Addressing the assembly in the lull of the adoration music, Prophet T. B. Joshua underscored the fact that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and demons of all authorities and rankings. As our fight is targeted at demons and principalities, it is not easy to determine our closing time in the Sunday service. In our case, we react proactively to the attack of the devil as and when observed. Demons attack mankind everywhere and every time and we must react as enjoined in Mark 16:17 where God says, in my name you shall cast out all demons. Opening his message with a series of rhetorical questions,
Wise Man Racine enjoined the assembly to be vigilant if they were not to be caught napping when the Lord would arrive. Are you prepared for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ? How prepared are you to receive Him? Where will He find you when He comes? He advised the church to wake up. He reminded the congregation that what we see on a daily basis on the street are demons at work in various ways and manners. Demons use able-bodied men to perpetrate atrocities of various descriptions and dimensions against their fellow men as orchestrated by the devil whose pre-occupation is to distract mankind from his Creator, God. Demon’s purpose is to distract man from God. There is an unending war between eternity and things which are intrinsically temporal in nature. A war between Christ and evil which is also the war between the Spirit and flesh is unending, according to him. This he maintained would lead to the topic of his message which is:
Ours is a fight with enemies that we can’t see. He referred the congregation to 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. The weapons of warfare are not carnal, for ours are enemies without flesh. The first place to be victorious is in our mind, he emphasised. It is a war between knowledge and ignorance. He enjoined the congregation to find security in God’s hands. It is in God’s hands that we have victory and blessing. Freedom from fear is in God’s hands. If God is with you, who can be against you? He further reminded the congregation of the Lord’s promise to set a table before you in the presence of your enemies. He advised his listeners to look up to the Lord for eternal victory. Jesus’ victory is a supernatural victory and we should rise up in heart and mind for things above. Our victory is past victory as Jesus, by His victory over the devil, has conquered the world for us. He gave biblical backing to his point by asking the church to open Matthew 4:3 for the Lord’s temptation. The devil tempted Jesus with bread because he knew that after His forty days of fasting and praying, He must be hungry. The devil tempted Jesus to put on a sensational display of power. Jesus, though had all the power, presumed upon the Holy Spirit. This teaches us that the power given to us is not to be exercised at our own will but at the will of God.

Mounting the altar in succession to the Wise Man, Prophet T.B. Joshua x-rayed the various problems challenging the unity in many families today. In many cases, he went on, families don’t go together to church because there isn’t unity enough in the family to justify that. Even in the same church, husband and wife sit far apart to be comfortable. All this, he maintained, is the work of the devil. The nature of the man’s job could be a source of disunity as wife and children will not be happy to wake up at 4am for family prayer to enable the man to go to work early. So, when there is unity on the outside, there might be disunity on the inside. Many of your children might not accept your faith but would embrace your money.

The man of God directed that the video clip on a prophecy relating to the Nworah family be visited. The clip revealed the psychological turmoil in the mind of Mrs Rose Nworah following a strange phone number she discovered in her husband’s phone. Dialling the phone number in suspicion and anxiety, Mrs Rose Nworah received the shocking news told, with utmost disdain, by a girl her husband nicknamed Baby-Baby. The girl in question had been regaling herself in an illegal sexual relationship with her husband. As Baby-Baby herself put it, in reaction to Mrs Nworah’s phone call, “I have been enjoying your husband for quite some time and in fact, I am now pregnant for him.” What unspeakable effrontery! What a heart-shattering and mind-numbing insolence! What culpable sacrilege of cultural and biblical norms! The reality of the matter, as explained by Mrs Nworah, is that for quite some time the relationship between the couple had gone sour. The man’s amorous yearning for the woman had atrophied. Much to the chagrin of the woman, the husband never relished her meals anymore; they never slept together nor was the man interested in going out together with the wife ostensibly because of his newly discovered Baby-Baby, who incidentally hails from the same village in Anambra, Nigeria as the husband. Rose, the wife felt disadvantaged by this communal relationship between her husband and Baby-Baby as she, herself is a Ghanaian. In spite of the ethnic difference between the couple, the wife cherishes the marriage and had always jettisoned people’s negative comments and wishes about the marriage. She so loves him that she declares her affection for him to be time defiant because, as she says, her love is for ever and for ever she will love him. In his defence, Mr Uchenna Nworah acknowledged the girl as his community girl but denied putting her in a family way. Taking this as an episode for sermonising before giving his verdict, the prophet drew attention to the beauty of the woman and remarked, in confirmation of the Bible, that the battle is not necessarily for the swiftest and that is why, according to him, there are many beautiful women who, in spite of their beauty, live by prostitution in hotels today while many ugly ones are happily married. He added that beauty in the inside is more important than outward appearance. He therefore enjoined his listeners to seek deliverance in this regard. On the issue in question, the man of God declared that their marriage is from God and the so-called pregnancy claims by Baby-Baby were a mere hoax minted out to create bad blood between the couple. In total relief, the woman wore a smiling look and reiterated her yearnings to bear him all her children and love him forever. Hugging each other in their renewed matrimony, both husband and wife were delivered.

