Both services on Saturday and Sunday at The SCOAN were filled with miraculous testimonies of God’s goodness and practical demonstration of His power. The Saturday service opened with the SCOAN prayer line where hundreds of people, including international visitors, received a divine touch from Jesus Christ through the wise men that changed the course of their lives forever.

Prophet T.b. Joshua at The Synagogue Church of All Nations preaching God's Word.

Prophet T.b. Joshua at The Synagogue Church of All Nations preaching God’s Word.

Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a message on Saturday which he further developed on Sunday, titled, ‘Walk By The Spirit.’ The proof text was John 7:1-6, the Scripture where Jesus told His brothers that He was not led by man’s time. Prophet T.B. Joshua explained, “You must be under the control of the Holy Spirit in the same manner that a drunkard is under the control of wine.” He added that as Christians, in each instance, in every attempt, move and step for God, a specific intimation always comes to us. A suggestion always comes to us from the Spirit that the action should be performed. He continued, “Those to whom the Spirit of Father has not suggested are always ready at their will; their time is always ready. Without direction from the Spirit of God, if we give, we give of ourselves. If we talk, we talk of ourselves.” He further explained that if you call the name Jesus without the help of the Holy Spirit, you will only hear yourself, people around you will hear you but God will not.

The services were filled with many testimonies, especially concerning the Anointing Water. Here are just a few of the faith-lifting experiences of people:




Mr Osembe Pena Alumba, a Congolese man living in Zambia, had been facing many challenges in his profession as a farmer for ten years. The situation became critical when an unusual disease swept through all of his chickens and he lost 1,500 of his 5,000 chickens in a single day! As Pene considered giving up his farm in the height of the crisis, a friend introduced him to Emmanuel TV.

Mr Pena Alume sharing his faith lifting testimony.

Mr Pena Alume sharing his faith lifting testimony.

While watching, he saw a fisherman giving a testimony of how Jesus Christ had restored his fishing business through the medium of the Anointing Water.

He then sent his wife to The SCOAN to receive the Anointing Water. When he came back to his country, Zambia, he prayed and ministered the Anointing Water all over his farm and on his animal’s drinking water. In a miraculous turn of events, his farming business started booming and customers began pouring in from far and wide. He showed some photographs of his radically transformed chicken farm, now full  of chickens and yielding thousands of eggs.   He also showed pictures of his booming livestock and vegetable farms. Within one year, Mr Alumba’s 3,500 chickens had turned to 38,000 chickens! With this mighty breakthrough, he is the proud owner of new cars as well as four new trucks to aid his farming business. He further explained that since ministering the Anointing Water, there hasn’t been a trace of disease in any of his animals!



Mrs Veronica Nwalunor had been suffering from the problem of bedwetting for 38 years, from the age of 10. Her mother took her to many places in search of a solution to her problem but to no avail. Literally every day, she would wet her bed, causing her to be removed from boarding school when growing up. The problem got so severe that even during the day, she would sometimes urinate on herself and had to wear incontinence pads. As a result of the extreme embarrassment, she could not go out to any public function or sleep in another house.

Her brother introduced her to Emmanuel TV and through the testimonies she saw of people who were delivered from the same problem of bedwetting she was suffering from, she was encouraged to get a bottle of the Anointing Water. On coming to The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave her a bottle of the Anointing Water and she ministered it on herself that night in her hotel room. To her greatest surprise, she slept soundly and woke up without bedwetting for the first time in 38 years!

The Nwalunor family glorifying God for their healing.

The Nwalunor family glorifying God for their healing.

Ever since then, she has been free from the shameful affliction and can’t stop sharing her mighty testimony.

Mr Ike Nwalunor, Veronica’s husband testified how God also delivered him from the same problem of bedwetting! He said that when he married his wife, he was a chronic drunkard and would often go to sleep intoxicated. He would often see himself urinating in his dreams and then, wake up to find he had wet his bed. After marrying his wife and realizing they had the same problem, he took it as a burden they would both have to bear and began moving searching far and wide for solution. However, the day he and his wife ministered the Anointing Water, they were set free from the affliction of bedwetting! To God be the glory!


Delivered Tanneh and Micheal joyfully express their appreciation at The SCOAN.

Delivered Tanneh and Micheal joyfully express their appreciation at The SCOAN.

Tanneh Sieh and Michael Freeman came to testify to the power of Jesus Christ at work in The SCOAN. Ms Sieh left her home country of Liberia in search of greener pastures and ended up engaging in fraudulent activities at a young age. She would lie to people that she was related to a very rich personality in her country in order to deceive them to release money to her. Some of her covert operations even led to people committing suicide and couples divorcing due to the huge sums of money extorted. She was possessed by a spirit of python which provoked her to carry out these activities and also tormented her in her dreams. She would see the faces of people she had stolen from in her dreams, confronting and attacking her. While in South Africa, she met a fellow Liberian, Mr Freeman, and they became partners in crime and engaged to marry.

