TB Joshua

TB Joshua

Last Sunday service was an exceptionally Holy Spirit-powered occasion that shimmered with the glory of God. From the bountiful rhythms of wonders and miracles to powerful prophetic messages, the power-packed exaltation of the Almighty God was electrifying. The prayer line saw the lining up of people from all over the world, seeking God’s intervention in their lives. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, laid hands on them in the name of Jesus Christ. Healed of their diseases and liberated from evil spirits that tormented their souls, they waved to God and thanked Him for His enduring mercy and love. To crown the service, Prophet T.B. Joshua ministered mass prayer and prophesied to nations, offering words of peace, hope and love.

WISEMAN CHRISTOPHEREarlier, Wise Man Christopher stepped onto the altar and preached an edifying message titled, “MAKE THE GREATEST SACRIFICE”, which centered on the greatest virtue of a true Christian – love. “Before you can call the name Jesus Christ and expect Him to answer you, please, look around you to see those who are in need of your love. We have fasted, prayed and hoped but the thing that is yet to be applied is love – first to God and then to our fellow human beings,” he said.

Quoting John 21:15-17, he said that by repeating the question ‘Do you love me?’ Jesus wanted the concept of love to be crystal clear; that love is central – the only genuine principle from which the service of God can spring.

Expanding this frontier further he explained: “Jesus did not ask Peter if he was a gifted speaker, a talented leader or lawyer. He did not enquire about Peter’s seminary training or if he had a thorough theological knowledge of the Bible. All these are important but they are not the issue. The essential quality is found in Jesus’ question – do you love Me? Jesus says, ‘If you love Me keep My commandments’. That is to say ‘before you can say you love Me, please, look around you to see and help those who are in need of help or care.’ Jesus is asking you: ‘have you done that? If you have not done that and you want to be My friend, you cannot because you cannot have a relationship with Me without love. I cannot entrust this kind of power to heal, deliver, prophesy, bless and save to you without love because you will use it to hurt yourself and others.’”


Following are some of the testimonies picked from hundreds of people who came to glorify God for His goodness in their lives:




 GERSHAN NATSUGAHUnable to urinate due to protracted chronic illness of prostate enlargement, Mr Gershon Kwame Nutsugah from Ghana was living with a catheter fitted to his bladder which he had to change every week in order to avoid infection that could worsen his problem. But this medical hope of relief soon became a problem when it became stuck in his bladder, thus making it impossible for the regular changing it required. The doctors became alarmed, fearing a possible infection if the catheter was not frequently changed. The only way out of the predicament, they advised, was a surgery but Mr Nutsugah was not very comfortable with the suggestion. A week to the surgery, his son encouraged him to come to The SCOAN which he did. On Sunday after the service, he noticed some blood in his urine and thought that the infection might have started, not knowing that God was busy at work. On his bed, that night, he woke up to see his catheter shaking and moving out of his body. It stopped midway and he called his wife and son to look. They ministered the Anointing Water and turned on Emmanuel TV for him to pray with the man of God. The more he prayed with Emmanuel TV, the more the catheter moved. Then, something pushed him to stand up and the catheter fell out. Immediately, he went to the toilet and urinated by himself, a thing he could not do previously. The following morning, his daughter called him to explain how she had seen him in the theatre being operated on, not by a doctor but by God. Since then, Mr Nutsugah has been urinating freely, healthily and soundly.



DIPLIOMAT JOHN JALLAHA diplomat from Liberia, Mr John Jallah was on his way to work in May 2013 when he had an accident. A car speeding from the opposite direction hit his official vehicle, damaging it. The impact was so huge that people feared for his life. Surprisingly, although the car had been damaged, the place where he was sitting was intact and nothing happened to him. He stepped out alive and safe. When the medics came to take him to hospital, he refused and told people that God was in control. His faith was not without reason. Before leaving home that morning he had ministered the Anointing Water. His car also had five Anointing Stickers on them. As is his normal practice, he had two bottles of the Anointing Water carefully kept in his car. As he stepped out of the damaged car on his own limbs and without being helped, he could not help but marvel at the mighty power of Jesus Christ. If it was not for God working through the Anointing Water and Anointing Stickers, said diplomat Jallah, he would not be alive today.

“Trust in God always,” he said.



MR PULAH DINNIMr Pullah Dinini awoke again in a cold sweat. Fever ravaged his system. His life was slowly ebbing away. Diagnosed with the terminal disease of tuberculosis, the young man was losing weight at an alarming rate. Having been reduced to a mere skeletal figure; merely moving his afflicted limbs had become a burden too much for him to bear. It was in this critical condition that Mr Pullah’s sister brought the Anointing Water from The SCOAN and ministered it to him. That signaled the beginning of his miraculous recovery. As he continued to minister the Anointing Water, supernatural strength continued flowing through his system, restoring all that satan had stolen through the deadly disease.


