TEaster celebrations, which started with Palm Sunday last week, culminated into a din of euphoria at The SCOAN on Sunday with visitors, who came from all over the world, worshipping God for the sacrificial Lamb, Jesus Christ. The day, which started with a message of hope and triumph from Wise Man Daniel, blossomed and burst into a frenzy of celebration with the church choir seamlessly blending their choruses with the day’s message. The man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, full with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, stepped to the altar and decreed calmness in people’s lives.

Citing Matthew 8:26, a Scripture depicting how Jesus Christ arose and rebuked the storm on the sea, Prophet T.B. Joshua faced the congregation and prophetically declared: “When we talk of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, we are talking of a new life, life anew, a new beginning in every area of your life. Be it your health, be it your finances, be it your business, be it your career, you are here to receive a new life. Let there be calmness!” The moving power of the Holy Spirit swept through the congregation, throwing many to the floor and forcing some to vomit out poisonous substances, signifying their rescue from the claws of the devil.

Apart from revealing hidden truths to individuals through prophecy, the man of God spoke to nations and prayed for the world to receive calmness in all sectors. He also ministered to people at the prayer line where God manifested the resurrection power of Jesus Christ by restoring people to what he had created them. Many were healed in the name of Jesus Christ and many more were delivered from contrary spirits.

During the Saturday prophetic service on the previous day, Prophet T.B. Joshua had given a message titled, ‘THE LIFE YOU ENJOY’ which dwelt on the importance of aligning our hearts and mouths with God’s Word. “What kind of life are you enjoying?” Prophet T.B. Joshua asked the congregation. “The words you speak determine the life you enjoy. That is, the words a man speaks create the blessings or curses that come his way. Your mouth is the revealer of the belief in your heart. Talk what you believe. This is the challenge we all have today.” He explained that one may profess Christianity with their mouths and yet not be such in heart. “If heart and mouth get in accord with God’s Word, the blessings of God’s Word begin to be tapped,” he emphasised.

WISEMAN DANIELOn Sunday, Wise Man Daniel delivered a compelling message celebrating Easter titled: ‘THE MOST PRECIOUS COMMODITY’ which was a reflection of Jesus’ life and suffering for the purpose of ‘restoring man’s lost relationship with God.’ He said the wisest decision one can make in life as a Christian is to trust in Jesus Christ.

He said of Jesus, “He stands to be accepted or to be rejected. You can choose to be false to Him if you will or to be faithful to Him through good. The choice is yours. But this is the Gospel truth: Jesus Christ is the only way to peace and comfort while satan is the sure way to bitterness, pain and death. In other words, satan comes to kill, steal and destroy while Jesus Christ comes to give life and life in abundance, through the blood He shed on the cross of Calvary, which is the most precious commodity in the history of mankind”.

Citing various Scriptures such as Colossians 1:19-20, Revelations 5:12 and Matthew 23:37 which all resonate Jesus as being worthy of our faith, affection, devotion, time, money, possession and giving, Wise Man Daniel summed up: “Those who choose to serve the Lord in truth and in faith, those who have resolved in sincerity to make the Lord their keeper, refuge and shelter, shall be delivered from the malice of the powers of darkness. Whatever others say of God, He is our God, Healer, Deliverer, Comforter, Teacher, Counsellor, Intercessor, Friend in life, Redeemer and Partner. Whether He heals me or not, Jesus Christ is the Healer. Don’t change your confession every other day.”

Again, the day was reminiscent of other Sundays at The SCOAN characterised by great testimonies from hundreds of people who had come to glorify God for what He has done in their lives. Below are a few:

The attack was shocking. When it happened in Abuja that fateful day last week, the scene of the disaster was chaotic. The rescue team had to plough through the rubble of broken glass and mangled metal for any missing limbs. At least 76 people were reported dead on that day and over a hundred seriously injured. Mr Egbe Candidus from Benue State but residing in Abuja would have been one of them if it was not for the merciful hand of God. He and three other people came to separately testify of how God saved them from that fatal bomb blast.MR EBGE CANDIDUS

He was travelling to the capital city in a vehicle with some people. When they reached a prominent place called Nyanya, the already noisy junction was shuttered with a big bang that rocked the area like an earthquake. Before he knew it, the car he was travelling in was tossed into the air like a baby’s toy, above human height. When it landed on the ground, he found himself standing outside on the road, completely unhurt. Around him, he saw scores of dead bodies lying on the ground. Human limbs were strewn everywhere. When he got up, he could not believe he was still alive. He felt his pockets and discovered and realized what had just happened, the Mighty hand of God had lifted him up and out of the car in a great manifestation of His wonders.

