Shortly before the morning service took off, Wiseman Daniel had spoken on “The power of the Word” to the massive congregation.Image

After songs rendition which lasted some three hours, Prophet T.B. Joshua preached to the congregation. ImageHe emphasized that significant as visions are in matter of the spirit, they must be fully and correctly translated and understood by the visioners to avoid misrepresentations regardless of where the visioners are found. He said God talks in parables, and that he had spoken to him to produce a new set of Anointing Stickers.

The prophet explained that the new sticker bears rich information at its back, which may always be useful to people. Such information includes facts on Emmanuel TV, prayer lines and memorable quotes which have potency of prayers.  According to him, “If you hear from God, you must translate correctly. The translation is very important. God will speak to you as a servant, and God is Spirit. If you are not fully in Spirit, you will not be able to translate in Spirit”.

He spoke on other diverse issues, especially miracles, love and giving. He said “If you can give your love and somebody wants to stand against you, he stands against God”, and that when a true Christian gives to others, it should be for the sake of God, which is why “you should give what your life depends on”. He added “you are blessed to bless others; you are saved to save others. As you give those things you do not need, give those you cherish. You are set for God’s blessing”.

Equally, he insisted that every man must always see life in the context of “everything in me is a reward or a test”, and that Jesus always uses our situation as a test because our sickness is not like the sickness of others’; our trouble is not like others, and  that our sickness can qualify us for a promotion.

To him, “Always see it as an opportunity of showing others that God brings good out of a bad situation”, because  there is appointment in disappointments, wealth in poverty and health in sickness. He added that good health comes out from sickness; wealth comes out from poverty; and light from darkness… all of which the Christian must trust in. In his view, “A man can be sick in body or poor and yet be a friend of God and a candidate of Heaven”, and that a miracle is not the end but a means to an end.

Mr Ibe Sanford Emene – Blessed With A Diplomatic Job.

The First major testimony was a flashback in a video in relation to a prophecy given to Mr Ibe Sanford Emene, living in Rivers state. In the video, Mr Emene was looking dishevelled, poor and hopeless. Wise man Racine prophesied to him that he would soon receive the blessing of God despite his horrible past, as he would soon be given a remarkable job which would change his life, totally.

The wise man also prophesied that Mr Emene would soon travel out of Nigeria before the end of the year, 2010, but that he should be mindful of where he came from and try to avoid temptations.

Mr Emene returned after the fulfilment of the prophecy, to thank God for his mercy and blessing. In his words, he was living in abject poverty, failure and other challenges in business. He came to The SCOAN for prayer and direction on what to do to ameliorate his situation.

He referred to the prophecy by Wise man Racine, which was made manifest, though he had come originally to the church on a different matter. He said he was scared when the wise man mentioned foreign travels because he had never travelled out of Nigeria. He also said he was sympathizing with Wise Man Racine who had to lay hands on so many people. But in December of 2010, he was later appointed a diplomat and technical expert.

He had had an interview at Abuja and though others in the interview panel may have contacted witch doctors or gone through powerful people in Nigeria to get the appointment, he believed in the God of T.B. Joshua and prayed. He knew that travelling outside would actually change his life, entirely, as proclaimed in the prophecy of the wise man. In his words “The prophecy brought 300 degree turn around to my life. Where God guides, He provides. When you come to God, come blank. Don’t tell him what you want to hear. I have visa for two countries, one of which is South Africa”.

Obviously, success was written all over his face as the video showed his past and present, for the sake of comparison.

Mrs Patience Okorie – Delivered From Barrenness and Spiritual Husband.

Prophet T.B. Joshua was shown in a replay video during one of his prophetic works in a previous live service. As he moved round delivering people and prophesying, he prophesied to Mrs Patience Okorie, from Edo state who had been barren for many years. The man of God revealed her past, her efforts to get delivered by fasting for three days and visiting various churches. What she needed, according to him, was deliverance, though she had suffered from barrenness and a spiritual husband for so long.

