TBJLast Sunday witnessed another awesome service hoisted on a powerful and enlightening message from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. Inspired by the case of a young lady from South Africa, whom God had rescued from a killer disease known as lupus through prayer at the church’s prayer line last year, the man of God said anyone whom Jesus heals, it is for the purpose of living for Him.

Said the man of God, “You are not healed because you are sick, your family has spent so much on you or you are a pastor so you can minister to people. You are not healed because you pay huge tithes or you are an archbishop, or you have built a cathedral or because you have spent so much. The only reason for that healing is for you to live for Jesus. If you are not ready to live for Him, forget about the miracle. Healing is for just one purpose; by His stripes we are healed for the salvation of our soul.”

The man of God then ministered to thousands of worshippers who had come from all walks of life seeking an encounter with God. He prophesied to individuals and nations and also prayed for the sick in the mighty name of Jesus Christ upon which people were set free from sicknesses and evil spirits.

WISEMAN RACINE..jpg.Earlier on, Wise Man Racine preached on the message: TAKE HOLD OF GOD’S PROMISES which centred on the need for putting trust in God and exercising an attitude of absolute faith.

“Your belief needs to be reset according to the truth in God’s Word. Your affection and emotions must be set to take the Word without questioning or X-raying it because faith is something that comes spontaneously – willingly. Faith is not abstract; faith can be practiced. A man can only have and exercise what he believes he has. Is God’s Word true for your life? Do you believe in God’s promises for your life? Then take hold of God’s promises,” he said, citing Abraham as a great example of a man of faith.


Scores of people turned up to glorify God for what He has done in their lives. Here are a selected few of the testimonies from the Sunday service:



MR & MRS TONY EGBERIAbject poverty is too mild a term to describe the condition Mr and Mrs Tony Egberi found themselves in. Instead of enjoying a marital life of bliss as they had hoped for, their fortunes took a dramatic turnaround for the worse soon after they had tied the knot. Mr Tony had a Masters degree in Public Administration but could not find a job for the life of him. His wife, a qualified nurse, lost her job. Their circumstances became so dismal that it was his sister-in-law who was supporting the entire household, including the children’s feeding and school fees. Mr Egberi, running out of options, moved to Abuja, where he ended up sleeping in a friend’s furniture shop, almost like a guard. The foam used to cover the furniture items became his mattress and pillow. Acknowledging that the state of his affairs was abnormal, he resolved to seek for deliverance from Someone powerful, wiser and smarter than him – Jesus Christ. He came in faith to The SCOAN, received prayer from Prophet T.B. Joshua and immediately claimed the blessing that would follow.

A very short while after his return, he received an unusual call from his auntie asking for his resume. She promptly applied for a lecturing job for him. The next thing he knew was that he was being called for an interview and then given an appointment letter. He is now an Assistant Lecturer in the Political Science Department at one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. Mrs Egberi at the same time was called for a job as a state nurse at a hospital in Cross River State. To add to the mighty blessings, their ten-year old daughter, Confidence who had been bedwetting since birth, prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV and her bedwetting ceased from that moment. Their case which had turned around for worse had now turned around for the better because of Christ. Their advice was: Look unto the Lord and He will meet you at the appointed time.



Mr Jamiu Famosa came to The SCOAN driving a sleek Mercedes Benz and waving keys in his hands. He has become one of the happiest in town. What he could not have in ages, God has given him within a twinkle of an eye. The car is a miracle a person in his former situation could never dream of. He had been moving around on public transport. He had no car of his own and had no expectation he would ever own one until he received the Anointing Sticker for a car from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. On reaching home, he decided to exercise his faith. He prayed for God to give him a car although he did not have any money in the house or the bank. The following day, he visited a car dealer who encouraged him to buy the Mercedes Benz but little did he know that his client did not have any money.  He prayed again with the Anointing Sticker and told himself that the Sticker would surely find its way on to his car. Out of nowhere, sometime after the prayer, he received a call from an old friend who owed him a huge amount of money and for three years had been giving excuses. He was stunned. This couldn’t just be happening if not by God’s power. When he collected the money the following day, he walked straight to the car dealer and came back driving.

Waving his car keys and displaying his car ownership documents to the congregation, he advised people to have faith in God.



RUFUS ABIOLAWhat could make a young man stay indoors 24 hours? Definitely ill-health. Mr. Rufus Abiola found himself victim of a dilapidating sickness that was slowly walking him to his death. One may not appreciate the value of a kidney until it fails. Chronic renal failure left him not able to urinate, eat or do anything without pain. His whole body became swollen and tender. The only time he would leave his room was when he was taken to hospitals or herbal homes in desperate search for a remedy. The doctors told him that there was no cure for his condition. He became devastated, his hopes of survival ebbing away by the day. It was in this helpless state that he was carried to The SCOAN where he received prayer from one of the wise men. Describing the sensation after prayer, Rufus said, “I immediately felt light and cool”.

The next day, he started urinating normally and his appetite returned. Becoming stronger by the day, he decided to go back to the hospital for another test. To his joy, his urea level which had been dangerously high had returned to normal. He is now free to pursue his career and enjoy his existence, without pain or hindrance. His advice was to hold on tight to Jesus Christ, the only One that can heal.



