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Obama In Ghana – The Prayer That Stopped Rain

President Obama’s visit to Ghana is another proud moment of African history, but the severe weather conditions Ghana experienced before his arrival seemed set to dent the aspirations of the welcoming committee. However, the rain miraculously ceased a few hours before Air Force One landed, and prayers from Pastor TB Joshua proved instrumental to this…

Heavy rain was falling on the day of President Obama’s historic visit to Ghana but ceased a few hours prior to his arrival, apparently due to divine intervention.

Ghanaians awoke on Friday morning to dark skies and a gloomy forecast on the day they had anxiously anticipated.
It appeared the celebrations in lieu of the long awaited arrival of President Obama would be somewhat tamed by the unpredictable weather, with rain falling incessantly. However, as Friday evening approached, soon to the appointed hour for the presidential arrival, the rain suddenly subsided to the joy and relief of all. Reports suggest that divine involvement may have influenced the weather change.

President Mills and Prophet Joshua

President Mills and Prophet Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, and mentor to Ghanaian president, John Evans Atta Mills, had earlier sent a message to Ghanaians that the rain would soon cease, and nothing would hinder Obama’s historic visit. He further said that the memorable visit would be a success for Ghana, and Africa as a whole. Hours after his declaration and following supplication, the rain ended. In neighbouring Nigeria however, the downpour continued with increased venom.

It would be recalled in March 2005 during a crusade in Botswana that Prophet TB Joshua prayed for rain to fall. As at that time, Botswana was in a period of severe drought, adversely affecting their farming industry, integral to the nation’s infrastructure. As he offered the prayer, rain instantly began falling – a divine sign of changes in the nation’s climate. Since that time, rain has fallen recurrently.

TB Joshua’s prayers are also said to have played a part in Ghana’s recent presidential elections, with John Evans Atta Mills winning unexpectedly in a closely contested vote. Atta Mills has been a regular visitor to Joshua’s church in Nigeria, even receiving healing from a deteriorating eye problem set to ruin his political ambitions. Immediately following his inauguration, Mills visited The SCOAN for a thanksgiving service where he testified that Joshua had accurately prophesied specific details of his remarkable three-round election victory.

Obama’s visit to Ghana has further solidified their status as a thriving democratic country in a continent fraught with electoral fraud and political violence.

SOURCE: All Voices