The next prophecy mentioned a woman, who in her dreams would see herself cutting the head of a goat which, on completion, would turn out to be one of her children receiving the machete cut. A few days after the dream, the affected child would fall sick and die. No sooner the prophecy was given than a woman emerged to claim the prophecy as hers because she had mysteriously lost three children in the process enunciated in the prophecy. Mrs Janet Peter from Kogi State confirmed the prophecy for herself and added that she had visited many pastors in that regard, in the hope of getting deliverance but all in futility. Developing this strand of the issue, the prophet told the church that it is hardly possible for any pastor to issue deliverance that is predicated on a dream or tale by a victim or sufferer. Deliverance, he submitted, is only possible and efficacious if the issue is revealed to the pastor by the Holy Spirit and the pastor divulges it by way of a prophecy to the person affected. Mrs Peter also disclosed her propensity to eat in dreams. The man of God assured her of deliverance. Many other prophecies, some of intriguing nature, were given and claimed by various congregants after which they were delivered and reassured of a more fruitful life in Christ. God, according to the prophet, has intended that His people should not grope in ignorance and consequently perish. He has, on the contrary, planned that a prophet should be among them. Through the prophet, God has intended to reveal essential information to them for their edification, survival and growth. However, this fact is not appreciated by many people and so, such people deride the prophets of God. The prophet is the only book after all books but which is not available in the market.

The prophet is the mind of God. He thereafter referred to a prophecy relating to Kenya which was issued the previous Sunday in the service. In the said prophecy, the prophet talked of seeing a place in Kenya where people drink and which would be attacked. It was therefore a warning sounded to those who would believe the prophet. This prophecy is confirmed in media reports that a police officer in central Kenyan town went on a shooting rampage killing ten people in different bars. The shooting spree happened late Saturday in Siakago 150 km North East of Nairobi.
The prophet went into prayer with the congregation as the Wise Men laid their hands on members of the congregation. He prayed that the light of God must shine no matter what the devil does, adding by way of more spirited prayer, that every power limiting the congregation must loose its grip.

The first fall-out from the mass prayer was a woman from Asaba, Delta State who in spiritual manifestation, confessed that she was ‘ogbanje’(an agent of satan, often born to die) and had been directed to use her powers to kill her husband. She however, according to her, would not do that because she loved her husband very much.

The second was a prophecy by the man of God in which he saw a royal father or king among the congregation wearing a charm. He therefore asked the unnamed royal father to come out into the open of his own volition. A frail- looking old man in regal attire emerged from the congregation in response to the prophecy and declared himself as the one at whom the prophecy was directed. The royal father declared his willingness to remove the charm and identify with Jesus Christ. However, in recognition of his age and regal status, the prophet never allowed him to be stripped for the charm in the public gaze. The royal father thanked God for pointing him out adding that the charm had rendered him senile and incapable of identifying any of his fifty children. He was however, told that his sickness was the result of a charm he trod on in the past.