Born in an idol worshipping family, Ms Esther Otumunye from Lagos, Nigeria, lived and slept in the same room with a very evil family idol. It never occurred to her that the iron object her father called god, would one day be the architect of shame, hatred and failure in her life.    ESTHER OTUMUNYEThe father, an army officer, brought the idol from the village after he had been struck with madness. The idea was that the idol would bring healing and protect the whole house although it immediately turned the father into a drunkard and an embarrassment to the community in the barracks where he was staying. They called it Idigun, the god of iron. The father, an army officer, built a small shrine for the idol in her room by her bedside being his first daughter whom he loved. Whenever he wanted to make incantations, he would ask her and her siblings to leave. He would then close the door and call out her name, telling the idol to take care of her. He would kill a fowl and use its blood as sacrifice. Away in the dining room, the children would hear different voices yet it was only the father who was in the room, pictures would be falling from the wall and curtains blowing in the air.  Afterwards they would be told to prepare the fowl and eat it.

“My father would call out my name that I should be the one to eat the head of the fowl,” she said.

The effects of the idol became apparent while she was writing her examinations. He father took a pen from the shrine and gave it to her to use during the exam. She failed all the papers, a thing that surprised even her teacher because she had been a brilliant student. It was while in the university that the demon started to manifest physically. She would hear footsteps when she walked on the road. She would also hear a voice calling her name. When in her room, she would feel someone touch her. In her dreams, she would see herself in water in the marine kingdom where, one time they organized a feast for her.  The idol cost her many friends who accused her of being the cause of their misfortunes. They said she had bad luck. It also destroyed her career. Seven years after graduating, she had no job. On those very rare occasions where she would get a job, it would not last six months. She also used to have serious migraines. A voice would tell her to remove her clothes and walk out. Every two months she would be admitted for typhoid.

She decided to come to The SCOAN and on that spectacular day of her remarkable deliverance, as one of the wise men approached her, she panicked. The evil spirit inside of her started to grumble angrily and ordered her to bolt when the wise man stretched his hand over her. The demon was arrested. Later, she fell to the ground during which she saw two men – a giant draped in black who was very aggressive and a calm man who glittered and was shining. She could not see his face as it was too bright to behold. A conversation was going on between the two. The giant man angrily taunted, “You can’t take her from me! She is mine!” The man in white responded calmly, “She is the reason why I died on the cross.” At the end, the giant man vanished and the glittering man picked her up. Then she saw herself at The SCOAN with the wise man standing in front of her, announcing to her that Jesus had set her free.

She testified that, after her deliverance, she has peace which she never experienced. She does not experience the nightmares any more. She is healthy in her body and her mind. When she looks at herself in the mirror, she sees a big change. Before, she would sometimes see the face of an old woman when she looked at herself. She sleeps well and wakes up with a song of praise on her lips. Glory be to God!



NAOMI UMEALA & FAMILYShe was lying on her deathbed, inches away from her grave. Neither dialysis, chemotherapy nor daily injections could guarantee her another day of life. Miss Naomi Umeala, from South Africa, was staring death in the face and when she called her mother to her bedside and handed over her life policy documents that dreadful day, it was evident she was giving up. The doctors had already told her the first time they got to know of the term lupus in 2010 that the disease had no cure. Before then, she had been going through life as a young lady full of energy and hopes for the future; it was on the day of her diagnosis that a bleak and grey picture loomed before her.

Lupus is a disease that slowly eats away at the internal organs. Instead of the antibodies to fight the infections, the body begins to fight and destroy itself. In the case of Naomi, the lupus was developing fast. She began bleeding internally and her kidneys reached the point of failure. She was dependent on medication, having to take 29 tablets a day and two injections, costing her parents a huge amount per month. If for any reason, her parents were unable to afford it, she would be admitted to the hospital forthwith as an emergency case. Her mother was advised to gather her life policy documents and prepare for her funeral. She submitted her documents to her mum, tearfully advising her on who to invite to her funeral.

Her condition reached a climax when she was in hospital while her family was in Nigeria. In the night, she had a panic attack and found herself unable to breathe. She was rushed to another hospital and placed in the ICU. She was then placed on life support and was using a catheter. Her stomach became so swollen due to the kidney failure that she looked as if she was eight months pregnant. She was placed on chemotherapy.

A good Samaritan brought the family an Anointing Sticker and introduced them to Emmanuel TV. When Naomi watched and saw others in worse condition than her being healed on Emmanuel TV, her faith was rekindled. She determined to come to The SCOAN to receive her healing, in Jesus’ name. November 3rd 2013 was the day to be marked down in history for Naomi. She was placed on the prayer line and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed for her, in Jesus’ name by simply standing at a distance and stretching his hand in prayer. She fell to the ground under the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit. With her, fell the deadly sickness, never to rise again.

Testifying in church, she declared to all that she was now free from lupus. Her mother said after her healing at The SCOAN, she went to hospital where doctors were shocked to discover that the killer disease had indeed disappeared. Miss Umeala, who was accompanied by her family, thanked God for her miraculous healing and advised people to always hold onto God. Since the day she received prayer, she has not been taking any tablet or injection.

  CROWDThe Sunday service, broadcast live on the official channel – Emmanuel TV, closed with mass prayer ministered by the wise men. Stay blessed!