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Corpse Abandoned In House For Six Months… What TB Joshua Did

The case of the abandoned corpse of Mrs Etim-Okon and the incredible act of charity and reconciliation thereafter by TB Joshua continues to send ripples throughout the community… PM News reports

3 Banished To Synagogue Over Witchcraft

A family from Abiakelibi in Akwa Ibom State have now found solace in the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, after they were wrongfully accused of witchcraft and banished from the village.

TB Joshua with Asuquo and the children accused of witchcraft

TB Joshua with Asuquo and the children accused of witchcraft

One of the victims, 23-year old Asuquo Etim Okon, who narrated the incident at the church premises said his two younger siblings, Etim , 12, and Lucy, 11, were sent out of the village after being accused of killing their mother. Though from Asuquo’s description of his late mother’s illness, it was suspected the woman died of cancer of the womb, the villagers, ignorant of the illness, concluded it was a spiritual attack from the woman’s children.

According to Asuquo, while the children were sent out, the family was asked to pay a fine before they could bury the late woman. Asuquo said: “Because we could not pay the fine, my mother’s corpse remained in my father’s house for six months. It was already decomposing.

“When my mother died, I went to live with my uncle and it was from there my friend called me from the village to inform me that my younger ones were now sleeping in the forest. Sometimes, they would go and sleep very close to transformers.” Asuquo said because of their predicament, someone asked him to poison the children so as to help relieve them of the suffering and stigma they faced in the village.

The young man, who said after his mother’s death he borrowed N30,000 to start pay-phone business, stated that he later watched Emmanuel TV (a television channel of the Synagogue church) and decided to go to the church with his siblings. “We were in the church and Pastor T. B. Joshua was touching people. He touched my younger ones and they did not shake. This surprised me and I used the opportunity to tell the man of God what was happening to us.

An Incredible Testimony!

An Incredible Testimony!

“The man of God looked at the children again and told me they are not witches,” he narrated. The church after the incident mobilised a team, which was said to have gone to the village to inform the people that the children were not possessed. Prophet T. B. Joshua was also said to have paid the fine imposed on the family. “He bought a casket in which my mother was buried,” added Asuquo.

The prophet, who made sure the village’s verdict on the children was withdrawn, gave the family N480,000 and promised to rehabilitate them for sometime.

By Eromosele Ebhomele

SOURCE: The PM News, Online Nigeria

A deluge of responses from readers reflects the mind of the general public…

Alor Otakagwu
Well whatever people may say about Prophet T. B. Joshua the man appears to be meeting the needs of the deprived in the society and I think this is the core of christianity and not tight fixed men of God who would always collect from the poor without impacting positively on their lives. TBJ may God continue to guide you. Jesus Christ says that those who are not against us are for us.

Nigerians need someone like you to be their leader. You have really tried all you can to assist the needy whom many of us abandon and start worshipping fake pastors around. They cannot help neither do they rather assistance to their members but they are looking forward to collect from their hands instead.

‘A Prophet does not have honour in his home town’. TB is a blessing to our generation, but Nigeria may not realize this until when the man is called to glory. I had encounter with him and I have a testimony. Many G/Os and pastors that cannot cure headache have accused TB in one way or the other. But God knows who are his.

Marcus Chindo Haruna
God will continue to bless you T. B. Joshua, how many men of GOD can help people in need like T.B. Joshua. Let people say what they like ( Let the DOGS continue barking but HORSE cant not be stop by the DOGS noise) cary GO T.B. J.

If Nigeria has additional 9men of God like you out of the thousands/millions parading themselves. I think Nigeria would have been a better place to live. May God instill more strength in you so that you continue with your good work.

Olokunbgoye Akinola
Kudos to the man of God prophet TB joshua for the various work God is using him to do. well am not surprised he his completing the works left by the apostles,i prayed to the Almighty God to give him very looooooooooong life.

Prophet T.B Joshua is a wonderful man of God. He had helped, helping still and will help many people of this generation. Even Govt has not done quater of all he had done. To God be the glory.

I don’t care what people are saying against T.B Joshua, all i love from him is the way he help the needy. we have so many rich men in this country, they don’t care about the poor people, they only care about themself in which is wrong in every religion. the state of the nation is very bad, only people like T.B Joshua can come to the rescue of the poor people. am not his church member but i love what he doing. may almighty God continue to streghting him.

Ato Olusanya
Man of God, you are the people pastor any time and on any problem brought to your domain, you always sorted them without grudge. You and Gani Fawenhinmi are on the same planet. May you live long to continue to reduce the burdens politicians created for the masses of Nigeria. For your critics, may they live long to watch the prosperity of your church. Amen

Oludurotimi Charles
In philantrophy and charity, TB Joshua has done more than the Federal Government, State Governments, Local Governments and other churches all put together in the last 5 years. God bless you TB Joshua!

Andy E
A true man of God in every aspect of it. May God continue to use you as a tool for greater services to humanity and for His glory.

Wow… wonders shall never stop happening in Nigeria. Long live T.B.Joshua. If others who call themselves pastors and children of God do the same,evil and injustice would be drastically reduced in the country.