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He was born in an unusual circumstance in the rustic and sleepy community of Oosin, Arigidi-Akoko, Ondo State. His birth was foretold about a century ago by Balogun Okoorun, a great warrior and farmer, who prophesied that from that rustic community would emerge a man who would be powerful, famous and have great followers. Though his biological parents had no inkling about it, his birth was an unusual one as he stayed 14 months in the womb as against the normal nine months. Born June 12, 1963, he was christened Temitope Balogun. He is today better known as Prophet TB Joshua, founder of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations.

Years after his birth, and having been prevented by poverty from having tertiary education, Joshua refused to say die and to Lagos, the city of aquatic splendour, he came. There he put into use the raw knowledge in him by being a private home teacher for some rich kids. As if in line with the prophecy of Okoorun at the back of his mind, he was always telling his pupils that one day he would become a great man. Today, he is not just great, he is helping others to achieve greatness.

Indeed, Joshua is like the proverbial prophet who is not so much honoured at home but highly esteemed and honoured across the globe, including Europe, Asia and the United States of America. His preaching, which is accompanied with signs and wonders, is criticised by many other men of God on the local scene, but this has not deterred Joshua from doing the work of the Master, Jesus Christ. In short, he has taken the message beyond preaching to providing for the weak, the poor, the rejected and the forsaken. “With the increasing rate of orphans and the needy in the society, the church cannot afford to sit on the fence anymore,” he states.

In this interview, the man of God sheds light on how God has been using him to cater for both the physical and the spiritual needs of the people. Excerpts:

What are the challenges of being a man of God in a country like Nigeria?
Let us put it this way: what are the challenges of being a child of God? Because if you say ‘man of God’, we are being personal. Well, the Bible says we are in the world, but we are not of the world. We are just passing through. I am a stranger here. So, what do you expect of a stranger? We are in a danger zone.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations regularly caters for the less privileged. What informed this?
The Bible says we will begin to succeed with our lives when the pains and problems of others begin to matter to us. In the book of Philippians 4:12-14, Paul the Apostle said, “I know what it takes to be poor, and what it is to have more than enough. In verse 12, he said, “I have learnt the secret of being disciplined, so I am content,” content in the sense that before you can become what you want to become, you must know what it takes to be poor and what it takes to have more than enough. If you have not tasted poverty, you will not be able to manage blessing when it comes. If you have not tasted humiliation, you will not be able to manage honour when it comes. It is better to say long in the dark so that we can recognise the light when it comes. Also in verse 13, it says, “I can do all things,” which means I have the strength to take care of everything. It is difficult to take care of the poor if we don’t know what it means to be poor.
What informed your passion for the needy?
The Bible says, “Watch and pray…” – it means you need to look around before you pray. If there are people who need your help, do whatever you can to give them relief: love them. After this, pray – and your prayers would be answered. I know what it is to be in need. I have once been in this situation, asking for help. I know perfectly well what it means to be in need. I have tasted poverty, humiliation. I suffered dejection, neglect and what have you. But today, I am a product of grace. I do not blame anyone for being poor; I should not blame anyone for being humiliated. The fast runner does not always win the race.

How long have you been involved in helping the destitute persons at Okobaba?
I have been involved in this project for 17 years. Today, many of these destitute persons that I helped to school, to the glory of God, are graduates. They are well positioned in their various places of work. Recently, one of them called from Kano and said, ‘don’t I know him?’ I asked him to come down to Lagos and when he did, I discovered he was one of those I assisted to school then at Railway Crossing when he was following his father to beg for money. He is a Muslim. He told me that many of them have graduated and are working now.

The set of people that were given school uniforms are a different set. You could see that majority of them are of primary school age. There are others, a hundred plus, that are with in the age bracket for secondary schools, and their uniforms have been given to them. When I saw that there is no one to take up this responsibility, I charged myself to do more because there is no amount of price one can pay that is enough. We thank God for the privilege to do this. In a month, we spend between N2 million and N3 million to cater for these people. My appeal to the government is to come to the aid of these people by renovating their habitation at Okobaba and providing more accommodation. The children cannot continue to live there. We cannot do it alone. We need good people, inspired people and other corporate organisations to build a future for these children.

There are other projects I have also been involved in. I gave a building to the Muslim College, a school I once attended. There is also the distribution of food items and money for the aged, depending on their conditions and needs. That is also extended to other places outside the country. We begin to succeed with our lives when the pains and problems of others matter to us.

The projects that I undertake have helped me not to live a flamboyant life: having fleet of cars, houses and the rest. It would surprise you that I don’t have a car or house of my own. Even the house in my hometown, I have not been able to complete it for the past 10 years. It is not that I don’t have money to build it, but I consider first the needy around me. My own is to eat, sleep and ensure the work of God is going on. There is nothing to be excited about in life.

What other plans do you intend to pursue apart from what you are involved in now?
I want to have a standard hospital to help the poor and the destitute, build standard schools for the destitute: primary, secondary and the university. I pray that God will give me the grace to do it.

