which included fasting and prayer, on his part to stop it, he finally decided to seek the face of the Lord in The SCOAN. After receiving the Anointing Water, he gathered his family and they prayed with it. That prayer, according to him, marked the end of his masturbation. He thanked God for using the prophet to bring an end to this torment in his life.


Mrs Mercy Anthony

Mrs Mercy Anthony told listeners how she regained her menstruation which ceased for seven years, completely unresponsive to her efforts to reactivate it.  She said a good Samaritan gave her a virtually empty bottle of the Anointing Water which she topped with water, prayed with and ministered on herself. Following that, her menstruation miraculously reappeared. She ended her testimony by advising all her listeners to trust God who has an answer to whatever problems they might have.


Rahamat Yusuf Suleiman had an accident in April which, among other injuries, affected her memory. This affected her reading and preparation for her promotion examination in her workplace. The result was that she failed the examination and was denied promotion. After efforts elsewhere to find a cure had failed, she sent a friend to The SCOAN for the Anointing Water.

  On receiving the Anointing Water, she prayed with it and sprayed it on herself, particularly her forehead. Soon after, to her amazement, she vomited an earthworm. The Anointing Water gave her total healing and following her prayer with it before going for another promotion examination in her workplace, she found the questions the same as the ones she had read, making her pass the examination with ease. As she gave her testimony, Rahamat displayed her promotion letter which was the outcome of her success in the examination.  Rahamat advised her listeners to go to the Lord always for a solution to their problems.


The Emmanuel TV Team and Partners as usual filled trailers with gifts of rice, flour and other food items and transported them to the elderly and physically challenged both within Nigeria and internationally.

Yobe rice trailer 2

Yobe rice trailer 1

Borno rice trailer 1

Two of the many states in Nigeria that were visited by The Emmanuel TV Team were Yobe and Borno in the far north of the country. The team set off with two trailers each filled to capacity with rice and flour, in addition to cash gifts. The venue for the meeting with the Emmanuel TV  Team was General Hospital Leprosy Centre, Maiduguri. People gathered from all around Borno State to attend the meeting.

Borno rice trailer 2

The team sent by T.B. Joshua presented the community leaders with cash gifts and the bags of rice were distributed among everyone, regardless of race, faith or background. The Bible teaches us that we should love our neighbours as ourselves. In the same vein, various gifts were also dispatched to the needy and elderly people in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. In the Asian continent, Lahore, Pakistan was also visited with bags of rice, flour and other gift items.


In the course of the service, five visually impaired students from the University of Jos were led to the platform where they narrated their financial problems as students, one after another.

Yakubu, a student of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, was the first to bare his mind about his financial needs as a student and concluded that he needed the sum of N92,000.00 to pay his school fees and solve other problems as a student.  The rest, in turn, also spoke, explaining that as students, even the money to release their results was hard to come by. Upon listening to their complaint, the prophet directed that their needs be met. Consequently, a total sum of N284,300.00 and bags of rice were disbursed among them.


T.B Joshua

Praying in the power of the Holy Spirit, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in a powerful time of mass prayer. Many vomited the poisons long buried in their systems, thus receiving their freedom. The prophet prayed for the total release of his listeners in many areas of their lives, including their finances, businesses, marital lives among others. He also prayed for the restoration of their destinies and health. In the course of the mass prayer, the prophet issued prophecies to some people who, in reaction came forward to confirm the prophecies. Confirming that the entire congregation had been delivered and was free, the prophet proceeded to say the grace and bring the service to a close.

  • Thank you Senior Paster TB Joshua! I know distance is not a barrier for God willingness. However; because, my faith and weakness I couldn’t receive deliverance, eventhouth, I am always praying together with by screen touching with Emmanuel TB. So, please I am very, very frustrated and tired by demonic attack such sex in dream with strange women, eaten food through dream, chewing green leaf ( Shisha) etc.. I am absolutely dislike my self, please man of God help me. I lost my job and position, everybody hate me, I lost my money every thing destructed.I believe that Jesus is my savior. I know that my deliverance please only SCOAN.
    Please man of God hep me and pray to me.
    Name: Godana Arero Dessie

  • Emmanuel! To you oh God i give you glory and honour for the great Work you are doing through your servants Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men.As the year is coming to an end Anoint them with the special Anointing.The best is yet to come!