In her statement, Mrs Okorie narrated her story of long barrenness and affliction by a spiritual husband, as well as her lack of affection for her physical husband. She said she fasted for three days, and though quite a beautiful person, she had no children, after many years of wedding. She had also encountered the spiritual husband years before her marriage, but it became worse after marriage. The man did appear to her in the dreams. Doctors in the hospitals also told her that she had no medical problem. She made her way to The SCOAN – her last hope.

She had to come to the church with her husband after her prayers were answered, and she had been delivered. She again narrated her story, and how she was delivered from the spiritual husband, barrenness, and evil attacks; she had also been mocked. But her pregnancy resulted in birthing twins (a boy and a girl).

Mr Okorie, the husband, also testified to the story of God. He had been a victim of low sperm count, but was happy that he was now a father of twins.

Prophet T.B. Joshua said what had taken place were healing, deliverance and prophetic words. In his words, “If your miracle is delayed, you will receive the mother of all miracles”.

Mrs Mariam Onuchukwu – Delivered From Evil Attacks And Spiritual Husband. 

Wise Man Christopher was praying for people and delivering others from spiritual dilemma when he found a middle aged woman, Mrs Mariam Onuchukwu, who had initially refused to be touched. As she was touched, she started manifesting, moving to the front row.

She claimed to be possessed by three spirits… a spiritual husband, a virgin girl and Ndichie. The spirit revealed that Mariam’s great grandfather had killed a virgin girl because of the conflict between two communities, in which he had wanted to be a warrior. Following her death, the spirits of the girl cursed the warrior’s family that no girl from there would be married or have children, and they must all die. The spirit of the Ndichie was one of the family idols. It also turned against the family members, killing the people one after the other, including self- hanging, drinking of gamallin 20, or dying through accidents; no man was to succeed in the family.

The spirit in Mrs Mariam confessed that she would go on being frustrated and that it would kill her. The baby in her womb was also tied by the spirit, and it was not growing.

After being delivered by Wise Man, Christopher, she sorrowfully said her pregnancy was the first in nine years. She narrated how she woke up about 1:00am in her family compound to see a young girl sweeping. Having closed the window and going back to bed, she had to narrate the story to her grandmother, who knowing the reality of the story, cautioned Mariam never to open the window again at night. But the spirit of the virgin girl kept appearing to her in her dreams, telling Mariam how she had died in the hands of her great grandfather, despite pleading to be left alone and that no family member would ever succeed.

Over nine men had died; all others became useless. The husbands of Mariam’s two sisters died within days in 2011. She did not relate the dreams to her husband for fear of divorce, but also because he equally had a stroke. Mariam had visited many prayer houses without success until she decided to come to The SCOAN. But shortly before then, her husband had placed his hands on the Emmanuel TV screen when the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers and his stroke disappeared.

Mariam said the Ndichie, where the family elders had their meeting tormented the family for so long. The shrine had been initially set ablaze by the pastor – brother of Mariam, along with others, and this had angered the idol. The pastor had died in a fatal motor accident.

Her husband also testified on how he received his deliverance and that as for his wife when she came for deliverance, he had to buy 3,000 naira worth of fuel for his generator to capture every action on the screen, as it was occurring. This event happened during the second service on the Sunday his wife was delivered.

Miss Blessing Oghoiafor – Delivered From Toe Ulcer

A young lady named Miss Blessing Oghoiafor from Delta State also came to The SCOAN because of the problem of the ulcer which developed as a result of an injury. It was almost being cut off.

She had joined the prayer line in the church and received her deliverance. She had slept soundly the day she was delivered, saying, “God just healed it. I glorify His Holy name!”

Her mother (Mrs Ifeome) also testified to the glory of God in the daughter’s life. She was said not to be able to bath, wash, walk, stand or lay in bed, as she was totally helpless. According to the lady, “I had an injury in 2010 and brought it to the church. I doubted it initially. Trust God; nothing impossible that He can’t do”.

