As stated earlier on February 9th 2012, we want to assert that Prophet T.B. Joshua did not mention any name of a person or country, date or time-frame when he prophesied about an African Head of State.

For the last two months, rumours have been spread, speculations have arisen and judgements have been wrongly formed on the internet, the pages of newspapers and in the minds of people.

On 5th February 2012, TB Joshua simply stated that:
“We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

He never mentioned 2 months or 60 days or April 16th or any other date as fabricated by those spreading rumours, neither was any name mentioned.

Then on 1st April, TB Joshua reiterated the prophecy saying:
“Last time I said we should pray for a leader of a country and you people gave different meanings to what I said and I want to say, God will forgive you all. I never mentioned name or time. You can never stop me from saying what God has put in my heart. What I’m saying is very close now. Whether you like it or not, pray for your leaders. The person concerned, God showed me but I’m praying to see whether this can be changed. Pray for your leaders. A head of a nation, I’m seeing a sudden death as a result of sickness. Pray, this is Africa, not even West Africa. Lift up your voice and pray for a leader, that the Lord should redeem our leaders in this continent of Africa. In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. I will continue to bring this issue, when it is too close, the name, the country. Pray for your country, your continent, the whole world. Prayer.”
These prophecies were given live on Emmanuel TV for all to witness. Please do not add to or subtract from the prophetic message. The prophecy was given so that we would give ourselves to prayer. TB Joshua did not state that the event was unchangeable, hence his call to prayer.

Psalm 105:15 – “Do not touch My anointed ones,
And do My prophets no harm.”

  • shandi

    Praise God!

  • Kevin elie ngaliema

    I beleive in every things you use to said you are realy a man of God…i will pray for the leaders of africa…..

  • lebogang Moiloa

    I wll pray pray even m0re hard…… God needs 2 hear 0ur prayers, bef0re de w0rld cums 2 an end

  • Malindi mkhwanazi

    God have mercy on both the president and the people who misinterpret words of his servant Prophet TB Joshua

  • we thank God for giving us such people…..:)

  • in jesus name that presidnt wont die for God 2 show da man of God dat means he doesnt want da man 2 die,.am suspectin da country is 1 of da sadc contryz..

    tanx stephan

  • Samson adebisi

    God arise and save your son

  • Sello J Modise

    We must not add or subtract the details of prophecy. And every word from God will come to pass in Jesus name

  • Eme

    No problem man of God we wil be praying

  • God have mercy on us.ln jesus name.

  • mupeta

    Amen.pipo can create stories or add to wat the man of God didn’t say. God hav mercy.

  • Prince Humphery

    God Bless Our Leaders.

  • Lillian Matema Mcgills

    Man of God, may u include our country Zimbabwe in your prayers. I personally need a miracle in every aspect of my life. I gladly receive the miracle,in Jesus’s mighty name,Amen.

  • well now i guess truth has been put in peoples minds

  • Kasahun amente

    God bless you.

  • Eme

    We wil pray for our leader man of God.

  • Tumelo Boago Matebekwane

    God will indeed 4give them, bless u man fGod, continue 2 do what u do with fear or favour…

  • Simute lewis

    Any development about the country?

  • Albright nkomo fah

    he did not mention anyone i watched the live sevice

  • Tmc Production

    Dont touch the annointed one

  • collins sibeso

    To the man of God,i personaly will continue praying as God has instructed nd i also pray for you that even in times of trial God may give you divine strength in Jesus christ’s name.

  • Tmc Production

    Dnt touch the annointed one

  • Walter chiwapura

    Man of god bless you

  • Rethabile Radebe

    Why do they have to lie about Man of God… Its so sad to hear that people can be so cruel..

  • Eze Sylvester

    D prophecy of d man of God must not be taken 4 granted. Therefore, fervent prayer is required.

  • Terrence Mujawo

    Humans conclude the unconcluded, at times understand not what prophecy is,

  • Osman Shumba

    People should not say what they think but listen to the voice of God clearly. I am happy that we got it from the horse’s mouth. Thank you.

  • People are fond of teling lies about the Prophet. For the Bible says touch not my annoited, people shud be careful.
    Man of God continue to tel us what God is showing u.

  • Walter chiwapura

    I want to receive the holy spirit gifts

  • Please pastor pray for me l need to change for my life, am tired of living like this please man of God help me l believe distance is not aburier and for all my family am tire of living alife of between bad and good l want to b goog for ever.

  • dimakatso precious shabangu

    i pray for my former president nelson mandela maybe ths proferty is related to him as he was sick n his been sick for yrs,lord jesus dnt take him if u going to take him S.A wont be th same again Amen

  • boma

    i was opportuned to watch the service, he did nt make mention of the country,date or the name of the leader.he said prayer should be made for our leaders and africa as a whole.Sir, go on with the work of God and do what God has called you to do.

  • Walter chiwapura

    Man of God bless you but i need to receive the holy spirit gifts

  • british

    No body can stop God’s will or his promises, it will be accomplish either the like it or not may God’s grace be with us cuz sometimes we don’t know wat we are doing n’ sayin may the glory be to our lord jesus christ

  • wayne

    O God, deliver us

  • Pliz God help us we need u in times like mercy upon Africa.

  • Mutinta

    I don’t need anyone to confuse or tell me what was not said. I watched the Sunday live service and this is exactly what he said. I even recorded him with my phone so I can play it for those who fabricate the prophesy or have wrong information.

  • Amen and amen.God bless you and the Emmanuel tv team.

  • Nathan

    May d lord giv us d strenth 2 pray 4 our leaders.God bless u pst. T.b joshua

  • Notice if the prophecy have come ture. God bless. Amen

  • Victor moyo

    What the lord has no man shall change

  • Temson ngwenya

    When a man of God utter words the wiseman will listen so that they wil ne delived from wht is about to happen

  • We re praying for our leaders

  • Elijah

    My lord and my God,We put all our leaders into ur hards.Gide them and protect dm teh dm ur way,father give dm long life all dis we as truth jesus christ our lord amen.

  • Saima Hamana

    Pray for my church member and school teacher Christine Haufiku. She has breast cancer and very sick.

  • Morgan mukumbuta

    This prophecy is good, and if you are saving the same God iam saving, the God who reviews in order to redeem. If God has real shown you this president go to him and deliev the prophecy in person like what Elishua did to king zidakiah instead of you publish it like this.REMEMBER OUR GOD REVIWS TO REDEEM!

    • Magagula Malindane

      Man, please do not say this to the Prophet! For the Prophet is God’s servant & not anyone’s. He is only accountable to God. Be warned! You must desist from this stupidity because you have already invited a curse in your life! Who are you to direct God’s servants?

  • God is able! I blive in God and God is the God of justice. To God be the glory!!!

  • entysynx

    I am shocked evry time people twist n turn prophecies….

  • Hugo

    Man of god pray for me

  • john magunga

    Good move keep on wth yur work man of God

  • Thank and God reachly bless u

  • J. T Mhute

    Long live prophet, long live !!


  • Mark Liyamana

    Thanx 4da prophecy

  • Given Mahwayi

    We wil pray for our leaders here in Africa, may the mighty Lord listens our cries amn save us, please my Prophet, foward me more stories which are related to our African leaders. Amen

  • Given Mahwayi

    We wil pray for our leaders here in Africa, may the mighty Lord listens our cries an save us, please my Prophet, foward me more stories which are related to our African leaders. Amen

  • welcome madamba

    God’s thoughts differ from ours.People of God lets wait upon the Lord and His word rather than being judgemental lest we be judged. No sane being can rejoice in the other’s death nomatter how bad they be!

  • Notice if the the prophecy has been fulfilled.God bless Amen.

  • Peter

    May God deliver africa frm dis dangrous sicknes Amen.


    Dear man of God we are not fine here in Cameroon, our nation is not the best even though we are not in a war but we are suffering. Please man of God help us pray so that we might at least have change now in the parliamentary elections Please man of God help us

  • Lameck Gonzo

    May the Almighty Lord deliver the said president.

  • Alfred Blaimu

    I thank God somuch for a person like you Prophet TB Joshua,thank you for the heavenly tips and as for this prophecy concerning an African leader,its our chance to pray for our Country,Leaders,Nation &the World as a whole…thank you man of God of TB J and may you please assist in prayers.we l love you Prophet and God loves you more,God bless you.

  • May God have mercy on this leader.

  • Abraham Kavalanjila

    God bless you….

  • Akınrogunde omolere moses

    Stop thıs act of changıng prophet TB Joshua just beggıng u guys.

  • Mey god bless u sir, also keep u so long so that better wil come

  • theophilus adukanya

    The greatest prophet of our time.God is speaking and we,the wise must sheep hears my voice and obey me.I luv Jesus.

  • Emmanuel Ayibu

    Obidience z greater than sacrifice,pple of God let us b obidient

  • Ponfa Nanjul

    That nigerians they intepret What they hear to their own tast GOD forgive us. Amen

  • Leonard van wyk

    Prophet dnt wory about da people,just stay to what God tells u.i love u my dady in da lord.God bless u

  • yilda’ah stephen yilpan

    may the lord help you to continued his work. my prophet i have a business that am processing and i am traveling to village on thursday. please pray for me so that let it be successful in Jesus name.