In achieving your aim of building schools, are you going to acquire hectares of land and centralise the schools, or the schools would be built around where the students stay?
The weak have not hope, but Jesus is their hope. It is not my plan, it is God’s. Man proposes, but God disposes. God will give us the directives to be followed. The whole essence of this is to save our society from hoodlums and other social vices that may result if these people were totally neglected. If you ask armed robbers how they started, you will be shocked at the story of their lives.

Your ministry to the aged, how has it been faring?
The aged deserve all that can be given to them. Some of them are very old, in their 80s, 90s and 100s. Some have lost their children – no one to cater for them. We have made provision for monthly stipends for the aged. Bags of rice and other food items are distributed to them from time to time. This we have done to play our part in making them enjoy their old age. Not only the aged, we also have widows and dwarfs. We have paid school fees for many of them and render assistance from time to time. The widows, as well as dwarfs, have special programmes from time to time. The widows, as well as dwarfs, have special programmes in the church to meet their needs. We have been doing this also for many years.

Many other men accumulate wealth for the future; here you are spending yours on the people. Are you not scared of the future?
I don’t have any money. If I have trillions of Naira today, there would be a trillion people around me to share the money with. I live my life as if there is no tomorrow. I sincerely believe that great man have great habits. This is my habit. I know everybody will give an account of what he or she did on earth. My reason for not being after wealth is because my desire and focus is on my destination. Whatever I am now, whatever I achieve now, I don’t concentrate on it. Therefore, there is no reason for wealth accumulation. Our spiritual walk with God is essential and should be paramount in our heart.

It is not every man of God that is into philanthropic gestures such as helping widows, dwarfs and the destitute. What are the things you think men of God should be doing for nation building?
Well, a point of correction – I want you to know that every man of God has habits. When you read your Bible, habit is a gift from God. If you are not a copy, you begin to do uncommon things because you take your directives from heaven. It is not what somebody has done before that you begin to do again and again. There is what we call supernatural gift of God and natural gift, and when you look at it, you see that divine wisdom tends to contradict the design of natural events. So, it is not just wisdom in the practical sense of it; it is pure wisdom of God. If you have such wisdom, others can copy; it is not for you to copy. I cannot do anything without the help of the Holy Spirit; I cannot do new things without the help of the Holy Spirit. So, the Holy Spirit teaches us new things. His mercies are new every morning. There is no repetition. We are created to change our world. There is no way we can change our world when we keep repeating what others have done. There will not be new things in the world if all we do is repeat what others have done… I think everyone has a calling. Ours is different from others. The way and manner God executes His plan in our lives differs. If others are not feeding the poor, it does not mean they are not people of God.

Can you shed more light on what the church has done in the area of nation building?
Like I said, if I begin to tell you all these, then it will look as if I’m boasting. I should not boast in what I am doing for God. I should boast in what God has done for me. Let’s give glory to God and thanks to God!

SOURCE: Tell Magazine, No. 52



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    Thats very great man of God.Many people around the world are smilling today because of you.You have changed people’s lives spiritual both and physical.May the lord continue blessing you.Zimbabwe

  • Majoni Talent

    Thats very great man of God.Many people around the world are smilling today because of you.You have changed people’s lives both spiritual and physical.May the lord continue blessing you.Zimbabwe

  • Simfukwe macleans

    Pray for me and my family Man Of God,the siprit of stugination,imoralitry,anger hardships to be out of my lif in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

  • GROLY! BE TO GOD OF OUR MASTER LORD JESUS.MY Pastor you realy inspire me you challane me you motivate .TB JOOOSHUA! YOU are agrace to me any way may BLESS YOU .

  • Hello TB Joshua.
    To GoD be the glory!

  • Leopatra Nyembezi

    I thank God for strengthening you. This is not a easy task. You are my Mentor, I am strong in faith now, I’m an unregistered child of SCOAN through your teachings, prayers and advises. I can not count what God has done for me because of that. God bless

  • Bongani mthombeni

    Prophet TB Joshua is a man sent by God to show the heart of our lord unto this world and he has changed so many lives including mine i was delivered from a multitude of addictions i.e drugs,sex,alcohol,cigarettes just by watching him on tv

  • Lovemore P. Nkala

    A man of God, a man on a mission. May the good Lord continue to use him. In him we see the love of God. Let God be glorified.

  • Amen man of God may God multiply where ur blessings come from n bless all the hand of other believers who make it possible for u to do God’s work.

    Man of God please please pray for me and my family as the devil is fighting us and doesn’t want us to prosper, please pray for my nephew as he is in hospital for nuemonia. Thank you man of God

  • Leo

    Love this

  • Chilemu Kasupa

    You are so wonderful man of God. Continue with the example of Love that Our Lord Jesus taught us. May your vision of helping the need in society come into reality by the grace of God

  • Andrew Siakamba

    Thanks for wanderfull jobs that u are doing man of God. May God continue blesssing. Amen.