And when he eventually made his way to The SCOAN and encountered direct prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua, Mr Dinini knew it was time for him to return to the hospital that had initially diagnosed him with tuberculosis for another check up. To the astonishment of the hospital staff, results showed that there was no more trace of the disease in his system. There was a dramatic change in his appearance. “Let us worship the Man who made the universe,” Dinini concluded, stating that with his healing, he will never run from God.



MR&MRS ESTHER ENIOLAAn operation appeared to be the only way out for Mr and Mrs Esther Eniola. Desperate for a child, the diagnosis of multiple fibroids left the young couple with seemingly no other option. However, fear of the scalpel pushed Esther away from hospital and into unconventional pursuits of fruitfulness. 15 years later, after various visits to spiritualists and herbal homes, the situation had only deteriorated. With her stomach swollen due to the weight of the fibrous masses occupying her system and her menstruation irregular and accompanied by intense pain, sorrow marred any form of marital bliss.


However, when a sister visited them in their base in Northern Nigeria, she brought an unusual gift: the Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Having viewed Emmanuel TV and seen testimonies, the couple grabbed the opportunity and ministered the Anointing Water together. As the Anointing Water flowed through her stomach, it was accompanied by a strange sensation within. The following day, her menstrual flow was abnormally thick and oozing with blackish substances. God was at work! As swelling steadily reduced, faith rapidly increased. Returning to the same hospital that had initially diagnosed her for another checkup, the results were indeed remarkable. There was no trace of multiple fibroids or ovarian cysts anymore!



MISS KANAENE EKIOSMiss Kanoere Ekios suffered setback and limitation in progress and continued to reel from one problem to another for ten painful years of shame and pain. Last year, she lost her younger sister which was a painful experience but that led her to watch Emmanuel TV. She was astonished that there was a great man of God like Prophet TB Joshua in the nation. She came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water which she ministered in her apartment at home and prayed with in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. When she woke up, to her utter shock and disbelief, she saw a swarm of dead flies that filled the room. Normally, there were no flies in or around her house. The agents of darkness that had been infesting her life with setbacks were arrested. This strengthened her faith that God would continue to work in her situation. She began to receive mercy and favour from all directions and now has a brand new jeep as a gift and has finished building an uncompleted building which she has been working on from seven years. Praise God!




MISS RACHEL KIISHIMiss Rachel Kiishi’s job was on the line. Government was privatizing the energy sector and one of the companies listed for the exercise was where she was working. The new owners, who included a firm from Turkey, wanted to downsize the workforce by administering an aptitude test. Rachel had often encountered a problem with understanding what she had studied. In preparation for the “must-pass test”, she found it difficult to read and assimilate. She always feared being chopped off the payroll. Thank God, she had the opportunity to get the Anointing Water and her faith was encouraged after reading the Anointing Water booklet. She ministered to herself, prayed and slept. When she woke up the next day which was the examination day, she felt calmness had displaced her anxiety. She sat for a written test and was also tested orally and the examiners were all impressed with her performance. She was retained and assigned to work at the company’s headquarters. Not long after that, she received a promotion letter tripling her salary and moving her to a higher level. Glowing with joy, she said, ‘It is not my qualification but the glory of God made it happen’.




MR&MRS IT0TOWhen Mrs Augustina Chinwuke Itoto’s mother stayed for 25 years without fruit of the womb, she was distraught. She desperately needed a baby. A well-to-do business woman but a non-Christian, the only place she knew as source for solution was spiritualists’ dens. Many things were introduced to her, all of them diabolical. One of the spiritualists told her to buy items for sacrifice and go and sleep by the river bank for two days if she was to have a baby. Without an option, she accepted to go through the ordeal. She eventually fell pregnant and gave birth to baby Augustina. However, instead of joy, she harvested sorrow. Things turned upside down. Her business collapsed and had difficulties even feeding the newborn. To restore her wealth she kept visiting many other places but her situation was deteriorating with every shrine she visited.


Meanwhile, the daughter was having her own nightmares. She would dream of swimming in rivers with mermaids and being married to a marine spirit. She would see half-human and half-fish beings drag her into the depths of waters. Down in the belly of the ocean, she would see a city replete with elegant buildings – satan’s make-believe in his sloppy imitation of God’s great and unequaled creation. One woman in the water told her that she was her real mother; that she was the one who gave her to her mother as a baby. She was 15 years old then. Forced into an early marriage, she continued to suffer. She married a man she did not love. He would beat her up for no apparent reason. Often, she would toy with the idea of committing suicide by setting fire on her home. The marriage did not last and now she has another relationship. But things had not improved and the evil spirit was now affecting her current husband’s business. They decided to come to The SCOAN in search of a genuine and lasting solution from the Author of life – God. Her mother had relied on unreliable powers; she decided to put her faith in God.