Another prophecy was given relating to a witchdoctor who had killed seven of his children and instilled fear in the entire community leading, in some cases, to a pandemonium as the gods were on the prowl in the village. The man, as the prophecy revealed, had taken to his heels to the church to seek refuge. The witchdoctor revealed, in confirmation of the prophecy that his wife had been disabled by the same gods and might die soon if proactive reaction was not in the offing. By the action of the gods, according to the witchdoctor, they had disappointed him and he would disappoint them in retaliation by identifying himself with Christ and annihilating them. He said he inherited the gods from his fore-fathers and had built a house for them. He appealed to the man of God for deliverance so that he would survive the present threat to his life.
The man of God frowned at the old man for killing his children and also endangering the lives of the village people with the gods. As the issue unfolded, it became clear that many people in the assembly had not gone to their villages for the past ten years and more because of evil practices that witchdoctors in these villages had perpetrated on the innocent people. The man of God planned a mass prayer for such people who had been afraid to go to their villages so as to fortify them spiritually and encourage them to re-unite with their families in the village. Following the incessant plea by the witchdoctor who feared he might die if the man of God ignored him, the man of God pitied him and promised to deliver him for the Lord. Earlier, the prophet had intimated to him that he had not included some of his most powerful gods in the train of gods he displayed. The man of God mentioned some snakes and tortoises that constituted some of the most dangerous gods he had. The witchdoctor confessed that those ones were too dangerous for him to toy with.
The Sunday service had too much in package in form of deliverance and healing for one day and so a continuation service was arranged for the following day, Monday 8th November, 2010 beginning at 12 noon.

  • Andrew Pemberton

    Greetings and blessings in the name of Our Lord and saviour,JESUS, who said “I am what I said I am”.

    PLEASE family do not ignore the power of THE HOLY GHOST,because through Prophet TB JOSHUA,THE LORD reveales HIS power and for us, just to be part via our televisions nobody will realy understand how the services keep us binding in THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

    May The Lord BLESS All of us where ever we may find us.

    May the praise go to HIM.


    God continues to be many steps ahead of the immortal enemy, Lucifer.
    The ploy of the devil has always been that of confusion, misleading, misinforming and misdirecting.
    This was evidenced in the garden of Eden, where deception was given birth to both through the devil and passed on to unsuspecting Adam.
    The devil knows that of paramount importance to God, are His children who remain loyal to Him through out the ages thus protecting the generations that come after them.
    Lucifer deceives those who do not walk in God’s ways by creating pseudo-covenants with them that keep them bound to himself thus condemning the generaions that come after them.
    None can ever understand the gilelessness of the deceiver unless amongst them there be an annointed servant of God who can speak the mind of GOD.
    The batle is for our souls and Lucifer seeks to destroy at whatever cost, by whatever means, be it communicative or none comminicative objects and means.
    The best place, seemingly so, for the devil to wreck havock is in marriages or relationships that are ordained from above.
    The devil knows that the issue or children from such unions will give forth children who are proevted by God, so the devil works hard to steal, kill and destroy happiness and cohesion from such unions.
    But thanks to The Man Of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua at the Synagogue God continues to reveal the deception, lies, pseudo-covenants of doom, hatred bizzare acusation, strange afflictions that are tirelessly being emloyed by Lucifer.
    This is not for show, but to indicate to the people that God , through Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit is the only permanent solution to our problems.
    Nothing can be revealed through God and not solved.
    May GOD continue to work through Prophet TB Joshua as the directs and prepares the Wise Men and continues to create other Ministries that are from above.

  • Praise the Lord! Emmanuel! The message by the Wise-man, Racine is true. Everyday we are faced we battles which cannot be won except by walking in the Spirit and acknowledging our Lord of hosts Jesus as our Saviour.

    Thank God for a mentor like Prophet TB Joshua.

  • True, everyday is a battle between us Christians and the kingdom of satan. We the Holy Spirit’s guidance and acknowledgment of Jesus as our Saviour to walk in victory.

    Thank God for a mentor like the man of God TB Joshua.

  • Irene C. Ngwinja

    God will always make away when there seems to be noway. The only thing we can do is to submit ourselves to Him and leave everything we do that is called sin. Just confess everything to Him live with Him everyday He will take you to the places you are dreaming of.

  • chalebgwa masalela

    our father in heaven i come to you because i am a sinner ,help me overcome sin and have a clean heart.i dont want to hurt anyone,i dont want to steal ,i dont want to hate anyone or gossip.Lord help me do good things not evil ,i dont want to serve satan. i give my life to you lord to control me and to be your servant.

    Man of god TB Joshua , wise men and people all over the world pray for me and my family.

    God bless you all.

  • Praise the Lord. This deepens my faith to follow Jesus Christ

  • kgomotso Hule

    praise be unto the Most High who reveals greater things through his saint (Pastot T.B.Joshua). I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU MAN OF GOD AND I BELIEVE ONE DAY GOD WILLINLY I SHALL MEET YOU.

