‘T.B. Joshua Predicted My Victory’—Ghana’s Leader - The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations - SCOAN - Prophet T.B. Joshua (General Overseer)

‘T.B. Joshua Predicted My Victory’—Ghana’s Leader

Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the newly elected President of Ghana, is a member of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, and openly testifies of his relationship with TB Joshua and the prophecy that saw him to the throne. After his inauguration as president, his first point of call was The SCOAN in Lagos for a thanksgiving service. PM News, the leading evening newspaper in Nigeria, was there…

The 64-year-old law professor had come to T.B. Joshua’s church for his first thanksgiving service outside Ghana since he emerged winner of an incredibly tight run-off presidential election on 3 January.

President John Evans Atta Mills with TB Joshua during his thanksgiving service at The SCOAN in January 09

President John Evans Atta Mills with TB Joshua during his thanksgiving service at The SCOAN in January 09

Mills narrated that when he informed Prophet Joshua before the contest that the presidential election in his country will take place on 7 December, 2008, he added that he expected the results to be out a few days after.

But, he said, the man of God, as Joshua is fondly called in his church, looked at him for some time and told him with authority that the election will not be decided until January 2009, adding that this will be after three contests.

“He (T.B. Joshua) looked at me for some time and smiled and said, ‘I can see three different elections ahead of you and that the results are going to be declared in January,’” Mills recounted. “And the results were announced in January!” he exclaimed.

The Ghanaian president prayed to God to give him wisdom to lead his people in unity, peace and prosperity. “My prayer to God is to give me wisdom to undertake my responsibility. To give me a big heart to play the role that he has given me,” he said.

Talking directly to prophet Joshua, Atta Mills said: “Man of God, I want to thank you and I want to thank the Almighty for using you and many others. God, we thank you. May your name be praised for ever and ever.”

President Atta Mills - Making God's Word The Standard

President Atta Mills - Making God's Word The Standard

Mills also disclosed that he had been a member of Joshua’s church for over 10 years, adding that he has known the man of God since he was Vice President of Ghana. “I am no stranger to this church. I have known the man-of-God for more than 10 years. I first met him when I was Vice President of the Republic of Ghana”

He also disclosed that T.B. Joshua showed special interest in his election as he organized prayer sessions for him. Mills called on the church members to continue to pray for him and Ghana for unity and prosperity. “I will urge that we continue to pray not only for Atta Mills, but for mother Ghana”

President Mills Worshipping God in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations

President Mills Worshipping God in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations

The Synagogue Church choir, waving Ghana’s red, yellow and green national flag, welcomed the Ghanaian leader with a song: “This is your day Atta Mills. The day you have always dreamt of. Remember to make God’s word the standard for your life.” Asking rhetorically, the choir added :“Are you a president? There are many presidents out there without a difference. But the promise of God is to make you one with a difference.”

Joshua, on his part, said Mills represents the hope of Ghananians. He explained that the impressive turn out during Mills’ inauguration in Accra, last week, was an indication that Ghanaians are full of hope that his government would ameliorate their plight.

He called on the new president to totally depend on God and nothing else. “Our Excellency, the only reason God gives power to rule nations is when we see him as the only king.” “When there is total dependence on God, there is hope for the weak, the lonely and the physically-challenged,” Joshua said. The man in the synagogue also admonished the new president to conduct a free-and-fair election when his mandate is over, adding that he must support charity organisations in his country.

SOURCE: The PM News, Nigeria

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  1. mpfcobserver June 5, 2009 at 3:57 pm

    this is a great achievement for a pastor – to have such a role in the life of a president. keep it up T.B.J! this is the way it is supposed to be. ministers of God telling the people what God has to say. the world is in desperate need of more prophets like T.B. Joshua.

  2. Henry Jacob"s November 27, 2010 at 11:21 am

    The Lord who is using you MAN of God to do things beyoung humans capabilities will not forsake and will bless you the more because many who are in pains of different types are still looking for an instant way to contact you, Including Me.

    MAN OF GOD, a lot of things has happened in my life even now am afflicted which i know with you as God’s power is demostracted perfectly i will be heal from all Negativities disturbing my life.

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