  • Degley, Joseph Kwami

    God bless you Phophet

  • Richard Kudanu

    I realy thank you and appreciate your prophecy you gave,may God richly bless you and your entire generation AMEN.Still praying for our leaders GOD BLESS YOU PROPHET TB JOSHUA

  • U are a true man of God may God bless u more

  • Mpho Ashley Tshisudi

    For there is nothing which God cannot Do, I believe the leader concerned will be delivered, In Jesus name we get life and so I will pray that the said Leader gets life even if Death seem near.. Amen

  • Shalati Dorcas Rikhotso

    I salute u Man of God,u r a blessin 2 us&our families…God bless u!

  • jerry owuru

    Man of God, I believe that God has revealed every word of prophecy that you’ve spoken. And truly, I agree with you that every word of prophecy you have said come’s from God almighty and I also pray that God should redeem our continent and the president this prophecy is consign. May God continue to use you mightily and bless your ministry in JESUS name amen. From jerry owuru. To senior prophet TB joshua.

  • Thank you man of God.l wonder why pple misinterpret the word of God.may God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

  • Olounou Biloa marthe epse Ambah

    God bless you.

  • i knw is Mugabe

  • Lucia Nyakonda

    I pray that people of God to have fear of the Lord. May the dear Lord forgive them and have mercy on them the blasphermers. We should embrace such noble grace upon the whole Univese, especially, Africa. Man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua, this means more persecution, more grace and excelling in the works of the Lord. We cannot live in this world without Prophets of God. I personally am grateful to hve Papa, Senior Prophet TB Joshua. My life has transformed drastically. Glory be to God.

  • Faith B Akule

    May Almighty God continue to use u. In Jesus Name Amen.

  • Viqta

    When God’s servant speaks the wise listen, only the foolish refuses to listen thereby falling into satan’s trap. Thank You prophet for allowing yourself to be used by the Almighty.

  • True man of God.continue to pray for our unrepented hearts!

  • Regayi Katikiti

    Thank you man of God for the clarification, in Christ Jesus’ name.

  • maria ndou

    Thank yu man of God for the profetic words so that we can also include our leaders in our prayers Thank yu m, of God

  • We Thank Jesus,son of David, for using the Man of God, prophet TB Joshua to deliver the sinical world.The prophes was clear because every one could hear the humble prophes from the man of God prophete TB Joshua.
    I was listening to the prophes
    which he said to the word.He did not mentian the name of the President nor the country.
    I believe it was devil’work and we know that satan has his
    agent he uses to deceive people.

  • Henry Mwape

    May the almighty God continue to use you man of God.
    Say the prophesy to the world, the just shall take it by faith, intercede and the Lord will hear from heaven.
    This means that, when the prophesy is said it matters who receives it. The just and the unjust.
    God bless you all Emmanuel tv team.

  • I dey cool

  • The news media are peddling falsehoods and inuendoes.

  • Thank you man of God for the clarification.

  • Onyenike joemi

    Dat’s y i call u TB JESUS bcos opon all d critics u still don’t mind dem,go ahead & do ur work ur followers are more dan ur enemies…may u live long,AMEN.

  • Mai Tendai

    Pray for me Man of God to desist from sin and love God.

  • Mai Tendai

    Pray for me Man of God to desist from sin and love God.and to stop Satan from killing stealing from my life

  • Pray for me man of God,we a having acrusade and i need more prayers.iam praying right now.

  • Magagula Malindane

    Thank you Jesus. Thank you Man of God. There is nothing anyone can do if God Has made His decision. May the Almighty God bless & comfort this country to understand that we are all His creation & there is a time when the Lord takes what belongs to Him. Man of God i believe this prophecy to be true & accurate and that you indeed from God, your message is true. We should believe you! Thank you Jesus for this prophecy.

  • Pire

    Itz true let us not put judgement let us pray 4 our presidents,so that God will redeem them

  • Pst. Femi

    This absolutely true. I watched the live broadcast and T B Joshua never mentioned any name but men of no faith and fear of God will keep trying to blasphame d name of God by marring His annointed but they have failed. Man of God Pls don’t stop prophesying! More anointing in Jesus Name.

  • Thank you Jesus for taking care of our leaders.l pray for them to have good health,wisdom to lead.strengthen them every day,Amen.

  • Dennis ngwenya

    Praise the lord

  • Lord let your will be done

  • tshegetsang azizi alone

    May the will of prvail, in Jesus name

  • esther enala chirwa

    i respect dis prophesy in jesus name

  • abijah munthali

    I still dont understand other pipo, whom up to now are living in the dark. Why opposing the will of GOD. If you dont believe in prophecy is better to keep ur mind and mouth sht. As for me and my family we believe and we love u Prophet T.B Joshua. Amen

  • Albert chirombo

    God blesse you TB JOSHUA.

  • Julius

    God save our leaders

  • arafat kunerisine

    Mercy mercy in jesus’s name,we are in the world without hope and faith.may God redeem our african presidents.people are perishing because of lack knowledge.God redeem our souls.let the will of God be done.we are praying as God comandend us.

  • Trust chifodya

    Man of God pray for my life & family to prosper in Jesus name

  • Anderson Gift Phiri

    Thank u for the clarification.

  • edwin sibanda

    TB joshua truly u are the man of god ,u are a true prophet of the living god !! In tha name of jesus your prophecy iz true amen.

  • Tsungai g.

    Amen, i knew that frm at first during the 1st live service on sunday when he said i have a message to tell. I believe you man of god. I jus pray i wil get to see you one day. Amen!


  • Roy Winile Moyo

    ….and may the Spirit of the LORD GOD…that guides all who call in truth upon God….show up…show off and take all the Glory..
    in Jesus’ name.

  • Ivy Kgaugelo Makgato

    Thank u Lord, I wl continue to pray for leaders in Jesus name. Amen

  • weston machongwe

    pliz tel us whom iz going to die

  • natsai p chidhanguro

    Pray for me Man of God. Fibroids.

  • Nelia Gumbu

    I agree wth you Prophet.You are a real man of God.I dnt doubt yo prophesy.

  • Apostle Wellington T Mahati

    Surely, God does nothing without revealing it to his servants the Prophets. Amos3:7. This is a call to prayer brethren lets pray more and talk less.

  • Ezirim Ernest

    I believe you my PROPHET

  • charity NyashA

    May the good lord forgive them coz they don’t know what they do. Thank u fo the clarification

  • Jonathan Kapya Kayeyi

    thank u Lord, for the clarification. I hope and pray that pipo wil listen now. Man of God, i commit my family at large and me to God’s hand. I pray that God wil grant us his mercy and favour. Join my family Man of God in prayer. Amen!

  • Mbeure S.

    True that man of God. People must fear God. They should be pray for God’s mercy on the prophecy. Anyway, pray for me man of God for financial grace.

  • Tendai Dhlamini

    pple they don’t want to pray for their leaders they want them to die bt the bibble say when God’s savants speakforth the wise will listen God bless u

  • Thank u man of God i was getting worried lets pray ppl for our leaders.God bless u all

  • Thank u man of God.

  • God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is still talking through his prophets. People of this world, let us not talk bad about God’s prophets for this will bring curses unto ourselves and our generations. Senior Prophet Joshua i pray for you.

  • Nobuhle ndlovu

    I neva miss any of your services.i watched the are a blessing to us man of God.

  • Tafanana Chiwashira

    It’ true we must not speculate. All this shall come to pass.

  • Jeffrey l nyathi

    We r wth u man of God. We will pray 4 our leaders as God want 2.

  • michael masvore

    Thk u prophet TB Joshua. U’re a real inspiration 2 me & ‘e whole world.

  • Rabecca kapenda

    God protect our leaders in Zambia

  • mambo celestine

    Wise men,i want u to pray for me,for everything in my life and family is at a stand still.May God continue to empower u in the name of Jesus.

  • Lilien matonga

    Thanks man of God 4 ur cralification,ur prophies av all come to pass and i wonder y some ppo dont understand this.continue wit ur work man of God u’ve really touched many lives.even jesus his own ppo didn’t believe him but i ope wit tym ppo wil come and say ure indeed a tru man of God.LET HIS WILL BE DONE in jesus name.AMEN

  • For God is God and we are sheep under His flock. May God bless you Prophet T B Joshua

  • Vaney chimpesa

    God have mercy on us

  • May your will be done…

  • Malumbo nyirenda


  • Lord be praised…

  • Lidia

    My people a perished becoz of lack of knowledge

  • nhamo mutsvangwa

    man of GOD many will criticise,hate you bcoz GOD has blessed you to be a prophet,pray for me man of GOD i m having chest pains for 6years now and nothing is progressing only poverty and critism.GOD is the answer for everything.

  • Jerry molebatsi

    What you say prophet of God, is what you hear from God.
    Thank you for not being afraid to prophecy.
    May the good Lord continue to use you, I love you man of God

  • mazwi edith

    God bless you!

  • alethah mfiri

    thank u senior prophet tb joshua long live.God bless u

  • Amen!! the word of God says. we can only see a true man of God by hs fruits. not hs miracles. people dont know. ask God to show u the fruits of tb joshua. bfr u judge hm. i askd God and he did showed me Tb joshuas fruits… i believe u cn also du the same than Judging hm.

  • Thank u man of God for we delite in wrong doings and take pleasure in rumour mongaring .keep doing the work of our father Lord Jesus Christ amen.

  • Man of god is man from above nothing ! I mean thing will change god about what he finish he start as a beginner nobody will stop that annoiting from you I thank god about your life I’ve been to the synagogue twice I see what almighty is doing about you. Amen yesyerday 3 april I’ve been diagnose heart problem I’m bringing to you I know you will about it Emmanuel!!

