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What’s wrong with T.B Joshua?

The ministry of Prophet TB Joshua continues to wax stronger and stronger, the recent spate of blasphemous accusations notwithstanding. The reason – anything founded and grounded in the truth of God’s Word cannot be shaken by life’s challenges and trials. If what you are doing is born of God, you will stand the test of time. It is time that stands as the greatest revealer of authenticity – as anything without its roots in God will eventually end up fading and failing. Instead of being swayed by the blasphemies of envious and erroneous individuals, consider the testimony of time…

Here is an article from Weekly Trust, a Northern based Nigerian newspaper concerning the aforementioned issue…

Undoubtedly, certain persons on earth are bestowed with special gifts from God. These gifts come in different ways and often times these people use their gifts to the benefit of mankind in the society. Those whose calling is in religion are included among those who possess such gifts from God. Some of these men of God posses the gift of healing people with various kinds of sickness, the power of prophecy, power to win souls for God through articulate and eloquent preaching and other such gifts. These gifts come with a burden because at times some religious leaders tend to be profoundly envious of the gift of their fellow men of God.

No doubt, the religious leader who had tried to smear and malign the person of the pastor of the Synagogue Church of all Nations, T.B Joshua has failed woefully to bring the man of God to disrepute. Their dastardly acts never came as a surprise to virtually all the members of the church who had known the rumour peddlers who were once members of the church. Recently, through a newspaper, these characters leveled accusations on the man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua. Be that as it may, it will be pertinent to note that Prophet T. B Joshua in his usual characteristics does not bother to reply to things like this. He normally leaves everything to God. But as an ardent follower of the activities and programmes of the Synagogue Church of all Nations through the satellite television known as Emmanuel TV, it is necessary to react to issues like this.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua

It behoves some of us who are direct beneficiaries of the blessings of Jesus Christ through the man of God to correct the erroneous impression fed to the public by these contemptible characters who are bent on pulling the person of T.B Joshua down by spreading fabricated stories about. Of course, without mincing words, envy and greed are the propelling force to this charade. Envy, no doubt, by the current leader of the rumour mongers is the drive behind these malicious campaigns. The religious leader who obviously is behind this character assassination against Prophet Joshua is annoyed that he is losing a large number of worshippers at his own church to the Synagogue Church of All Nations owned by T. B Joshua. A lot of people, both the poor, the wealthy and influential ones in the society, have continued to seek salvation, healing for their sick ones or themselves, prophecy and the like from God through T.B Joshua’s Church.

It is rather quite unfortunate that persons of contemptible characters apparently moved by greed in the most lamentable way because they no longer work in the Synagogue Church of All Nations are the ones who are used in spreading falsehood against Prophet Joshua. This maligning and character assassination by the rumour peddlers is time wasting, defeatist and a most ridiculous exercise sponsored by their master who is ashamed to come out in the open.

Meanwhile, it is on record that personalities, world leaders and even religious leaders both within and outside Nigeria troop to the Synagogue Church of All Nations to seek the face of God for salvation, healing, listening to good evangelism, prophecy and the like. Thousands of people who go there will aptly tell you. “Seeing is believing” when asked why they attend the church. Of course, there is a saying that who God has blessed, no one destroys. One would also ask: is it whenever Pastor T.B Joshua’s fame rises that two or three persons come out to level their unfashionable falsehoods? In spite of the enviable works of God in his church through Jesus Christ, the man of God has continued to be humble and quite unassuming and always pointing out that all honour and glory should go to God who created everyone.

Men of purpose do not concentrate on their situation. Their aim, focus and desire is on their destination.

Men of purpose do not concentrate on their situation. Their aim, focus and desire is on their destination.

It is interesting to note that Prophet Joshua has never allowed this kind of charade to distract him from his focus of serving the Lord and his art of worshiping God in Spirit and truth and also his philanthropic work to mankind irrespective of religion, ethnicity and age. The upshot of it all is that the more the likes of these characters and their master indulge in maligning the person of T.B Joshua, the more God raises him up and the more people both within Nigeria and abroad visit the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Let envy and greed not lead certain persons astray. Prophet Joshua’s attitude of letting go and forgiveness of these characters is commendable and shows that he and a few religious leaders are in a class of their own. Definitely, one day, the characters will come again begging for forgiveness when their inducement must have finished and the man of God, Prophet Joshua in his usual character will forgive them and welcome them back to his fold. After all, in the Bible, the prodigal son was well received by his father after he had gone on a spending spree with the father’s money.

Mr. Ojukwu Maduabuchukwu writes from14, Adzope Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

SOURCE: Weekly Trust