Shortly before the morning service took off, Wiseman Daniel had spoken on “The power of the Word” to the massive congregation.

After songs rendition which lasted some three hours, Prophet T.B. Joshua preached to the congregation. He emphasized that significant as visions are in matter of the spirit, they must be fully and correctly translated and understood by the visioners to avoid misrepresentations regardless of where the visioners are found.


He said God talks in parables, and that he had spoken to him to produce a new set of Anointing Stickers.

The prophet explained that the new sticker bears rich information at its back, which may always be useful to people. Such information includes facts on Emmanuel TV, prayer lines and memorable quotes which have potency of prayers.  According to him, “If you hear from God, you must translate correctly. The translation is very important. God will speak to you as a servant, and God is Spirit. If you are not fully in Spirit, you will not be able to translate in Spirit”.

He spoke on other diverse issues, especially miracles, love and giving. He said “If you can give your love and somebody wants to stand against you, he stands against God”, and that when a true Christian gives to others, it should be for the sake of God, which is why “you should give what your life depends on”. He added “you are blessed to bless others; you are saved to save others. As you give those things you do not need, give those you cherish. You are set for God’s blessing”.

Equally, he insisted that every man must always see life in the context of “everything in me is a reward or a test”, and that Jesus always uses our situation as a test because our sickness is not like the sickness of others’; our trouble is not like others, and  that our sickness can qualify us for a promotion.

To him, “Always see it as an opportunity of showing others that God brings good out of a bad situation”, because  there is appointment in disappointments, wealth in poverty and health in sickness. He added that good health comes out from sickness; wealth comes out from poverty; and light from darkness… all of which the Christian must trust in. In his view, “A man can be sick in body or poor and yet be a friend of God and a candidate of Heaven”, and that a miracle is not the end but a means to an end.

Mr Ibe Sanford Emene – Blessed With A Diplomatic Job.

The First major testimony was a flashback in a video in relation to a prophecy given to Mr Ibe Sanford Emene, living in Rivers state. In the video, Mr Emene was looking dishevelled, poor and hopeless. Wise man Racine prophesied to him that he would soon receive the blessing of God despite his horrible past, as he would soon be given a remarkable job which would change his life, totally.

The wise man also prophesied that Mr Emene would soon travel out of Nigeria before the end of the year, 2010, but that he should be mindful of where he came from and try to avoid temptations.

Mr Emene returned after the fulfilment of the prophecy, to thank God for his mercy and blessing. In his words, he was living in abject poverty, failure and other challenges in business. He came to The SCOAN for prayer and direction on what to do to ameliorate his situation.

He referred to the prophecy by Wise man Racine, which was made manifest, though he had come originally to the church on a different matter. He said he was scared when the wise man mentioned foreign travels because he had never travelled out of Nigeria. He also said he was sympathizing with Wise Man Racine who had to lay hands on so many people. But in December of 2010, he was later appointed a diplomat and technical expert.

He had had an interview at Abuja and though others in the interview panel may have contacted witch doctors or gone through powerful people in Nigeria to get the appointment, he believed in the God of T.B. Joshua and prayed. He knew that travelling outside would actually change his life, entirely, as proclaimed in the prophecy of the wise man. In his words “The prophecy brought 300 degree turn around to my life. Where God guides, He provides. When you come to God, come blank. Don’t tell him what you want to hear. I have visa for two countries, one of which is South Africa”.

Obviously, success was written all over his face as the video showed his past and present, for the sake of comparison.

Mrs Patience Okorie – Delivered From Barrenness and Spiritual Husband.

Prophet T.B. Joshua was shown in a replay video during one of his prophetic works in a previous live service. As he moved round delivering people and prophesying, he prophesied to Mrs Patience Okorie, from Edo state who had been barren for many years. The man of God revealed her past, her efforts to get delivered by fasting for three days and visiting various churches. What she needed, according to him, was deliverance, though she had suffered from barrenness and a spiritual husband for so long.

In her statement, Mrs Okorie narrated her story of long barrenness and affliction by a spiritual husband, as well as her lack of affection for her physical husband. She said she fasted for three days, and though quite a beautiful person, she had no children, after many years of wedding. She had also encountered the spiritual husband years before her marriage, but it became worse after marriage. The man did appear to her in the dreams. Doctors in the hospitals also told her that she had no medical problem. She made her way to The SCOAN – her last hope.