  • Benson phiri

    You are blessed man of God.

  • Thank you man of God prophet TB Joshua for timely caution to pray for our leaders. Please pray for me i need breakthrough in my health,studies because i want to come out as a best studies,blessings so that i too may help the need here in zambia. Lastly but not the least,am requesting for anoited sticker and water. May you live long our great prophet ever lived in this generation,i love you all and let love lead in Jesus mighty name.

  • Michelle mabunda

    People lets learn to read and understand very well. TB JOSHUA said lets pray for our leader, he didn’t mention anybody’s name but i’m astonished when a person says he knows is mugabe, the question is : how do you know?? I mean you Eken Reginald C, how do you know and if you know its mugabe why don’t you keep it for your self nor your heart insteady of telling lies here??? We don’t want to hear what you know or think here, keep it for your self, you polluting What’s have been said. Its clear here what TB JOSHUA SAID yet u don’t read it with understanding. People lets not pollute the name of man of God ( TB JOSHUA). God will punished for for it. Prophet TB JOSHUA Keep on doing the Good work ( God’s Work couse you born for it ). May the Almighty God bless you for a wonderfully Job you doing.

  • innocent mutakiwa Mupaganyama

    He that receives a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prohet’s reward.

  • Thank you man of god so we can pray 4 mercy

  • musa gwizi

    Stay blessed

  • Simon

    Those trying to add/subtract the prophecy should be very careful. TB Joshua is a very accurate prophet and his prophecy does not require any additions. He is not one of the prophets to be doubted.

  • tshifhiwa

    i beleave wht man of god see,what he says people we must beleave and respect the phrofecy coz what he see or say is from god.

  • nyasha nhau mutsau

    Praise be to God l will pray for my country and the whole world

  • Tafadzwa kombora

    God bless our souls in zimbabwe n bless our President Cde R.G Mugabe.

  • Emmanuel! When Gods servants speak forth the wise listen. Deuteronomy 18:22. I thank Almighty God for revealing this important message to you. May God forgive those who misinterprate the prophecy,when they do not understand the call names and when they understand they destroy. I pray to God to show you visions everytime He want to the humble servant Prophet T.B. Joshua.To God be the glory and honour.EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus was percecuted for telling the truth.stand firm Man of God and l know yu are doing a duty bestored unto you by the blessed.


  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    Thank You Holy Spirit for revealing this truth so that we may pray to the Almighty God. We also pray not just for healing for them, but that they may get to know and acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus in their lives. God bless you, “The Man in the Synagogue”.

  • Matilda M.Chembeya

    may the good Lord continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua. may we also give ourselves to a prayerful life. Amen!

  • Thanks for the clarification,may the good Lord continue blessing you man of God.

  • Wisdom pedzisai

    Thank you man of god

  • Mcdonald Mambwere

    God bless u man of GOD

  • Day kapfumvuti

    I pray for the healling of the particuller president who ever it is may the lord have mercy upon him and add more years to his life as he did to king hezekia we all need the mercy of God as we like little children in his presents

  • tatenda munyuki neegadza

    thank you man of god.thank you for forgiving those who sins against the word of god amen

  • Thanks for the clarification……

  • Tererai Kasinamunhu

    Stay blessed man of God!

  • Talent

    Thank u man of God,since you said about that prophecy people have said several things.false rumour concerning that prophecy via newspapers and thru the internet.Thank God for the truth.

  • Thank u man of God by the word of correction,may God bless u.whn God spik the wise listen.

  • stanford

    people should not fabricate what Tb has prophecised

  • Maphiri

    God should 4give us, we ask 4 forgivenes 4 putting words in your mouth. Let us pray 4 our leaders

  • Omega Ncube

    I wish to say that opposition to word of God, His Prophets/Servants has been there from the biggining, but nothing can change the truth from God. Even our Lord Jesus Christ and the desciples of old went through difficulties though for the GLORY OF GOD.

  • Talent Makara

    God’s word is always the truth,since he reveals his secrets to his prophets.

  • Lawrence kush

    Please send me prophecies of the man of God via email that may be informed cos dont av access to your tv channel.

  • Willard Mwaputsa

    Thank man of God . we should pray for African leads. nomatter he do bad or good . All African leaders there should go to man of God. There should not be proud of themselves . God intervention in Africa .

  • may God keep tokn to u amen.

  • My brother and sister,let not name any one whoever African leader involved.Its not good ,only Prophet T.B. Joshua knows the name and we should pray to God so that the involved leader will be saved from sudden death.EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!

  • may God keep toking to u

  • tafadzwa

    may God continue to bless u


    the best iz yet to come ..i love emmanuel TV.GODs time is the best .Thomas MALAWI

    • Thomas,is what we hear of yo president passing on true?

  • kabelo mokwena

    god will bless you man of god.

  • Robert Silali

    Thank you man of God for the prophecy and we pray for our African leaders for Gods mercy and favour,may the Lord use you more and more in jesus name.

  • Elvis

    Thank u man of God,pliz deliver me from poverty as well as other zimbabweans who are suffering from poverty

  • malvin kamoto

    Father God,I pray for a miracle to the prophecy given by Snr Prophet TB Joshua concerning African Head of State.Thank you Lord-for you always heareth us,for you reveal in order to redeem,Amen
    God bless Prophet TB Joshua and the 5 wiseman.

  • Chipo machiridza muvi

    Keep on prophesing the wise will listen and the foolish wl fall thank you fo having you in our generation God bless u

  • Thank u al the pple at SCOAN for the good work you are doing.i am a member of the body of Christ am grateful that Gods presence n grace is being manifested in our lives.i pray that the spirit continue to be poured from on high that we may bear fruit.

  • Yvonne Tlhoiki Mathopa

    We should pray 4 everybody as christians & when we pray we must pray indeed by doing this nothing will stand infront of us,lets do this in the name of Jesus Amen.I’m asking about the stickers how can we get it,I’m in South Africa the town call Welkom in Free State if u can give me the contact nr of the person I will contact him/her please,please,please

  • Dineo Matlala


  • Katherine kondo

    Those who hate their leaders saw them dead already and those who hate prophet TB Joshua will never stop changing his prophetic messages.may God continue to strengthen you prophet.

  • Dominic Acheampong

    God speaks everyday

  • Thank u man of God, we will pray 4 our President.

  • Mai Ticha

    I thank God for using His servant Senior Prophet TB Joshua in this manner. May the Lord continue to reveal more propheses through you, in Jesus’s name.

  • Tafadzwa Mangena

    like the wisdom which Sir TBJ use when saying prophecy

  • Prophet may God continue 2 strenghten u in Jesus name Amen.

  • stuart rhurts zvomuya mahwi

    whether the world accepts our prophet or nt that does nt change his status,prophet you are a true man of God,we love,honour &respect the annointin placed ova u.

  • Aulerious Phukaphuka

    This is the same like Hezekiah,God wants him; the leader to put his house inorder,a sign that God is in control of everything,his life,country a time to stock our lives like Hezekiah.

  • Man of God pray for me not to live in ancestrol eniquities(lais,pride,lust & selfishiness).I believe that jesus is my savior and lord and that he will answer to our calls.

  • nkomo proekid proffesor

    wen the Lord speaks,the wise listen…Amen

  • Cleopatra Kwenda

    Thank you Lord for this. Watch over me and my family, bless my siblings and let your love shine over us. Amen!

  • Samm jiri

    Thank you Lord. Guide me through Lord Jesus. Amen

  • Nwaogwugwu chinasa

    The lord’s doin is marvelous in our sight keep d good work up MAN of GOD no matter what ppl say.

  • cephas doriyo

    thank u man of GOD and the Emmanuel partners fo yo luv,care and support u hve shown to the world.may the Almighty continue to guide and protect U in JESUS name.Amen

  • Morgan mukumbuta

    Brother let us advice our prophet wisely, individual prophecy indeeds personal interlation and not publication. The person involvd must be talkd to and if posible be encourage on how he should live his life. It is very wrong to talk about this issue in this way bez it concern an individual person. GOD IS LOVE

  • Cleopatra Kwenda

    No one should add or subtract. God speaks thru his anointed one and its done for reason. Lets be true to God, lets be obedient in Jesus name!

  • chyzoba Rose Ezeh

    Senior Prophet TB Joshua u are a man of God pls always speak all d prophecy giving to u by God beside Jesus Christ was mocked and called evil name what will they not say of his house hold that’s u.
    Don’t be afraid of those we slander with their mouth beside if they don’t talk their mouth will be smelling.
    I love u my Prophet I love u Emmanuel TV
    May God bless u Amen

  • Y do pipo wnt 2condrm prophet TB Joshua.Lv a man of God alne n if u dnt blv wat he prophecy js shut up.

  • Archford Mushayi

    We are dark we need light redeem us Lord

  • Morgan mukumbuta

    Brothers let us advice our prophet wisely, individual prophecy indeeds personal interlation and not publication. The person involvd must be talkd to and if posible be encourage on how he should live his life. It is very wrong to talk about this issue in this way bez it concern an individual person. GOD IS LOVE

  • Joseph Muboko

    Thank man of God.continue with the work of God even though some people and sections of the media are pesercuting u.if God is 4 us who shal b against us.

  • Joseph Muboko

    Thanks man of God.continue with the work of God even though some people and sections of the media are pesercuting u.if God is 4 us who shal b against us.