  • thank you scoan for those uplifting messages with god nothing is impossible good people keep up the good works that u were sent by the alimighty to do on earth. What i want is anointing oil please man of god i have faith that it can be a turnaround in my life. promotion, finance, marriage and a good home. i plead with u to hepl me. God bless you.

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    Thank you God for using Prophet T.B Joshua and the Wise men together with the Prayer warriors in this mighty way.We are always blessed through EMMANUEL TV sermons,encouraging words,prayers,choir,deliverence,caring for the needy etc
    We are praying to God to use you in the mightiest manner in 2012 while strengthening you more,extending His protection,favor,wisdom,love and care upon you all.
    We all declare and stick to the truth that better is not good enough,the BEST is yet to come in 2012 in JESUS NAME.
    Wish you a Merry XMas and Peaceful Happy New Year.


    Thank you Prophet T. B Joshua i know dastance is not a barrier for God willingness. However; because, my faith and weakness I could receive delverance, eventhough,I am always praying with you touching
    the sreen.Please man of God help me! I lost my money everything distructed. I believe that Jesus is my savior, I am transfeed for another job please help me to be strong, focus and protect my job,my faninces health and cereer. Please man of God pray for me! and my family,kids to do well at school.No pain in my family.

  • I just want to wish the man of God prophet T.B Joshua a MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR! and of couse not forgeting the wise men & the intire Emanuel crew, i love you all you really bless my heart and you give me hope

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  • the best is yet to come, keep it up the man in the synagogue..
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    Thanks to Almighty for all the miracles, deliverance, and word of Gog being powerfully shared within this wonderful ministry. May God continue to use his Servant Prophet T.B. Joshua and all the Wisemen for the glory of his name. I and my family wish the Scoan and Emmanuel T.V a perpetual existence until the coming of Christ.


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    I bless the name of our heavenly father for his faithfullness in the life of prophet Tb Joshua ,the wisemen and the entire Scoan ministry,I also wish them amerry xmass and ahappy new year,I know that God has good plans for us and the church as awhole,He has plans of giving us afuture and hope as we continue to wait upon him ,the best is yet to come.

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    I missed the live service but watched the re-broadcast today.Lord you
    are awesome. Thank you for the anointing of this ministry.Lets love lead

  • God Bless the SCOAN family. Happy Christmas.
    Partner, in Cross River State

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    God is doing great things in scoan. May God continue to bless you man of God and the wisemen. Many people are getting delivered. God is wonderful and mercyful. Man of God please help me, I would like to visit scoan and I have written so many application letters but no answer. Please help me man of God. I want to experience what other people have experienced.

  • I thank God for our Prophet TB Joshua who is changing many lives in this World including my life.We pray to God to give him more strength to carry on doing these great works of the Holy Spirit,because only by the Spirit of God a man can do what the prophet is doing for the people of God.To the wise men,Emmanueltv team and Emmanuel partners we love you all, keep on doing the work of God and stay blessed.To the man of God and his family we love you all happy Christmas may God bless you more.


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    Father,we give you glory and we give you honor for the life of your anointed servant prophet TB Joshua and the Wise Men and the blessed ministry in the Synagogue Church of All Nations and its branches and the service of Emmanuel TV.Praise the LORD,for it is written in(EZEKIEL 47:12″Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river.Their leaves will not wither,nor will their fruit fall.Every month they will bear,because the water from the sanctuary flows to them.Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing”)(NIV).In Jesus’ Name.Amen

  • As the year comes to and end,there have been alot of challenges and attacks from the Devil.we pray that the emmanuel TV shall break through in 2012 to shame the Devil.Praise be to GOD.

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    Thank you very much for your help to those who are in needy may god bless you to bless others.Merry christmas and happy new year, to you all in jesus name I know God will bless me with the gracy to help others in his name.

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    Im overwelmed by the annoiting did wonders in my life.emmanuel.

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    Please am a Ghanaian by name Joel Ezekiel Johnson. I have a request to make from you, men of God. I am battling with a lot of things right from spiritual and psychological instability and physical ailments.I really need your help in terms of prayers to the Almighty God on my behalf to strengthen and to restore me completely. And please i would like to communicate consistently with you. Please I know there is barrier when it comes to God’s blessing.

