True to his commitment to the work of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua has often dwelt on different aspects of the committed worshipper and true worshipping in his teaching during live service every Sunday. One of his themes on Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the mark of a true prophet. The man of God cited various portions of the Bible to elucidate his point. This was however, preceded by a short period of devotional prayers.
After a short period of worship, the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua gave a message which was titled: God speaks to us. The prophet clearly identified the marks by which one may detect a cheat or false prophet and a true prophet quoting the book of DEUTERONOMY 18:20 as his proof text. He said, “God puts His Word in our mouths when we say, ‘God says’ genuinely. When God gives us His Word, It heals, blesses and delivers. When we say ‘God says’, at that moment, we are speaking of God, not of ourselves. But if I say, ‘God says’ and it does not come to pass, this will serve to disapprove my commission as a prophet.”
After an exhaustive examination of the theme, the man of God decided to illustrate his point further by authorising to be highlighted on the screen, two recent incidents in the church. The first was the delivery of a baby in the church the previous Sunday. In this incident the man of God prayed for a woman in the prayer line for safe delivery and immediately her water broke and she entered labour. Some moments later, after she had been taken to the church labour room, the man of God went to her and prayed for her once again.

The hallmark of this event was the total identification of the baby by the prophet before it came out. As if that was what the baby had been waiting for before showing its face, it came out as soon as the prophet identified it both by sex and name. In apparent response to the prophet’s repeated utterance; “Ezekiel, come out” the baby boy surfaced much to the surprise of the anxious congregation.

The second prophetic message concerned a flag the man of God said he had seen being brought down. The prophet added that the flag he saw had two colours, one of which was white. The prophecy was actually the final part of a series of prophecies the man of God had been giving from the very beginning of the year. The DVD began by showing a prophecy dated back in the month of January when Prophet TB Joshua prophesied concerning the nation Russia and one of her neighbours that something would happen to cause a dispute that might escalate into a fight between the two countries. Later in the year, the prophet prophesied again that he saw an aeroplane full of government officials and people that mattered in their society adding that something would happen in the air. He then called on the congregation to pray for the protection of the innocent souls. Footage from CNN’s Breaking News on Saturday 10th April announced that the Polish President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady, the Chief of Army Staff and many other prominent government officials and leaders died when their plane crashed in Russia. To confirm the prophecy, the reporters drew attention to the national flag of Poland which is a flag comprising two colours: red and white. In memory of the life of the great president and those who lost their lives in the tragic accident, Prophet T.B. Joshua called for a prayerful two minute silence in which the prophet instructed the congregation to pray for God to rebuild and reinstate the nation of Poland and to give her good governors, good officials and good people to take over the running of the country.
Before commencing with the mass prayer, the man of God said that we, as Christians, must feel what others feel by which he alluded to all those waiting for God’s healing. One of the most touching moments was when Mrs Mukhele from Cameroon who had come with a terrible case of cancer of the cheek, touched her swollen face and smiled testifying that the pain had gone after the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered the Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to her. This was just one of the many pathetic cases that received healing.
Two other cases that are worth mentioning are those of Mrs Comfort Okpere, 57, who had a fracture of the right femoral head due to an accident and had to use a pair of crutches in order to walk; she miraculously threw away her crutches and began walking unassisted after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

The other one was Mr Frank Ebaghelli who suffered from inability to walk due to a fracture of his tibia and fibula and was brought to the church lying down in his vehicle. The man of God gave a bottle of Anointing Water for salvation, healing and deliverance to the family members to minister to the invalid and after receiving the Anointing Water, Mr Ebaghelli rose to his feet and walked to the glory of God!
This goes to show that there is never a disease Jesus Christ cannot cure.

The second service began a short time later with the mass prayer. The man of God raised prayer points instructing the congregation “to release themselves from every situation that threatened their joy, peace and comfort” and “from every spirit that was not of God”. In response to the man of God’s prayer, God generously released healing to all those who were in need to the joy of the entire congregation.
Amidst the powerful prayer points the man of God also revealed many prophecies both of international and personal significance to members of the congregation.
There is no space enough to record all the happenings and miracles that took place that service day, suffice to say that our Lord Jesus Christ proved that though He is no longer visible in our midst, His power has not stopped. Rather, Jesus Christ’s power and effectiveness are even greater today because He can be in all places, at all times through His Word by His Spirit!
In addition to this, Prophet T.B. Joshua also demonstrated by the various vindications of earlier prophecies and instances of miraculous healings and deliverance the mark of God’s true prophet.

