DELIVERANCE AND REFORMATION AT THE SCOAN - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


Every Sunday Service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations provides a unique opportunity to witness the mystery of God’s grace


and the majesty of God’s power.

Sunday January 2011, the second service of the year 2011 divinely termed, ‘The Year Of Another Chance’, was no different. Replete with chilling confessions of some notorious militants, remarkable testimonies of those miraculously healed from incurable diseases such as sickle cell anaemia, touching lessons of life from those whose cases were exposed through prophetic revelations and, of course, the Word of God preached with power and passion, it was certainly a day to remember!


The Gospel Of God’s Grace

As usual, the first activity of the service was the Word of God, this time preached by Wise Man Christopher. His message was simply titled, ‘The Gospel of God’s Grace’ and contained some powerful and practical truths to help believers in their daily journey of faith. Expounding on the Gospel truths, he explained, “God has written us into an unprecedented and revolutionary story of reconciliation in which hostilities are destroyed and enemies become friends. Parents play with their children and place their arms around them. By God’s gospel grace, a generation of vipers can become a seed of saints, a slave can become a leader, a shepherd can become a king and a murderer can become a deliverer. God often brings good out of evil and promotes the design of His providence, even by the sin of men. The Gospel of God’s grace changes and challenges everything. To His power, nothing is impossible.” He went further to explain about the hardships we will face as Christians, and how we should respond to them. “Beautiful things happen at difficult times. No one knows by the present sign or situation what the future holds for him. Nobody knows tomorrow but God does. As children of divine grace, our troubles promote our blessings.” It was a message of both hope and enlightenment, and was gladly received by the congregation and viewers on Emmanuel TV.

Delivered On The Brink Of Death


After the message, it was time to listen to the experiences of those who were called out through words of prophecy in earlier services. First was Mr Samuel Ademilola, who received a prophecy on 2nd January 2011 that he knew the cause of his first wife’s death, and ever since she had been tormenting him in the dream, calling him to follow her to the grave. Mr Samuel confirmed the prophetic revelation, explaining that when the volume of contention and disagreements in the home arose to a point where he could no longer handle it, he was advised by a friend to seek a devilish solution at the hands of a witchdoctor. There he requested from the witchdoctor to be separated from his wife, and for which request he was given a charm and told to throw the charm into a flowing river. Following the instructions to the letter, his wife voluntarily packed out of the house several days later and the two separated permanently. Some time after the incident, he learned of his wife’s premature death through a sudden sickness. Visiting the same witchdoctor thereafter, the man slyly remarked that he knew the wife would die following the charm that was given for separation.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Samuel began experiencing the unimaginable – his late wife began appearing to him in the night, behaving as if they were still a couple. They would sleep, eat together and do things together as if she was still alive.  But soon she became violent. Every night was a constant war, a vicious fight that left Samuel exhausted both mentally and physically. And then the nightmare went beyond the night. Mr Ademilola began to sense the physical presence of his late wife wherever he went. He would hear her voice tormenting him, and see the random movement of objects in his room. The spirit of death was haunting him, pushing him to the point of delirious insanity to make sure he joined his wife in the grave. It was in this state that Mr Ademilola came to The SCOAN and received the life-changing prophecy. Following his sombre confession and confirmation of the prophetic revelation, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit, casting the spirit of death out. After the service, Mr Ademilola testified that peace reigned in his heart for the first time in countless years after the prayer, explaining that he felt something leave his body. The crippling fear of death and continuous torment of his late wife are now a thing of the past!

Serial Smoker

Elder Adolf Ezurike

The next individual to share his experience was Elder Adolf Ezurike, who received a prophecy from Wise Man Christopher during the live Monday Service on 3rd January 2011. The Wise Man accurately revealed a spirit of death was pursuing Mr Ezurike, further mentioning his habit of smoking and the negative effects this addiction had on his marital home and health. Speaking to confirm the prophecy, Elder Ezurike commented that he had been a serial chain smoker for the past 30 years, smoking no less than two packets of cigarettes on a daily basis. He referred to smoking as his ‘closest friend’, an addiction he simply could not separate himself from. He smoked literally everywhere, including his own church, which allocated a small room to him within the premises so he could smoke unnoticed by the other parishioners. The addiction had taken its toll physically, as Adolf had an enlarged heart and experienced difficulty in breathing. Aside from this, he had been seeing the faces of dead people in his dreams, as well as coffins and other death-related incidents and items at night.

Remarkably, Elder Ezurike had a packet of cigarettes on him the very day he received the prophetic revelation! Sneaking out earlier during the service to smoke, he had held a cigarette in his hand and prayed for God to reveal his habitual smoking as a sign of God’s power and presence in The SCOAN. Merely hours later, his prayer was extraordinarily answered through the prophecy, attesting to the authenticity of the anointing in Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men. After confirming the prophetic revelation and asking God for deliverance from the spirit of smoking, Prophet T.B. Joshua said that Elder Ezurike would be a guest in The SCOAN premises for some days, so he would not only be delivered from the spirit of smoking but would also be in a conducive environment to maintain the deliverance, knowing that temptation would be rampant if he immediately left.