  • cynthia chiwizhe

    Emmanuel,i need your prayer man of god…..

  • Never try to defend the Man of God,God will do it on your behalf.We don’t have time to west by explaining to those unbelievers.At the same time if they did the same to Jesus they will always be there to all men of God.But that will not stop what God want to do through His servants.

  • Jacqueline Raphala

    Some people have their own personal agendas hence they’ll analyse and interpret what they are not supposed to.

    I believe we should learn to be obedient and learn to listen more.

  • hilda nengwa

    you re a true man of God prophet.i belive in the God that u serve ad i beliv we shud pray for our leaders now and owez.forgiv the rumour mongers God will visit them.people u lose nothing in obeying prophets bt all 2gain.prophet speak with God and they speak the mind of God over our lives.beliv and be saved or disobey and perish.even african leader shud pray for each other as well.God bless u prophet joshua.

  • Oh Lord, give the light to all African leaders so that they may know you in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  • Keta Moses

    Imposters ar around us to decieve many.lets be watchfull.God wil expose them bcoz nothing to him is hidden.i love you prophet TB Joshua

  • Stanley nyamaropa

    Thnx man of god

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    Thank You Lord for giving the world Your servant, T.B Joshua. Let Your will be done on earth as in Heaven. You created everything and we Your creatures think contrary to Your needs. ‘FORGIVE US LORD, WE ARE SINNERS’. Satan is busy diffusing Your Word. You are the Lord and nothing will change this. Give this generation Your wisdom like that of king Solomon. I love You Jesus Christ. ‘Soak me in Your Holy blood’. Emmanuel.

  • deacon vitalis

    the only prophet of our generation. u will live longer than Metusela

  • Melody Mangolobo

    Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing

  • Mareled Molathegi

    Lord Jesus hve mercy upon those who published wrong things about man of god..Ma dear lord Jesus make me walk on the steps of the holy sprit.change ma lyf to the best, anoint ma family let them knw u lord,bring love,peace,joy into our lives.i love u Jesus.i have faith unto u lord.Man of god pray for mi,i nid God ‘s touch on ma lyf,family,career & the the name of Jesus i pray..amen

  • luv u papa

  • I Thank u Lord-Jesus for your servant phrophet TB Joshua,through him Lord-Jesus we see your work. Lord-Jesus I trust and believe in you. Amen

  • Priscilla elizabeth nyoni

    prophet Tb Joshua is indeed a true man of God, through his teachings my life is changing for better, his words are changing the world, and nations, his prophecies come to pass, i believe every word that comes out of his mouth and that of the Wisemen, God bless these men in Jesus’s name.

  • Prisca Malumo

    Thanks man of God for the prophecy because it will make us pray more for our leaders. Those who subtract or add are of the world they have no fear for God, because God speaks or reviews things through his prophets. T B Joshua is the annointed and sent of God to this generation. I pray for you man of God and the wise men to live long. stay blessed!!!!

  • Rejoice Adrah

    Man of God bless u pls remember my president Prof. Evans Atta Mills in ur prayers for me and all Africa leaders.

  • Edward mhizha

    Yes men have fall shot of the glory of god least the lord shld forgive everyone who commit sin by adding or subtracting wht the lord has reveald thru his prophet amen



  • Aluwani Arthur Mulaudzi

    thanks a prophetic message which was sent by God through u. These people want to try to stop u but dnt mind about them man of GOD. Because nobody can be against u if GOD is with u ROMANS 8VS31. WHEn prophecy out is for us to pray not changing or liying what GOD said.

  • Stanley nyamaropa

    Thnx man of god wth words

  • Mr AC De Bruin

    Thank you Prophet for Greatness of Spirituality,Leadership,Holiness in Jesus Christ Name,Be Blessed For Many Years to Come!!!

  • ramosweu modipane

    if u don’t want 2 cum 2 SCOAN leaders of africa 4 solution.Return If Possible.(RIP)

  • brian

    may GOD BLESS US



  • Rejoice Adrah

    Man of God may God bless u pls pray for my President Prof. Evans Atta Mills and all leaders of Africa

  • Clifton Jobe

    thank you man of God for stressing that no date and name is mentioned . so lets just look upon to God for help.

  • Johny Loots

    No weapon formed against all GOD’s anointed ones & prophets shall prosper in JESUS name Amen.

  • Alois Alfonso Banda

    God bless u..

  • becky nalowa

    may we all join hands to pray for our leaders. Because there is never a cause Jesus can not change and never a sickness he cannot healed. Emmanuel

  • fetchton nenguwo

    pple of god whn man of god speaks lean to understand,wartch and pray!

  • Nana Alex Omovigho

    Those who are missinterpreting the man of God, T.B Joshua should stop it, I am begging you in the name of God because some persons are doing it just to spoil his name.



  • Mai Natie

    Thank you Man Of God, I will pray for my President for God to reverse the situation. Most of troubles are tongue troubles. God redeem my country Zimbabwe.

  • rose green banda

    Man of God, To God Be The Glory. Iam praying for the concerned leader of the African Country,for God to deliver that leader. In Jesus Name….

  • lorraine.takudzwa chikumbindi

    may the lord save the leaders.

  • Phillip Mutambanashe

    God never say jokes. What God say will happen, no man can change it.

  • tafadzwa mutamiri

    thank u lord for e prophecy let us nt add or subtract anythng may God blees us all and forgive us emmanue””

  • Leke Oni

    My prayers;
    May God open d eyes of our adversaries to see the true light in His Prophet TBJ. Lord change their minds (born again) to see the fruits of life coming fourth from SCOANS.
    Oh Lord, continue to strengthen your anointed one; Prophet TBJ in Jesus Christ name.

  • In jesus name.amen

  • lorraine.takudzwa chikumbindi

    Phophert want us to stand togethr and pray for the leader nt to add or subtract wat the prophecy is sayng so people lets and as one and do want pastor said coz surely he cant do ths by hmself.Lord bless Africa and its leaders

  • Belinda m mwangani

    Thanks man of God fo the prophecy,so that we can pray fo our african leaders.pray fo me man of God fo breakthrough.nothing is happenin in my life.i realy want to cum ther but i hv kno me man of God.

  • Taka Effa

    May God bless u sir!

  • God bless us all.AMEN & AMEN.

  • mayibongwe nare

    thank you man of God we wl pray for our country n leader


    GOD is great n no one can change HIS word, man of GOD, GOD BLESS U for ur humility.thank U

  • Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!! When God says yes no one can say no and when He said no no one can say yes. Oh thank you Jesus Christ. Thank you MoG, Prophet TB Joshua.

  • Oge orji

    D Lord is ur witness and may God 4give d rumourers.

  • Oge orji

    D lord is ur witness and may God 4give d rumorers.

  • Prudence

    Long live prophet!

  • Kudzi

    When God speaks the wise shall listen and only the foolish wont listen.May God continue to minister to you through blessed in Jesus name Amen…….

  • benjamin

    God please save this African leader from death in Jesus name Amen. thank you lord

  • God please save this African leader from death in Jesus name Amen. thank you lord

  • faith

    thank You! Man of God may the Good Lord keep on increasing your wisdom, we are blessed to have you!

  • Frank Kofi Dagbe

    It’s about time now we should all obey the voice of God Almighty via his truly purely Prophet T.B. Joshua. Especially when his is trying to reveal events before they happened. We keep praying along with you. Thank God.


    we will pray , our desire is for GOD to heal and restore this leader.


    The lord is the one who gives live and takes it. We must not speculate but listen to what god is saying through his prophets. The word of god will come to pass. Let us pray for our leaders so that they can live longer. I love you man of god senior prophet t b joshua. May god continue to anoint you to a higher level in the world such that god’s word will reach all the corners of the world. Thank you jesus for raising a prophet among us.

  • Florence Chiwaka

    Thank you Lord for revealing this, we’ll keep on praying for our leaders.

  • martha Hangula Namibia box 888 Otjiwarongo

    Martha Hangula Emmanuel !!!! U a real son of God, Please I need the Anointing sticker Man Of God.

  • Jabulani

    Thank you Jesus. We bless your name Higher Lord. Thank you phophet TB Joshua

  • Thank you man of GOD,continue the good work you are doing in what ever situation we are together in spirit may GOD bless you more.

  • Matashu H. Lumwayo

    Man of God I truly say i am a regular listener of scoan and i always pray
    with scoan under telecast, and what i heard on 01/04/12 is what is written in your email, prophet TB Joshua did not mention any name of
    the president or country but said as time gets closer he will do that.
    Be Blessed

  • Thank you Father for using your annointed son. May you continue to bless him as he minister your word in the name of Jesus

  • Anunne Onyinyechi Francis

    You are my dady in the lord God will continew to bless you strenghting you give you long life and prosparity for the good work you have been doing for us.

  • It is imperative that as believers, we must pray for democratically elected leaders on the continent.

  • Jeffrey

    May GOD bless our African leaders who are still fighting against imperialism and give them many more years in this EARTH in JESUS name. GOD bless MUGABE.

  • russell ruvinga

    thank you jesus.if we fear lord we must not judge others especially our leaders even they do wrong lets pray for them so god will forgive them and guide them in times of jesus name we pray.

  • moses

    I pray that GOD should redeem our dear African leaders especially my own lovely president Bingu Mutharika. God bless my president M,utharika and the whole nation, MALAWI!!!!!! Amen.