  • webster simbi


  • Doctor Gondwe

    May the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified for what he is doing through the prophet. I always watch the TV and get blessed and many lessons are revealed through the great teachings that I receive. At first I could not understyand the dangers in venturing in the work of deliverance till I witnessed the kenyan pastor. I was shocked and prayed to the Lord for direction. What is happening there it is a world’s shock and should strengthen the desire to seek God more and more.


  • Geoffrey Mphodi

    yes i believe he is Apostle paul. He is our prayer partner. if you believe what ever you say shall be said in heaven.

  • Tanya jackson

    Emmanuel!!I know that Prophet T.B.Joshua is a true man of God Almighty. He is annoited and i pray that we to could recieve the Annoited water as viewers. Could someone in the synagogue pls send me and my family some. Thks and God bless.
    Miss Tanya Jackson
    South Africa

  • Lucy Aka

    Emmanuel, I am just so gratefull to be under the influence of TB Joshua’s Ministry, I am honoured, this is a revelation in my life, I truley beleive that God’s power and might are evident in our age. I pray that the same Grace that is upon my life will overshadow all on earth. Personally, my sundays are booked to émmanuel”, it is infact always on that chanel by default, I thank God for you people especially for the man of God himself,

    What an honour, Above all I thank God for the blood, redemption and Righeousness.

    Glory be to God
    Lucy Aka(South africa)

  • Glory be to God Almighty. Really, Prophet T. B. Joshua is a Prophet sent by God Himself. Everytime I see a case on TV during live services, I rejoice because I know that with God nothing is impossible. I never miss a day without watching Emmanuel TV and I always feel blessed after watching the Man of God perform miracles.
    I always that I am party of the session and recieving my miracle even though my country is so far from Nigeria. I always feel His touch whenever He extends His right hand to pray for the viewersbecause I know distance is not a barrier.

    I really believe the Man of God when He says that God puts words in the Prophets’ mouths, seeing from the miracles that they perform.

    I however, would like to come face to face with the Man of God so that I can encounter God.

    May God continue to use His Servant, Prophet T. B. Joshua to save our people. Amen

  • keletso montsho

    this shows everyone that the God we pray is real we should not doubt what he does.to God be glory.man of God is a living proof that God lives and he lives through us. in order to receive his blessings we have to belief and one day we will be blessed.amen in the name of the lord.

  • Admire Williams

    Praise the Lord!! Only agents of the devil an his cohorts will deny these works of the living God. Man of God, you have been appointed as the End time Prophet with others to liberate the oppressed, broken hearted, healed all manner of sickness and diseases.
    God’s surgery and follow-up treatment is not easy to comprehend. Thats why it is called a miracle.
    I thank God for your life and Ministry Man of God and pray that the Lord continue to anoint your head with oil and strengthened your feet like that of a hinds feet.
    I am waiting for my own miracle of healing and I read and watch these awesome happendings of God.

    You are blessed sir.

  • Paul Mwai

    May God bless the Man of God, His family and ministry. May God give us more T.B Joshua. This Man of God has made me believe that Jesus is not dead but alive and that God is still saying something.

  • sonia

    I’ll like to thank the man of God Prophet TB Josua who made it possible for us to receive the word of God through technology. Today I’ve learnt n understand who the true prophet is, my satelite is always out but i receive the Word online. I thank the Lord for those who were healed it realy strengthen my faith I know that my God is a Great God nothing can stand before him,


    God is using Prophet TB Joshua to save this generation.

  • Pat.

    Thank you Jesus, the everlasting King of Glory: for the Healings you use prophet T B Josual to do.Please God strenghten him to continue your perfect work.Amen

  • Tanya jackson

    Prophet T.B Joshua is truelly a man of God he is annoited and I pray that God may continue to use him in a mighty way. T.B.Joshua is truelly a man after God’s own heart. “The best is yet to come’.

  • Hovie Himalambo

    Iam proud to be a christion and also to be able to watch Propht TB Joshua preaching the word of God.Long live man of God so that many souls contioue to recieve deliverance.I had an encurable desease but i believe that it is gone though i have not yet undergone retested.I have faith in Jesus christ that he had removed the virus from my body because he has power to do it.

  • keletso montsho

    i believe that whatever problem you have Jesus has a way of solving it because nothing is impossible with Jesus.i have an incurable disease and i believe Jesus can heal me.