  • nathif banda

    thus powerful,may God bless those who helps the needy.

  • Stanley Kuvaoga

    You are a truely humbled man of GOD.May GOD bless you more

  • faith

    I thank God for the work you are doing and i thank you for accepting Gods hand to lead you for us. My God keep on doing good things through you so that you can reach out to zimbabwe also.

  • Nethamba Mashudu

    Emmanuel tv changed my life. Truly your channel changes lives,changes nations.changes the World.I admire your life. GOD bless You. GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY

    • Nethamba Mashudu

      Thanks to the Lord of Lords, Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father ,Prince of Peace. God will fight for you (TB Joshua)

  • jacqueline.

    Praise the LOrd.
    God bless and guide Always Prophet TB jOSHUA and your family, and make you to live long.

  • Julie Mandefu

    I just give glory to God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and my prayer everyday is that God can keep him in good health and keep on blessing him. He is such a blessing to my life and i know oneday God shall open doors for me to meet and talk to him like others have,thats my prayer. From zambia

  • May God Almighty continue to richly bless yu guide yu n watch over yu Prophet TB Joshua.surely yu r a man of God.forsaking yo future to care for those around yu cn only be done by true man of God.yu r a blessing to many to the continent as well as th world.Be blessed man of God I respect yu for yo humbleness n th wonderful work yu r doing

  • tereza ferani

    emmanuel!!! i thnx god 4 th life of mydady in the lord prophet t.b joshua, i pray tht i get more blessing 2 help people who are in nefy around me man of god pray 4 me 2 get job.

  • Albertus

    plaese BT Joshua help life is in fire,i have try to ask help,but i receive no antswer.please have mercy on is very deficult for me and it is hard for what i am going of God help me to receive deliverance.Please help me.i have ask to receive anointing water,i also do not receive any know also i am waiting.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have mercy on me.i pray to have mercy on me please i need of God TB Joshua help me.have mercy on me father of all nations.father please help help help help me.

  • obiajulu uche

    There is no other better way to show or claim that we love God if not through loving our fellow beings most especially the less privilaged amongst us..of a truth,”GIVERS WILL NEVER LACK” prophet TB Joshua,u re role model…

  • Turflose calvin Tshianeo

    Our GOD. is a GOD of doing MIRACLES. may HIS mercies and favours be upon HIS children. and continue bless PROPHET T.B JOSHUA for what he IS doing to the people of this world. indeed, HELP, is the BEST investment. and pray for me.i need GOD intervetion in my life and family.GOD bless.

  • Alera in California

    Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, please know that everyday someone is blessing you for the good things you are allowing the Lord to use you to do for the world. Words cannot explain the great respect and love we have for you. In short, we are proud of you. May the good Lord continue to bless and protect you and your family. You will never lack anything on this earth in Jesus’ name. We never watch Emmanuel TV without blessing you. May you live long and continue to be highly favored in the sight of the Lord and of mankind. We love you in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  • Cleopatra Kwenda

    This is God at work. I pray that one day God will help me do what my heart desires most, to help the needy. Thank you lord.

  • Temitope Jegede

    Once again we thank God for remembering Nigeria in His last days plans. My Prophet birth resembles that of our Lord Jesus Christ. The pharisees were not happy with God because God did not allow Jesus Christ to come into the world through one of them. Thus they gave Jesus a strange name- son of an ordinary carpenter in the town; Head of belzebub (demons). Likewise the same evil spirit that antagonized the birth of Jesus is still working today and has manifested himself even in the lives of some founders (Today’s Pharisees) by calling my prophet all evil names. Yet God’s (Work of the HOLY SPIRIT) work is going on. May the Lord continue to grant him grace to evangelise the whole world, such that everybody will come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ, our God. Amen

  • Thank u man of god&keeop up the good work.I pray god for deleverance&abilitity to visit syngoge church of nations.

  • Edward…zambia

    Wonder working God I thank u for the life of prophet TB Joshua.Since I learnt of Emmanuel TV I can testify my life is never the same.I’ve seen the hand of God at work in SCOAN through the man of God and wise men even spreading to other nations including mine. It’s my prayer that God may make use of me also to His glory and extension of His kingdom as a vessel unto honour.Thank u Jesus.

  • Glory be to God!

  • Arthur Magwaza

    man of God pray for me dat I will get a better job dat will enable me to help my family and those in needy

  • Inah Stephen Eyiene


  • They that have the gift are blessed and shows humility to God and by so doing their blessing increases day by day for they are loved by God may i be loved so dearly as well by God amen

  • Nkhensani Leeuw

    Prophet TB, u r a real blessing from God ,we can only praise Him for your life…Amen

  • Thandiwe Mashipe

    Daddy,may the Lord continue blessing you and your family and SCOAN partners for be obedient to God.You are a blessing to us,we love you!!


