TB joshua

Using the story of Ahab and Prophet Micaiah in 2 Chronicles, Prophet T.B. Joshua continued the message from last week, titled, ‘The Truth Sustains God’s Prophets’. Referring to the initial 400 prophets invited by the King of Israel, Ahab, to prophesy on the outcome of the planned war at Ramoth Gilead, he said, “In searching for the truth, we must look within and beyond our palace”.

He said the truth is older than terror, because God symbolizes truth, and thus, the foundation of every experience. “As truth was older than terror, so it will survive it; it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong. God is truth”.

He further explained that, “God confirms the word of His servants by accompanying it, by establishing it. God gives being (life) to His Word. You can speak His Word but God gives life/ being. If He has not given being to His Word, the Word is dead but when He gives that life, the Word becomes life”.


Mr Malomo

Former Germany-based Nigerian delivered from a 16 year addiction to eating and drinking faeces mixed with his sperm and urine the previous week, Mr Makaila Malomo was invited to speak to the congregation. Knowing there was more to his terrible addiction, T.B. Joshua sent a team of evangelists to accompany Mr Malomo to his home where what he had been doing behind closed doors was uncovered. A documentary of the visit to his home was shown during his testimony where he opened up and said that he was an occultist. The video revealed his altar, full of charms, images, incense and divination articles which he had been using to acquire power. He showed the sand removed from his parents’ graves and numerous magical books with which he did conjuration of evil spirits.

He demonstrated how he worshipped at the occultic altar and how he dressed up every morning, wearing special magically charged clothes. Drawn on the walls of his house were different images showing his deep familiarity with evil spirits. He explained how previously, every night, he would eat his faeces, sperm and urine as part of his routine occultic practices.

Mr Malomo spoke on his experience over the years and how the evil spirit had actually entered him. While studying Journalism in London, he began reading occultic books and watching horror films. After his imprisonment, he spent countless hours reading supernatural and occultic books in the prison library. With his mind so consumed by the occultic world, when the demon visited him in prison and compelled him to eat the concoction of his faeces, sperm and urine in order to attain such power, he unwittingly obeyed. He showed the two dolls he had been using to masturbate himself in order to release needed sperm for his power-seeking spirituality. He said his occultic books gave him inspiration and showed him how to contact demons and destroy people.

Mr Malomo then testified that ever since his deliverance last week, all desire to consume his faeces, sperm and urine disappeared instantly. The day after his deliverance, when going to the toilet, the offensive odour of his faeces dawned on him for the first time in 16 years and he quickly flushed the toilet and sprayed air freshener, ashamed that he had ever eaten such a revolting concoction. He said that he is now eating regularly and is taking care of his appearance. He thanked God for delivering him from this repulsive addiction that had tormented his life!




Mrs cecilia Imade

Next to speak was Cecilia Imade, an elderly woman from Benin who was prayed for by Wise Man Harry during the Monday Service. The video of her deliverance was shown and the moment she was touched, the evil spirit in her manifested and she became violent towards the wise man. Surprised at the violent response of this elderly woman, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked her what was the cause of her reaction.

She responded that she had seen fire all over Wise Man Harry and couldn’t look at his face and from that moment on, she had no awareness of what followed. She was equally shocked to see her karate like movements during the encounter that the evil spirit had compelled her to do.

Mrs Imade, who is originally from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, explained that after Harry touched her, her body became light when she got up. When young, according to her, she became an orphan so early, and had lived with her uncle. She married at the age of 12 and soon after, dreamt that she had turned into a snake at home and crawled into the Iyogan River. She later dreamt that a man came to her to share money to people and walked into her room claiming to have paid her bride price (dowry).

Explaining how this spiritual husband had affected her life, she said that she married three husbands from who she later separated due to unexplained anger. She was also pursued by mad people. She used to sell the local delicacy, ‘moinmoin’ in New Benin, where she often saw a male lunatic attempting to hold on to her, as if he was her husband. She had to keep pursuing him with a stick, to avoid embarrassment. She related how the spirit of lust had led her to walk up to a young man in a vehicle and asked him to sleep with her. In the midst of all this, her and all her children were bedwetting. She had seen Emmanuel TV in her family house, and she was convinced her deliverance would come if she came to The SCOAN. Her pathetic story moved the church.


Lovelyn Etima explained how she had been introduced to prostitution in school by a friend who later initiated her by giving her an occultic necklace and earring to wear to a party.  Ever since then, she would see herself in her dreams in the marine kingdom where she was given the assignment of destroying men by collecting their sperm and giving it to the ‘Queen Mother’. In this evil kingdom, she was instructed never to marry or have children in the physical world but was promised she would be promoted if she brought more than 10 sperm each day. This pushed her to sleep with up to 20 men each day.  These men would subsequently be destroyed and would be unable to father children.

After leaving school, she broke the covenant and attempted to marry on three occasions but each attempt resulted in the death of her fiancés by accident. When she came to The SCOAN for deliverance, the evil spirit pushed her to stay outside the church during the entirety of the Sunday service. The next day, as the man of God asked all the pregnant women to come inside the church, she entered and was delivered through an encounter with Wise Man Harry, in Jesus’ name. She testified that since her deliverance, she slept well and was no longer tormented by the spiritual husband.


Jonathan Ogiku told how he lost his job in 2011 and life became terrible for him. He had the opportunity to receive the Anointing Water when he came to The SCOAN. He prayed with it, and a week later, he saw T.B. Joshua in a dream congratulating him. A week after that, he received a letter of appointment. To his surprise, he was interviewed for and was given the position of General Manager, something he never expected.

He advised that people should know that nothing is impossible to God’s power. Only He can turn their problems to testimonies.



Gladys Dogbaje

Gladys Dogbaje from Ghana testified to her deliverance from an addiction to eating ice cubes for 12 long years. The addiction had resulted in severe stomach pains, persistent bleeding and fibroids. After her deliverance last week, Gladys testified that her craving for ice cubes immediately vanished and her bleeding stopped miraculously.

lily mastara

Lily Mastara from Zimbabwe shared a similar testimony. She had been addicted to eating ice cubes for eight years which had also led to chest pain. After her deliverance last week following the prayer of Wise Man Racine, she has stopped eating ice cubes and now sleeps well. She has no desire to eve see ice cubes again! She advised all those who are addicted to come to the church because, “God is able to do touch every case.”

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