She had to come to the church with her husband after her prayers were answered, and she had been delivered. She again narrated her story, and how she was delivered from the spiritual husband, barrenness, and evil attacks; she had also been mocked. But her pregnancy resulted in birthing twins (a boy and a girl).

Mr Okorie, the husband, also testified to the story of God. He had been a victim of low sperm count, but was happy that he was now a father of twins.

Prophet T.B. Joshua said what had taken place were healing, deliverance and prophetic words. In his words, “If your miracle is delayed, you will receive the mother of all miracles”.

Mrs Mariam Onuchukwu – Delivered From Evil Attacks And Spiritual Husband. 

Wise Man Christopher was praying for people and delivering others from spiritual dilemma when he found a middle aged woman, Mrs Mariam Onuchukwu, who had initially refused to be touched. As she was touched, she started manifesting, moving to the front row.

She claimed to be possessed by three spirits… a spiritual husband, a virgin girl and Ndichie. The spirit revealed that Mariam’s great grandfather had killed a virgin girl because of the conflict between two communities, in which he had wanted to be a warrior. Following her death, the spirits of the girl cursed the warrior’s family that no girl from there would be married or have children, and they must all die. The spirit of the Ndichie was one of the family idols. It also turned against the family members, killing the people one after the other, including self- hanging, drinking of gamallin 20, or dying through accidents; no man was to succeed in the family.

The spirit in Mrs Mariam confessed that she would go on being frustrated and that it would kill her. The baby in her womb was also tied by the spirit, and it was not growing.

After being delivered by Wise Man, Christopher, she sorrowfully said her pregnancy was the first in nine years. She narrated how she woke up about 1:00am in her family compound to see a young girl sweeping. Having closed the window and going back to bed, she had to narrate the story to her grandmother, who knowing the reality of the story, cautioned Mariam never to open the window again at night. But the spirit of the virgin girl kept appearing to her in her dreams, telling Mariam how she had died in the hands of her great grandfather, despite pleading to be left alone and that no family member would ever succeed.

Over nine men had died; all others became useless. The husbands of Mariam’s two sisters died within days in 2011. She did not relate the dreams to her husband for fear of divorce, but also because he equally had a stroke. Mariam had visited many prayer houses without success until she decided to come to The SCOAN. But shortly before then, her husband had placed his hands on the Emmanuel TV screen when the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the viewers and his stroke disappeared.

Mariam said the Ndichie, where the family elders had their meeting tormented the family for so long. The shrine had been initially set ablaze by the pastor – brother of Mariam, along with others, and this had angered the idol. The pastor had died in a fatal motor accident.

Her husband also testified on how he received his deliverance and that as for his wife when she came for deliverance, he had to buy 3,000 naira worth of fuel for his generator to capture every action on the screen, as it was occurring. This event happened during the second service on the Sunday his wife was delivered.

Miss Blessing Oghoiafor – Delivered From Toe Ulcer

A young lady named Miss Blessing Oghoiafor from Delta State also came to The SCOAN because of the problem of the ulcer which developed as a result of an injury. It was almost being cut off.

She had joined the prayer line in the church and received her deliverance. She had slept soundly the day she was delivered, saying, “God just healed it. I glorify His Holy name!”

Her mother (Mrs Ifeome) also testified to the glory of God in the daughter’s life. She was said not to be able to bath, wash, walk, stand or lay in bed, as she was totally helpless. According to the lady, “I had an injury in 2010 and brought it to the church. I doubted it initially. Trust God; nothing impossible that He can’t do”.

Mr and Mrs Stephen Ogbeta – Problem of Barrenness

They came to The SCOAN to attest to the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water. Mr Ogbeta said he was married for 30 years without a child. “I married my first wife 12 years ago…. And the second one 18 years ago. Both of them are not pregnant because I had low sperm count”, he said. He said he came to The Synagogue Church with his second wife, Monica Ogbela, last year and collected the Anointing Water from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

When we administered the Anointing Water after prayers, my wife became pregnant after meeting her” he said.