Reformed And Delivered Militants

A history-making event followed at The SCOAN. Last week, a militant commander had surrendered his life to Christ and received deliverance, promising to bring back his ‘boys’ to receive the same. He fulfilled his promise. Standing before The SCOAN arena were eight hardened and rough-looking militants, all of whom were notorious in their former lifestyles of crime. Confessing their sordid past before The SCOAN congregation, the militants told of the merciless killing, raping, kidnapping, robbing and other unmentionable atrocities they had committed. T.B. Joshua did not allow them to give their full confessions, knowing that the contents would be too shocking and infuriating for the public to hear. But most importantly, they all declared their desire to surrender totally to Christ, so as to receive deliverance from their past. As in the case of their military commander who was delivered the previous week, many of the people they had killed were haunting and tormenting them in their dreams, and although they were part of the amnesty program introduced by Nigeria’s government, a spirit was still pushing them to kill, pillage and plunder.


Promising to support the repentant militants on their journey of reformation, T.B. Joshua declared that an important lesson must be learned from their confessions. Even though they had surrendered their arms in the amnesty program, they needed to be set free from the evil spirit that was propelling them to commit evil. No amount of money or human resources can provide such. It can only come through deliverance from Jesus Christ. Mr. Jerry, a worker with an oil and gas company who had co-ordinated the militants’ trip down to The SCOAN, corroborated this truth. He explained that even after the efforts of the government and the provision of monetary funding, the problems in the region still persisted, as many who had supposedly surrendered in the program eventually returned to their former lifestyles of militancy. He pledged his unwavering support to continue helping all repentant militants in his area to come to The SCOAN so they can receive their deliverance and be completely set free. Prophet T.B. Joshua commended his efforts in arranging the trip, and encouraged others to take similar steps in order to bring peace and unity to their respective communities. Following their confessions, the militants received prayer from the Wise Men during The SCOAN prayer line and were delivered.

The significance of this event lies in the fact that the world has a crucial lesson to learn. The activities of these militants have attracted worldwide media attention, as their operations in sabotaging oil pipes in the Niger-Delta region have significantly affected Nigeria’s oil production output, a source which many countries heavily rely on. The amnesty program of the government also received widespread media attention, heralded as the end to the problems facing the massive Nigerian oil industry. Commendable as the exercise was, the truths learned from these militants confession cannot be ignored. If you cater for the physical and pay no attention to the spiritual, the problems will eventually persist and even worsen. To surrender your guns is one thing, but to surrender your life to Christ for deliverance is another. Both are essential.

Curing The Incurable!

The service was filled with many wonderful testimonies of those who had been healed and delivered through their attendance at The SCOAN prayer line, their using of the Anointing Water and wearing the Anointing Wristband or simply through viewing the powerful medium of Emmanuel TV.


One which stood out was the case of Miss Blessing Seikeba, who had been a victim of sickle cell anaemia, a condition she had suffered right from birth. Blessing’s sickness had seriously inhibited her academic life, the severe pain in her joints often not enabling her to even walk, let alone go to university and study. The student of UNIBEN explained how sometimes she had to be carried to her class, due to the excruciating pain she experienced. The sickness had left her body weak and caused her to look both thin and frail in appearance.

Attending The SCOAN with her mother Magdaline, Blessing was among those who received the Anointing Water. As she ministered the water, she testified that a supernatural strength entered her body. The Holy Spirit was at work! Her body rejuvenated and spirit refreshed, Blessing boldly decided to go to the hospital to test her blood, merely days after using the Anointing Water. The results were astonishing! Medical authorities confirmed Miss Seikeba’s blood type to be ‘AA’, in stark contrast to the ‘SS’ she had been tested as right from birth. Joyfully testifying, Blessing said the pains she used to experience around her joints had disappeared and she was new living with renewed vigour and zeal for life. Truly, there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal!

The Anointing Wristband At Work

With the recent introduction of the ‘Anointing Wristband’, there were testimonies galore concerning its remarkable effect on the lives of those who received it. Among those who shared their testimony was Mrs Scholastica Joseph. After her husband returned from The SCOAN with the Anointing Wristband, the family came together and decided each would wear the wristband for some minutes, believing that God would use it to bring breakthrough and freedom in their lives.

Mrs Scholastica and daughter Wendy

When it was the turn of Mrs Joseph’s eldest daughter, Wendy, to wear the wristband, it’s impact was evident! She began to shake uncontrollably and was soon writhing on the floor, as an evil spirit that had used her body as a dwelling place began to manifest. Mrs Scholastica was shocked as a hoarse voice spoke out through her daughter proclaiming she was the queen of the coast sent to destroy the family and their fortunes. The evil spirit said that it had caused Wendy to be bedwetting, and given her a spirit of lust and anger even in her tender age.


After the mother held the Anointing Wristband on her daughter’s arm and shouted the name of Jesus Christ, the demon shrieked that fire was coming forth from the wristband. Moments later, the girl lay still. The demon had gone!

Testifying in The SCOAN, Wendy reminisced that she had no awareness of all that happened to her once she wore the Anointing Wristband. She could only remember getting up from the floor to discover her body was light and a heavy burden had left her. From that point on, she stopped bedwetting and behaved calmly. Truly, God can use any medium to express Himself to others!

The Best Is Yet To Come:

The year 2011 has truly started on a triumphant note for The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV. However, each new service is ended with a fresh promise from God – the best is always yet to come! Jesus Christ is the Divine driver behind our divine fortunes. It is all about Him!

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