Mr and Mrs Stephen Ogbeta – Problem of Barrenness

They came to The SCOAN to attest to the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water. Mr Ogbeta said he was married for 30 years without a child. “I married my first wife 12 years ago…. And the second one 18 years ago. Both of them are not pregnant because I had low sperm count”, he said. He said he came to The Synagogue Church with his second wife, Monica Ogbela, last year and collected the Anointing Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

When we administered the Anointing Water after prayers, my wife became pregnant after meeting her” he said.

A South African Lady Delivered From Eating Soap.

A young South African student who was addicted to eating soap came to The SCOAN for deliverance. She used to wake up at night to eat a particular brand of soap, and “When I had no money, I would go to the supermarket and get one. It tasted like sweet”. She ate soap for 24 years.

After her deliverance she was asked to taste the soap and her response was that it was smelling badly.

Other people were equally delivered from spiritual strongholds, spirits of anger, barrenness, violence, spiritual husbands, rejection, etc.

Shortly before the end of the service, Prophet Joshua instructed that the new sticker be distributed to the congregation, one to each family.

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  • i thank god 4 this mesage it waz powerful da word da worship it show that god is showing us that he want me to believe to change ma wayz da way i think, a way i talk so that i wil understand da vision wth the help of the holy spirit help me god im hopeless people feel shame 4 me everywhere i go disapointment oh god help me _ please check ma aplication partner no ZA005823

  • Ellah

    TB Joshua ur a true man of God, God has sent u as such tim as this to fulfil the purpose. Those who dont believe in ur prophesy,miracles,healing and deliverances ,they are blinded.

  • Patrick

    Patrick James Ngulube.

    Servant of Most High God please prays for my father in Law, I applied through your Website to have him brought to SCOAN for prayers, but I have never been responded to. He fell and cracked his backbone this has resulted in poor health, please help.

  • Alaimeni Firemie Ikio

    I know that one day through Prophet TB Joshua in Jesus name i will be delievered darkness.Amen.

  • Thank you Lord in Jesus name, amen. Lord you are always merciful. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN. Please pray for me for breakthroughs.

  • Anathi

    Can laziness be prayed for or it’s a choice? I’m lazy to study the word of God, if I do study I wouldn’t understand a thing. Please help!

  • tendai chitambirofa

    indeed god iz great.president of malawi iz no more it wz the will god .when jesus say yes no one can say no.may tha lord alwz b with u man of god.i salute master jesus for being ther fo us alwz.

  • brenda ruzvidzo

    please pray for my family my.mother sick with legs my sister is 35 never maried and me not maried and we need our on place to stay please pray for poverty AMEN

  • chinelo

    i love SCOAN my heart is with you man of God and God is always help and bless me through you.

  • Chinomso gift

    God is really doing wonderful things through his servant Snr.Prophet TB Joshua.I also believe I’m a partaker of ds blessing.I’m so happy n impressed,may God continue to bless Snr.Prophet TB Joshua n SCOAN in Jesus name Amen.

  • Cecilia Dube

    Praise God the almighty for all the testimonz
    “If you don’t have faith you will not endure”



  • Thank you pastor for what you are doing for a nation in need I would like to know how can I go to the scoan church please reply. get bad dreams eating or I also think that I have a spirituel husband have been fill whith holy gost but things don’t work out for me I have a anger and don’t listen to my husband he is in the ministery I do pray believe in the power of God but I feel my problem is so far that God can’t hear my pray. My mother was killed and it is hunting me that it will happen to me no one can help me also to asham to tell people about it because we are in the ministery and people look up to us. I feel like I am in hell already
    Help me plse. Sometimes I feel like taking my own life than my family don’t need to suffer we saffer in every way there is something in my ear I know it is the devil help plse it is moving in my ear help help plse.

  • Dafe Clark

    Man of God thank u for what u av being doing to people in d world. Pray 4 me i’m looking for good wife to marry, and a good job. I’m a Bulldozer Operator am working at Daewoo nig. Ltd another company is calling me to work with them i don’t no what to do. Pls man of God i need ur advise.

