The SCOAN Live Sunday Service of March 26, 2017 was a touch of Heaven on earth. Opening with an insightful message of freedom from Evangelist Michelle to a powerful demonstration of God’s power as ministered by Prophet T.B. Joshua in message and in prayer, deliverance and healing took place throughout the congregation in an explosive time of prayer. It was a service to remember.

In her message titled BE FREE, Evangelist Michelle reminded Christians that true freedom and the joy that comes with it can only be found by walking with the Lord. According to her, it was for the same freedom that God sent His Son to set the captives free and to bring light where there was darkness: “Lasting happiness and bubbling joy comes from loving Jesus. True freedom is the ease of heart and peace of conscience derived from walking with the Lord. Our freedom is also the ultimate prize that satan aims to take from us and he uses our situations and our weaknesses as his principle weapons.” She added that, “Freedom is the lifestyle of every child of Heaven because it is for freedom that the Father of lights sent His only Son, Jesus Christ – to set the captives (you and I) free and bring them out of darkness. No one can help you to come out of darkness without the Author of light. Only Jesus Christ, the Author of light can help you to come out of darkness.”
She summed up her message with the following counsel: “Sometimes in life, we work so hard without a corresponding reward for our efforts and the weight of the disappointment enslaves our spirits in chains of depression and discouragement because things did not work out the way we planned. That you are planning does not mean the plan will be carried out. When you are planning, keep in mind that you are not the executor – God is. If you have this consciousness, your spirit will remain free.”





Prophet T.B. Joshua entered the auditorium and instilled in all the importance of making the Word first place. Urged Christians to make the Word of God the ultimate part of their lives, he added that most of the challenges they are facing today emanate out of their attitudes of worry even after prayer. “When you are grounded in the Word, you take it first place; you exalt the Word. Prayer must be followed by an absolute trust in God that He is now working out the answer. But our life is quite different. After prayer, we begin to worry over it as if we have never prayed at all,” he said. Urging those who believe strongly in God’s Word to continue to put a demand on the anointing, he advised them to do so by praying along with him: “Since you have recognized that God’s Word is healing, deliverance and blessing, the living Word in me will release you, in Jesus’ name. Use your faith to put a demand on the anointing as you pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua!”

And the congregation responded. As Prophet T.B. Joshua began moving through the congregation, instantaneous healing and deliverance began to take place. They used their faith to put a demand on the anointing and yokes of bondage began to break. Their testimonies follow:




Using a breathing machine, Mr Jose David Moguel, alongside his family, came all the way from the United States in search of healing at the Arena of Liberty. He had been diagnosed with lung fibrosis – a respiratory condition that makes breathing a burdensome struggle. For over seven years, the Mexican lived his life in abject dependence on medications that only assuaged the symptoms temporarily. Bereft of natural oxygen most times, he found it extremely difficult to walk. When all medical efforts proved to be unreliable and with his condition getting worse, his family decided to go God’s way.


Sitting in the congregation accompanied by his wife, son and an acquaintance, Mr Moguel came in contact with the benevolent Spirit of the living God as Prophet T.B. Joshua moved through the auditorium in prayer. As Prophet T.B. Joshua touched him, he felt an electrical reaction all through his body. Moments later, he discovered that he could breathe normally and optimally without the breathing machine. As congregants and his family members broke into a hysteria of applause, Mr Moguel did not only walk confidently, he also ran from one end of the auditorium to the other to demonstrate his new-found strength and agility. His wife went emotional as she rendered a thanksgiving song to the Almighty Father for his wondrous work in the life of her husband. The breathing machine, which had taken centre stage in their father’s life, has now been relegated to the dustbin of history. It has been rendered useless by the power in the name of Jesus. With revived lungs and renewed vigour, Mr Moguel’s story reminds Christians of the scripture which says, “THOSE WHO WAIT UPON THE LORD SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH.” Advising people all over the world, the visibly elated Mexican who spoke through an interpreter, stated, “Search for God and He will heal you”.




After undergoing surgery in his lower back, Mr Charles Udeh lost every sense of feeling from his waist down to his lower abdomen. He could not walk without support. A lumbar corset coupled with a knee brace became his most prized assets. The Nigerian living in the United States was tested for several ailments but nothing categorically was found. How he became unable to walk remained a mystery to his doctors. He was virtually rendered unproductive as he could hardly do anything worthwhile. In his words, he was just like a vegetable.


