Anointing Water Testimony – Miraculous Delivery Moments Before Operation

They met for the first time in a hospital ward, both there for a mutual purpose: childbirth. However, the night unfolded and there were no signs of labour for either woman. The medical personnel present attempted to induce the labour process through various means without any seeming sign of success. Morning dawned and Esther soon […]

Kidnapped! Released From Ritual Killers After Prophecy

It was in desperation that Mr. Innocent Osuoha and his wife, Patience, rushed to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 13th June 2010. The couple wept in silence, prayerfully clutching the pictures of two young children. Nnaemeka and Chigozie, their only sons, had been kidnapped merely days earlier, with no trace or […]


After many songs of praise by the choir, the Wise Man delivered the Message entitled: Nobody Is Quite Like You. He reminded the congregation that many are preoccupied with their personal issues, so they know more about their lives than about other people’s. In the wise man’s words, it is ‘What you believe about yourself […]

Emmanuel TV Testimony: Delivered From Drunkenness

Here is the first in a series of life-changing testimonies we want to bring to our readers, to strengthen your faith and encourage you in your relationship with God. The following is a real account of a couple whose lives were radically changed following an encounter with God through Emmanuel TV. It is indeed a […]


After a time of powerful praise and worship ushering the congregation into the presence of God, Wise Man Racine came forward to preach a message titled, ‘A Life On Purpose’. In his words, the plan of God for us is beautiful. However, human beings long for eternity in ignorance of what God has done. God […]


To contribute his humble quota to the spiritual anointing already reverberating through the length and breadth of the auditorium as a direct consequence of the tunes from the choir, Wise Man Christopher proceeded to unravel his message. Citing the game of football as the best way to explain the philosophy of life, he harped on […]