  • Thank you for the message that was preached saying God speaks to us and that He has put His words into our mouth. Surely it is true God speaks to us and directs us. I have watched many men of God preaching and prophesying but God directed my heart to T B Joshua. I have faith that it was not my mere liking but God’s. Each time I hear his preaching my heart opens to understand the word of God. I m therefore asking the man of God as God says ask and it shall be given to pray for me to be transferred from France to Nigeria Zambian Embassy so that I would personally be attending the services and work for God. God be with you always.

  • Caros e amados no Senhor Graça e Paz,
    Estamos a viver o tempo da graça de DEUS, por isso apelo a igreja na Nigeria em particular na Pessoa do Homem de DEUS o Profeta TB Joshua, que nas suas Poderosas Orações lembre ao Senhor sobre a situação debilitada da igreja em Angola que é meu País. Para que DEUS possa operar curas aqui não só fisicas mas tambem espiritual.
    DEUS Abençoes a todos!

  • Dearly beloved in the Lord Grace and Peace,
    We are living in a time of grace of God, so I call upon the church in Nigeria in particular the Human Person of God the Prophet TB Joshua, who in his Powerful Prayers remember the Lord about the situation weakened the church in Angola that is my country . For God can operate here not only physical healing but also spiritual.
    God bless you all!

  • esther Mwangala

    God is really working through the man of God. I should confess that since 4 years ago when i started watching Emmanuel Tv, I have benefited spiritually and have alot of testmonies. i just pray that one day God will answer my prayer just like he does to any of his Children that i go to SCOAN.
    It is really a blessing to have that powerfull man of God and it is my Prayer that God should give him more grace to perform miracles and help the vulnerable.
    each time there is a prayer line i believe distance is not abarrier just like the prophet says, i always put myself on that line and whenever he touches people ,i put myself there being touched and even opening my mouth to receive the annointed water as if am there. It is what my faith tells me. about these testmonies i can confirm it is true because i watch Emmanuel tv every sunday up to close dowm, if i had gone to church i would wait for a replay.
    please, pray for me so that i can one day come to SCOAN and witness the power of God and get annoited water. Esther N.M zambia

  • Godgift

    I have been hearing a lot about d man of god and seeing your great work on tv. May God bless u all and give you d grace to do more.

  • Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, you are doing great work of God. God loves you and He will always love you, the true world is watching and praying for you to get more and more advanced powers to counter the dark world. Thank God for allowing you to produce some wise men, I pray that He gives you at least enough to cover the other four (4) continents or more, in Jesus’s name Amen.

    May the whole world not just watch, but pray with you and for you and keep on praising Jesus Christ for his love and mercy He has given to us through our Prophet, TB Joshua. He saw the need before and produced the Man of God to save our lives. Knowingly and unknowingly we engage ourselves in practices we fail to handle in future, but God uses this Man of God to deliver us from such. God is Love He never fails in us. May God bless all those that are with our Prophet TB Joshua.
    Mr Sicelukwazi Khumalo
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

  • charles chilufya

    May God in Heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord interceed for the man of God prophet T.B.Joshua to be able to stand in the gap for the World as the Spirit is upon Him to set the captives free. right now I decrare that the Heavens and the Earth to shall listen to His Voice through our faithful Lord Jesus Christ.

    when ever am watching emmanuel TV I feel am int synagogoue Church.

    Bro Charles


  • T.B. Joshua is indeed a man whom God is using. He is doing like Gods diciples in early christian life church. That is what God want us to do as christian. Emmanuel!! May God bless you man of God and increase your wisdom in Him. Amen

  • killian Madumela

    Emmanuel!!I know that Prophet T.B.Joshua is a true man of God Almighty. He is annoited and i pray that we too could recieve the Annoited water as viewers. Could someone in the synagogue pls send me and my family some. Thks and God bless.

    Killian Madumela

  • odirile tsonope

    Truly this is an annoited Man of God..I thank the lord for His mercy and grace upon our lifes because thats why we still breathing even this hour of today..GLORY TO YOUR NAME OH GOD..RAISE AND LET YOUR ENERMIES BE SCARTTERED.AMEN

  • Good afternoon man of the living God.It is my pleasure to have this ample time to say few words of encouragements to you and indeed the whole team at synagogue church.I can.t know and i always wonder why some people are still disbelieving what the anointed man of God.For such i can say woe to you because of rejecting the word of god and his messenger. wake up now because i don’t want you to perish. Don’t realize when time is no more. Hovie Himalambo from Zambia. Phone number is +260979529015.

