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Confession Of A Mermaid

Every week at The SCOAN there are incredible deliverances of the demon possessed, many who came with intent to destroy Prophet TB Joshua. In the face of the superior power of God, they are all set free, their evil missions thwarted. The confessions of those who have been initiated into this dark kingdom are remarkably revealing and educative, especially to those who have doubts about the reality of the spiritual world…

A mermaid is an imaginery sea creature fabled to have a woman’s head and upper body and a fish’s tail. But last Sunday, a self-confessed mermaid washed up at Synagogue, the Church of All Nations.

During a deliverance session in the hallway of the church’s impressive headquarter at Ikotun, Lagos, members of the church were rooted on the spot when a fair young woman sprang to her feet and began to speak in a terrifying, strange manner.

Decreed to die
Wearing a bold print Ankara long skirt, blows and head tie, the woman stood before the General overseer of the church, Prophet T.B. Joshua and hollered: “She must die now. They say she must die. That woman must die. She can’t survive this year. They must kill her now. It’s better for her to die. Let her kill herself. It’s better if she jumps out of that moving vehicle and die, and come here now. That woman must die…”

“Who are you and what do you want?” T.B Joshua asked.

TB Joshua - delivering the possessed and oppressed in the name of Jesus

TB Joshua - delivering the possessed and oppressed in the name of Jesus

The woman ignored him and continued: “Look at them (pointing beside her). They want her to die now. She must die today and come here. That’s the best thing for her. She must respect the agreement. Nobody can disobey. That woman must die. She must die today…”, she yelled, stamped her feet, removed her head tie and tried to lounge at T.B. Joshua like a wrestler.

The General Overseer in simple stone-wash jeans trousers and black shirt docked, looked at her sternly, raised his right hand and slapped the air slightly. The woman howled like a wounded beast, fell flat on her back and began rolling and trashing without uttering a word any more.

The bearded pastor breathed hard and smiled with a sense of accomplishment. He left the crumpled body on the floor and turned to the teeming crowd: “She’s possessed. The demon in her came to attack me.

“These things happen. She’s married, has children but nobody in her family knows who she really is. She has destroyed a lot of people with her demonic powers. It wasn’t her talking. It’s the demon in her. Anyway, it’s over now. She will be saved after her confession. Faith confession confesses a perfect healing even when the pain is still in the body.”

Laying of hand
With beads of sweat on his face, he turned to the crowd sprinkled with whites who came from Holland, Botswana, Ghana and so on. Praying and laying his right hand on each of them, he urged them to confess their misdeeds and become free. A white woman from Netherlands, Daniella later confessed she had demons in her mouth, stomach and feet. Mrs. Doomnick Joep, Thits, a Dutch came to pray for her children and to be delivered of unforgiving spirit.

The confession
After attending to others, Pastor T.B. Joshua came back to the possessed woman who stood up on seeing him and publicly told the story of her secret life. Now calm and composed, she took a microphone from a church warden and said between sobs: “My name is Mrs. Uju Odunze. I’m from Umulere, Anambra State but I’m married in Emekuku, Imo State. I’m 32 years old. I was around 20 when one of my schoolmates and friend, Perpetual befriended me. She acted like my husband and made love to me. When she did it, she initiated me into the mammy water group. We are many. You can turn into any animal at night and go for meetings in the river. I used to turn to pussy-cat.

“We had covenant. We caused evil wherever we go. I had four powers. There were hidden in my hand, heart, vagina and legs. I used to do evil. If I come to your house and cross my hands, something bad will happen. I used my heart for negative thoughts. Any evil thing I wish for comes through. I’ve destroyed so many men with my vagina. Any man who makes love to me must suffer. I still remember how I dealt with one man. He was good. He used to help me in school but he left me for another girl. I cried for him at night and the man died.

“But the covenant didn’t stop us from getting married. So, I married my husband seven years ago. He’s an engineer in a shipping line. We have three daughters. My husband, Engineer Nze Odunze doesn’t know this. He works too hard. He works like an elephant gets the reward of ant. Because of me, he doesn’t get promotion or reward. I’m the cause but he doesn’t know.

“Now I have finished giving birth, I’m supposed to die and join them in the water. But I don’t want to die. Who will take care of my children? I want to stay and take care of them. I don’t attend meetings again or do as they want. That’s why the want to kill me. They say they must kill me this year. They urge me to jump out of moving vehicles and die.

“My family doesn’t worship here. We worship at Christ Apostolic Church. I came here for help. I saw the handwork of Prophet T.B Joshua on Emmanuel TV and decided to come here today. Before now, I used to see and hear the voices of those people. Now I can’t see or hear them again.”

Peace at last
In a later interview with Sunday Sun, she said she lives with her family at Jakande Estate, Ikotun, Lagos. After her deliverance later in the day, her husband was sent for. The man, Engineer Nze Odunze was startled at his wife’s confession. He later expressed joy at Uju’s deliverance and said: “In fact I’m thanking God in a special way, today. The past years have been years of struggle and endurance. Now it’s like a big bag of cement has been lifted off me. I’m happy. This is the beginning of good things in the life of my family. I thank the anointed man of God.

Notables spotted in the church last Sunday include: Olu Agunloye, Chief Anthony Enahoro and Evans Atta Mills , the former vice president of Ghana and now his party’s presidential flagbearer.

Jossy Idam – Sunday, April 20, 2008

SOUCE: The Sun