Freedom however came his way when Prophet T.B. Joshua, who was ministering healing and deliverance to congregants in a fierce demonstration of God’s anointing, came to his seat. Tapping him on the head and ministering life to his dead legs, the man of God ordered him to stand up and walk and for the first time in almost three years, Mr Udeh stood up and walked freely, bringing an end to his incapacitation. Throwing away the lumbar corset and knee brace, he praised God for making him whole again just as congregants responded with a loud ovation to the unending glory of God.




In September, 2015, Mrs Belinda Moyo had noticed that her heart was beating uncontrollably. The abnormal palpitation continued up to June, 2016 when she started feeling its negative brunt. She could hardly sleep as she felt a heavy burden on her heart. She also felt serious pain on her chest and could not carry any heavy load. The discomfort led her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a heart problem. According to her doctor, the lining of her heart was thickening – a condition that could trigger a sudden heart failure.
After receiving a cocktail of medications and injections, her condition remained the same. In January 2017, Mrs Moyo decided to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. According to her, she was inspired more by his emphasis on putting a demand on the anointing. She remembered that it was during a Mass Prayer in which the man of God had declared that enough was enough for all the problems that had been tormenting the lives of God’s children. Keying into that prophetic declaration, she also confessed that enough was enough for her heart disease. That same night, she slept without any encumbrances.
Two days later, she revisited her doctor who directed her to undergo a scan. The result of the scan showed that her heart was normal.



The thickening lining was nowhere to be found. Indeed, distance is not a barrier to the move of God! During her testimony, she displayed her medical reports – one for the initial diagnoses of the heart problem and the other for the confirmation of her miraculous healing. Full of joy and praises to God, Mrs Moyo had the following advice for people all over the world: “God’s anointing is unlimited; tap into it”.




As an importer, Mr Ifeanyi Anyakorah worked assiduously to make sure his business thrived. But emerging realities were not in tandem with his great expectations. Instead of making progress, he faced an unfair share of challenges as his goods were continuously seized by inspectors. Initially unperturbed, he believed it was a normal business challenge but the Nigerian would later lose his patience when his troubles assumed a frequent dimension. He started wondering why his containers would always end up being seized while those of his fellow importers were cleared without any hassle.
Reflecting on those realities, he reckoned that they were not normal. One night, as he was asleep, something woke him up. As he was trying to fathom what was happening, a thought struck his mind. “I should console myself with a Christian TV channel”. Scanning through channels on his television, he came across Emmanuel TV. He was astonished by the sheer demonstration of love, charity and humanity by Prophet T.B. Joshua to the needy and less-privileged in society. As far as he could remember, he had never come across such a huge display of lovingkindness.
The more he watched Emmanuel TV, the deeper his conviction to visit The SCOAN became. Even his visiting mother could not contain her passion for Emmanuel TV when she encouraged him to visit the ministry, saying that God was already with us here on earth – Emmanuel! Visiting The SCOAN, he was with the intention of joining the Emmanuel TV Partners and during the course of the service, he registered as a Partner with Emmanuel TV. After the service, he had the opportunity to meet with Prophet T.B. Joshua, who prayed for him and blessed him with the Morning Water. When he returned to his work station, things turned around for good. Open doors and breakthrough came from different angles. The issue of seized containers became a thing of the past. Even his business associates saw that a new dawn had come. Following the teaching of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he made giving a habit and his fortunes improved. His cup of blessings became full and ran over to the extent that other foreign importers started begging him to extend his business to their countries.
In an expansionist move, he bought a plot of land and within nine months, erected an eighteen-flat apartment. One night while his engineer was about digging the foundation for another building site he had acquired, he dreamt of Prophet T.B. Joshua, telling him that the foundation style was wrong. According to him, the man of God who appeared in a flash of lightening, disappeared after showing him the right foundation to use. Waking up disturbed, he requested for his architect and changed the plans to construct a hotel, as he had seen in his dream. As the hotel building progressed, people around wondered how and where he got the financial muscle to execute such a gigantic project with imported materials. When the hotel building was completed it was proven to be the best in that area of Kano, Nigeria with forty-five rooms, including a presidential suite and of international standard too. To his utmost surprise, while the hotel was still training staff for a successful commencement of operation, customers started rushing to use its services.



