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On Thursday February 18th 2010, when it became known that there had been a military coup in the Republic of Niger and that the President of the country had been captured alongside his cabinet, some were shocked but others were not. Among the latter were Emmanuel TV devotees who had been closely following the prophetic messages revealed weekly by TB Joshua. During the month of January 2010, on three separate occasions, he had mentioned that there would be a coup in one of the French speaking African countries. So to them, this occurrence was another confirmation of prophecy and a proof that God Almighty still speaks today.

This is what TB Joshua said:
3rd January: “There is one of the African countries we should help in prayer so that they will not send their democracy backward again. Because I am seeing a kind of coup attempt on the leader of one of the African countries. This is one of the French speaking countries.”

17th January: Pray against something against democracy (coup) of one of the African countries. Pray.

31st January: Pray against a coup in one of the African countries. This is one of the French speaking countries.

Niger's Location

The Republic of Niger, a French speaking West African country, is not unfamiliar with such coups as the nation has a history of political instability. In 1974 and 1999, coups took place, which the country claimed were to establish free and fair elections. In 2002, 2007 and 2008 violence again incurred in the form of various rebel groups.
The February 2010 coup was a culmination of what had been brooding in the minds of many Nigeriens for a long time. Tension had been rising in Niger as a result of President Tandja prolonging his mandate beyond December 2009, when his second term was originally supposed to end.
President Mamadou Tandja

President Mamadou Tandja

Many nationally and internationally reacted adversely, to this move of constitutional manipulation. On 26th May 2009, after two terms in power, President Tandja dissolved Parliament after the country’s Constitutional Court ruled against plans to hold a referendum on whether to allow him a third term in office. He subsequently appointed a new Constitutional Court. President Tandja had been behaving in an increasingly dictatorial fashion. As both national and international pressure mounted, it was clear that Niger’s democracy was indeed in crisis.

Anti-Government Protestors

At midday on Thursday 18th February, 2010, soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the nation’s capital, Niamey – capturing President Mamadou Tandja and many of his ministers. Later in the day, the rebels announced on national television the formation of a ruling junta, the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy (CSRD), headed by Chef d’escadron Salou Djibo.

Tandja and government ministers were said to be held in detention at a point near the palace. Military music was broadcast on national radio and the military leaders of the coup announced on national television that they had suspended the country’s constitution and dissolved all state institutions, declaring a national curfew to last for several days.

Military Leader Addressing the nation after coup was successful

This prophecy and its confirmation further go to prove that God Almighty is aware of everything, both the present and what is to come. He uses His servants to speak forth His messages to the world. Some are to warn of what may happen, some are to declare what will happen, some are to instigate prayer and fasting that could prevent what could happen. Wise are they that heed these messages and follow their instruction. It would be a sad thing indeed to live with the knowledge that you heard the message from God but did not acknowledge it. Who knows whether one day, that message may concern you, your family, your workplace or your nation? When God talks, the wise listen.