    Please call me the man of the living God,prophet TB.JOSHUA.

  • solomon mwanza

    We watch Emmanuel TV with family and friends. Many friends and neighbours have been encouraged . I have a strong conviction within me not based on what I have seen, TB Joshua is a true servant of the living God. May God increase the boundaries of this ministry.

  • What God is doing through u on this earth Prophet is so amazing. The spritual earth quake and the whilwind from Heaven is causing a gr8 destruction in the kingdom of darknes. Let the cleaning campaign be in Jesus name. I am proud of u.

  • No matter what I will always respect you man of God. But please man of God help my grandfather in the name of Jesus. we pray at the church together at Mchengautuwa Assemblies of God in Mzuzu A Mr Mwangwegho. he has his wife who is sick. he goes mad sometimes. would you help us in prayers for him to be well? he is a hardworking man in the work of God

  • solomon mwanza

    My sister’s daughter manifested demons just touching the screen of the tv on live sunday service. Distance is not an obstacle.


    My name is Augustine Agbehadzi and am speaking from Ghana. man of god i have been in a lot of spiritual problem for 6 years and want you to lay your hands on me for instant healing

  • Agbehadzi Macdavis

    My name is Augustine Agbehadzi and am speaking from Ghana. man of god i have been in a lot of spiritual problem for 6 years and want you to lay your hands on me for instant healing. first i used to stay among the idol worshipers and latter got out from it and it is now disturbing me and want to be free from all this problem and i believe that God can heal me.so help me God.

  • mercy mwape

    may the almight God continue to bless you man of God. i prophesy to you psalms 91: 16. long live man of God!
    mercy mwape

  • Amossy m.justin

    Whatever Joshua does is done by our might GOD.I believe everything can be done in the name of JESUS what matters is toaccept JESUS.

  • prophet T.B Joshua’s ministry is really challenging me and a practical guide for doing ministry




    Greetings in Jesus name.I have just been reading about the fullfilment of prophechies and healings.This is exciting of what God is doing.Am a pastor with rural ministry am the area where witchcraft is rampart people have been dieing mistireously,and they are afflicted with sickneses as a result of witch.Am asking for Anointing Water for healing deliverance please people are suffering here.

  • Man of God pastor TB Joshua may the almighty, our lord God continue to bless you sir so that more sours could be salved. iam indeed starting to see clear financial break through please man of God continue to pray for me that i may continue to be a conduit to the needy, may God in the mighty name of his son Jesus Christ continue to bless you sir and the entire scoan members amen. kaira stephen

  • Evangelist General Pentecost Daspan

    Prophet TBjoshua to me is like elijah of our time he is a prophet send by God.

  • odriah

    Emmanuel! indeed God is with us. i thank God for giving us Prohet Tb Joshua. i had been surrounded by problems in my life. i watch emmnuel tv almost everyday now. last week the man of God Prophet Tb Joshua gave a prayer point and asked evryone to write it down and say it in the morning, afternoon and night; (when i strugle, wrestle to discover the next thing to do, the next step take, O lord open the door of mercy, favour blessing breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough” from monday i have been praying this p/point to God be the glory when i went to see my difficult boss to ask for just a little salary increament, he accepted and increased my salary by the same amount i wanted. Amen! i am very overwhelmed, i dont even know where the courage came from for me to go and see the boss. but before i went i prayed the same prayer point. and God answered immediately. i give God all the glory for the life of the prophet Tb Joshua. and now me and my husbands are believing God for a second child. we are asking for your prayers. thank you in advance.

  • ray

    What a Son we have to praise.

  • Chinyere onwuka

    Prophet t.b joshua,i love what God is using to do. Pls man of God,since distance is not a barrier,deliever my career so that i can get a nice job,is seven years now i graduated no job. Pls pray for me.my heart is in deep pain.

  • Thatayaone Madilola

    Senior Profet T. JOSHUA is the Right Appointed and Anointed Man Of God.

  • Solomon Agaasa from Ghana

    May God bless this man of God and may he receive more wisdom to lead the flock of God. Amen.

  • olaide moses

    d lord is good all d time

  • tina

    The best is yet to come ! Emmanuel May God increase my faith on daily basis