The morning service started very early, as usual, and the congregation was addressed by Wise Man Christopher on the theme, “Follow Instruction in Righteousness”.

In his elaborations, he maintained that Jesus is the Word by whom God speaks to us, which is why He remains the pillar of our faith and substance of our spiritual commitment. He said it is not enough to confess Christianity but to live it as expected of true Christians and that we have to run the race well, in Christ.
The wise man preached that Christianity is two sided – theory and practical. The knowledge of Christianity is not sufficient for man, but the practicing of what is known to be correct. In his opinion, when we abide by the Word and take Jesus Christ as our role model, we will be content, self-sufficient and satisfied. Our great belief in the Word will make us obtain the same results as the early disciples (Mark 9:23).

He said if we believe in Christ, we should have confidence in his ability to heal, “If you believe Jesus is the Saviour, you must have confidence in His ability to save”, he added.
In the word, the Wise man added, man must never doubt God’s ability to heal and save; there should not be room for doubt because we have a perfect evidence for faith. He maintained that light, blessing and good health can be obtained by man through absolute belief in the Word; we should know Christ and obey His instructions as clearly spelt out in the Word. This is because, “God has a role to play and man has his own role to play”.

He said God’s Word is a seed of divine life; Jesus is the Living Word and the Bread of Life. He added that “God’s Word will change you if you take it to heart”, and “A believing soul takes everything God says in truth and faith and puts the best construction on it”. He completed his sermon by 8:25am.

     Prophet T.B Joshua appeared on the pulpit and the first comment he made centered on the woman (Mrs. Patricia Onwelu) who had in the previous week, complained on the occupational status of her husband. She had received a prophecy from T.B. Joshua that her husband was doing the work of God.
The woman had wanted the Prophet to intervene and make God’s opinion known to them whether the husband should continue the work of God or remain a practicing lawyer.

The couple came to the church, and the wife narrated the story in full, and that the husband (Rev. Chidi Onwelu) did not know whether to practice law or be a pastor, because the little money he was making as a lawyer was what he used to build a ‘prayer mountain’ where nobody went for prayers.

She narrated the dream he had, which had made him distance himself from her; and in the dream, it was made clear to the husband that “he was a disgrace”, though he often saw her as an impediment to his spiritual fulfillment.

The husband narrated his own story. He is from a family of lawyers and though a good reader, he had read books, some of which contradicted each other. He was forced to set ablaze one of such books and in the night of that day, he found himself in detention in his dream. Though he was to be assisted by someone who reminded him he should not be detained, he still found himself behind bars.

Prophet T.B Joshua listened patiently to the narrations, and he pledged to see the couple and tell them what God’s opinion was, on the issue.

Equally, the lady who in the previous week, was arrested by the Holy Spirit when she tried to seduce the prophet through an evil spirit and manipulation, appeared in the church with her mother. Miss Charity Omeruah narrated her story to the congregation, the evil powers she possessed which had made her destroy at least three spiritual ministries and ministers through lust and sexual temptations, while Prophet T.B Joshua was to be the fourth person! She said she had been sent from the demonic kingdom with a mission to kill Wise man Daniel and Prophet T.B Joshua as part of her plans, and that she had powers in her hand, private part and head which could be dispensed at will.

According to her, her eyes were used to confuse people and forcefully seduce them, the hands were poisonous, and her nakedness was often attractive. She had tried to bring darkness in the church by stopping electricity, which was not achieved. Darkness could have made it easier to pounce on Prophet T.B Joshua, tear off her dress, and force members of the congregation to sleep. She failed because Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God.
She complained that the Prophet of God stood against their interest in the world of darkness; he was a stumbling block to their full manifestation. She had gone out of the church in anger and returned in fury, and that when she tried to sit down, she was given the anointing sticker which she had collected angrily. But it was too hot to be handled. She had kept it in her hand bag but it was too hot to be put down; she felt fire all over her body, and started shouting.
Eventually set free from the demon which had tormented her, she had narrated that she was possessed by this evil spirit from childhood. The sticker drove away the snake living inside her.  She confessed that her mother, who used to be a powerful member of the demonic kingdom, was equally delivered at The SCOAN.
The video showing the mother, Mrs. Omeruah, when she was delivered, was also shown to the congregation. She had challenged Wise man Daniel in the video, calling herself the Queen of all Queens who could not be easily conquered, and who had destroyed people. She was eventually delivered.