A South African Lady Delivered From Eating Soap.

A young South African student who was addicted to eating soap came to The SCOAN for deliverance. She used to wake up at night to eat a particular brand of soap, and “When I had no money, I would go to the supermarket and get one. It tasted like sweet”. She ate soap for 24 years.

After her deliverance she was asked to taste the soap and her response was that it was smelling badly.

Other people were equally delivered from spiritual strongholds, spirits of anger, barrenness, violence, spiritual husbands, rejection, etc.

Shortly before the end of the service, Prophet Joshua instructed that the new sticker be distributed to the congregation, one to each family.

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    Indeed the power of God is real man of God pls pray for ontlametse phaletse she is a little I saw on tv she has a desease called progeria it is severe and the family does not have money she is twelve yrs but she looks 60 yrs old bcos of the sickness it makes u age quikly .(South africa



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  • Rose Nyabeza

    Prophet T.B Joshua, I am thrilled at the grace given to you by our almighty God of Israel. He is my living God and I have no doubt about it. You are real man of God and please put me in your prayers to deliver me from spirit of rejection, family curses, anger, career, financial, and others. If you can do to others, why not me? Keep the good work that God has assigned you on this earth. I always put you in my prayers so that Lord should keep giving you abundant blessings in order to bless others. I Love you and the entire emmanuel clue as I know that if today its this one that has been blessed definatly tomorrow it will be me through your grace prophet in Jesus name, Amen. Remember our beloved Malawi in your daily prayers. We Malawian we love you so much prophet. A visit to Malawi will be a blessing to us all.

  • Rose Nyabeza

    Miracles, miracles and miracles! Any time when I watch Emmanuel TV, I ask myself, why is it that all this time I have not visited the synagogue church of all nations? Is it demonics tactics to prevent me from receiving my blessings? I hate this experience and its only through God that everything is possble. I have sister who is epileptic, a nephew who is ashmatic and a sister and brother who are HIV positive. Man of God please through your grace deliver them from these sicknesses in Jesus name,Amen.

  • eddie

    To god be glory.Every service is a lesson to learn

  • Kalu Uche

    God of Prophet TB Joshua, give me direction to enable me experience success. Amen.

  • Joseph Nyirongo- Malawi

    Thank you Jesus

  • Moddie

    All I can say is Thank you lord!! for this ministry, may God bring us back to where we belong, by his word and his spirit. May he remove every lukewarmness,anoint our eyes with eye salve,cloth us with white garment and cover us from our nakedness.Whoa it is real year of COMEBACK!!!!, Many thanks to CHOIR.

  • Mpho-Botswana

    To God be the glory-the message was the best. The word has power to build and to

  • lombe

    Iam in Zambia how can i get one new stiker .Please help me!

  • My heart fill with hope and knowing that my problems will be answed.God be with you all the time .AMEN

  • Maria Tito Mnimbo

    surely, God is doing wonders through his anointed servants.
    God bless you servants of His.

  • Abednico Nyoni

    God is awesome!i thank the man of God prophet TB Joshua 4 helping the aflicted.praise the Lord!

  • Alera in California

    Our God is a faithful God! What I have to say is, “Thank You, Lord Jesus.” Keep watching Emmanuel TV, for better is not good enough; the best is yet to come in the name of Jesus. When we attended the Revival in the USA, we were given a wrist band with writing on it that said, “SCOAN – Revival in the USA with Wise Man Harry.” Most of us decided not to remove it, and as of now I still have mine on my wrist. I just want to know if we can use it as an anointing wrist band?


  • Moniqueph

    Watching Emmanuel TV Sunday Services I and my family have be blessed. Things are moving no more stagnation, attacks, dreams, deaths etc. Thanks Lord for raising the man of God Prophet TB Joshua in our generation. We listen to every word that he teaches and we have grown in our faith. We were so blind in the word of God. Man of God we need the wrist bands/anointed water. Thank you Jesus for everything Amen and Amen!!!!!!!!!

  • florence

    sunday service is a blessing service to me keep it up!Emmanuel God with us

  • Wise man of God,pray for me,my things are nt going well……exodus 15:26(he is the lord who heals) he heals body and soul completely…..i want to be free from pain inside my heart,find a job !

