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Testimonies: Distance Is Not A Barrier… !

Some stirring and faith building testimonies, from the Emmanuel TV website… Distance is not a barrier!

Emmanuel TV: Distance Is Not A Barrier!

Emmanuel TV: Distance Is Not A Barrier!

As Ayodele rushed into the hospital, breathing hard and heart beating frantically, he could only pray that his daughter would pull through. Sickness ravaged her system and doctors labelled her condition as critical. This was not his first visit to the hospital, and it wasn’t to be his last. Titilayo had sickle cell anaemia, an incurable and debilitating disease that had plagued her from childhood. Hospital to hospital, drug to drug, desperation to desperation – there seemed no way out. That was until one remarkable Sunday. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.

“On Sunday at about 4pm as I was watching Emmanuel TV with my family and Prophet T.B Joshua was healing and delivering people. He said while he was praying that he wanted everybody who is under the influence of the telecast to stretch their hands towards the screen – that distance is not a barrier, and he began to pray. Me and my family, especially my daughter Titilayo, whom we asked to place her head on the screen at the same point where Prophet T.B Joshua stretched his hand, prayed with him in faith.”

“The next day, Monday, I took my daughter to a medical laboratory for a genotype test. My mind kept telling me that I should go and test her, that she is healed. I was surprised when the nurse gave me the result and I saw that the result was AA genotype! I asked the nurse if the test was properly done and she was shocked and slightly embarrassed at my question! Immediately I realized that God had done it – because this same laboratory had carried out the test on my daughter, Titilayo, before and the result was as at then SS genotype. Though I did not stop there I proceeded to another laboratory and after the test the result again was AA genotype! Praise the Lord! My faith has greatly increased and this makes me to believe the man of God’s slogan that the best is yet to come! Titilayo Ajayi, my daughter is 9 years old.” Hopes of a bright future without the stigma of such a sickness have been restored for Titilayo. Indeed, the best is yet to come!

Ayodele Ajayi
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

He was alone in his bedroom. Locking the door and breathing fast, he switched on his computer. With a few clicks, he had done it. This seemed like pleasure yet it was empty, fading and futile. Being a captive to his own mind, joy was nowhere. What life was this? Every day, he resolved to stop finally, but the scenario simply kept repeating itself. It had been like this for the past 10 years. Pornography, lust and masturbation held onto Francis tightly, and refused to lose their grip. He needed a miracle and a miracle he received!

“It has been a life changing experience since I began to watch Emmanuel TV and participate in all the prayers! I was addicted to porn and masturbation before I started watching Emmanuel TV. I was getting worried because my addiction to porn and masturbation was over 10 years and I used to masturbate at least once in two days. When I started watching Emmanuel TV, something entered my life and I began to hate my bad habits! To God be the glory, I have never gone back to them. It is amazing. I never in my life thought I would ever part with those habits. My other bad habits like swearing, using foul language and lusting after women have also stopped. Some of my friends just keep asking me, ‘What happened to you?’ I also had negative thoughts coming to my mind when I wanted to pray or praise God and I used to see myself eat in the dream with different people. It was so often that I became really terrified. I called the Emmanuel TV prayer line and someone prayed with me. To God be the Glory, those negative thoughts began to disappear and I don’t see myself eat in the dream anymore. It is really great to see how things are changing in my life and how God is intervening in my problems. I pray that God continue to give me the grace to make His Word the standard for my life.” Jesus Christ enters our lives, puts an end to our bad habits and gives birth to good habits that will lead us to success! Hallelujah – the evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed.

United Kingdom


Amid instability and quarrels at home, sickness ravaged Lawretta, drugs and doctors bringing little relief. To merely stand became almost impossible, as weakness weighed and strength waned. She had not eaten in almost a week. Prayers that she would finally pull through filled the hearts of her friends and family. Thank God, the prayers were answered – through the little screen of her laptop!

“I was very sick to the extent that I was rushed to the hospital. On Sunday during the prayer session on Emmanuel TV in the morning, we participated via internet. When the man of God was saying that wherever we are having pains, we should place our hands on it, I managed to stand up and did exactly what the man of God had instructed. When he was praying, the power of restoration entered me and I fell down under the influence of the Holy Spirit! Immediately I got up, I realised that the pains and sickness that had weighed me down for the past two weeks has gone away! Before, I could not stand on my own due to lack of strength. But immediately after the miracle, I regained my strength, became hungry and demanded for food – food that I had been unable to eat for several days. I stopped taking treatment and drugs and am completely healed!” The incredible became evident not only in her health but also in her home, as God not only restored her body, but also peace and unity.

“I thank the Lord for what he has done for us since we have been listening to the man of God. My entire family and my husband have been transformed. Drinking, quarrelling and all sorts of troubles have stopped. We are happy as one family!” We need no more to make us happy than to have the Lord Jesus with our spirits – for in Him, all spiritual blessings are summed up!

Lawretta Eras

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