Standing by the side of her daughter, Mrs. Omeruah, narrated her story to the congregation, saying she was staying in Gabon, and was amazed by what she saw of her daughter on Emmanuel TV, which reminded her of her own personal experience on February 12th, 2012 when she was delivered. She regretted that her other children also belonged to the demonic kingdom. Prophet T.B Joshua had given her N20,000 when she was first delivered, to travel back home. It was while she saw her daughter manifesting that she decided to return from Gabon to come again to The SCOAN to testify.

Her story made Prophet T.B Joshua to make some spiritually–charged comments. For instance, “If you are here to see what you have seen before, you are here to waste your time. You should see what you have never seen before”. While in The SCOAN, new experiences make people wonder. In Africa, the Prophet said, “Once you cannot do something you believe others cannot do it”, yet people are expected to always seek the face of God. He said, “Things can happen; let us be open for knowledge”, and that they should be good listeners. He added, “If you want a breakthrough when it comes to things of God, you can never see it because everyone lies to his neighbour. The only way to move forward is to go to God. The problem with us is, if I cannot do it, no one else can do it”. He said people have the mentality to accuse others of using the power of Satan, if they cannot perform certain miracles themselves.

He maintained that God has used “Just a paper” (Anointing Sticker) to bring deliverance to people and that God can indeed use any medium to do his work. He also said that we don’t fight flesh and blood but spirit beings.
He also spoke on the fact that God’s power works through His Word by His Spirit, but the Word should become an integral part of your being, that the process of salvation can only be fully attained when the word is an integral part of the self. Preaching or sermonizing, according to him, should be brief, pointed and relevant and not the act of showing off. Between ten and twenty minutes should be sufficient for a serious sermon he said, and that prayer and Bible reading go together.

Hon. Kombowel Friday is the present Speaker, Bayelsa State House of Assembly.
A past video was shown showing him being prayed for and prophesied to by Prophet T.B Joshua. That was in November 2011. The Prophet had told him that he had seen him escape gunshots and was crowned, while he should assist the family of his mother.

In his testimony, he had told the congregation that he had originally come to The SCOAN over consistent night attacks, and limitations. He said he was able to have a child after twelve years of marriage, and had wanted to be relieved of the troubles he was facing.

He later became Chief whip of the Assembly (Bayelsa House of Assembly), and when the former governor of the state wanted him to be part of his Kitchen Cabinet, he was nearly attacked by some people (though he escaped being hurt), which confirmed what Prophet T.B Joshua had earlier prophesied. He wondered what would also make him wear a crown being not of a royal home. But within a short time, he was elected Speaker of the House of Assembly (he brought his photographs to the Church, wearing the regalia of office, showing the political crown). He was decorated on 20th February, 2012.

The Prophet appreciated the Speaker’s acknowledgement of God, and reminded the congregation what the President of Ghana, Prof. Atta Mills, did immediately he became president – he had come to thank God at The SCOAN.

Mr. Anthony Oshogwe came to the church with his wife to thank God for his deliverance from the plagues of acute pile and hearing problem through the anointing water. He said in 1988, 1992 and 2003, he underwent operations for his pile, and had the fourth in 2009. His first deliverance came through Emmanuel T.V when he placed his hands on the screen, as Prophet T.B Joshua was praying for the viewers. Like a man who experienced electric shock, he was surprised that his pile disappeared forever.