  • Glory to Jesus.he is the same yesterday tomorrow and forever.

  • God is still saying something

  • to God be the glory forever and forever. amen. he brought us his prophet. those that are in the spirit can see but the sense-rule will always go about confessing their weaknesses like the Pharisee that lacked knowledge of the scripture and ended up arguing with God whom they claimed they served. i love you Prophet. remain blessed. my prayer meets you and the ministry always.

  • Betty Morakanyane

    Thank you Man of God. glory to God. wish i can get one of the stickers but distance is not a barrier. keep me in your prayers.

  • Kennedy

    I want to worship GOD in truth and in spirit but sometimes he seems so far that I tend to think HE is impossible to reach.

  • Kennedy

    Remember me in prayer.

  • abigail hlongwane

    God is ever merciful,thank you prophet TB Joshua and wiseman Daniel for all the good works u do for the lord and for the nations .God bless you .

  • Alfred Chileya

    From lessons i learn from each sermon in the synagogue, i see that we are strangers in this world and always meet strange circumstances some look as if they are simple extreme acts and yet they have the devil behind, what a world! Thank you very much the house of scoan, the house of the living GOD. Please prophet and the wise men pray for us and may you intercession prayers touch our lives,circumstances,neighbors and our future. See us through and may the blessing hand of our lord,touch of the holy spirit as well as the love of the father fall upon us and ours, may HIS holy prophet (T. B Joshua) send me a word!

  • Kellen

    God you are so wonderful. You are full of mercy and goodness lord. May your name be known to the all world in Jesus name. Thank you man of God Prophet TB Joshua and the wisemen for sharing the goodnews which has led to many lives to be saved. Indeed the truth shall set you free. Am free in Jesus Name. I pray God to continue protecting TB Joshua and the wisemen. Long live TB Joshua, Harry, John, Christopher, Raccine and Daniel. You are a blessing to my life.

  • Thank you man of God, i need your prayer in my family and my wife Abigail Dimpho marumo to be a solid family. I have been attached by some of my friends and up to now things are not going accordingly,there’s no peace between the two of us. Can you please send me an anointing water man of God? I have sent may emails to you which has all my addresses and contact numbers. God bless you in the name of our lord jesus christ!!

  • Cynthia

    Lord Jesus thank you for opening my eyes through your servant Prophet TB Joshua and His wise men. You all are a blessing to humanity. Lord may they continue to impact the world with Spirit filled Words.

  • Duncan Arthur Phambana

    The sticker is so wonderful. How can I get it and anonting water to cure my promblems of Jobless and family issues

  • Pretty Mboweni

    God is doing wonder through prophet T B Joshua @ the wiseman. I am watching Emmanuel TV @ believe God is also going to deliver me @ my family

  • Mamagapane Modisha

    Gods power and grace is so real and thanks a lot Pastor TB Joshua and all wisemans for the job well done.Be blessed and God continue to use you in Jesus name.

  • Ngong Claude Buo

    GOD AMIGHTY promised that in every generation,hHe will send a PROPHET to take care of HIS people.therefore you TB JOSHUA is the PROPHET OF OUR OWN generation, may GOD ABUNDANTLY bless you and your WISEMEN. This is the moment I have been waiting for in my life Please may GOD ALMIGHTY continue to abundantly bless you PROPHET TB JOSHUAand your WISEMEN so that your works will continue to bring breakthrough,deliverance and mighty healing upon GODS people and liberate them from the principalities and powers,captivies and the the forces of darkness,for heavens will rejioce when ever a soul is wonover from the devil.I please wish you to pray and deliver myself,my father and myfamily from the spirit of idol worshipping and also liberate me from the spirit of lust.Let the ALMIGHTY GOD in heaven coontinue to bless you so thatevrey body wuold be taken away from the kingdom of lucifer;

  • kamogelo

    have bn married fo 5 yrs nw without an issue now.WOULD LOVE TO ALSO GV BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONIES LIKE OTHER DO SOMEDAY….still waitin upon the lord to bless us with a child.