Before the journey earlier that morning, he had ministered the Anointing Water on himself as was his habit. Fortified, he had placed the bottle of the Anointing Water and the Anointing Sticker in his pocket and God who uses any medium to locate His people, met him at the point of his need. “God can use any medium to express Himself. He has rescued me from a fatal bomb blast through the Anointing Water and Sticker. I would have been a dead man by now,” he said.

On Saturday, during the prophetic live service, Evangelist Maria Ajekukor also testified of how God had wrapped her in His armour against the same bomb explosion. She was on her way to work that morning, when she suddenly realised that she had left the house without her Anointing Sticker. She quickly rushed back to get it, as she never went anywhere without it. When her bus came, she realised that she did not have the correct change required, so the bus continued without her. Little did she know that God was delaying her for a purpose. When she finally reached Nyanya, the spot of the attack, everyone was running helter-skelter. At a closer look, she discovered that the very first bus she was about to enter, was one of those hit by the explosion. She saw dead bodies scattered everywhere and limbs that had been torn off people’s bodies. She could not help but shed tears of gratitude as she narrated how God’s hand had held her back to save her from death. “Make sure you carry with you the Anointing Sticker and minister the Anointing Water all the time,” was her advice.

Thirty-seven year-old Anthonia Edozie was staring death in the face. She had a chronic kidney problem which gave her excruciating pain. Each time the pain came, she would have difficulties walking and her body would swell. Her doctor, who said she was born with the problem, advised her to go to Egypt for an operation but she could not imagine herself going under the knife. She was determined to hang on and wait for a better way out. Unfortunately, the longer she hesitated on the operation, the worse her condition became. Her brother invited her to South Africa where he took her to hospital for a scan. The doctors were alarmed at the severity of her problem as her kidneys were failing. She was immediately booked for an operation. Still, she could not stomach the idea. She prayed to God to heal her and told Him that she would not go for the operation.

ANTHONIA EDOZIEHer sister introduced her to Emmanuel TV where she saw a testimony of a man being healed through the medium of the Anointing Water. This lifted her faith. She sent her brother to collect a bottle of the Anointing Water, which she ministered in faith. Immediately, she said, the pain disappeared together with every symptom! She could do things she was not able to do before. Believing she was healed, she went back to the hospital where she had another scan. It showed that her kidney had returned to normal. Excited and relieved that the life-threatening disease had left her, she exercised herself before the congregation, demonstrating her perfect healing in Christ Jesus. She advised, “There is no problem bigger than our Lord Jesus. Trust in Him, believe in Him and He will meet you at the point of your need”.

Fibroids have fast become one of the most common afflictions tormenting women and, when Judith Kuzilwa from Tanzania discovered she had become victim, she was depressed. What started simple with internal heat surged into severe pain she could no longer bear. JUDITH KUZILWATo her utter disbelief, doctors told her that she had not one but two fibroids. She went back home to digest the bad news. Two months later, she went back to the doctor for another scan and she was told the fibroids had doubled in size and that the only solution was to go for an operation. Thank God, she had seen many people delivered from the problem through the Anointing Water. She received hers from a close friend and ministered it in Jesus’ name. When she went back to the hospital for another test, the results confirmed that Jesus Christ is indeed the great Physician. She no longer had fibroids! She was healed from a problem that had tormented her for five years. Praise God!