    We have a gift in This world sent from Heaven called TB Joshua!!, We Thank God for That

  • Yvonne Tlhoiki Mathopa

    If we want to pledge what are we supposed to do I’m staying in South Africa,gime me an information please

  • Jackline alex mushi nice hearing bout your story’prophet TB joshua,u are my dreams come fo me i was in despair to blv more bout WORD OF GOD..since many preachers around my world couldnt met my desire to blv in Gods word..ever since i met u in emanuel tv ohh my GOD,I DONT WANT TO KNW other men of God..u are wondrful,u ar exactly wht was in my mind..indeed i hev receive miracles nd they are keeping on exstng in my life..m looking forwad tto come into SCOAN NIGERIA THIS YEAR FOR TESTMONY..onyl one question’do u hev children of ur own apart from us?

  • Luckson.Duri

    Prophet T.B. Joshua you are truely Annoited Man of God full of wisdom. You humble yourself so that all praises be unto the LORD…may the Lord continuously extend your boundaries in the name of JESUS.

  • pertunia

    I love what the man of GOD T.B joshua is doing I love to meet him personal if u a reading this plz help me meet him

  • Mrs Emely sibanda

    Emmanuel! I feel so blessed especially after learning of the birth of the man of god n that he was a promised child from god. I wish i had known you earlier man of god. I only got to know about u a yr ago, BUT WHAT I HAve LEARNT and EXPERIENCED is far much more that i give so much glory to god. I have always dreamt of myself helping the needy here in ZIm. Esp our hospitals. No drugs no linen for the sick, sometimes there is not even proper meals. My dream one day will be to provide all that for my brothers n sisters in hospitals so that life can be a lot better in there. I dont have much. I have at some point donated clothes to a children’s home n provided some funds to a child who needed a leg op’. Please man of god, i apreciate everything that u do throughout the world. Please god give me the grace to become a wonderful child who will love u, live by ur word and respect u and all those around me. I am a sinner, i have found the right path thru senior prophet TB Joshua, forgive me n show yr light in ma li

  • Mrs Emely Madzivanzira sibanda

    Emmanuel! I feel so blessed especially after learning of the birth of the man of god n that he was a promised child from god. I wish i had known you earlier man of god. I only got to know about u a yr ago, BUT WHAT I HAve LEARNT and EXPERIENCED is far much more that i give so much glory to god. I have always dreamt of myself helping the needy here in ZIm. Esp our hospitals. No drugs no linen for the sick, sometimes there is not even proper meals. My dream one day will be to provide all that for my brothers n sisters in hospitals so that life can be a lot better in there. I dont have much. I have at some point donated clothes to a children’s home n provided some funds to a child who needed a leg op’. Please man of god, i apreciate everything that u do throughout the world. Please god give me the grace to become a wonderful child who will love u, live by ur word and respect u and all those around me. I am a sinner, i have found the right path thru senior prophet TB Joshua, forgive me n show yr light in ma life

  • steven iyke

    may God bless prophet TB JOSHUA, he will live long in prosperity and aboundant grace.

  • Apostle Wellington T Mahati

    I am inspired by the ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. The miracles and prophecies are outstanding. Also the depths he has gone in reachingout to the rejected,destitute,underprevileged in this world just boggles me up. I always ask myself:WHAT HAVE I DONE,AND WHAT AM I DOING FOR MY FELLOW HUMAMBEING? I feel like there is a lot to be done on my part. This is the true Gospel. Thank you papa for showing us the way.

  • This is a man of God..TB Joshua my inspiration. You can be rich unless you are poor first.

  • Ben Chilayi

    Indeed you are a prophet of God almighty..I have been following Prophet T.B.Joshua’s programs on emmanuel TV and I cant deny that he is extraordinary.All in all prsise be to God for the life of our Prophet and may God richly bless his ways!!!

  • U are so greate,may God give more wisdom.

  • Ignace Sabu

    I was really surprised when I watched for the first time Prophet TB JOSHUA on TBN preaching ,prophecying and healing all kinds of diseases .I said wow this is the one ,scholarship ,widows ,phisically challenged and more are part of the man of God.What he is doing tells me that [and I have that conviction]he is from Ood.Man of God ,God will always be with you.

  • Priscilia

    more greeze to your elbows man of God

  • Oscar Hillary Okon Ebek

    I thank God for bringing the Anointed Man like you. May God bless you.

  • desire makweva

    i give honour to man god 4 honouring god mo than himself .surely what reward is there fo one who enjoys god s grace alone without letting it flow to the of god keep the work of god on mortion .the reward z there


    Man of God I thank God about yo life in Christ I am what I am bcos of your prayer and I once offer money for partners and never get a partner number I pray to God to annoint me wIth yo gift Sir may God continue to prosper u in all ways of you are a Miracle wonder working Power. I will visit SCOAN again I once visited in 2009 September 19 I needed to hear the Word of God concerning my life but I will never give to come bcos the life I am living now is completely different compared than before.

  • Thank u man of God, u r an inspiration, i believe u as a servant of Christ and i knw dat God is wit u! I pray dat u may increase in wisdom n in all de mystries of God, may u continue 2 be a blessing in ma life and de rest of de world! May God continue 2 BLESS u!! I love u!!


