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Brittany Murphy: Death Prophesied by T.B. Joshua

A report from ‘All Voices’ chronicling yet another prophetic confirmation. When God’s servants speak forth, the wise listen…

First was heartthrob Heath Ledger, then iconic pop legend Michael Jackson and now the young Brittany Murphy. Deaths that shocked the world, monumental losses to their respective industries, igniting an epidemic of grief and sobering reflections among fans and well wishers worldwide… But tragic as they were, these three celebrity losses bear an uncommon semblance, share an uncanny connection. Before these tragedies ever happened, they were all seen and spoken of by one man – a Nigerian pastor. His name: T.B. Joshua. Could it be a 21st century prophet has been discovered?

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy - a young woman at the center of her own world

The latest affirmation seems to weave the cords of authenticity ever tighter. Barely a week after Pastor T.B. Joshua’s prophetic declaration regarding the attack on Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi was instantly confirmed, yet another event of international magnitude is said to have been prophesied by the famed Nigerian pastor.

“A young lady, famous, known all over the world – pray for her,” said T.B. Joshua during a service broadcast live on his Christian station: Emmanuel TV. “She is very young and famous. They should just pray for her, because I am seeing heart failure. Somebody who is not seriously sick – just a little while and passed on. This is a young woman who is at the centre of her own world.”

On Sunday 20th December 2009, news spread worldwide that Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy had died tragically of heart failure at the tender age of 32. The ‘Clueless’ and ‘8 Mile’ star who will also be remembered as the voice of Luanne Platter in the popular sitcom, ‘King Of The Hill’, was found unresponsive in her home early Sunday morning, paramedics stating she was in full cardiac arrest. She was pronounced dead hours later.

Adding credence to such claims is the remarkable consistency in accuracy of Joshua’s prophecies. This is not a unique event in his ministry. Over sixty varying prophetic declarations in the past two years and their subsequent confirmations are all chronicled on his churches website ( , the video evidence then posted on You Tube for all to verify.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

Joshua had prophesied concerning the death of Heath Ledger on January 20th 2009, stating he saw a young personality going on ‘a journey of no return’¸ setting aside Tuesday to pray for the individual concerned. Two days later, on Tuesday, Ledger died at the age of 28.

Concerning the demise of the legend Michael Jackson, Joshua had prophesied earlier this year that ‘a great star’ would go ‘on a journey of no return,’ and then sent a personal message to Marlon Jackson via Tee Mac Iseli on June 12th that his brother urgently needed healing and deliverance, imploring him to bring the controversial star to Nigeria for prayers. He died two weeks later.

Each week unveils new prophetic revelations, all broadcast on Emmanuel TV The question is: will the world take note?

SOURCE: All Voices

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