  • pamela

    Emmanuel if God is with the nation who can be against it no one . let pray people when will pray has unity country God can change mind. remember the verse in the bible: face wall and pray and God add more fifteen years to his life. where unity is God commend a bless i pray to my president in our nation in Jesus name . amen

  • Anunne Onyinyechi Francis

    Dady ur a real man of God u are God sent i pray that almight God will bless you and give more power and strenghting in Jesus name Amen

  • Ademola h. Oyewole

    Is well,God is ur stregth

  • Kenias Tavhiringwa

    They are pple who have their own agenda, myt b politically or trying to tanish the image of the prophet due to jealous of the genuinity of your prophetic ministry & the presence of God & demostration of power. I say prophet TB Joshua we support u & God is with u.

  • mhango

    My prayer is that if that mentioned President has not accepted Christ Jesus by now he should do so as soon as possible.

  • esther olagunju

    Glory be to God almighty, to reveal this through the man of God Emmanuel we’ll keep praying for our leaders

  • Taderera Makichi


  • Emmanuel! whether enemy like it or not, my believed is that prophet
    T.B Joshua is really a true man of God. He did not mention any name.

  • Joseph Nyirongo- Lusaka , Zambia

    Thank you Man Of GOD, as Chn of GOD we need to always that when GOD’s servants speak the wise listen. we need to keep on praying for our leader. AMEN

  • May the good Lord spare the life of the concerned african leader.

  • Mercy Mituka

    let the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven

  • xavi marufu

    Deliver us oh lord.

  • Sekuru Kaguvi

    ..and please pray for me, im veryanxious about the whole thing, at the back of my mind i want it to be Zimbabwe but the Godly conscience within me says its wrong, please ray for me..

  • saint chitoshi

    im asking for anointing water how can i get it im in south Africa po box 20,metz 0891



  • Agbasi Stella Mrs

    We should not mind what pple say, the mouth is for them. Which can. Be used to say any thing

  • We thank God for the life of Senior Prophet TB Joshua. No Rumour no Slandering no persecution will change the gift of God in your life. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. May God continue to grant you the grace and the wisdom to lead the world to Him.

  • I pray that people of God to have fear of the Lord. May the dear Lord forgive them and have mercy on them . We should embrace such noble grace upon the Man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua, this means more persecution, more grace and excelling in the works of the Lord. We cannot live in this world without Prophets of God. I personally am grateful to have Papa, Senior Prophet TB Joshua. My life has transformed drastically. Glory be to God.

  • popo

    everyone has to die. there is nothing odd about the african leader dying. all we have to pray for is the things that are going to follow after his death, emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • agisanang ramashaba

    let god 4give dem

  • Grecium Mulwanda

    Lets help the man of God to pray for this african president and stop putting words in his mouth.

  • igho lovell

    Where there is no vision the people perish

  • my prayer of this president is God to serve him from death and that he may know Christ has his on personal Saviour.i would be happy if the same president can be called for prayers.may God protect his own soul.

  • Humbulani Phonny Maphutha

    May God bless u sir, u r a truely man of God. Whatever people may say about u, it will never change the TRUTH. My 5yr old girl always ask, “is this man JESUS?” she loves u so much and we love u too

  • tendai chitambirofa

    when jesus say yes no one can say no.i know pple of zimbabwe wil say u a prophet of doom as they said earlier.may the lord be with u alwyz.

  • May the gud lord protect all the leaders and show them the way to righteousnes.sin no more and the lord wil surely save u if its nt yo time to go.amen

  • Anibom Michael

    May God not stop elevating you to that place where more people will find their solution through you. God bless you.

  • Barbra Samutsa

    halleluyah. Surely when God’s servant speak forth the wise listen. All those people who are commenting against the man of God i say woo to them. keep on doing work of God prophet. Even Jesus Christ himself told his disciples what was going to happen.

  • Julia Byrd

    Hosea 12:10 – I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have multiplied visions, and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets.
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. AFRICANS! Let us be humbled and engage in corporate prayers in Jesus Name!

  • knowledge

    thus sayz e lord!!!…

  • Derick

    Rebuke them Man Of God….We like to add guys..please lets stop that…

  • Portia Masona

    God bless u man of God .

  • Charmaine

    Thank u emmanuel tv

  • Getrude chioneso Mamvura

    I am as well praying for my country Zimbabwe and My President.l also cover all Head of States in Jesus Name.

  • lazarous keshi

    Haleluyah Jehovah for ur prophetic msg thru a man of God prophet TB Joshua.may i sincerely say that every word a man of God spoke is perfect.bcoz there som ppo who r afta blasfamin any word a man of God speak.senior prophet TB Joshua u r rily man of GOD.May GOD grant u more days so that ppo who r against ur works they shall come 2 confess and ask 4 4givenes.ppo out there and all over the world don’t wit men of God.emanuel God with us!..

  • David Mutangwani

    Those who changes/distorts the prophetic words of the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua are angels of satan as he is the father of lies

  • lol, i am so happy for my Jesus and my Prophet of God T.B Joshua. some people still thinks that Man of God are their subjects too as they have subdued others. we owns this world and the future of this world relies on us, if we who are God’s Children and his servants are no longer here, the world will be gone under seconds. for it was given unto them as grace because of the man of God Prophet Lot and his family but the very day Lot and family stepped out of Sodom and Gomorrah, it rained fire and brim stones from Heaven and the people were all consumed . all the prophets of Baal could not stand Elijah alone even troops and troops of Soldiers sent by a king after just one man could not come back alive as they were all Destroyed by the Angels of God. fear God and respect his Prophets and Servants for they are the Apples of his eyes. you can not stop men/women of the most high God from telling the nations of his people what God has revealed to him to caution them about or pray about for divine intervention otherwise, you will become a Nebuchadnezzar if God spares you. speak Prophet speak, it is our time, it is our season and no one can stop us. the last days anointing is here and Jesus is already sending us to warn the people of this world ahead of of his coming. them that have ear to hear, let them hear. Matthew 23:34. religious men/women err because they do not know the word of God even the Bible. i love you Prophet. you know, God revealed to me concerning the sudden death of a person i knew then, i went to him and informed him as i saw it, that people were wailing and screaming all over the place as his death was shocking and persuaded him that we should pray together to cancel it as the Holy Spirit has told me previously that whatever he shows me and it is not good, i should pray for it and it will be cancelled, this brother refused the prayer and instead resulted to telling that i can not threaten him to follow me to my Church. i insisted that it was not about my Church but he wont take it. i left him but he finally died shockingly on December 31st breaking a new year day without any sign of sickness but just collapsed in the chair in his house and passed on after having his night meal where the wife thought he suddenly feel asleep after eating and his death shock-wave rocked the entire city community barely about three months from the day of that revelation because he was a well-known lecturer in one of the universities, it became sad to me because i knew God was willing to save his life as he was the only son of his mother where his single parent mother, suffered so much to train him through the various universities he attended. he had been a lecturer for just below a year before his death. Men/women of God are different from Children of God. please, respect them because most of the Prophets/prophetesses, Apostles, Wise men etc are people that have had personal encounters with Jesus Christ and the father and talks to them and gave them special work/works to do in preparation for his kingdom as he comes with it as they also constantly hears from his Spirit. performs healing, deliverance, miracles signs and wonders.

  • Mr Oscar Hillary Okon Ebek

    1) The divine gifts being demonstrated at SCOAN is something else. God bless Snr. Prophet T.B. Joshua and increase him more & more as well as the wise-men.

    2) God is really wonderful and i pray that God Almighty should remember my family, i pray for long life, open door, progress, prosperity and his favor upon my family. I strongly believe that distance is not a barrier, because i hope and believe that the Lord has visit my families conditions today, Amen

    3) Man of God please pray for me against the power of darkness and failure in my life. I need breakthrough in my life.And God will continue to large you and your ministry,you are indeed God sent to this world.God blessed and keep us for his greater work on earth ,God bless Snr. Prophet T.B. Joshua.


    Emmanuel! Instead of missinterpret the man of God is better to believe in him& knowing God speaks thru his Anointed One & Its done for Purpose and God is Great always & no one can change his Words. Remember Jesus Never fail”

  • May Africa be saved. We thank Jesus for the love and protection.God richly bless you too and keep using u man of God. We love and need you.

  • Mwajuma rajabu

    May God forgive them and let us pray.

  • Goodman Langwenya

    Yes, the Word of God does not go out in vain……….to those who claim to know better than God, let us wait and see for it shall come out to pass and all suspicions will be answered. God is good all the time and we will continue to praise and worship Him for Him alone is God.

  • TG

    God have mercy on us for we are sinners. May He continue to reveal more to Prophet TB

  • Joshua Muzadzi

    Bless me and my family and my business Man of God may Almighty keep on using you in Jesus name Amen.

  • Lets Mokaro

    May God continue to bless u. I will pray for my leaders also.

  • patrick kumwenda

    Man of God there are so many people who misunderstood you because they partially watch emmanuel tv and not follow what is happening at the SCOAN and have negative thoughts about you. What they forget is that its not you who is saying but The almighty GOD HIMSELF. they are just confessing their weaknesses because they are not linked up with GOD. OH GOD forgive us because we are all sinners. Bless us all and prophet TB JOSHUA. in Jesus name amen.

  • May God help us and bless our leaders, give them d wisdom and strenght.

