ImageDuring The SCOAN Sunday Service on January 27, 2013, Prophet T.B. Joshua reminded us that Christianity is a relationship and not a religion. He said that what we do for God is only a reflection of the relationship we have with Him and relationship exists where there is love. What we are doing in secret reflects outside in the light.


Mr Celsus Ukpong, a barrister of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, came to The SCOAN with the problem of skin disease. The pain from the skin disease was so severe that he could not sleep or eat and had to take drugs for temporary relief. He came to the Prayer Line at The SCOAN where he was prayed for by Prophet T.B. Joshua, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. ImageThe prophet told him that his sickness was not meant to destroy him but it was for the glory of God. After the prayer, the skin disease and the pain left him. Today, he has come to The SCOAN to show that his skin is completely restored and he has maintained this healing for the past four years! His advice was for those who are sick to seek a real man of God because wise men still seek Jesus.


There was a replay of a video in which Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Mr Christopher that he had a covenant with demons. Later, one of the wise men prayed for him in the power of the Holy Spirit and the evil spirits within him manifested saying that it was the ‘prince of demons’ and caused him to practice magic by invoking spirits to conjure money and defraud people.

As he began to give his testimony, he explained to the congregation how he was introduced to magic. When he was young, one of his friends took him to a mystic man who showed him how to perform magical tricks. The first one he showed him was how to magically make money appear which sparked his interest. From that time, he continued to visit the man who showed him more and more magical tricks. He started to read spiritual books teaching him how to practice magic. Having read many books on magic, he became advanced in the tactics and strategies of destruction from the kingdom of darkness.

 He confessed that he used the internet, newspapers and magazines as avenues to defraud people. He said that demons would appear to him physically and teach him diverse magical acts. He also erected a temple dedicated to worshipping the powers of darkness. The evil spirits caused him to smoke a variety of drugs and he drank alcohol ceaselessly.

 He brought a bag full of magical items to the church and explained the use of each of the items to the congregation. He claimed the he was an expert in the practice of magic.

 After his deliverance, he stopped duping people, he removed all the items in his demonic temple he had built and no longer has interest in drugs or drinking alcohol. In the light of his experience, he said that anything satan gives you, he will eventually take it back from you and leave you with nothing. He advised parents that they should monitor their children and the friendships they make. He also advised the youth to learn from his experience and appealed to all to seek God for their deliverance.


Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied to Zinhle during a Sunday service, “You need to leave this internet issue; you need to confess”.  After her deliverance through the prayer of the wise men in Jesus’ name, she said that she came to The SCOAN with her mother in search of deliverance from the endless evil attacks she was experiencing. She confessed of how she met a man while she was travelling abroad. After he travelled back to his country and she returned to South Africa, they kept in touch via telephone and the internet and he encouraged her to visit pornographic sites on the internet which she did and as a result, became addicted to masturbation. After her deliverance, she no longer has the urge to view pornography or masturbate. She advises the youth not to watch pornography and that they should focus on Jesus Christ because they are created to serve and worship Him. ImageShe advised parents to monitor their children as well and guide them in the way of the Lord. 

Her mother, Dimakatso, thanked God for delivering her daughter and advised parents to spend more time with their children – observe them and pay more attention to them. She said, “We are not helping them by buying them laptops and expensive phones. The devil is using this technology to destroy them”.


Mr Izuchukwu, a Nigerian living in South Africa received a prophecy from the man of God, ImageProphet T.B. Joshua: “I’m seeing your heart – there is a bleeding, internal bleeding. It is an attack. There is a woman you meet in the dream. Any time you meet this woman, you bleed profusely in your heart.” Prophet T.B. Joshua continued that they had booked him for an operation and that he had used many tablets. Mr Izuchukwu confirmed the prophecy by bringing out his medical report and stated that after a nightmare where he met a woman in a dream, when he woke up, he became weak and experienced heart pain and was horrified to find himself excreting blood when he went to the toilet. Another symptom of this problem was that if he walked a short distance, he would gasp for breath. Upon examination, the doctor said he must have an operation to correct the internal bleeding. During the deliverance, he said that it felt like a strange being left his body. ImageSince that day, he no longer excretes blood and does not see any woman coming to him in his dreams. He encouraged the congregation by stating that no matter what your problem is, God still has something to say.



Mr Chinonso Njoku came to The SCOAN with his son, Kelechi, to testify to the healing power of God in the Anointing Water. Mr Njoku’s son had been diagnosed with a hole in his heart and the doctor’s recommended they go to India for an operation that would cost in excess of 3 million naira. ImageThe doctors warned that if the operation were not done to correct the hole in his heart, Kelechi would die. As his son’s condition worsened and he was getting weaker by the day, in a desperate attempt to put together the money, Mr Njoku put an advert in the newspaper – ‘Hole In The Heart Baby Needs Assistance’, requesting financial assistance for his son’s operation in India. Unable to put the finances together to go for the operation, he continued looking for a solution. One day, at another clinic yet again, he met Dr Chilaka who advised him to get a bottle of the Anointing Water and the booklet that comes with it, explaining that God was the only solution for his son’s illness.

Soon after ministering the Anointing Water that he had received during a visit to The SCOAN and praying in Jesus’ name, Mr Njoku saw that the symptoms his son was experiencing were disappearing one by one – the crying stopped, the strength returned and his son started eating and drinking with ease. Returning to the same place that diagnosed his son with a hole in his heart, the doctor tested his son and was surprised when they could not find the hole in his heart. He advised those listening to his testimony that whenever they do anything, they should do it in faith.

Dr Chilaka also came with Mr Njoku and his son to testify to the divine healing of the boy and that he did indeed advise them to visit The SCOAN and receive the Anointing Water for the glory of God.


Pastor Sunny Nwosu, a Nigerian living in Seoul, South Korea is a pastor and a clothing designer. In South Korea, he was designing t-shirts and was facing financial difficulties. ImageHe came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. He went back to South Korea and prayed with the Anointing Water. Shortly after that, he was inspired by God to start designing suits which he had never thought of before and he then, opened his own company. He registered his company as a foreigner in South Korea but his business was later stopped. He was advised to operate his business in another country so, he decided to go to the USA and start a company there. He explained that he ministered the Anointing Water and though facing serious challenges in opening a clothing design company in the USA, the grace was given to him to open a company and his clothing design company is now flourishing.


ImageProphet T.B. Joshua spoke about The SCOAN Old Testament Section, the elderly members of The SCOAN, many of them past 100 years old and encouraged viewers around the world to care for their elderly ones because it is the grace of God to be old. ImageHe has promised to purchase coaster buses to carry the elderly to and from the services and encouraged member of The SCOAN and partners of the ministry to come together to also buy another coaster bus for them. ImageProphet T.B. Joshua emphasized that it is not a crime to be old; it is a blessing that we should all pray to be old. He also advised everyone around the world to take care of their aged ones.