As for his hearing problem, he had come to the church on December 4th, 2011. He is also blessed to have a wife, Felicia, who is a prayer warrior. When the Anointing Water was given to him at the church, he prayed with his family, and administered it, and slept like a child. The hearing pains also disappeared. Any other pain that had come his way, he ministered the Anointing Water and it disappeared. His wife also confirmed this, and that they had married for 29 years. She had introduced him to Emmanuel TV in Akure (Ondo state), and the ear problem disappeared.

Mr. Simon came with his sister to thank God in the church for relieving them of the pains of poverty and helplessness caused by a family curse.
According to him, he had come to the church on August 25th, 2011 and had the grace to receive the Anointing water. The family is made up of eleven members and they all shared one room until the father died. That was in Bonny, Rivers State.
With the water, they all prayed and anointed themselves. They asked God to raise men of substance from within the family. Today, at least three of them have good buildings and with thriving business.
The sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Good luck, also came to the church attested to the claims of the brother. According to her, the family had been condemned by the dilapidated house they lived in. The coming of her brother to The SCOAN saved the family, as the members did not experience the benefits of good education and jobs. Today business is thriving well for the members.
Prophet T.B Joshua used this evidence again to inform the congregation that there were hundreds of people with concrete claims as to what the anointing water did for them.


The second service started with the deliverance program at the emergency section (prayer line) in which many national and international visitors were attended to by the wise men. People were delivered from the

stronghold of evil forces. One of these was Miss Selina Dausi, a South African, who was delivered from 30 years of ice cube consumption. Others were delivered from the spirits of anger, poverty, disease, childlessness, spiritual marriages and joblessness. Many also received their healings.

The session in the church started with the confessions of Mr. Segun Onabanjo who was delivered from the spirit of anger, lasting 20 years. Onabanjo’s anger was uncontrollable; he always wanted to see blood when angry, and often out of control. His mother had moved out of Nigeria because of this, especially when he broke the collar bone of his sister. He had wanted to run away when he confronted Wise Man Harry – The fire was too much for him. He received his deliverance.

Gift Chibo, an anger–propelled, Abuja – based Nigerian young lady was also delivered through Wise Man Harry. She had purposely come to The SCOAN to get deliverance because her spirit of anger had made her turn candles upside – down and burn things, also cursing people and invoking demons to attack such persons.

She had experienced a lot of disappointments in marriage plans and working places and even after her deliverance, she had wanted evidence to proof that she had manifested the evil spirit before. She glorified God for delivering her.

Mrs. Nkechi Toby, from Delta State received her deliverance through Wise Man Harry from a spiritual husband.
The spiritual husband had threatened to eliminate her if she came to The SCOAN, yet she had come for deliverance.  She was happy to be delivered through the fire of the Holy Spirit. She had felt light now, unlike before, when she felt heavy.

After songs were rendered, Prophet T.B Joshua came out and ministered words of prophecy to many present while the wise men led the congregation in a powerful time of prayer.
A young man was delivered from the spirit of stealing. He had stolen someN300,000 from another state and rushed to Lagos to invest some in business. He was delivered. He had told his story of failures in life, especially inability to attend school. He was to do some business after which he would use the proceeds to further his education.

There were other prophecies made by the man of God and the Wise men. Prayers were centered on spirits trying to stop the destiny of people from being achieved. The Anointing stickers were distributed to people and everyone left for home, content and confessing that the way out for them had come!

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      You are crying out to MEN to help you, not God!

      Do has Christ has directed you at Matthew 7:7:
      “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

      My dear Brother, do not insult God by asking for “anointed stickers” or stuff like that. Because when you do, you show you have trust and faith in those things rather than faith and confidence in him to help you.

      Do has King David advises at Psalms 34:8:
      “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

      Place your trust, faith and confidence (refuge) in God, not in men or in THINGS which are idols.

  • man of god please diliver my family from the curses, spells,cage, demons in my house the are things that are moving in the night i cant sleep my childrens names are:Felicia, Gibson Vusi and Lerato.Thank u jesus

  • Star Ndlela

    Oh how I wish my day of deliverance and liberty will come soon in Jesus’ name. There are many things I am praying for God’s hand. God please hear my plea


  • Christian

    thank you lord for send us prophet TB Joshua the true man from you ,

  • david mboko

    God bless you pastor tb johua,i pray that the God you serve shall make me get admission this year in Jesus name amen.