  • Dinah mahundu

    The best is yet to come


  • Faffy

    Lets pray for our leaders guys. When l heard about this l was silently hoping that it was going to be Mugabe but l’ve realised it was an evil thought. Lets pray so that such evil thoughts never cross our minds.

  • tafadza

    Emmanuel – God with us
    Snr Prophet T B Joshua and all the true children of Almighty God including me we will keep praying for you so that Almighty God will keep strengthen your desire to fulfil his duty. and I also pray for those people who are putting the words into your mouth so that Almighty God will visit them. All Christians love all leaders including African leaders who are also his children, so we should pray for them so that they are given a good health and give them wisdom and knowledge for his awesome glory. I thank Almighty God for giving Snr Prophet T B Joshua the fruit of your mercy. The time of our Lord Jesus Christ to come is near so let us all be ready for him and we dwell with him in heaven where there is peace.
    Children of Almighty God love one another, like Almighty God who loves any of his children LET LOVE LEAD

  • Thank you man of God may the Almighty have mercy on his soul.

  • Ezenwa kenneth

    Man of God,May Almighty God Bless U.i’m so happy,because GOD has used U to change many life’s.

  • Nana merlin

    Thank the man of god for this prophesy.What we must do? Prayers!!
    God bless his prophet!!!AMEN

  • Alera in California

    Lord Jesus, let your favor and mercy speak for us and all our African presidents, I beseech Thee. Give us all a heart to believe and to receive whatever you speak unto us through your servant – man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua – and the 5 Wise Men. In Thy holy name I pray. Amen. I believe in the word of God, ’cause He made me believe. I believe in Prophet T.B. Joshua, ’cause he made me believe in him. Please don’t doubt him; continue to watch Emmanuel T.V., and your life will never be the same in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Betty kunaka

    May the Lord bless you Man of God for all you are doing.i pray that he wil give you fresh anointing always.IN JESUS NAME Amen.

  • Diyoke valentine

    As a regular viewer of emmanuel tv,senior prophet tb joshua’s prophecies are always real.people should stog saying what he didnt say.

  • shadreck chare

    people should not undermine de word of God when it is spoken by a Prophet

  • Only a real prophet can speak like the prophet Joshua. He knows exactly the difference bettwen people´s opinions and God´s word. He is not subject to men´s views and opinions. I see this as love; I mean, what he said is love. Remember the prophet Isaiah and the king Ezequiah. The true prophet is the mouthpiece of God. I believe that at least people are starting to discern the real character of the true God of the Bible. God is not what we think He is. He is the great I AM. I like the name SYNAGOGUE.It is related to the roots of God´s people-the Jewish people. There is no TEMPLE today. We are the TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. SO, if today there is no place called temple( it was destroyed in the year 70 AD. Synagogue is the right, faithful name. the believers are the Church: SYNAGOGUE CHURCH. very good. OF ALL NATIONS. The real Chruch is for all nations: Mark 11:17. Timoteo from Angola.

  • May God have mercy to the leader who is about to leave so that he gets better,or find a place for him in heaven if he pass away in the name of Jesus Christ ..amen.

  • sheila makwinja

    l am with u man of God in Jesus name all this wil come to pass. I declare the blood of Jesus on our african leaders. Amen

  • The same rumour iz going around in zambia dat they thnk our president iz going 2 die,bt we shld pray abt dis

  • The same rumour iz going around in zambia dat they thnk our president iz going 2 die,bt we shld pray abt dis in jesus name,we shld cancel any spirit of death concerng africa ad zambia at large

  • r.p.percy

    concerning this prophecy we should remember that 2 years back he said it ,he only mention the name of country,sickness and just leader in so so country i watched that live service that year so i know who he is talking about,it was 2009 or 2010 beggining so he started seein it long time ago,but i dont want to tell you country unless your scoan evangelist

  • Christopher nyamukondiwa

    Thanking the man of god for the prophesies. May the Almighty give him more blessings and take care of the church. How can one get the annointed water or the sticker.

  • Glory be to God for the Work He is doing through the Servants Prophet T.B. Joshua and the Wise Men.Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

  • Kenaleone Motlhobogwa

    thanx man of God,God shal put an end to incurable diseases

  • mercy mwila

    May the Lord JESUS bless yo ministry,u r lily ablessing 2pipo

  • Some people do not fare God,so the lie on the man God,Prophet T.B Joshua God is with u , no weapon that is formed against u shall prosper.Amen

  • Mrs Viola Moyo

    Plz do not add or subtract what God has revealed thru the mouth of chosen,anointed prophet.AMOS 3v7.believe after reading.And God shal reveal to u more but thru His man of moment

  • Fungayi Dorcas Mafemba

    may the good Lord continue to guide u man of God, yes people say a lot and even in my country Zimbabwe with others calling for a Judgement Night. May b u culd have done what Prophet Isaiah did to Hezekiah. Luv u lots pray for us that God may give us wisdom in what we say all the time. My prayer request is that every ZIMBABWEAN to worship God in truth.

  • patience

    son of David have mercy on him let the blood of Jesus shield him Amen

  • Henry

    Thank u man of God. My prayer is that this should b reversed in Jesus might name.

  • May you also guys Pray for the avionics sector lets pray for safety there in jesus’s name amen,

    When a man of God speaks out the wise hid the words of him for the Lord our God he will never do anything without him alerting his own

  • precious chagwanda

    Glory be to GOD almighty who died for our sins.Prophet TB Joshua u are a messanger from GOD and I thank u for healing all the sick pple tat I see on Emmanuel TV everyday.I live in Zimbabwe and I wish that 1 day u wl visit our country for healing too.I pray everyday for my mother to be healed she is 60 yrs nd I wnt her to be fit nd not complain of any sickness to live her body.PLEASE PRAY FOR HER TOO.GOD BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD.

  • Andy Johnson

    I watched the movie of Jesus Christ and His crusifixion played on the Emmanuel TV channel and I realized that even in times of Jesus on earth the issues of exaggeration and so on happened, my advice for everyone is to study the Bible, pray and have faith in God. The Bible also stated clearly that nothing shall be added nor removed from it’s words as it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so also is a word of prophesy from the mouth of the prophets of God, God is ever faithfull but cursed be anyone who dwindles with the name of God. Emmanuel!

  • misheck tawadzana mubika

    thank you so much .the media was really confusing me with a lot lies.may the Lord bless you always.

  • parity

    true that

  • Man of god pray for me, i am under attack spiritually from none believers from the extended families and ex-wife. Also need a break through to everything good i expect to do. God bless you supper abundatly

  • Mariseni

    Thank you Jesus

  • God redeem our leaders in the continent of Africa.We pray for healing deliverance, peace and tranquility in the world. In Jesus Christ Name we pray! AMEN!!!! EMMANUEL.

  • Thank you for the public statement clarifying the prophecy. May God forgive all who are adding and subtracting from the prophecy.

  • mwita

    let get on our knees and pray

  • mwita

    He who has ears to hear should hear what the Holyspirit speaks to the church.lets us be on our knees and pray for mercy and grace that God may heal the leader its possible.amen emmanuel

  • dimakatso precious shabangu

    pls i hv to stop to receive ths email bcos i dnt undstnd i receive lot of email saying same thng so is finishing my data bundles,im sry but i hv to do ths

  • Gake Tsietso

    God be with u everyday man of god

  • MAN of GOD T.B JOSHUA Please pray for me as am about to sit for my exams in June 2012 this year ,I want this exam to become the best and bless me and my family to prosper , I beleave in the name of jesus this gonna be possible .Amen

  • japhet


  • Flora Mwanicheta

    I am praying for my leader Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete – Tanzania



  • On 5th February 2012, TB Joshua simply stated that:
    “We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

    Then on 1st April, TB Joshua reiterated the prophecy saying:
    “Last time I said we should pray for a leader of a country and you people gave different meanings to what I said and I want to say, God will forgive you all. I never mentioned name or time. You can never stop me from saying what God has put in my heart. What I’m saying is very close now. Whether you like it or not, pray for your leaders. The person concerned, God showed me but I’m praying to see whether this can be changed

  • Tinashe chirova

    What a man of god. news from malawi prove this

  • mumba

    And it has come to pass

  • Glory be to God!
    I thank God for his love,because this is the love of God, for God to continue to speak to us his WORD through his prophet by his Spirit and POWER.

  • Indeed u are a realy man of God,90% of people believe in u keep it on .

  • i pray 4 God to help me credit all ma papers in dis year wace

  • Clapos Mufute

    Those who hv gat earz let them hear,wth eyez let them see prophet keep up the good work of the Lord

  • alie

    it is my prayer of my head of state of republic of malawi. Bingu wa Muthalika get well soon. God help me and deliver him.

  • As it was prophecised that an african leader is having sickness that will end up taking his life now here in malawi our president is sick and is in the intesive care unit.
    i would like to ask to please help us in prayer as our president is sick of cardiatic arrest.

  • esther gwatidzo

    you are a true man of god.May God continue giving more wisdom.

  • esther gwatidzo

    You are a true man of God.May the lord continue to bless you.

  • Torutein stephen Ekpewulu

    Emmanuel,I thank GOD for this prophecy and the man of GOD,and i pray that GOD should hear our prayers and deliver whosoever the people may be in Jesus neme Amen

  • spiritual things cant be interpreted by the natural. people out forgive them for they no nothing. we love u prophet.