    Man of God my child is believing God for getting a job please pray for her. She is expiriencing difficult situations if I had money she would have come to SCOAN but just say a word I belIeve it shall come to pass she has 2 children out of wedlock. I believe the best is yet to come.

  • Praise God,man of God whatever criticism can emerge as long you forge ahead the work of God your power in Holy spirit will always shine and never on earth any man will be against you and your work of God.Glory to God.


    Joachim Kiberinka.-Tanzania.

  • Noble Munachi Dike

    This is a wonderful and life’s touching experience… I’m touched and i’ve learnt alot through ur life experience. I pray GOD to help me in fulfilling my destiny in this life! Man of GOD honestly u are my mentor.thank GOD 4 u in our generation, i LOVE U my prophet! God bless us ALL in Jesus name AMEN…

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for giving the world a servant like T.B Joshua. He is a real Man of God, exhibiting the love for others like what our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did. He died for my sins. Awesome God. I have learnt that, we are strangers of this earth. I pray to God that l take my earthly time to do my best for Him because, like it or not, ‘JESUS IS COMING’. A tickle of a second is a countdown towards our departure on earth. God help us to honour You alone. Emmanuel. Emmanuel. Emmanuel. Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • Man of God keep on doing the good works until the new heavens & the new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise,& in these righteousness is to dwell comes.



  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    God is in control pastor Mahati. He will help you to achieve your goals. I tell you, you are already doing God’s work. I am your testimony sir. God will bless you more. Amen.

  • Adeyemi Sunday

    Tb Joshua is completelly different from other prophets.may d annointing of God continue to increase in ur life.

  • weyih briane

    i really hope one day i could be like you but the prophecy the gave me tellin me i will a prophet one day with little faith i still dought so i dont really know the plans that GOD hard for me for this really confusing me

  • Adeyemi Sunday

    Tb Joshua is completelly different from other prophets.may his annointing continue to increase

  • Stephen Vache

    Glory be to god 4 giving usT B JOSHUA in our life time may the mercy flow now.AMEN.

  • Memory madaka

    We thank god for a man like you,man of God u a on mission &God will continue giving u strength in Jesus name Amen

  • thank you man of god continue your ministry

  • Marcelline Magombedze

    l greet you in Jesus’ name Prophet Joshua.l watch your church services and they realy bless me and keep me praying in hope that this year l will receive a breakthough in all my setbacks.Pray for me,my dauterand my entire family.

  • Taderera Makichi

    I thank yu so much Prophet, for a wonderful job, may God continue to bless yu, and give yo wife, yo childrens, yo entire family and yu Prophet many many years here on earth, i dnt want to miss yu. Yu are a true servant of God. May God give me that anointing of helping those in need in the name of Jesus christ.

  • chrispen

    God id good all the time

  • Emely Madzivanzira sibanda

    See message 39. God is owesome. This is the correct name used.

  • fhatuwani Nemalumane

    I thank the Lord through prophet tb joshua. Watching Emmanueltv has helped m in so many ways. Just keep on helping others and do the work of God. Better is not good enough the best is yet to come

  • David

    When it come to serving God TB Joshua show the world how to do it, people of God we need to follow his example ……God bless you man of God TB JOSHUA

  • Zelalem

    I love the service which is undertakeng by Holy Spirit through prophote T.B. Joshua. GOD MAY BLESS YOU

  • Richard ngosa

    Man of pliz pray 4me mi business is going down each and everyday man of God ve nothing to show about I work I work in vain pliz man of God deliver and mi family. May God of abraham,Isaac and Jacob be wit u always Amen.

  • Jackson vega

    May the almighty name be praised, we need your breakthru prayers in our family

  • Oscar Hillary Okon Ebek

    Yes man of God i am in the in a situation in which you felt that all hope is lost? PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME PLS AND PLS MAN OF GOD HELP ME :Glory be to God. Emmanuel

  • Bank Birimhiri

    May the Lord continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua with supernatural gift 4 the less privilage across the globe

  • Osaibalegbe Aghabueze

    I so much give thanks to almighty God for giving Pastor T.B Joshua the Grace to reach out to lives.Thank you JESUS!!!.I will further explain myself on my present soon as I received a reply.

  • Atunise Betty Motunrayo

    You are blessings to this generation and generations to come sir. Bettes is not good enough the best is yet to come. Emmanuel.

  • Chituwa

    Child of God T B Joshua,God bless you sir.

  • Ovwighovwotu augustine

    God will always strengthen you for the good work ‘towards’ his kingdom through our lord jesus christ

  • Leocadia Makokwa

    I thank and praise God for everything he has been doing through you.I just want to ask you to pray for me,to talk to God on my behalf that he may release me from this pain and suffering for it is too much please me..




