In a spirited sermon to awaken the congregation to the power of God,

Prophet T. B. Joshua reminded the Church of the greatness of God and His ready disposition to forgive sins, however grievous some of these sins may be. In his words God is capable of doing anything and also forgiving any sin. To His power nothing is impossible. Breaking in on the choral music which had been reverberating all over the Church and to which the congregation responded in unison with elegant steps, Prophet T. B. Joshua enthusiastically spoke on the forgiving spirit of God with copious illustrations. In his words, the past is forgiven. We have seen a sinner’s character healed, the drunkard becoming sober, the harlot becoming chastened and the liar becoming truthful. “What then is the fear?” he asked the congregation. He spiritedly reminded his listeners that if they trust in God, that trust will save them. Trusting in the suffering of Christ is enough to save us, deliver us and make us whole. He concluded the sermon by advising the congregation to remain in trust.


The Wise Man introduced his message with a series of questions. How do we achieve a desired goal? Who wants to be saved? What must I do to be saved? He aptly referred the congregation to Acts 16: 29-32 which provided the answer to his questions: Believe in the Lord and you will be saved. According to him, God has promised salvation for whoever shall trust His Son. Race, age brackets, academic qualifications, wealth or any other attribute cannot save us outside Christ. If you are willing to be saved, Jesus is willing. Jesus brings hope and succour to those who trust Him. He is the bread to the hungry and road map to the lost. Whatever you are, you need Christ to be saved. God has a role to play in your salvation just as you too have a role to play. It takes your willingness and God’s ability to bring about your salvation.
Our hearts and minds must be reset to agree with God’s plan for our lives. You must get rid of those things that derail you from God. You cannot experience peace under the dominion of satan. Satan is sin. Another name for satan is sin.

Quoting Psalm 51:7 as a reference text the Wise Man admonished the congregation on the need to be cleansed of sins. According to him King David saw the need to be cleansed. Wash me with water whiter than snow and remove all impurity. David knew he would not have place in God’s kingdom unless he was washed from sins. In his sins, David could not see anything other than the fruit of sin: failure in the family, in the battle field etc. Unless you are cleansed of your sins, your blessing will receive challenges. The attitude of repentance and faith in your heart keeps you closer to God. Mistakes are correctable. If you make a mistake, don’t run from God; run to Him. Because David ran to God in spite of his sins, he remains one of the greatest Kings in Israel today. Your Father in Heaven has anticipated your sins and prepared for you. You have not committed an unpardonable sin. Our lives are in God’s hand and we cannot please Him without a thorough reformation of heart and life. God requires a heart that does not bear grudges. Doubts and unbelief put us on the wrong track. Jesus loves you just as He does any of His children. Jesus is able to forgive all our sins, he concluded.

Wise Man, Harry and his wonderful performances in Macedonia attracted his comments. The prophet told the congregation that the crusade in Macedonia attracted a large turn out of participants. It was so wonderful and even comparable to those spiritually hosted by the prophet himself in Indonesia and Singapore. It had to be extended to the following day i.e. Sunday and Monday. Wise Man, Harry also revealed to Prophet T. B. Joshua his vision to be in Macedonia especially close to Paul and Silas’s prison for tourists to see the wonders of God.
A clip on the wonderful works being performed by Wise Man, Harry surfaced on the screen and the congregation watched with rapt interest.


Mr and Mrs Ifah brought out their children and Mrs Ifah, the spokesperson accused their daughter, Judith of witchcraft before the entire congregation. She narrated how a baby of hers died mysteriously after a period of excessive stooling. She painted a picture of lack of peace in their family and of the sickness of her husband which had defied healing.

The daughter, Judith Ifah confessed to being a witch and added that it was the result of the fruit juice which she accepted from one of her classmates. She said she told her mother the dream she had after taking the juice and her mother prayed for her. She revealed that the giver of the juice asked her to bring their baby to the coven and that was the cause of the baby’s death. She said that she ate the baby. She also revealed how she was advised to use a rope to tie her father to his bed and cause his health to deteriorate. All these feats would attract to her a second position in the witchcraft world.
In reaction, Prophet T.B. Joshua advised parents to bring up their children in the way of the Lord to have peace. The child in question was left in the hands of satan because of the parents’ carelessness. The prophet pronounced Judith a witch or demon possessed as presented by the parents.

He then asked the parents to lay hands on her and ask every unclean spirit to leave her. That was how Judith was delivered. The prophet however warned both parents not to call her a witch after the deliverances.

A lady by name Memory, from Zimbabwe but living in South Africa confessed how she was hoodwinked promises of monetary offers on the internet. She was taught incantations which she mastered but none of the promises materialised. Instead, her marital home became bedevilled with problems to such an extent that she used the police to eject her husband from the home. She then pleaded with the man of God for deliverance. At the exclamation of the name, Jesus by one of the evangelists she fell down and was delivered.