  • To God b the glory!Lord thank u for the Comforter, the Holy Spirit that is guiding us thru the man of God Prophet TB Joshua!As 4 me and my family we believe in the God of TB Joshua who’s prophecy is 100% accurate!

  • Pray 4 my president who is in hospital pray for my life am lookin 4 a job i promise to give our God wht belongs to him.pray for protection to my family my mother my daughter.amen.

  • Charles Hakurotwi

    Newspapers distorts everything,we know what the man of God said.God bless us all.

  • Thank God for the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua. it is very unfortunate for those who are confusing the clear Prophecy and in their arrogance are adding their own words. It is time to thank God for the revelation concerning that our African leader and our duty is to pray for God’s mercy.

    May God forgive such people who missunderstand the Prophercies.

  • Georgette ISSERI ESAMBI


    Los que te hablan mal, se estan dañando así mismo.
    1 Juan. 4:4, dice, “El que está en mi, es más Poderoso que el que está en el mundo.” No te preocupes. Dios está contigo. Profet T.B. Joshua

  • May God help us all in JMN. Amen- emmanuel!!!

  • Isaac kaneno Ghambi

    Indeed u ar the real man God as am saying ur prophetic mesej of African leader has come true in our own nation tho not officially anounced

  • Dairo Joyce

    It amaze how some educated people can behave as if dey neva saw d four walls of a primary sch.Anyway,wat pple dnt knw dey criticise & wat dey knw dey call names.May God 4give anyone misinterpreting d msg from an anointed one

  • nasilele mwitumwa

    we par of God pray 4me i nid delhivarance,healing nd breakthrough

  • Emmanuel! Lord we need you more and more and more than ever before here in Malawi.

  • Brigdett Ndhlovu

    May the good Lord continue to bless you TB Joshua

  • Ryan chinisinde

    Father ln the name of Jesus forgive our sins for spreading wrong information….

  • Brighton

    Let God be God!

  • Ralph Chio

    The prophecy has come true Malawi President is dead

  • Omobayode Adeleye Michael

    The first question i asked a year or two later i gave my life to christ was where is the power of GOD? i haven’t heard of pastor tb joshua. i told GOD i want the annointing that can heal all diseases and meet all situation. No man of GOD had ever spoken of love like Tb Joshua. ALL GOD has taught me about love before i met him on emmanueltv was confermed. they said pray against your enemy GOD said to me no human is your enemy. when a man way is pleasing to GOD HE makes his enemy at peace with him. GOD had shown me how throuth seed of discurd the devil plan to win the whole world. love only can stop this. all men of GOD that has spoken against Tb Joshua should apologise and reconcile to him. i have been member of many churches i found rest only in Tb Joshua i make him my father.

  • Humphreys Yesaya

    I am from Malawi and I follow all the live church services and when I miss one I make sure to watch a rebroadcast. I was watching the 1.04.12 service with my wife and it was exactly the way you have written on this page. Thank you Lord for giving us the man of God Prophet TB Joshua. We pray for his continued good health as he continue opening our eyes on the way to paradise.


    The prophecy had come to pass maawi president had passed away! God forgive us for our unbelief!

  • Pipo ar sayng a malawian president has died but am sure abt dis,there sayng he died 4rm cadiac disease

    • 100% true,the President of the Republic Of Malawi His excellence Bingu Wa Munthalika died on 5th April 2012.The VP is now a President of the Nation.Am a Malawian.

  • ivan

    humans! busy fighting the messenger instead of acting on the message. FATHER grand us wisdom indeed.

  • We all in the same boat. People should wake up and realise that what is born ought to die! So simple.

  • Ajijo

    The Malawian president is dead. Please pray for order in Malawi. Pray against political chaos.

  • Gladys Zulu

    Truely you are a real man of God Prophet TB Joshua, your prophecy has come to pass yet again. Man of God please pray for me that i should give birth without any complications, am due for labour anytime from now so please help me. I believe in Jesus’ name that you will pray for me!

  • kereng mosime

    but prophecy as said by the man of god and romours has proved to be true.As a scoan follower im based in botswana and watch the channel also having a problem where my mother was knocked by a train,bt by the mercy of god she was thrown of the rail and was in a situation where she couldnt remember anything the following day.we took her to the hospital and was only treated for trauma.After 2 days she started developing a mental disorder whereby upon taking her to the clinic she was refered to a mental hospital where she was admitted and admitted for 3months which worsened the situation.Now she is mentally disturbed,she coulnt even say a word if u talk to her.please help we tried all we can and we are powerlese

  • mayamiko


  • Yolanda Michiel

    I heard and seen prophecy with my own ears and eyes. A true man of God is he!! Why do people still doubt him??

  • Torutein stephen Ekpewulu

    Thank GOD for this prophecy;I Pray that GOD should save this leader in Jesus name Amen


    People lets learn to read and understand very well. TB JOSHUA said lets pray for our leader, he didn’t mention anybody’s name but i’m astonished when a person says he knows is mugabe, the question is : how do you know?? I mean you Eken Reginald C, how do you know and if you know its mugabe why don’t you keep it for your self nor your heart insteady of telling lies here??? We don’t want to hear what you know or think here, keep it for your self, you polluting What’s have been said. Its clear here what TB JOSHUA SAID yet u don’t read it with understanding. People lets not pollute the name of man of God ( TB JOSHUA). God will punished for for it. Prophet TB JOSHUA Keep on doing the Good work ( God’s Work couse you born for it ). May the Almighty God bless you for a wonderfully Job you doing.


    Father ln the name of Jesus forgive our sins for spreading wrong information….

  • I pray for God’s mercy and grace upon all leaders in Africa in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for the man of God TB Joshua, may you continually bless Him. We are blessed to have such an anointed man of God in our generation.

  • Mphatso Msyali

    Am a Malawian and a very big follower of every activity in the SCOAN unfortunately on sunday we had no electricity all day but i heard about the prophecy. It seems the prophecy was directed to our country coz we have just lost our president though the government officials haven’t confirmed yet. May the almighty grant Prophet TB Joshua more wisdom and strengthen his faith in Jesus name

  • Reya eva zulu

    People in africa shud learn to apreciate prophesy!

  • Lindiwe

    The prophets has come to pass Malawi Nation have lost its leader, thank you Jesus for being so faithful to your servant Prophate T.B.joshua. May the soul of president of Malawi rest in peace and i wish Malawi nation to remain calm and peace as Gods fearing nation in Jesus name AMEN

  • N Wasa

    May the LORD be praised for the pophecy, for it has come to pass. Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God. I am happy that I believed the prophecy and its on my desk top and a number of peole who misrepresented the prophecy in my presence had to read it for themselves from my Laptop.



  • Selassie Kofi Dzikunu

    I think it has happen.I just heard from the news that president of malawi is confirm dead.u are indeed a true man god.

  • Nii Amartei

    May the Good Lord continue to use u to bless the world.

  • I am from me praying for peace in my country.GOD Should continue using you talking to us the deep things.

  • sainos remendi

    whe the servant of God speak the wise listens thank u Lord for you are still saying something Man of GodTB JOSHUA let the good lord continue using you for the good of our lives i have been following this prophecy and now it has come to pass thank u jesus u a real and still saying something Man of God please pray for me i want to serve the God you serve for my life to change it is living hell please pray for me

  • prophecy,prophecy,prophecy.The president of Malawi dies.A true man of God said it and it has come to pass.May the God Lord continue using you.Many will come to Christ because of God’s Grace upon T.B Joshua’s life.I pray that my entere family will be redemed

  • Tb joshua i agree with your words you are the real man of god i and my family we always be in touch with you through as you and the wiseman says dstance is not a barrie.and in my life i believe the best is yet to come.

  • Achisim Patrick Chimezie

    Indeed God dis in d life of his servant.p/s man of God i need 2 know God’s opinion about my life.where 2 start my life from.please i beleive wat God can do.LET HIS BLESSING CONTINUE 2 B ABUNDANT IN UR MINISTRY.AMEN.

  • Magagula Malindane

    Man of God, i have always believed your prophecies because i know that you from God. As usual, the LORD has confirmed His/your prophecy: the Malawian President (Mutarika) has suddenly passed away. Since i live in Swaziland, i first heard this sad news in our national radio news & television. Thereafter, i opened France 24 (international news) & found that the sudden death of the Malawian President was the story making headlines/breaking news. The outcome of this prophecy clearly confirms Apostle Peter’s word that prophecy doesn’t originate from man’s will, but holy man of God spoke as they carried along by the Holy Spirit. Man of God please mention my name in your daily petitions God. How i wish i could spend time with you so that i can discover & receive the wisdom from God. We thank God for you Man of God. I am reminded of the Biblical senior prophets like Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Paul & Samuel. You like them man of God & God Has willed that he sends you to this contemporary world. You are the only genuind prophet from God in the whole world. Please include me in your prayers man of God. Malindane Magagula, Swaziland (cell: +268-76611035/76043294).

  • we are blessed to have you man of GOD in our time

  • Lonjy Kay

    Ur prophecy has now come to pass.let all those that took ya prophecy 4 granted kno that u r really a man of God.coz other people doesn’t blv that.U r really a man of God.may God continue using u to save the world.u r a blessing..To God be all the Glory

  • Binwizzle

    The Prophecy has come to pass Malawi President Bingu WA Munthalika died on Thursday after Suffering from Cardiac arrest.

  • It has happaned…. Oh! God have mercy on as please!

  • bongani

    Everthing that happens in life happens at a time God has choosen and has a purpose.