It caused her great discomfort and pain. Her career was inadvertently teetering until one day when she encountered the Healer, Jesus Christ. Mrs Jawe, a motivational speaker and training consultant from Botswana, was a career woman happy to do what she knew best, travelling around the country and helping people to reach their potential. As satan would have it his wicked way, Mrs Jawe found herself inflicted with a bleeding problem. She profusely bled for three and a half months, seriously affecting her job. MRS JAWEDoctors could not establish the cause and even took her through a pregnancy test in a desperate hunt for the cause. She could not stand for a long time and easily got tired. The problem persisted. Her husband, who testified to having been affected by his ‘beautiful’ wife’s problem, decided to come along with her to The SCOAN where they received the Anointing Water. When they got to their hotel room, they ministered it and before they knew it, the bleeding had stopped. The husband described the problem as having affected them greatly.

“You have a beautiful woman like mine and there is this problem of bleeding, you know what it means,” he said to the amusement of the congregation. Thank God, today, Mrs Jawe is completely free and freely going about her daily work and enjoying her married life, courtesy of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ through the medium of the Anointing Water.


Mr and Mrs Abu John had been married for four years and looking for ‘fruit of the womb’ which, unfortunately, did not come. They visited many medical specialists but there was no solution. They felt bad because their colleagues of the same age had up to two children and yet, they had nothing to show for those barren years.MR&MRS ABU They decided to come to The SCOAN last year. They prayed and received the Anointing Water which they ministered, in the name of Jesus Christ. Mrs John then had a dream in which the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed and delivered her from a spiritual husband. When she met with her husband, the impossible became possible. God touched her and she became pregnant! Mrs John advised people to have faith in God and they would receive fruitfulness in His appointed time.

Mr Obi Inoma, an architect consultant, came to The SCOAN due to a string of setbacks in his career that had thrown him into bondage. Things became very difficult due to some bad choices he had made and he could no longer meet family obligations. He had several children in expensive universities and faced difficulties paying their school fees. Running out of rope, he ran to The SCOAN. Prophet T.B. Joshua gave him hope and encouragement. He also gave him the Anointing Water. MR OBI INIOMAMeanwhile, there was one project he was aspiring to manage as a consultant but each time he submitted his papers, he would be turned down for no apparent reason. After ministering the Anointing Water, the company reversed their initial decision and readily accepted his application. His company was appointed as a consulting firm, overseeing a new housing estate which involves managing 109 housing units. He was also assigned other projects within the system to manage. They gave him accommodation to stay in the estate and a car to use for the project. He is now able to pay for his children’s university fees after receiving a huge breakthrough following his release from bondage. He advised: “We must not joke with anything that comes from the prophet.”

When Mr John Njuma Libwea decided to further his education in Europe, he found himself confronted not only with a language barrier but also a financial mountain that almost obliterated his dream. A Bachelor of Science graduate of a University in Cameroon, he had worked for about four to five years before he received a certificate in pharmacy and later decided to enhance his studies. His applications to schools in the UK and Finland did not go unnoticed but he resolved to further his research in HIV/AIDS which was incidentally being offered in Finland.

MR JOHN NJUMA[WRITE IT DOWN]When he arrived in Finland, he was faced with a different culture and could not speak the language of the land. He was among twelve out of 240 applicants who were selected for the programme; only two were from Africa of which he was one. He graduated with distinction and was offered a four year residence permit to stay in Finland. He was studying for his PhD and due to his financial challenge, he accepted to work for the university as a cleaner. He was in desperate need for substantial money which he could not make out of cleaning services.

He had been watching Emmanuel TV but not with belief. One day, he reached a turning point. He heard the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua say, “Write it down – There is a crossover, you are crossing the bridge”. He claimed the prophetic prayer and to his delight, he was recruited as a research officer at the Finnish Health and Welfare Office in Finland. He was told he would work 100 hours a month and receive a salary. Amazingly, they told him he didn’t need to come to the office but rather, should stay at home and work on his project. His wife who had joined him in the country, was also miraculously given a permit which entitled her to full benefits as a Finnish citizen! Praise God!

The Easter Sunday service closed with mass prayer ministered by the Wise Men during which many more spiritual chains were broken and a new breeze of calmness breathed into people’s lives, in Jesus’ name!