An NGO even came with its staff from all over the country to register their preference for its services. Fully operational now, the hotel is one of the many proofs of God’s favour upon his life. Thanking God for giving him many reasons to celebrate, he advised people all over the world to emulate the godly and charitable ways of Prophet T.B. Joshua who is famed for helping the needy and less-privileged.


Mr and Mrs Adepila Joseph were not a happy couple. Their unhappiness arose from the fact that for many years after marriage, they were unable to bear a child. For them, it was somewhat a social stigma, especially living on a continent were the success of a marriage is measured by the ability to procreate. Doctors had diagnosed Mr Joseph with low sperm count while his wife was said to have an infection. However, despite all the medications they received from their doctors, their condition, like an obstinate obstacle, refused to give way. The couple’s only option was to seek divine intervention. It was that quest for God’s touch that brought them to The SCOAN in June last year.



Meeting with Prophet T.B. Joshua, they received prayer and the Morning Water. According to Mr Joseph, the spate of spiritual attacks which they had been experiencing stopped after the prophet prayed for them. At home, they formed a praying alliance, ministering the Morning Water and asking God to locate them with His mercy and favour. As their payers gathered momentum, Mrs Joseph had a rather strange yet victorious dream. In that dream, she had encountered Prophet T.B. Joshua who gave her two apples. As soon as she received those apples, two vicious dogs came out of the blue and snatched the apples from her. As she struggled to retrieve her precious fruits from the jaws of the marauding beasts, the man of God reappeared, dispossessed the dogs of their loot and handed them back to her – just as it is captured in the scripture that says, “THE KINGDOM OF GOD SUFFERETH VIOLENCE AND THE VIOLENT TAKETH IT BY FORCE”.



True to their expectation, Mrs Joseph became pregnant soon after that memorable dream. During their testimony last Sunday, Mrs Joseph was eight-months-pregnant. Mr Joseph told congregants how he bore the psychological pains of being the only childless one amongst his extended family members. He however thanked God for ending their problem and blessing them with the fruit of the womb. “Whatever situation you may be facing in life, be patient. At God’s own time, everything is beautiful,” he advised.


Mr and Mrs Mcoyett Ademola were at a crossroads. Each time Mrs Mcoyett became pregnant, it ended in a miscarriage. She would suffer from high blood pressure, stool blood and became anaemic as a result of a PCV (Parked Cell Volume) as low as fourteen percent. The last episode was very disheartening as yet another baby died in her womb. Doctors had told her that the dead foetus could only be evacuated through an operation. Her husband, who had been a staunch member of The SCOAN, was able to convince her to visit the Arena of Liberty after many years of indifference on her part.
Being a member of a different Christian denomination, Mrs Mcoyett had been a hard nut to crack until the last sad episode. When she eventually visited The SCOAN in company of her husband, she was in desperate need of help and hopeful that she could deliver the dead baby without an operation as suggested by the doctors. At the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and blessed her with the Morning Water. After that visit to The SCOAN, Mrs Mcoyett went into labour and delivered the dead foetus naturally, without any complications. After delivering the dead foetus, she encountered the man of God in a dream in which he said he would tell her what to do to forestall such miscarriages. Two months after that dream, she became pregnant.
During the course of that pregnancy, she had another dream in which she found herself in an uncompleted building whose door was so narrow that she could not pass through it with her pregnancy. While stuck in that dilemma, Prophet T.B. Joshua appeared and led her through the walls out of the building. As they came out, she discovered they were inside a forest. The man of God led her through the forest onto The SCOAN altar. After nine months of that peaceful pregnancy, she delivered a baby boy they named Elijah.



During their testimony, Mrs Mcoyett’s mother, a trained nurse, marvelled at the miraculous way God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to save her daughter from a complicated situation of having to deliver a dead foetus which doctors had concluded would only be possible through operation. According to her, her daughter’s successful delivery of the dead foetus was the hand of God at work. Being a practising nurse, she knew that a dead foetus could only be delivered through induction. But in that very case, there was nothing like that. It was simply a miracle. She urged medical practitioners not to arrogate power to themselves or undermine God’s capacity to heal, saying that they only treat while God heals. In a double testimony, she proclaimed that her niece, who also suffered the onslaught of miscarriages, was able to conceive and deliver a beautiful bouncing baby safely after the ministration of the Morning Water.