One Emmanuel Chijoke and his relations all of the Abraham family from Enugu complained about the problems of setback and deaths in their family attributing all this to their mother.
The genesis of the accusation was a crusade in Abuja at which one of Emmanuel’s cousins was a participant and where he was told by a man of God there that their mother was the brain behind all the woes in the family. The said man of God was then invited to Enugu where he confirmed his earlier vision that their mother was a witch and that only her head and shoulders was human; the chest down to the feet was vulture in appearance. Surprisingly to the family, their mother could not refute the accusation by the man of God. She complained that at that time, her eyes, ears and mouth were muffled and she could not talk.

She then challenged the family to take her to anywhere and they would realise that she is not a witch. This was the reason they came to the SCOAN.

In his verdict, the man of God pronounced the woman witchcraft negative and ordered the children to kneel down to her in apology.

Before the prayer line, the participants of which were zoomed on the screen,

a lady, 20 year old Miss Sulman who was healed of foot ulcer came to give testimony and also made to show herself to those in the prayer line to reassure them of their healing.<img src=”http://thetbjoshuafanclub.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/10-10-10-g-4.jpg?w=200″ alt=”” title=”10-10-10 [G] (4)” width=”200″ height=”300″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1990″ />

Three men and three women who were healed of HIV AIDS came to give their testimonies. Among them who spoke was 27 year old Mrs Motunrayo Sowemimo,
who was tested positive with Hiv aids type one in the Federal Ministry of Health, Abuja.

After the prayer line where she was declared free, she said she became stronger and ate with more relish.

She went back to the same hospital for another test but thanks to God, she was Hiv negative this time.

Miss Oduwole Olayinka, a youth worker in the church who came bagged 1st class (Electrical/Electronics), University of Lagos also got a scholarship award from the Church to do a Master degree in one of the best universities in the world. She consequently applied for admission and was offered same in three good universities in the United Kingdom. These were the Universities of Southampton, Edinburgh and that of Surrey.
She picked the University of Southampton as the best and the Church paid a total sum of £13,900 as her fees. Later and in consonance with the man of God’s crave for the best, the University College, London, offered her admission. Without hesitation, she changed her mind and picked the latest offer. A total sum of £18,245 was paid as fees for her to start classes on the 11th of October 2010.
The man of God seized the opportunity to advise the congregation to always look for the needy to help rather than waiting at home for the needy to come to them. In this way, according to the prophet, they would not be helping the wrong people.

  • I was so touched by the services,I thank God for always reminding us dat to his power nothing is impossible,no sin is greater dan God’s forgiveness,even if u think u have done the worst sin,God is willing to forgive it.I also thank Prophet Joshua for reminding us dat we need to help others without being asked.

  • Praise God! Emmanuel! I give God the glory for exposing those people who went in the House of the Lord with ill motives. How can a person surely think of attacking a man of God for doing good to the people. I am proud of Prophet TB Joshua, God is really using him. May God continue blessing him so that the world can know that Jesus lives, He never said goodbye.


    Thank you Jesus for the gift of forgiveness in my life. Through the teachings of the man of God, i have learned the need to forgive and to be forgiven. His plan for us is of good and not of evil so therefore any power of darkness in our life shall be exposed to light. Any hill in our life shall be leveled to the glory of God. Because we are under His Eyes, He keeps on protecting us everyday from the dangers unseen. After this last Sunday service, i begin to see the need for one to come more closer to God than before even when He tells us that He will be with us till the end of time. Thank You Jesus for your protection upon the life of Prophet TB Joshua and the Wise men at SCOAN. Satan has been put to shame. Alleluia!

  • chalebgwa masalela

    praise the lord

    Blessed is the hand that gives than one that receives.

    god’s people pray for my mother here in maun she is very sick. with God anything is possible ,he is a healer of every illness .Satan is a liar.blackmailer .thief and evil.

    We must believe that Jesus died for us and in him we must trust and will never leave us.

    Glory be to God


    GOD’s simplicity of approaching to matters that confound human reasoning continues to show that no one can determine how God chooses to respond to us and show HIS presence in our midst.
    Whatever is preached by all the MEN OF GOD is a key to our answers.
    Not in the distant past, we may recall reputable people and scholars challenging TB JOSHUA’s existence of a mentor.
    Now GOD has emphatically answered them by the FIVE WISE MAN, and to heap coal on detractors’ heads, Wise Man Harry IS ”…DOING THE WORKS OF JESUS CHRIST’, and equaling the Man of God , prophet TB JOSHUA, in the absence of TB JOSHUA.
    The same spirit guided teachings and prayers strengthening TB JOSHUA, are the same spirit guided teachings and prayers that nurtured Wise Man Harry, Wise Man Chi and the others.
    Murmuring is unGodly!!!
    The spirit gifts of GOD work well in reciprocation, multiplication and quantification!!
    GOD is still saying something and still directing HIS true Churches!!!

    God always has the last word!!