  • nzegwu syriacus

    Lord i thank you for using you servant saving peoples life

  • Carter Motho

    Thank you God for Pastor TB Joshua. he has opened our eyes. Man of God please pray for me and my family. i am a father of 4 and not yet married to their mother, pliz pray for me so that i can defeat the obstacles to my marriage. send me ur sticker or anointing water. Box 302,Tonota, Botswana. God be with u Man of God n ur Wisemen.

  • Betty Morakanyane

    Thank u Man of God for the inspiration. pliz pray for me and my family. deliver me from all the sickness i am havin and from the financial disappointments. send me your anointing stickers to Box 7 Tutume, Botswana. i knw distance is not a barrier n u wil be with me in ur prayers. May the glory of the Lord be with u n the Wisemen.

  • lovemore matumbu

    Is it true that your church will be launched in Zimbabwe am a follower of the Emmanuel televison because one of the new
    spaper publicated it sunday

  • anna

    Thank you man of God for sharing us the good news that our almighty God spoken to you man of God . for new anointing steak ,that was deliver the people in Scoan Nigeria and i believe that the way i see it in my email iam also be deliver in Jesus name Amen ,Thank you Man of God ,wise man and Emmanuel team for your prayer i receive bless with my family because of you man of god ,,,,Emmanuel,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Gabriel Siwila

    I am a believer and I enjoy Emmanuel TV. I am a Zambian national who gets blessed through your Ministry. May GOD continue blessing you TB Joshua, wise men and the all team. Is it possible to receive the Anoiting Water or the sticker in Lusaka Zambia? Please remember in your Prayers.

  • To God be the glory i thank God for the man of God,i need my deliverance ,man of God please pray for me

  • I was at SCOAN in 2003 Dec. , my health is good, I need the man of God to pray for me for a promotion in my job, My family and I moved 5 years ago back to South Africa.

  • Ellen



    Its really wonderful Gods love, my question is this how do I get the STICKER, I am in Yaounde, Cameroon. To who should we turn to.

  • Mamagapane Modisha

    Thank you man of god for the word of God,I really do believe that distance is not a barrier.Please man of God, pray for me to get a job as I am busy applying in Jesus name.

  • Thank you man of God Prophet T.B Joshua for your love and mercy because of your grace i am so rejoice and happy in my heart . i am deliver i am bless and i am healed in Jesus name the name of Jesus there is power Amen,,,,,Anna Amupolo from Namibia

  • My thanks go directly to my mentor, my father in the LORD senior Prophet T.B Joshua, the Wise men, Choirs, Ushers and other reliable servants and members of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). At the outset, I had to advice all Nigerians to give thanks to God 4 sending such an anointed and mysterious ”SON” to HER gr8 country, and organized a massive fasting prayer 4 this great ”SON” 4 His protection and ask God to give Him extra powers, though its explicitly stated in ”Holy Bible” in book of 1st Corinthians 12:8-11. says for to one is given the word of wisdom through the spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same spirit. verse 9, to another faith by the same spirit, to another gifts of healing by the same spirit. verse 10, to another working of miracles , to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. finally verse 11, but one and the same spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills. This chapter of the bible tells us that prophet T.B Joshua’s gifts are from HEAVEN. Don’t be a blabbermouth, SCOAN has a living God, go and receive your deliverance, healing and salvation. Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! Emmanuel!!!. EBI DELTA a Nigerian, but precisely in abroad.

  • There is power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is power in the word indeed, Glory be to our livin God who is alwys wit us never gnna leave us…AMEN.There is power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is power in the word indeed, Glory be to our livin God who is alwys wit us never gnna leave us…AMEN.There is power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is power in the word indeed, Glory be to our livin God who is alwys wit us never gnna leave us…AMEN.There is power in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is power in the word indeed, Glory be to our livin God who is alwys wit us never gnna leave us…AMEN.

  • T.N:Langa

    To God be the Glory! Thank you Jesus for provinding us with such ministry that teachs us about the word of God and the understanding of the deep things that happens in our lives,. May God bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua and the Wisemen and also protect them against the calamities of this world

  • lufuno tshipalafhasi

    emmanuel ,thank you Jesus for those people who got their deliverance

  • tafadza

    It is time to believe the good news, the word of Almighty God. All the people who wants to be genuine to be children of Almighty God should believe him and be ready for his second coming
    “The time has come” he said The kingdom of God is near repent and believe the good news.