  • Naomi

    I also believe that the God of Tb Joshua is goiog 2 deliver me frm the spirit of death,i always dream with my dead sister,n since i started dreaming with her no progress in life,my business collapsed ,my husbands car broke up and no money 2 fix it.i belive evrything is possible with God.

  • Man of God pray 4 me, i eat in d dream, i make love in d dream & a lot of limitation in my life. Nothing is workin out 4 me, pray 4 me i need a good job & a breaktru in destiny. My marriage is not working due to incubus&succubus. pray 4 restoratn& harmony in my marriage IJN.

  • yotamu Banda

    Thank u jesus.without you am nothing,i need you by side.the devil has no power over me.

  • emmanuel chafa

    thanks for these blessing testimonies and word really they tell how jesus christ is abudantly able to deliver.i really am in need of the anointed sticker or water if its posible you can send them for me to this adress 2756 1B8 tagarika flats mbare ,harare,zimbabwe.

  • norah mugudamani

    GOD is so great, man of God just pray for me and my familly

  • Lord -Jesus have a mercy on me and my family. In Jesus name. Thank u Lord-Jesus

  • nontokozo p. msibi

    may anyone out der help finance me or buy me a ticket to nigeria im sooooo desperate no one has a job in my family i need a deliverence GOD BLESS

  • Oduokpe

    I need the anointing of God to touch me and my family. God already knows our problems. Let there be a transformation in my family.

  • Zanele Nhlabathi

    Thank you Man of God for constantly reminding me that my situation is not like others and that I’m passing through a test, trial period and by Gods grace I will overcome!

  • Francis bibiana

    Thank u father Lord 4 all dat u ve been doing in d life of our brothers & sisters. Blessed be ur name oh! Lord. I tap into all these testimonies. That same God will give me, my own testimony too.

  • Mompati Busanang

    I wnt 2 b emmanuel partner with al my heart.i dnt trust internet cz fradulents are at it again.thy already send me msgs claimin 2 b TB JOSHUA

  • Thank u,man of God&the whole SCOAN family.God bless!!!

  • nontokozo p. msibi

    i always dream sleeping with a man or eating with the death or seeing snakes the other day it bite me and in the morning i was depressed i think is the cause of all the bad things happening in may life no job no biznes my husband is at home they did not renew his contract my childrem are at home doing nothin it so bad

  • Mompati Busanang

    Im one of the luckiest human beings 2 have enterd the Synagogue Church of all Nations last year june 2011 al the way frm Botswana.I was delieved through anointin sticker on 13/06/2011 monday my testimonies in my lyf are lyk grains of rice.afta been out of work for da whole of 2011 as a Cop due 2 interdiction,m back 2 work nd vry hapy in who rejected me at work last year wish it was them who went to SCOAN,thy gather around me wantin 2 here hw GOD SAVED ME through Prophet TBJOSHUA.Emmanuel.

  • Judith Mothothusa

    Man of god please pray for my family, we lost our parents while we were still young and i was left as an elder child in the family. I took care of my family and at the moment the last born is doing form 2.

    The problem we have now is that all of us we dream all the dead parents, which means we are connected with the spirit of the dead. Please help us man of god, we all need delivarance. Thank you.

  • Margaret kaponda

    Man of God pliz pray for my husband need a good job.he need to rest during weekends so that we go to church together.we need a house for ourself in town.i want to teach at a school closer to my child ashly have ashma.pliz pray for my damily we need a breakthru

  • violet kinnear

    Thank you for the encouragement through God’s word. One day I also want to come and experience the SCOAN. , myself , my husband was there during December 2003 until mid January 2004 his name Walter Kinnear.God healed him miracelously!!! Thank God!

  • nicholas phiri

    Man of God am also experiencing the some proble at work,business,all not moving as i believ.I am also wating for my breakthrough in all sphere of my life and i know God time is best.distance is not a barrier bless as its difficolt for me to get the annoining water..

  • Amazing grace !


