Condemned To Die; Destined To Live

A stirring account from The SCOAN’s new publication ‘Read Us’ detailing the astonishing story of an armed robber who was saved from certain death by what can only be termed ‘divine providence’.

The Wonderful Word And Work Of God!

Sunday 25th July 2010 remains imprinted in the hearts of the thousands of worshippers at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations as a date forever to be remembered as a turning point in their lives. Once again, God proved Himself as the God of redemption, restoration and reconciliation as countless needs were met, problems were […]


As another Sunday dawned, thousands streamed into the SCOAN cathedral and thousands more tuned into the live service – to receive from the Throne of grace. Week by week, news continues to spread of lives transformed, hopes renewed, sicknesses healed, yokes lifted and families reconciled, through Jesus Christ at The SCOAN and on Sunday 18th […]


It was another wonderful day indeed; a day of thanksgiving for the mighty things God has done in the life of His anointed servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua and The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. The Sunday service started with the opening prayers and superb rendition from the splendid choristers. When Prophet T.B. Joshua came, he […]