Mr Freeman was recruited as a child soldier during the war in Liberia. After he left the army, he travelled outside of the country and also ended up engaging in fraud to make a living. He travelled to more than eight countries during the course of his fraudulent operations before coming to South Africa where he met Ms Sieh and they began the ‘business’ together.

However, it was when he and Ms Sieh began watching Emmanuel TV that they began to get a new perspective in life. Tired of their former lives, they came to The SCOAN for prayer. They each received their deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since her deliverance, Ms Sieh testified that she sleeps like a baby and no longer has the urge to steal or deceive people. For the first time in her life, she began regretting all her past actions and the thousands of innocent people she had defrauded. Mr Freeman explained that his only desire now was to help people, as he has been helped so greatly by God Almighty! They were presented with the gift of 500,000 naira to support them in continuing their education and contributing to the society of which they are a part.


Mr Christopher, an ex-grand occult master and magician, stood before the congregation to testify that he was delivered from the evil spirits that had caused him to defraud many people using occult magic. After his deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit, he explained that the attacks in his dreams came to an end and he saw people as human beings whom he did not want to dupe or defraud.

Mr Christopher and son giving thanks to God.

Mr Christopher and son giving thanks to God.

Promising not to go back to his dubious lifestyle and occultic shrine, he declared that he would testify to those he had previously initiated, promising to lead them to the true peace in Christ Jesus. To support him in his resolution to start life afresh, he received the financial support of 300,000 naira from Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners.


Lena Ofosu talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at The SCOAN.

Lena Ofosu talks about her deliverance from the malice of the powers of darkness at The SCOAN.

A video was shown of Lena Ofosu from Ghana receiving her deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit after prayer from Wise Man Racine at the prayer line. After her deliverance, she took the Emmanuel TV team to her house in Ghana where she paid homage to the marine spirits that had possessed her. She showed them how she used to meet with her spiritual husband in the marine kingdom through a series of strange sacrifices.

Telling her story to the congregation, she explained that it all started when her mother took her to visit a spiritualist when she was very young. While she and her mother were there, the spiritualist told her mother to hand her over to him because she was married to a spiritual husband from the marine world and therefore destined to serve them. Her mother agreed and left her with the spiritualist and from that day, he taught her everything about the marine world of darkness. She used to interact with her spiritual husband regularly and he had warned her never to marry on this earth.

She tried to get married but the first man died and the second marriage only lasted a few hours. Her principal assignment was to initiate people into the kingdom of darkness, especially men. One of her major targets were those who attended church. She was given instructions to dress in a certain way in order to be ushered to a seat in the front of the church and distract attention from the Word of God.

When asked how they identified Christians, she said that true born again Christians are covered by the blood of Jesus and they had light around them. She said that even if they were sent to initiate a true born again Christian, they would be unable to get them because nothing of the world entices them. She said that she was even sent to initiate her own daughter into the marine world but could not because she was a true born again Christian.

Her message to the world was very clear: “Don’t emulate the outward appearance of others; be yourself and be guided by the Holy Spirit in everything you do, including how you dress and do your hair.”



Mr Gift Ayebabogha, a Nigerian Police Sergeant was attacked by armed robbers while he was guarding a bank. He was shot at close range in his stomach and his intestines came out. He fell down in a pool of blood and the armed robbers left him for dead. He survived the armed robber attack because of the Anointing Water that he had ministered before going to work and continued to minister during the attack. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctor put his intestines back. After the operation, he discovered that he was unable to urinate. The doctors had to insert a catheter into his naval and he came to The SCOAN for prayer.

Mr Gift reflects over God's track record in his life.

Mr Gift reflects over God’s track record in his life.

After he explained his story to the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua called medical doctors from different countries who were in attendance on the service that day, to examine him in order to ascertain what could be done medically so that the catheter could be removed.

Mr Gift and the team that traveled with him to India.

Mr Gift and the team that traveled with him to India.

The team of medical doctors advised that Mr Gift be sent to India where specialist doctors would be able to perform corrective surgery on him which would allow him to urinate normally without the use of a catheter.

A video was replayed documenting how Prophet T.B. Joshua sponsored his entire trip to India, including arrangements for international passports for himself and two brothers, Indian visas, return flight tickets (which were purchased during the peak price season of December), medical bills, feeding, accommodation and spending money. The total amount of money spent by Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners was $25,000. The medical doctors in India fixed his damaged urinary tract and removed the catheter. He testified that he can now urinate normally and no longer uses a catheter. His medical reports confirmed that his urinary tract is now normal.


A cross section of the elderly ones at The SCOAN.

A cross section of the elderly ones at The SCOAN.

Leading by example, Prophet T.B Joshua purchased two brand new coaster buses for transporting the elderly ones. Boldly written on the buses is: “Where are your elderly ones? Care for them and you shall reach old age.” – T.B. Joshua.

The brand new coaster buses purchased for the elderly at The SCOAN.

The brand new coaster buses purchased for the elderly at The SCOAN.

This is a challenge to us all to care for our elderly ones, so that we may touch God’s heart and live long. Remember, it is not a crime to be old, it is the grace of God.