  • daphney bafetane


    • Christ has freed YOU! No so-called preacher has any more power than you do to pray. You should pray to God for yourself! Stop giving the precious gift of prayer God gave all us as individuals to pray to him through His Son! You can pray for yourself! I am concerned that the PASTOR does not teach or encourage you and others that you can pray to God for yourselves and they he has no special powers to pray to God for you! That he has not done this seems to indicate that he wants to have such power over you and everyone else. God gave YOU and all of us the power to pray to him through His son. Please DO NOT gave that away to someone else. It belongs to you. You even have the power to pray for the Pastor and others if you wish. But please, NEVER think that the power of someone else’s prayers is greater than yours. God sees YOU and your prayers equally as everyone else’s.

  • daphney bafetane

    glory be the son of God

  • Eledu samuel

    Scoan has brought tremendous change in our lives in general, but my life in particular .

  • God bess u man of God pls pray for me and my family.Amen

  • Isaac Zimba

    I accept that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour may he delivere me from any form of Failure,Pain,Hatred not because im special its because he is a mercifull Lord..
    Please Man of God help me;How can i get hold of the annointing sticker..?

  • Amaka

    May God bless prophet TB joshua and the wise men,pray dat God will give them more grace to work in his vineyard

  • A concerned Brother. Listen to what R. Jerome Harris has to say. Give him a fair hearing. You are all being tricked, fooled and contained. You are being made “baby-like” and you are being contained in a spiritual sense and are being made emotional creatures rather than reasoning, rational and thinking persons. Some is thinking for you.

    You are being emotionally and spiritually drugged. You have been made to focus on EXTERNAL things such as so-called healings and the casting out of demons RATHER than the deeper things of God and Christ that are INTERNAL, UNSEEN and Spiritual. You are not being given the whole picture about the truth of God and Christ. (John 4:23-24)

    Jesus said many would come on the basis of his name casting out demons and performing many powerful works, claiming they know him. Yet, he will say to them: “I never knew YOU.” What a shock that will be to those persons. Are you one of them?

    R. Jerome Harris loves God and Christ and also his African Brothers and Sisters. Check out and give a fair listening and reading of the contents there.

    If you want to know the truth, you will find it there. CAUTION: Many of you will not like what you read because it will fight with the lies you have been told. But that is what the truth does. It agitates the lying demons.

  • Wiseman

    Are you in the Mind East of US ,Canada Emmanuel TV is glad to inform followers of SCOAN that wishes
    to visit SCOAN in November and December deliverance and healing session to apply for visit through the contacts below.
    Email :
    Phone NO : +14353832110.
    anointing water contact also…

    Stay Blessed

  • emerald Josiah

    “I want to thank Mrs Rhoda for sending me the morning water and also to testify t
    hat I am now am
    blessed with a very
    good job in Abu
    Dhabi. I started
    watching Prophet
    T.B. Joshua’s
    messages on
    YouTube when she directed me. I started
    to pray how Prophet
    T.B. Joshua taught
    us in the messages,
    especially when he
    said that our heart is
    the contact point of
    God and only faith
    pleases God. He
    said that distance is
    not a barrier. Every night I used to watch and listen to his
    messages with a lot of attention. I learnt how to read the
    Bible – slowly and attentively. I heard this message from
    the Pastors’ Conference in South Korea. I’m so lifted up
    now and my way of praying has changed. I keep praying
    in my heart, “Take more of me Jesus and give me more
    of You.” Thank You Jesus for answering my prayer and
    God bless you Man of God.”And Mrs Rhoda for introducing me to scoan and also for sending the morning water and anointing stickers and bracelet all for free. All I ever paid for, was the DHL shipping fee and it was a token.

    Contact her now for your morning water :