TB JOSHUA WARNS AMERICA - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)


During the first few weeks of January, 2010, TB Joshua read out from a typed written list, prophecies for the year. One list concerned other nations across the world; whereas, the other list concerned Nigeria. All those who heard these prophecies took cognisance of them. One by one, these prophecies are being fulfilled.

Among them was a prophetic message specifically for the nation of America, cautioning the nation to be more conscious of internal security. These were the prophet’s words on three separate Sundays in January, 2010:

3rd January
“The great nation, America, should pray against what is uncommon. That is, they should take more cognisance over internal security ‘til march. Internal. It’s like more fugitives, dangerous people inside. They should take more notice inside. They should not be carried away about outside this time. From now till March they should be more vigilant.”

17th January
“The great country America – people should be security conscious. More attention to be paid on internal security, homeland security. More attention than outside. There is more to that. We are praying. We love the whole world and we are praying for the nations all the time. We have prayer warriors that are praying for all the nations – peace and comfort. Our big brother here, pray January ‘til March against attack. Take care of your airspace.”

31st January
“Take care of airspace – against attack; January ‘til March. Take care of airspace.”

Scene of the crash site

It was on Thursday 18th February 2010, just weeks after the prophecy was read live, that the news broke out in the United States and the world that an American pilot and software engineer, Joseph Stack had intentionally crashed his plane into a US government building, causing huge damage, killing himself and at least 1 other.

When the nation and its leaders learned that the suicide mission was as a result of Stack’s bitter protest against the US Government and its legislature, it caused great shock, concern and alarm. For a US citizen to go to the extent of deliberately crashing his plane into a government building because of frustration and hatred for his own government; it certainly was an uncommon threat for the great nation of America just as Prophet TB Joshua had said.

Smoke billows from the seven-story building in Austin, Texas after a small private plane crashed into it.

It was an IRS (Internal Revenue Service)office in the Echelon 1 complex in Austin, Texas, USA that was Stack’s target on that fateful day. The occurrence was a huge threat to US internal and homeland security. At a period when America’s main focus is on external security, Joseph’s Stack’s suicide mission came as a rude shock, a little too close to home.

“They should take more cognisance over internal security ‘til march. Internal. It’s like more fugitives, dangerous people inside. They should take more notice inside. They should not be carried away about outside this time.”

The crash caused a furious fire that sent massive plumes of thick, black smoke rising from the seven-story structure where 200 federal tax employees work.

More stringent internal security measures were put into effect after this incident. When President Obama was briefed on the incident, as a precaution, the Colorado-based North American Aerospace Defence Command launched two f-16 aircraft from Houston’s Ellington field, to conduct an air patrol over the crash area.

After the attack, the US homeland security began investigating all angles. Rep Michael McCaugh, a republican from Austin on the homeland security committee said the panel will take up the issue of how to better protect buildings from attacks with planes.

Joseph Stack, committed suicide, February 18th 2010

Stack, reportedly also set fire to his house about six miles from the crash site before embarking on the suicide flight. In a diatribe note that was posted on the web, the motive behind the attack was revealed. In this note, Stack vented his grievance and rage against the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US government.

Stack furiously referred to the US government using the words, ‘Big Brother’, the same words used by Prophet TB Joshua in the prophecy.

“I have had all I can stand,” he wrote in the note, dated Thursday 18th February, adding: “I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at `big brother’ while he strips my carcass.” he concluded by saying, “Well Mr. big brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well”

Stack’s suicide note was addressed to Big Brother, the very same term used by Prophet TB Joshua when prophesying about an attack and a warning to take care of airspace.

This attack was not the only internal security scare that day Thursday 18th February 2010 however as news also broke of a United Airlines flight bound for San Francisco diverted to Salt Lake City due to a letter found on the plane regarded as a bomb threat.

All 168 passengers and 6 crew members were evacuated and individually interviewed by FBI agents before their flight was eventually cleared.

God is speaking today and telling us what is to come. In this world, full of violence and unrest, it is imperative that we listen to, recognize and acknowledge God’s voice. Many know that they need God, but they don’t know how much they really need Him. He is the only Rescuer, Redeemer, Saviour and Restorer and we need Him with us at all times.