  • Pastina

    Emmanuel!! Jesus lives and never said ‘Goodbye”

    I thank the Man of God for transforming my life immensely. He also taught me that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Praise the Lord. I feel very very free whenever I listen and watch the SCOAN Overseer General in action. I ask for breakthrough and may the Good Lord shine upon my entire family. Please Man of God pray for my sister Wiriranai and brother Tariro who are both not feeling well. Deliver them from the spirit of death. Thank you Jesus.


  • nicoline egu


  • Tanya Jackson

    EMMANUEL!! EMMANUEL!! JESUS is indeed the God of impossibilities..He is alive and he never said Goodbye. May God continue to use his faithful servants in such an extraordinary way. Amen

  • Barati Portia Mooketsi


    God never said goodye, he is the same God of yesturday, today and tomorrow. Prophet T B Joshua i thank the most high God for the appointment of the 5 wise men and also the evangelist, Eish the way the word of God is preached there it is shocking and its a miracle.

    i want to take this moment and say thank you for Emmanuel television, my testimonies is that since i have watched Emmanuel, i feel peace inside of me, it has build me to be a better person, I have surrended everything in God and my prayer is to be always near God just like King David did when he saw that he has committed a sin.


  • Patrick Pillias

    Glory be to the name of the almighty. Yes in his name all things are possible. Keep doing mighty is his sight, let the spirit of God keep leading you in every area of your lives. Glory be to God!


  • mavis chilyata

    Greetings to all emmanuel.tv team, and great family of the scoan. I thank you for the great work you have done in my life, i don’t know where i could be without the ministry of the scoan. EMMANUEL! GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Mwashita Wilfred

    Let those who receive the WORD of the LORD, do their work without discouragement and without fear.
    TB Joshua ,Emmanuel TV team,members of the SCOAN, not forgetting the Wise men,pliz continue teaching us about LIFE and the LOVE of GOD. Continue to forgive those who persecute you

  • jay

    tb Joshua is a mentor to some of us
    his teaching seems the best but
    he should know that a prophet is never
    accepted in his own land.
    how do i get the MIRROR?

  • nicoline egu

    Praise the lord I thank the man of god for his teaching have make me learn that we have to forgive in order to be forgiven.please man of God pray for my husband who is not feeling fine because of a sickness in him.He has been suffering for for this sickness for four years.Please man of pray for him to be heal.Thank God for he is heal.

  • Rediet Tezera (Ethiopia)


  • Rediet Tezera (Ethiopia)


  • AWESOME, jesus christ the same yesterday today and for evermore.!!!

  • gospel katuta mwewa

    l really appreciate the work that prophet tb joshua is doing to all of us all over the world. changing lives, bless you forever. l would also appreciate to be a good partner in spreading the word and helping the less priviledged.emmanuel!!


    the gospel is ever interesting,wonders n sign preceeds every meeting.indeed JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YTSDAY,TDAY AND 4EVERMORE.AMEN!!


  • Barati Portia Mooketsi

    Barati Portia Mooketsi


    Man of God help me to overcome fear, am very scared that the way fear is taking my life i will end up taking wrong decisions in my life. i know God is still alive but sometimes when i look at my life, i get dissapointed and end up coming with my own wrong conclusions. Help me Man of God.

    i also believe that if God allows you to open a branch or send one of the Wise man in Botswana a lot will be saved. i need the kind of pray at the Scoan. man of God i believe if my email touches you or one of the wise man i will be delivered from the spirit of fear and insecurities.


    Man of God Ihave been watching Emmanuel tv and saw how the almighty God has been working in you. His work is wonderful, God has been delivering people in a wonderful way , Irealy bless God. I have my bother namely Frank Anaseli Mshiu in Tanania. For more than ten years now he has been in boundage by comfussion and depression spirits . He was an accountant but due to this problem he was forced to resign from the work. He was married and had two children. The wife ran away with the two children and was married to another man. Our bother was left alone in his house in dar es salaam without any help and without food. Our family dcided to move him to the home village in Moshi Kilimanjaro, but his situation is realy bad since he is not using any medication any more due to financial problems. We cant afford bringing him to Nigeria. But I believe if you say a word he will be delivered, he will be whole and one day he will save the lord, he will sing a song of praise to the lord.

  • lawrence mshana

    Thank you god for giving as man of god, a gift like what we see in Nigeria.we sorry that we are far Tb Joshua we need to see you and to attend your prayer . thank you for helping people and one day you will help me also.

  • mwashita wilfred

    Our minds are full of eathly beliefs and earthly knowledge. We fail to appreciate the heavenly works done by our fellow brothers at SCOAN. Brothers,may the Lord keep on using u for the salvation of the poor in spirit,me in particular.Emmanuel

  • fadzi

    Where can we go from his presence? Where can we go from his Holy Spirit? No where. People all over the world love and worship the Most High God in times of trouble and in times of happiness and do his will. Because in his presents there is happiness, freedom to worship him and many other benefits he provides us.
    God of Snr Prophet T B Joshua he said in Jeremiah 33:3
    Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

  • gospel katuta mwewa

    my life has changed with all these wonderful testimonies

  • tessie

    God is doing wonders