  • teekay sundayi

    thank God 4 the mighty work being done by Jesus Christ thru Prophet T.B joshua and the wise men,may increase be their portion

  • Danson Mumba

    Greeting to the Prophet and the wise men. my mother Mrs Lita Mumba who is over 60 years of age is suffering from intestine and other age related problems. Please pray for her that she gets well soon. I also would kindly ask the prophet to send me the anointing water. Address No 5 Bulimi Road Miseshi Wusakili Kitwe Zambia

  • Chileya Alfred

    Greetings to you all in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, i wish to ask the prophet to send me the new anointing water as well as the sticker. May the will of God be done.

  • I love emmanuel tv a lot.Every sunday i will spend the day at my brothers place just to watch emmauel tv.I see here there a stickers that the prophet has talked about,will it be possible for me being in South Africa to receive the sticker?God bless Prophet T.B Joshua your ministry.

  • Robert Silali

    Thank you lord for the new of God the best is yet to come

  • tafadza

    Covenant keeping Almighty God the God of Senior Prophet T B Joshua there is no one like you.
    Thank you Almighty God for your mercy and favor thank you Almighty God for the fruits of your mercy. I kindly ask you Almighty God to keep reveling the fruits of your mercy to Senior Prophet T B Joshua, the 5 Wise Men, the SCOAN, Emmanuel tv family and to the entire people around the world who are genuinly interested be used by you.
    Exodus 15:11
    Who among the the gods is like you O Lord. Who is like you majestic in holiness awesome in glory working wonders?
    Mathew 5:6
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.

  • You are real our Elijah of this time Prophet T.B.Joshua. Thank you for being so obidient



  • Hay I am Chauke Olia,I am from South Africa.I have completed my B com degree in 2007.I started to work short time job in 2008.Pastor pray for me I want breakthrought for permanent job for me and my young brother.Pray for me even if I find the job there is hardship at my work.

  • Onovwede Ochuko Edison

    i need anoiting stick. Hw cn i get it.

  • Onovwede Ochuko

    i need d anoiting sticker

  • Alera in California

    He is alive! Jesus is alive forever; He is alive. Amen. Only true believers shall be raptured. Let us help spread the gospel, citizens of heaven. Be a partner of Emmanuel T.V., keep watching it, and your life will never be the same in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Evelyn Masinga

    Lord Jesus create an opportunity for me to go to SCOAN please.

  • Some thing that i dont know but great if i just step my feet into scoan i can feel.God bless.

  • God bless u with yr wise man tb joshua .


    Just keep rolling in Gods plain and consder nt the poeples words.I REALY SUPPORT UR MINISTRY WITH WHAT I HAVE NOW WHICH IS PRAYER.ALWAYS REMAIMBER ME IN UR DAILY PRAYER.

  • Ailwei Siphali

    May the Great Almighty continue to bless your ministry as the whole world gets the deliverance they need in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Many of those who are delivered by your ministry weekly. Emmauel – God is with us indeed.

  • Paul Caul Gustav-Lartey

    Emmanuel indeed GOD is with us.
    so much I have been given to share .Jesus really did set me free
    I am so glad.Thank you Jesus for
    the Prophet of our time.TBJoshua.

  • Man of god…God great …i need deliverance for my brothers and me we do find money but we dont see what the money has worked so keep me and my three brother in prayers what can i do to come and meet you.i tried to make a booking but its failing ever since last year please help our family man of god we do die very year,so my brother is sick nw he having megytise headache.wise harry i need yr crying for yr prayers all of u wise


  • rita

    i came to the scoan may 2012 for the new anointing water and sticker believing god for a new womb and restore my menstration due to fibroid operation i had seven years ago pls pray for me .

  • nzimeni

    thanks for all you,re done

  • I want the power of God help me to school and my mother business to get a car her own car

    We wish to inform all those who have registered online for visit and have not yet received their invitation letter(s) and wants to VISIT SCOAN this month.And The NEW Morning anointed water,sticker,mirror book

    Fill in the followings and send to this official.

    #The SCOAN Original Message Stay in Christ#