On his own part, Mr Mcoyett was full of thanks and praises to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to rescue his wife from a deadly situation and for blessing them with a bouncing baby boy. He was visibly overwhelmed by the very way and manner their miscarriage-threatened marriage was eventually stabilised after their visit to The SCOAN. He also urged Christians to jettison denominational sentiments and seek the face of God in the appropriate quarters. From a neutral angle, the story of the Mcoyetts show that it is all about Jesus and not about the name of the ministry one attends. Your membership in your local church is merely symbolic; the essence of the true Church is Christ in you, the hope of glory!


She was diagnosed with blood and bone marrow cancer in 2013 and had been placed on heavy doses of cancer medication, including chemotherapy. Those times were very agonising for Mrs Rauna Kakehongo as her doctors had told her that the malignancy was at its terminal stage, meaning that the possibility of her dying suddenly was very high. While the chemotherapy lasted, she experienced loss of hair and painful swelling in different parts of her body. Instead of alleviating her condition, the medication she took seemed to make matters worse. It was emotional for her to imagine losing her life to the disease and leaving her young and innocent children at the mercy of a cruel world.



She had thought that coming to The SCOAN would perhaps be her last opportunity to receive God’s blessings before crossing to the other side as her doctors had told her she had only four months to live. Four years after that visit, the woman who came all the way from Namibia on a wheelchair stood, hale and hearty and bubbling with the zest of a reinvigorated life.
Last Sunday, she testified to her healing after she had received prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua at the prayer line. She had lost all hope and was already looking ahead to her death until she took the bold step to seek God’s intervention at The SCOAN. Describing her experience at the prayer line as Heaven on earth, Mrs Kakehongo said that while the man of God was praying for other people some distance away from where she was, she felt the heat of God’s anointing on him as she felt heat coming out from her ears. When the man of God came to her and touched her on the part of her chest that had already gone numb, she fell to the ground and felt her chest being lifted.



After her experience at the prayer line, she felt well and lively. For a woman who struggled to eat, she was able to finish a whole dish of food that night. When she returned to Namibia, she went to see her doctors for a check-up. After a series of tests, it was discovered that the blood and bone marrow cancer were no longer there to the surprise of all, including her employers who had found her replacement, thinking she would not survive the cancer. Since that last check-up that confirmed her free from the sickness, she has followed up with monthly tests which up to this moment have continued to show that the cancer is no more. Looking radiant and robust with a beautiful head of hair during her testimony, Mrs Kakehongo left the following advice for people all over the world: “Never compare your situation to others. If Jesus could do it for me, He will do it for you.”


Miss Diamante Engan Nchama started bed-wetting when she was seven years-old. The problem persisted up to her teenage years. She was always ashamed of herself as a result of the problem because she had younger siblings who looked up to her. The whole thing affected her socially and psychologically. She could not visit friends and spend the night because she was scared by the very thought that she would wet the bed if she slept in their houses. Her fears were further heightened by the bedwetting experiences she had while travelling in a plane.
She had been taken to many doctors and had received different types of medication and yet the problem remained. Having sought medical solution without success, Diamante came to The SCOAN in company of her parents penultimate Sunday. During the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about her problem. As soon as she heard the man of God make that prophecy, the young girl from Equatorial Guinea rushed out of the congregation and received her deliverance from God through prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua.



Testifying, her mother also narrated the embarrassment she felt when her daughter was passing through that problem. She advised parents facing such challenges to be patient, adding that no child wets the bed intentionally. She also urged them to table such problems before God through prayers as He would always answer. She thanked God that after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, her daughter’s problem is no more. When the Son of God sets you free, you are free indeed!


In a testimony for all Emmanuel TV Partners and Viewers, Emmanuel TV has emerged the Most Watched Christian TV Channel on YouTube and a Silver Play Button Award from YouTube was received by the station for surpassing 100,000 subscribers to The Emmanuel TV YouTube Channel. In their letter of appreciation, YouTube wrote: Each and every person who has subscribed to your channel was touched by what you did. They were inspired, or challenged, or entertained… And we’d like to recognise you and all your hard work with this silver play button, a small token of our esteem and respect…Believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see what you do next…And we’re rooting for you”.
As this milestone was conveyed to the TV channel, it was noted that not only did the channel surpass 100,000 subscribers but we are well over 500,000 at this present time. It is indeed a superlative recognition for a YouTube channel that had just celebrated its fourth anniversary and a station that had just celebrated 11 years of broadcast. Thank you, viewers, for all the way long. Let us continue together to change lives, change nations and change the world with the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ!