What an awesome service day! - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)

What an awesome service day!

Have you ever, in your capacity as a human being, imagined the possibility of a bird engaging in a tussle with you over food? Well, this was one of the facts revealed through the power of prophecy in the life of Prophet TB Joshua. During the service, the man of God prophesied to a man that sometime ago, while the man was eating, an eagle came and picked his food.
The man in question, Mr. Udensi Isaiah Eke by name, confirmed the prophecy saying that when the eagle picked his meat from the plate, he decided to retrieve it back from it but in the end, the eagle made away with half of the meat while he had the remaining half. Certainly, many would have thought of the man’s action as being ridiculous. Why should he be fighting a bird over a piece of meat? Why couldn’t he just leave the meat for the eagle? These would have been the thought of many. But surprisingly, the man of God asked the congregation to give the man a round of applause for his boldness. Describing the meat the man was eating then as the leg part of a chicken, the man of God further revealed that if the eagle had succeeded in making away with the whole meat, by now the man would have been on a wheelchair as the bird was indeed a wizard. He added that if it was the head part of the meat the bird took away, in reality it means it had taken the man’s head; likewise the heart or any other part of the meat. In further confirmation of this, the man said that after this incident, he suffered arthritis that kept him indoors for three months. Let’s recall the words or prophecy spoken earlier by the man of God in which he revealed that the part of the meat the bird found the man eating and which it took was the leg part of a chicken. Unfortunately for the evil perpetrators, the mission was not fully accomplished as the evil bird only managed to make away with half of the meat. Yet this still had its consequences on the man’s health – the arthritis he suffered for three months. If not for these words of prophecy, what could have exposed the evil behind this whole scenario? As the man made his way to his seat after the prophecy, one could see him heaving a sigh of relief which speaks just one thing – solution at last!

At the prayer line section of the church, many were arrayed for a divine touch from the Lord – that touch that would bring freedom to the afflicted, oppressed and those in the captivity of satan. As the man of God prayed for the people in the name of Jesus Christ, many fell under the influence of the Holy Spirit as their sicknesses and diseases left them. No doubt, our Lord Jesus Christ is concerned about us and He has many miracles in store for us. We just need to give Him a chance to prove it.
Among the many that received their healing were a woman and a man who were brought to the prayer line section in a vehicle because they could not walk. Mrs. Ozoemena Ononuju could not walk due to osteoarthritis of the lumbosacral segment while Retired Major Oligbi Frederick also could not walk due to fracture and dislocation of the right femur coupled with severe osteoarthritis of the hip.

They both received their healing when the man of God asked that the anointing water be spayed on them. Instantly, they rose to their feet and began to walk. Surely, the evidence of God’s miracle is our rising and walking.

Earlier in the service, testimonies of the anointing water were given and one of them was the mighty deliverance that occurred in a family.
According to Mr. Wilson Osoh, for twelve years, he had been battling with his son who had been afflicted with unruly behaviours which caused him to leave his parents’ house. After receiving the anointing water, he called his son that he must come back home and the son did exactly that. When he finally got home, the dad sprayed the anointing water on him and he fell down. Delivered from that spirit that had caused him to indulge in truancy, the son is now back home with his parents. Not only that, Mr. Osoh’s daughter who was possessed of contrary spirit was also sprayed the anointing water and immediately, the evil spirit in her started to manifest itself and wanting to attack the dad, saying to him, ‘Do you know who I am?’ The father declared boldly to her, ‘Do you know Jesus’, and immediately, she fell down. That was how he brought the daughter to the church and the man of God told the father to spray the anointing water again on her and immediately, she started manifesting and the evil spirit in her said, ‘She is my wife; I am married to her; I want to destroy her’.
However, satan is powerless in the face of God’s amour. This was fully demonstrated as she soon fell down and remained calm, like any normal human being. And the man of God declared her free.
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ubochi also testified of the Lord’s goodness in their lives. Mr. Ubochi recounted how their dead baby was brought back to life after they administered the anointed water on her. According to him, when his wife was about to deliver their baby, she had a prolonged labour for three days which led to the death of the baby in her womb. She was then operated upon to bring the baby out. When he was called by the medical personnel to come and take the dead baby away, Mr. Ubochi decided instead to spray the anointed water in the baby’s nose and then the mouth and behold, the baby started sneezing and eventually cried. Oh, what a mighty God we serve!

The sermon delivered by the man of God was titled – Don’t be ruled by your situation. The man of God went on to explain that our situation could be poverty, sickness, setback – any foolish thing. He therefore urged the rich not to concentrate on their wealth while the poor should not concentrate on their poverty either. The sick also should not concentrate on their sickness remembering the soothing word of Jesus in John 16:33: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.
One of the points to note in the message and which left many pondering is when he said that one may be poor and yet be a friend of Jesus, a candidate of heaven. The man of God pointed out that many Christians today worry, cry, murmur and complain everyday about their situation because their lives are centered on how they are doing, how they are feeling and how they are being treated. We should, however, remember that is that it is all about Jesus, not all about us.
To buttress his point, he led the people to the Book of 2 Corinthians 12: 1-10, a passage that dwells extensively, as the man of God puts it, on how Apostle Paul gave an account of the method God used to keep him humble. He advised the people that in communicating their experiences, they should always remember to take note of what God has done to keep them humble and also what God has done in favour to them and for their advancement.
Expatiating on the message, the man of God said that when we are afflicted with thorns in our flesh, we should give ourselves to prayer. Just like Apostle Paul in that Book of 2 Corinthians 12: 7-10, if an answer is not given to the first prayer or second, we must hold on and hold out till we receive an answer. Finally TB Joshua enjoined all to always remember their dream and goal no matter the situation they may face.
The service also witnessed the demonstration of what we are called to do as Christians – responding to all human needs; this is what love entails.
Among those to whom the hand of love was extended was Patricia Fabian who was delivered on one of the Sunday services of an evil spirit that had tormented her for long. On that day, the man of God prophesied that she was merely being used spiritually to perpetrate evil. Having received her deliverance, she was given the sum of N200,000 and four bags of rice. Rosemary Chukwu, a 26 year old lady whom the man of God gave a prophecy during a Sunday service that she was in the act of prostitution and from which she was then delivered also benefited from this charitable act as she was given the sum of N200,000 and four bags of rice.
A couple of weeks back, Mr. Osita Okechukwu was called out through words of prophecy by the man of God that there was an armed robber who had and evil power to disappear in the face of danger. Having received his deliverance, he was given five bags of rice and also a sum of N300,000 to establish himself financially.
On one of the Sunday services, Christiana Epelle was delivered of contrary spirit. When she was arrested during that Sunday live service, the evil spirit in her spoke of how it killed her husband thus making her a widow. Now delivered, she was given four bags of rice as well as a sum of N300,000 to assist her financially. One thing to note is that all these people were not just presented with monetary gifts and bags of rice, but also went home each with a copy of the Holy Bible to help them develop their spiritual life. As they have all been delivered by God’s Word, they must go and be ruled by God’s Word.
We give glory to God for all He has accomplished in the lives of the people. Truly, if millions of this generation are to believe, they must see proof that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever. Jesus is alive; He never said goodbye. Keep this at the back of your mind as you join us next week through Emmanuel TV for another live service at The SCOAN.