  • If God is for us who can be against us,you proved it again Jehovah what is impossible for man is possible for you my Lord.I pray you bring 360 degree change in my life this year to show my enemies how great you are.Glory be to God forever ..

  • nchang

    thank u jesus


    Lord -Jesus have a mercy on me and my family. In Jesus name. Thank u Lord-Jesus


    The same Jesus Christ who is doing all the abovementioned work is the one l call into my heart. Revamp me my Lord, my Creator. All l need in life are from You, You, You alone. Keep on anointing Your Servant T.B Joshua more, more and more! Thank You Jesus Christ for blessing me. Emmanuel.

  • I love God,I am born again.But I have a fear because we are drifting apart whoever reads thi PLEASE pray for me.I can’t pray anymore,I am back sliding.I know that I am suppose to comment that will be having TB Joshua ministries on my facebook feeds my spirit keep it up I need it to lift up my faith.

  • Many thanks to you all who are there spending your time on updating this Blog. When I’m reading this blog I feel that I’m talking to God Almighty. I feel encouraged with it. Many thanks to whole team, Emmanuel TV and T.B. Joshua Ministries, The SCOAN for the Great Job of God may you be blessed in the Name of Jesus Christ. I do pray alway to get SCOAN and get annointing water and sticker, Jesus hear my prayer. Amen.

  • I berg yu to send me anoiting stickers,anoiting water coz i know if i hav one of this my problems wil be solved.i wil get the job in the name of God.amen

  • Man of God,i ask yu to pray for me i want wisdom,to be apray worrie and have agood future

  • I thank God for his love that is be stowed on us,to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua we love you sir!To all Emmanuel tv team,friends and partners we love you all.


  • Massa Kiazolu

    this is the doing of God,man will never understand HIS work.but i pray that GOD will make us to understaning.GOD bless u daddy.i pray u come to liberia oneday and save us.

  • Odili Florence

    The God that do this glorios works through you will surely deliver me and see us through. Pray for me Man of God.

  • Walter makwalo

    May the power & love of the almight God be upon us.

  • Gift chinomso

    Thank u Jesus 4 ur wonderful work through d man of God Prophet TB Joshua.

  • Grace Odada

    Man of God pray for my family for deliverance as every body is sick. My father cannot work properly he has to aid himself with a walking cratch on his right leg, same to my mother, was done an operation on the right leg she now cannot walk. My sister Catherine got an accident a month ago broke her right knee still in hospital can’t walk. My right leg something eats my toes at night. Help my family man of God, I ask this in Jesus name, Amen!

  • God is goog all the time,He is love,He take care for his children.I thank Jesus for using Man of God Prophet TB Joshua to cast away darkness in the world.

  • eniyebo blessing

    i love tb joshua and emmanuel tv!

  • i need jesus in my pray me nd family nd my wife we re goin separate ways there is no love in the family let the love of our lord reing on my family amen.

  • Sarah

    Hi, I love seeing the power of God in operation thru Prophet TB Joshua & the wise men. I thank & praise God for his grace unto his people. How I would like to get the anointing water & new. Anointed stickers. Please pray 4 my household & prisoners Man of God in Jesus Name. Thank you!

  • shalom, man of God please direct me how can I go to the SCOAN realy I need to Go please reply

  • John Muwuyo

    May God continue to Bless the ministry

  • Florence Tobaiwa

    Pray for my family we need a break through

  • sheperd Wealth sibanda

    Man of God I need the grace ,I need to identify my calling and the grace to run without fainting.

  • Robert Silali

    Lord you are worthy,thank you for the wonderful ministry of Prophet Tb Joshua.

  • MekonnenTone

    A man of God .God bless u lukas 18 -7

  • MekonnenTone

    Please a man of God pray once to me I need 4 spritual growing & Evegalist I am nurse to day but I wish this praying??