    In your life Gods miracle is started before you were born.14 months in your mother womb, experience poverty and rejection . Not only this you give your life for others. really you have the life of christ. By looking your life style, I have learned how beloved Jesus Christ wants to shine himself in our daily life. Man of God ,you do not need to say anything about love. We can see it from your life. MAN OF GOD, I LOVE YOU. Keep doing what you have been doing. Pray for me.

  • ratchel hondo

    may the holy spirit lead me to do great things pray for me man of God

  • Oh wat a touching story.we thank God that in every situation u were passing thru God was with you.continue to do what u’re born for, wat u live for and what u’re going to die for.change lives,change the nations and change the world. Long life to you Prophet.we love U.

  • Sibonokuhle Moyo

    ‘TB Joshua,a man of God who likes to help other pple,’i realy want to thank God for his kindness creating 2nd Jesus who has a sympath to other pple,may Lord bless you Joshua nd i wish that one day i wil do things that you do.


    this is just wonderful! May GOD keep you to help the needy. Emmanuel…

  • My family and I are touched with inspired work of Man of God prophet TB joshua is doing to our fellow brothers and sisters in the globle community.May God of mercy increase strength of sharing what we have with my brothers and sisters who can not aford.We thank you Man of God for showing us the right path that lead us to salvation.
    Pray for us so that our desire to share can increase in Jesus name.

  • God will continue to show you the way senior prophet T.B Joshua because God have made you to become a blessing to others. Thank you Jesus.

  • Kellen

    God is great. TB Joshua may God continue to bless you for others to be blessed. You are truely a man of the people. True prophet is what you are. have seen God through your works and my life has completely changed.Thank you.
    TB Joshua fan club member in Nigeria please get me anoited water and send. Contact me on this email God bless you.

  • Man of God Senior Pft TB Joshua may GOD continue bless u. i believe when u say that you do not have a house or a car of your own. just life JESUS he did not have a home nor a car of HIS own HE was and is still bussy working what the LORD HIS FATHER has sent HIM to do. working 4 the needies, orphans,widower and all of the less prevelage people. u amaize me very much profet. realy you are a man of GOD. if i may commend by saying that it is our duty the members and partners of EMMANUEL TV that we have a role to play to accomodate and making sure that the man of GOD is well taking care of. we are a solution to smeones problem. the secret of blessing is in giving. I pray that GOD my continue to use you more, protecting you and that HE may grand you your HARD desire IN JESUS NAME.

  • Linda Basini

    I thank my God 4 prophet TB Joshua I hv never heard of a Man of God who want 2 live 4 the poor and needy.who hv dreams 4 others,who wnts wht is best 4 other bt nt 4 himself.I am touched whn he said he does nt hv a car and a house 4 hmself nt tht he does nt have money 2 buy hmself bt becoz he puts the poor and needy first.The blessing he gets frm God he gives 2 others.Woow he wnt 2 build schools and university 4 the needy may God bless him and gv hm more years I pray tht may God gv me the spirit of giving and I pray 2 be a partner with TB Joshua.Thnk u man of God 4 opening my eyes look around me.I desire 2 partner with u even if I hv little.A man must start frm where he is and with wht he has its abt wht cms frm the heart Im blessed by u man of God may the Holy Spirit gvs u more ideas may He open ur spiritual eyes.May God fulfill the vision He hs given u of touching others taking care of grannies,dwarfs and the poor.Thnks God tht u nt taking care of Nigeria alone and other countries.I cnt stop watching Emmanuel channel and I pray 2 put my foot at SCOAN I wil be blessed more thn ever so tht I may be a blessing 2 others Just like my man of God TB Joshua.U r a father 2 me I pray 2 be ur partner in the things of God I love u Man of God.Prophet TB Joshua u r blessed beyond measure u r a blessing 2 most of us here in South Africa Thnk u once more

  • wenzel

    God is excellent He knew us even before we were born.

  • Balu

    u r blessed Man of God ,may the glory be to God. pray for me Prophet so that i can know what im supposed to do to change lives!

  • Merania

    Thank you Lord for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. This is being envied by a lot of people but without the Holy Spirit we end up thinking of ourselves only. May the Holy Spirit guide me to also help the need and to share what I have with the poor.

  • Kabelo Mutlanyana

    Thank you Sir! God has bless you more and more. We thank your couragement and your willingness that you have set for God to take place in your life and your work.

    Your sons and daughters have received something we long for.

    The Holy spirit is in action.

  • Galebone

    Really! God has a plan for each and everyone of us,and if we acknowledge His being, understand Him and live for him his plan will easily be executed because there will be no room for the devil, the destroyer.He had long planned for TB Joshua even b4 the birth of his own parents.what a great God we serve!Now here he is executing Gods plan to save us again from darkness to see the light.He has been given to the world to witness the light so that we might all believe.John 1: 6-13, teaches me that the Prophet has come as John to show us the light so that we are given the right to be children of God. Oh! Lord take me through the rightious path and continue to bless Prophet TB Joshua in whatever means in Jesus name.