  • Thank you JESUS for the live of prophet TB Joshua , Fellow brethren in Christ God is still saying something , pls lets not ignore our Prophet nor listen to satanic lies about hjim , cos God is actually using him to do wonderful things , just reading through his sermons i am bless everyday , my life has never been thesame again , why not try Jesus and see

  • mavis chilyata

    praise be to God almighty, for such a great service.

  • hello fello brethens.god is great and always looking out for us.what he does for us is takes time for us to realise the power of god is working on us.i believe the devil is out there pulling us not to attend services.i pray to god that he strengthen my faith.

  • my soul is waiting for you Lord. I thank G.o.d for he is my healer, comforter.when look to him, he loves us. when you call upon him, he will show you the unsearchable things and words and do not command in yur prayer because he knows you and me. even before you want to ask ,knock he already knows what you want from him. Praise the Lord.

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    PROPHET T.B.JOSHUA is a Man of GOD indeed who has helped many in different ways May the Almight God bless and use him more than yeasterday in ALL what is doing in Jesus name

  • True, Wise man. Everyday of our lives as Christians is a battle. Without the grace of Jesus we are no match to satan.

    Thanks to God for a mentor like the man of God, TB Joshua.

    God bless



  • Nakwelwa Muyangwa

    Can anything good come out of Africa and Nigeria?

    I always marvel at what this servant of the LORD is doing. Everything about him is anointed. The sermons, the miracles, the prophesies. Everything he does has a touch of God in it.

    What a great opportunity we have to listen, hear, understand and be reconciled to God through this servant of the LORD T B Joshua.

    This man is true and genuinely sent from God at this crucial time in the history of mankind. Please people of the world listen to his message and teaching and be saved.

    May our God and saviour the LORD Jesus Christ continue to give his servant strength, protection, wisdom and understanding in all things.

    Satisfied disciple.

  • Docas

    Revealing God’s Power – Thank you for reminding us to be awake and know that our fight is against the principalities and demons of all authorities. For sure we need God in our lives (hearts) to win the fight because HE has best weapons to use. Really anyone who uses God’s weapons is always victorious in his/her fight.

    Thanks to Man of God for telling us that the devil causes disunity in the families. For sure its not easy for children and the couple to see or understand one’s faith. When the devil sees that in that family there is one who knows God he comes and enters to cause confusion either through the child or wife/husband. Devil you have no place to hide, every stone is turned to bring you to light. Man of God continue delivering and uniting families.

    I very much long to come to Synagogue Church of Nations. I have faith that no matter what the devil does, God will open the way for me.

    God bless you man of God and the entire church

  • tenagne

    I am tenagne, am an ethiopian I watched on sunday morning I was shocked really. what a man who killed his children with this evil spirit ,his wife& the villagers.I dont think so he is a human being , but thanks god &man of god they are released from this bondage I am happy every one is free in jesus name Amen PSALM 108 VS 31

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    Praise the Lord,and we thank Him so much for the life of our Pstor Prophet TB Joshua
    Really we don’t know how to repay our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all His benefits and blessing we have in Him through the teaching of His son Prophet TB Joshua.
    Man of God Prophet TB Joshua God bless you and sustain you and the wise men by the power of the Holy Spirit more and more and use you to glorify His name and His Glory.May GOD gives us all as His children Wisdom,Knowledge and Understanding to use His Word and meditate in it in order to be glorified in Him and use us for His Glory.
    Man of God Prophet TB Joshua,may our Lord and Savior Jesus empower and sustain you by His Spirit and bless you in all areas of your life and wash us all by His precious Blood,in Jesus mighty name.Amen

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  • I’ve been working for 12 yrs in a Media organisation, starting from Plateau to Abuja to Maiduguri. Prior that,there were lots of critism against the Man of God.And I tried for several years to make others understand the works of Holy Spirit to man,despite how Jesus Himself was also critised.I really wish,with the idea of Hausa language,to do what God ask everyone to do.Share the Words to the ends of the earth would reveal the Power of God in my life & others.Pray for revelation to me,Man of God.

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    i believe and trust that god is using tb joshua to heal and bless us in the the of jesus christ amen.

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