  • Man of God you are always a blessing to our family,my wife and i are highly blessed by the work of Holy Ghost and the Lord Jesus Christ in your life.What a God we serve!recently we applied the anointing water which we got a certain friend family,we even used it on the car engine,since then the old car’s performance has highly improved.please send us our own anointing water and the anointing stickers.

  • You are a true man of God. May God continue using you mightily. Stay Blessed

  • eleanor asidi maulidi

    I heard So many stories is touching my heart I wish oneday I must meet man of god my be my life it will change

  • luyando

    Amen!!father God we give u the glory.

  • Livhuwani

    Man of God, pray for my marriage en a better job 2 help my family. Amen…

  • Jack Kakwedza

    Glory be to God. You are truly a man of God. Stay blessed.

  • Stella (Farida)

    Stella (Farida)
    Please Man of God, pray for my young sister. she is complaining have seriously pain on her back and leg. And also me and she we have a problems of sugar diabetes and high blood presures

  • Maria Napendaeli

    Maria Napendaeli

    Praise the Lord. I trust you do have time to read these requests for prayers. Please pray for me and my family. We need deliverance from the spirit of sickness. I am very sick with severe cervical and lumber spondilosis and i am scheduled to be operated on as a matter of urgency. My son Franklin is very sick, kidney failure now on dyalisis pending kidney transplant operation. I am also diabetic and hypertensive. I VISITED THE SCOAN with my son during the Summer of 2009, and i believe the prayers we received from there have kept us alive this far. I have been trying to come back, in vain, the Que to get to the SCOAN is long;my application is still pending with you. However, i believe that if you as much as touch this email and pray for me man of God, it shall be well with us; DISTANCE CAN NOT BE A BARRIER. Please ask Your God to say Something to my situation for my Salvation, Healing and Blessings. Amen.

  • Alinah Thoabala

    Man of God I thank God for using you and your wisemen, may the Lord God Almighty take you from strength to strength ,Long Live Prophet, Long Live. Man of God may I ask you to send me the annoting sticker: My Partner number is: ZA000595. Here is my Postal Address: P O Box 12
    Diepkloof Ext
    South Africa./
    My Emmanuel TV Partarner

  • Thando Mkhonta

    Glory to the living God,i watch Emmanual channel TV often and i saw many miracles that had been performed by the Holly Spirit through prophet TB Joshua and the wisemen. May the name of the Lord be praised in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.Thank you Jesus Christ for delivering them and continue bless them in Jesus Christ’s mighty name AMEN.

  • Apostle wellington T Mahati


  • EMMANUEL!!!Am so desperate in seeing you coz i know i need deliverance but with my situationt i cant now pliz i would like to have the annointing water and the sticker i live in nederland pliz let me know how i can get it or where i know when i get it i will be able to come and see you personaly.GOD BLESS you all

  • Emmanuel,Emmanuel,Dady all of my life i try to be a christion but nothing happens in my life that suits me to be like one until i get delivered in wccc in tlokweng,Botswana.but everyday when i visited my homevillage i become sick and everything that i bought for my mother is destroyed and damaged pliz pray for my family especial my older sister.i know that with GOD everything

  • Angela

    All I want is to be like JESUS!

  • onneetse

    I was at first amongst the seeds which were thrown on a rocky surface, i received, belived until when things felt apart. Today my faith has grown through watching emmanuel tv and i thank God almighty for the life of our Father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua, all the five Wise men and the entire SCOAN family world wide’ lives are changing everyday because you allowed God to use you. To the Man of God, “keep those testimonies coming, we need them for our faith and everything daddy God will give you more and more strength to do his work for his people in Jesus mighty name!”
    stay blesse!!!
    Kind regards from Botswana!!!

  • Thifhelimbilu nange

    Thank god.may de lord continue 2guide,protect,and increase his grace toward de man of god abandantly above all we can think of. I realy love u and de work dat ur doing.keep on doing de good work of god.

  • Vongani Karel Nkombyane

    I will be writting an exam this May, man of God please pray for me that I pass with exiting marks in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • seapei

    God is great, everything with Him is possible , thanks Man of God.