  • Goodman Langwenya

    Prophet TB Joshua, you are such a humble and down to earth man of God. There are a few man of God like you out there indeed. God has bestowed you with so much wisdom. You story here is so touching to the wise; no car or house of your own, having struggled to finish your hometown house yet God has blessed you so much. The needs of the less privileged are your priority projects. You are such a blessing to humanity TB Joshua. The word and its leaders can learn a lot from your character if this world wants to see peace and progress prevailing. Sometimes I wonder what will become of all your projects when your time comes to leave this world…..but I know what God has started, no man will ever destroy it. The Spirit of God dwells in the SCOAN. One is blessed through watching and listening to your sermons through Emmanuel TV. Personally, you have brought hope and more seal for the things of God to me Prophet TB Joshua through your teachings and character. You have positively affected my life in so many ways……may the Almighty God continue to guide, protect and bless you Prophet TB Joshua (and you family as well).

  • Emma Nelly Ileka

    pure glorious, may you live longer prophet T.B.Joshuah

  • L

    Prophet TB Joshua, I have a promblem, people have spoken bad things about your ministry. But I find it very difficulty to believe them what they say about your ministry.Therefore, am asking God to continue anointing you- Prophet more, and also to help my own believe that this man is from God. He has really helped me spiritually. You are a precious gift from God Almight. I personally enjoy all the ministries in your church. I admire your life, it is so great that you have saved so many souls in this world. I always ask God to give me chance to meet you live one day.

  • i thank God for your life Man of God. I pray that may God continue to use you more and more, may He continue to increase you more and more as you continue to promote His Kingdom and do His work…Glory be to Jesus…AMEN!!!

  • Mumba Shamboko

    You are a blessing to the whole world. We thank God for what He is doing in people’s lives through you. Continue with the same spirit man of God. Let love lead for we are sons and daughters of love.

  • Dineo Matlala

    Wow!!!! T B joshua is an example of what it means to be a servant of God, to be a usefull instrument in the hands of the Almighty God. I can’t wait to meet you. May God continue to bless you Prophet T B Joshua.

  • Mrs Georgette ESAMBI

    Love of God, Profet T.B Joshua, I am bless avery moment when i read the message coming from SCOAN. I am bless and peopul around me is bless also

    Your message is full of love. I am feeling It.
    May God bless you and all your team.

    All those peopul hum speaking badly to you, may God take care of them.
    alllllllllllllllll are leaving ignorance. I am personaly praying for that may God extaind his compasion in thier live.

  • Mrs Georgette ESAMBI

    Amor de Dios, Profet T.B. Joshua.

    Tus enseñanzas me llenan cada vez más. Gloria Dios tengo una FUENTE VIVA donde cuando tengo sed, voy a refrescarme.

    Tu eres una bendicion para nuestra generación.
    Que Dios te de una larga vida y que tu MINISTERIO VA DE GLORIA EN GLORIA y que siempre el nombre del Señor sea ELEVADO.

  • julieth john katabwa

    the synagogue church of all nationals, i thank very much for the message we brought to me everyday.

  • ngang schiri stephen

    I thank lord for a man who has come to help the world let god keep and protaked TB JOSHUS so that he will continue show the light of God into this world and mankind.

  • Gladys Mururami

    Prophet u inspire me a lot and that is also one of my dreams to b a mother to the motherless may the gud lord continue to give u that grace so tht u wld lead us with examples.I love u so much papa and i believe by God’s grace i will meet u.

  • i love you every minute of my life my brother. we are born in the same family of Christ Jesus and our overall papa the father who art in Heaven. i thank the Holy Spirit for giving me the opportunity to meeting you and regularly discussing with you as family even amongst your physical family members. i am happy. stay blessed forever and ever in Jesus’ mighty name. amen

  • nompumelelo

    Man of god u do a excellent work I always watch emmanuel Tv luking hw god use u 2heal people,2help the poor. ,I believe tht god wll help me 2 reach nigeria 1 day

  • ann

    Hi prophet Tb Joshua,
    I wanted to know if you would ever come to North America? Also, I wanted to know if you have teaching on you pray/cast out demons if you have any teaching or books. As you know in North America this subject is now very well known or is not preached because of lack of knowledge. If you can please give us some biblical references. Thanks and blessings for all that you are doing.

  • Elizabeth

    We thank God for you prophet may God bless u and our lovely mother for the good job you are doing. Great is a reward ahead of you. You are my mentor.

  • Habtamu Temesgen

    Praise God, Emmanuel!!!!!! TB Joshua, you are a precious gift that God has given for this generation in over all the world. God is providing to us amazing deliverance, blessing breakthrough and a standard to lead our life through you. Let Almighty God bless you and your ministry over and over again. I wish I would be comfortable and suitable for God like you are. Lots of LOVE and respect for you.