That blessed day at The SCOAN, as Wise Man Racine ministered prayer to the congregation in Jesus’ name, the power of the Holy Spirit located her. The evil spirit inside of her manifested as queen of the coast. It confessed responsibility for her problems. As the wise man raised his hand in a great manifestation of God’s power, the demon was cast out and Mrs Itoto was declared free, in Jesus’ name. Since then, she has not had any nightmares or seen herself swimming and feasting with mermaids. She dreams of praying and singing to God. She is at peace and advises that for others to have peace, they must embrace Jesus Christ.



MR ONUEGBU&SONAffliction brought the Onuegbu family to The SCOAN. The only son of the family was diagnosed to have sickle cell anaemia during his infancy. Last year, the problems the child suffered were so much that for a whole week, he was crying, unable to sit, stand or lie down without pain and had to be carried on his father’s back. The doctors prescribed all manner of injections for the boy on a daily basis with little or no improvement. They decided to come to The SCOAN prayer line and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. The day after he was supposed to go to school, his father said he should accompany him to the hospital for another test. When handed the result envelope, he tentatively took time to open it and found the test result AA! Typically, sickle cell patients’ genotypes are SS but he had a moment of doubt that the doctors might have mixed up their test results with someone else’s. So, he took his son to another hospital once again and it came out AA yet again to the glory of God. Engr Chris Onuegbu encouraged viewers that there was never a sickness Jesus Christ cannot cure.



MR BASIL CHUKWUJEKWUMr. Basil Chukwujekwu, popularly known as BBC, is a business man in Cameroon. Some time ago, he came to The SCOAN and was encouraged to get the Anointing Water. He went back to his post and as a business man, owning a massive store in the public market; he would always minister it in his store. A year later, a fire explosion took place in the market and over 150 shops were gutted down, destroying the properties. When this incident was taking place and the fire was raging rapidly towards his shop, he remembered he had an empty bottle of the Anointing Water which he had previously filled with ordinary water. Faced with an incident that would devastate everything he had worked hard for, he grabbed it and sprayed the Anointing Water on his property, asking God to take control. As tongues of fire roared uncontrollably, he left the scene unable to bear the sight of seeing his shop destroyed. Surprisingly, while he was still brooding over his shop and what must have happened to his property, someone frantically called and told him that his shop had survived the inferno. When he returned to the scene, he stared in awe at how the fire had gutted down every shop around him except his which was left untouched. God had saved his shop.

“It was too much to believe but there it was, safe and untouched. Thank You, Jesus!” he shouted to a chorus of Amen from the congregation.



MISS FRANCISBrought up in Tanzania, Miss Francis was a very stubborn child when growing up and hated going to school. Aged 13, she began to see a man sleeping with her in the dream. Waking up from these nightmares, even at that tender age, lustful desires saturated her heart. Upon meeting a group of girls who always had money, the latest technological gadgets and possessions, she was curious to know the source of their worldly riches. One day they let her in on the dark secret; they were doing prostitution. Enamored by the perks of the lifestyle, she abandoned her family, left school, ran to the city and joined the ungodly trade at the age of 14. When she got pregnant the first time at the age of 16, she returned home and abandoned the child with her mother and returned to prostitution until her sister who was staying in Namibia came and rescued her.


However, although her physical location changed, the spirit of lust seemed only to worsen. Within three months of her stay in Namibia, she was kicked out of the house because of her stubborn and rebellious behavior, throwing her back into the life of prostitution with another gang of birds of same feathers right there in Namibia. Sleeping with more than five men every day, she eventually fell pregnant a second time. When she went to hospital to discover that she was pregnant, she also found out that she was HIV/AIDS positive. Anger and bitterness welled up in her heart. Resolving to take vengeance on men, she continued to prostitute, intentionally inflicting countless men with the deadly virus. She said there were thousands that she had slept with while having HIV because her healthy appearance and regular intake of drugs gave no room for people to suspect she was so sick.


Her journey to Nigeria came as a result of becoming pregnant for a Nigerian man she met on an online dating site. After hearing that she was HIV Positive, the man resolved to send her to drop their baby with his parents in Enugu State, Nigeria. Having heard of Emmanuel TV at this point, Francis agreed, resolving to visit The SCOAN after dropping off her baby. Last week, when she came to The SCOAN, when Wise Man Christopher prayed for her, she received deliverance from the evil spirit that pushed her to such a horrific lifestyle. She said that she no longer experienced the negative dreams and spiritual attacks she used to have. Furthermore, she added that she feels so much remorse for the victims she had afflicted with the deadly disease in her former life. Believing that she is healed, she warned that the result of prostitution is nothing but bitterness. She advised youths to be patient for God’s plan in their lives, concluding that they should stay away from bad friends.