  • Abraham Matanga

    Your prophecy has come to pass, God has spoken, God bless you Prophet. Pray for me prophet, my life is stagnant, I need a spark, and a new beginning. In Jesus’ name I receive….

  • Moses m milanzie

    Yes it has happen in malawi man of God. Man of God plz pray me for wisdom ,my family protection ,my Business am doing spare car parts Business .God should give me agood Girlfriend who can marry me and my furture

  • Willard Mwaputsa

    let keep on praying for your leaders . there is still other one . Satan is here to make us forget to pray . pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray pray for your leaders in zimbabwe.

  • Jackson Chinyakare

    At times I don’t beleive then ignore what the man of God says because of the level of my faith,, Man of God as for me I need your prayers so that I can grow in spirit..thanks alot 4 your wise words, now I knw how true is what you say..may God keep talking to you..AMEN

  • Milcah

    Its too sad Malawi has lost the president.

  • Elizabeth

    Prophet; you are in indeed a tool in the hands of God, we are behind you man of God and our prayers are with you. Kindly pray for me as the Spirit of God Leads.

  • Steven katopwa arthurkat

    Praise the mighty holly God! Jesus-christ, your are so awsome!

  • Victor kossi

    To God b d glory. U r really a prophet.. Prophesy to my life too Man of God

  • Asimenye Mwanjasi, Malawi

    Awwww!! U are really God sent! Am shockd our president is gone, just as the prophet said, ‘it will be a sudden death’ God should continue using you! Long live prophet T.B Joshua!

  • Let the light of God shine to the whole world and it’s nations.Man of please,pray for me such that i may be also blessed in everything,because my life is always an up heal to climp,if ever i had money to travel i would have come to you seeking deliverance,please man of God,help me,iam in dire need for your help.

  • Irene Selelo

    T.B JOSHUA. u are a true man of God.I personally never dought what comes from ur mouth because i bliv 100% that u are a true man of God.I have been waiting for this date April 6 to see who the president is not to see if indeed it wil hapen.The proffecy is true Man of God.On the said date April 6 2012,Malawian president was said to be late.I SMSed my friends asking them if they dought u to b a true man of God,they all confirmied you as a true man of God.To God be the Glory.May God continue to use,anoint and bless u in Jesus name.Oh, my God this is amazing!

  • mudau p

    dis man is 4rm God believe him, his msg is true

  • Cecilia Dube

    It has happened prophecy fullfilled May his soul rest in peace and may the Lord bless the people of Malawi

  • Jelina gomonda

    Man of god it has happened here in malawi our president died yesterday may his soul rest in peace man of god your indeed a man of god

  • This 100% my prophet now the whole nation of malawi is sudden by the death of our president Bingu Wa Muntharika indeed GOD has spoken!

  • Etuh stepheh

    The prophet of our time, go ahead and tell us what future has for us thank, may I live to see the next prophency


  • Tukishi Moribane

    U r de greatest prophet of our time with mutual prophecies. God bless u!

  • Lufesi Marion

    Man of God, T.B Joshua ,your prophecy indeed come true here in Malawi, due the death of our president His Excellence Bingu wa Munthalika and I believe that this thing will change the minds of some of unbelievers so they will start following Jesus Christ, here in Malawi and all over the world. AMEN.

  • Collen

    we thank God 4 the prophet

  • tawanda

    thank u 4 ur

  • Man of GOD pray for me and my family, we need a new thing to happen in our life

  • Oh may the Lord keep on revealing to you T. B Joshua. Pray also for the mercies of God upon my life, my fiance, my clan, my country and all people. May son of David have mercy on me

  • Oh may the Lord keep on revealing to you T. B Joshua. Pray also for the mercies of God upon my life, my fiance, my clan, my country and all people.

  • Rachel

    I truly believe the prophecy man of God gave and God continue to use your servant in Jesus name Amen.

  • Emmanuel!….
    We thank God for all things that he is using u man of God to do,may you continue to be bless in Jesus name.
    May God continue to show you more and more prophecy in Jesus name.

  • Yona

    Halleluja u are mightly used by God

  • Yona

    Halleluja u are mightly used by God TB Joshua

  • naledi

    Praise the Lord! may his soul rest in peace i think those Thomases can now believe that Prophet T.B.Joshua s a real man of God.Prayn for my breakthrough in the name of Jesus

  • Israel chimpeni

    May God continuely use u my father in the Lord[prophet Tb joshua]im so proud of u Dad.All the best.Israel from MALAWi.

  • simon

    it s the maawian late president who passed away!

  • Chileya Alfred

    I have no words! a prophet of GOD is surely among us and we thank our creator the almighty for this gift HE has freely given for our salvation, healing and successes. I pray that my president Mr. Chilufya Micheal Sata (Zambia) can also seek the advise of GOD by seeing the prophet so that the prophet can have a say at the way forward to the cases against our former leaders, Mr. R. Banda and his former cabinet.God does not count sins against us and so we must forgive, reconcile and let others live freely and happily! I am very touched and suprised that Quaddafi turned to GOD just like did Mbingu Wa Mtarika. May the Lord of mercy have mercy and forgive us for everything we said against our leaders who at death reconciled with the Creator! World leaders, learn from these humble men because they humbled themselves to GOD at death by recognising the prophet of GOD!

  • Ashley Zakuza

    Plz help Man of God I wanna come to SCOAN next year help me book I don’t know how. Plz help!

  • Chileya Alfred

    The revealations by the prophet about his communications with our former leaders last sunday has added yet another dimension of awe as to how GOD uses our beloved prophet. I know this will trigger much more even from the reigning leaders who must seek GOD’s advise in every adventure they take, it be elections, economy, health or any critical decision.
    In deed i praise the Lord for what Bingu and Quaddafi did and may they souls rest in peace Amen!

  • obi chukwu

    I have be about T B Joshua,i have not see he once but today be 15th of april 2012 i have recive my blessing my stories has change

    my name is obi chukwu from eboyi state of nigeria but now iam in burkina faso my prayer is before end of march i will make money and i will to give testmony in senagugu next month

  • Obi Chukwu

    I have be hear about T B Joshua, I have not see he once but today be 15th of April 2012 i have receive my blessing my stories has change

    My name is obi chukwu from Ebonyi state of Nigeria but now am in Burkina Faso my prayer is before end of march i will make money and i will to give testimony in synagogue next month, as i Wright to T B Joshua now our family live is zero if go to my village today I don’t have house to sleep as my own father house, but today the God of T B Joshua has see me through God of T B Joshua will give me house in my father command before end of next month be the month of march 2012.My father is one the poor lest man in our village but I want God of T B Joshua to use me change our family safeness before end of march 2012, I will come to synagogue for my testimony.

    My Name is Obi Chukwu


  • Doctor Gondwe

    Well all things works our for the good of them that are called according to his purpose whether death or life Jesus is Lord forevermore. doctor. Malawi

  • gidza

    I’m happy to here that there was an interaction between the prophet and our dear former African leader.I’M not sure whether this is true,but if its true then this man is really a wonderful servant of GOD.I was so much worried that since he had arevelation of excatly was in danger he should have personally contacted the person.But nonethelesss TB Joshua is so powerful and very humble,our nation needs your hand.

  • peter ndukaku ibenye

    prophet T b joshua is a carrier of signs and wonders

  • Victoria Chalemba

    To God be the Glory, in Jesus name

  • Zelalem Tilahun

    i confess for God , i am the one interpreat wrongly , Now i am praying for the leaders in my country, May God bless them, their heart ,mind, thought, to see Jesus, to be saved, to be good for the people they rule

  • tinei chisango

    the time will come and noone knows the fate about the end of days

  • Ontebogile Jubilee

    We trust upon Jesus, let everything happens according to the will of God.

  • Ontebogile Jubilee

    I Believe 100% that Prophet TB Joshua is Prophet of the Most High God( The living God). He is a blessing in my life. May the good God richly bless him more and more in Jesus’ s name.

  • Xolani

    All things occurs becouse of jesus but regard good things only

  • Moses Banda

    Man of God l need anointed water

  • Emmanuel – GOD with us

    May the good Lord Jesus Christ cover all the leaders all over the world with his blood and the fire of the Holy Ghost

    Praying for each other

    ! Timothy 2:1
    I urge them first of all that requests, prayers intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone.

    The good Lord said through Apostle Paul that every one of us, must to pray for each other according to his will. He told all man that: petitions, prayers requests and thanksgiving be offered to GOD for all people. We are urged to pray for everyone according to GOD’S standard. For GOD loves all man he created and he is faithful. So we must love him too and love all man and be faithful to him. When we love him we must do what he says, we must obey his word and act upon it

    1 Timothy 2:2
    For Kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

    The good Lord said we must pray for the leaders all over the world. This is good and it pleases our Heavenly Father who wants everyone to be saved. We must pray for them to have a good health, to give them wisdom and to strengthening them, so that we will live a peaceful and quiet life, with all reverence toward GOD.

    1 Timothy 2:3
    This is good and pleases GOD and Savior

    This pleases GOD to pray for everyone according to his will. GOD blesses those who pleases him, by praying according to his standards and those who obey his commands.

    1 Timothy 2:3
    Who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

    Our Heavenly father wants all man to be saved. He wants all man to be part of him to be his companion and to be his friend. For there is one GOD and there is one who brings GOD and mankind together, his Son Lord Jesus Christ, who gave himself to redeem all mankind.