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    Our God is a good God. Viewers, keep watching Emmanuel TV and your life will never be the same. E-mail some of the Emmanuel TV clips to friends and relatives, and by doing so, the Lord will bless you and answer all your needs. I listened to one of Prophet TB Joshua’s sermons when he said that before we go to bed we have to pray and think about the Lord instead of thinking and worrying about our problems. I obeyed this word and put it into practice, and since then, I have always had a sound sleep, glory to God. In his other clip too he instructs us to praise God everyday, everytime, and even sometimes without opening your mouth. As you watch his sermons, do practice what he advises, and your life will never be the same. God bless Prophet TB Joshua and his Wise Men: Christopher, Daniel, Harry, John Chi, and Racine in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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    Jesus was born on this day.a son was born to deliver me an my family.thank you god of T B JOSHUA.

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    God of Abraham is trully alive in SCOAN through prophet TB Joshua, the Five Wisemen and Emmanuel tv team. Each time l got access to tv, l must seek the face of God through this medium. Since l knew Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour through Emmanuel tv, my life is now meaningful. Peace and harmony is now within my family. My wife now trust me and l also trust her. I pray for His grace to be able to visit SCOAN next year and give my several testimonies to the whole world. Thank you Jesus Christ for giving us prophet TBJ. ‘l was nobody but now somebody, the best is to come’. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    God loves us all. Let’s worship Him. Amen!

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  • Man of God my bless you and my willing from God is he may anonti you with more power and fire.Thanks you Jesus Christ for giving us Prophet TB Josua who delivar, healing and bless us thank you Jesus.I pray for mercery and grace upon his family and SCOAN church of all the Nations.

    Son of David have MERCERY in Africa and the whole world. Amen.

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    I was touched by the massage and request by the 5 brethren from the University of Jose! They not only denounce terror in that region, but brought it to the attention of the prophet. It was a humble cry for God’s intervention because they recognized TB Joshua to be a true prophet of God who can also ask God to touch “Boko Haram” sponsors, intentions, routes and functions now and then. It has been done i know, pray and wish Amen.
    May the God of prophet TB Joshua touch hearts, forgive, heal and baptize them in the holy fire of God, Amen.

  • I am really blessed with Emmanuel TV, its touch my heart with all area. Without Emmanuel TV I might be separated from my marriage, I might be where I am today, I might have a baby and so many changes. But by the power of the word of God, prayer
    I thank God for Senior prophet TB Joshua and 5 wise man, may God give you strength to do his Job. Amen

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    Thank you Lord,i am who i am today because of watching Emmanuel tv,i was lost but now i am found,by His grace God make me to be connected to Emmanuel tv and now i am learning a lot through Snr prophet T.B Joshua and the wiseman.It is true that the word of God is our weapon for spritual battle,a christian without using the word of God could be easily defeated, we have to apply its truth to our specific situation.So if we keep watching Emmanuel tv we will never regret,God ‘s time is the best. I wish you a Happpppppy new year!!!

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    Thank God almighty after listing what am facing in health,finances.and my entire household yesterday.l woke up without pains.
    2012 is a year of
    comeback to my Lord in prayer in
    Jesus name. Pls still put us in prayer as a progress, peaceful, and dearing to God.
    My two daugthers
    Monica@ Anita chiazor will sit for
    Waec.Jamb,Neco this year.for God to grant them favour in their exams in Jesus name. My husband
    Felix Chiazor who
    has been diabetic for years,the good
    Lord should deliver, cure the illness in Jesus name. My business shld be a favoured
    business in Jesus name. Whatever that is a stumble block in my stomach that causes infertity,God shld
    flush it out in 2012.

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    Where is the synagogue church of all nation in USA, maryland. And where can i buy the water. I have being having lots of obtacles and need a pray from the man of God.


    Prophet TB Joshua God richly bless you and give you long live so you can deliver so many generations. May SCOAN grow bigger and bigger to cover the whole world in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST. EMMANUEL……………

  • man of god please pray for me i dont know what to do. i thought this year will be deferent like u said its the of come back but i havent given up hope yet i know the lord will make the way for me

    In (1peter 2) people rejected GOD but he never rejected us. But still turn out to be the most important person(GOD) to all of us .GOD is always with you.GOD is still waiting for you to ask something. GOD will answer your prayer.Prophet TB Joshua I pray to GOD ,that GOD will send you to NAMIBIA to deliver my country. Thank you GOD for answering my prayer
    Beter is not good enough

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