  • Chinedu Ekwochi Elvis

    Man of God you are God sent, keep it up for God is watching u. I love you with all my heart, how I wish we have people like you in every country, I believe satan will not have a hiding place anymore. Please pray for me my sister has been sick for 5 years now with fibroid and fatal menstrual pains, and my business is going on but I cant save a dine please help me out. Am from Enugu, Nigeria.

  • Tawanda Owen Chikukwa

    I thnk God because God told me HIMSELF that papa Prophet Tb Joshua is a Man of God.All the giving He is doing is not doing it in his name or the church but in the name of Jesus.thats why God called it SCOAN (OF All Nations) not 4 Nigeria bt 4 everyone.People praise God and pray 4 papa to live long.thnk inspired and motivated by word and testimomy i loved papa.

  • Tawanda Owen Chikukwa

    I thank God with such a caring and loving Prophet who inspire and motivate us.What he is doing he is not doing it in his name or country bt in THE LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST and 4 all nations.SCOAN (OF ALL NATIONS) mark of ALL NATIONS.i pray that He might live long in Jesus name.Im an Zimbabwean,male,aged 18.

  • monique

    Man of God I have learnt of alot of Word on Emmanuel TV such that I have completely changed my life from unrighteousness to righteousness accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I thank God for you Prophet TBJoshua may God Almighty Bless in your teachings. You have really helped me understanding the word of God. You have brought hope and more things of God to me Prophet TB Joshua through your teachings and character. I follow every single word. May God bless you together with your family. Emmanuel.

  • Well this is so inspiring.

  • Tsakani

    T.B Joshua,you are unique,realy you are the man of God.What a great Job!May God continue to bless you and your family.To God be the glory.

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  • Prisca Malumo

    Emmanuel! I thank God for the life of my Father in the Lord Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua.May God grand your heart desire to help the weak more and more in Jesus’name. And I thank God for his grace upon our father in the Lord. We are together spiritually for distance is not a barrier don’t giveup Man of God to be praying for viewers. I Love you Dad

  • Robert Silali

    Man of God,you have realy touched my Heart,God bless you so,so much

  • joseph chama

    prophet joseph chama Emmanuel,my father TB JOSHUA you are a blessing to every one who loves the LORD may the almighty GOD bless you and may he give you more years Amen.

    • Prisca Malumo

      Indeed my father in the Lord you are really a blessing to my life. My life has never been the same I’m always in touch with emmanuel TV. Thank you dad may good Lord continue giving you more and more grace

      • Leke Oni

        The critics(enemies) of Prophet TBJ will surely be in state of dilemma now! Watching Mama Evelyn Joshua dishing out words of God on Emmanuel TV yesterday night; what a powerful,spirit and soul touching message. They(critics) will now know that God’s chosen Prophet TBJ has nuclear(wife and children) and as well as an extended family(the whole world).
        Like husband, like wife!
        My prayers request:(1) May God almighty strengthen more Prophet TBJ.
        (2) Lord please use me as an instrument (partner) of SCOAN.

  • May God Almighty multiply,strengthen,and bless.may God be your guide all the days of your life.i love and admire you Prophet TBJ.

  • kachali saboth

    Its very encouraging and strenthening to know the life style of the man of God and also to have the grace of understanding the interpretation of what it means when the bible says watch and pray.Thanku.

  • I am so touched and blessed by words of Prophet TB Joshua as he continually encourage everyone to be part of this ministry especially helping the destitutes. God is using him mightily in His Kingdom to draw more souls closer to Jesus Christ and I’m glad I’m part of it! Praise the Lord. I’m just new to emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua but my faith is getting stronger as I’ve listened to him everyday. I thank God for the transformation of my life! I am now addicted to Jesus. Glory to God! Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord!

  • J Tsikayi

    May God give you more gracy to help the whole world in his name.

  • Leke Oni

    To God be the glory for this WONDERFUL GIFT to the world. i pray my people at the home front ;YORUBAS see the shinning LIGHT. Many are veiled by their churches, pastors and parochial minds not to comprehend the truth. Lord please open their eyes, senses and mind to know the truth.
    SCOAN, another VATICAN CITY in NIGERIA . Thank YOU GOD for the blessings .

  • SIndiswa

    I ask prayers for my financial deliverance

  • I thank Prophet T.B Jousha for great Job you are doing in this world, you really open our mind, we didn’t know how things work in this world, but we have learned a lot from you, without you, I would have been blind still by now, may your mighty power grow bigger & bigger, I’m doing all my best to get there one day, remember me in prayers, GOD bless, Malawian in RSA.

  • Prisca Malumo

    Emmanuel! Dad your words you speak are really a blessing to my heart, spirit, soul and body. Ever since I started watching emmanuel tv my life has completely changed through the prayers you offer for the viewers. May our good Lord continue granting you his grace more and more. I love you dad.

  • Olivia Kampire

    ive been trying to come and see the man of God for my healing but whenever i fill the form and call no one replies. I come from Uganda and i need a booking before i come

  • Mathews Chalwe

    Emmanuel! Indeed Glory be to God for all that He is doing through his faithful servant the Prophet TB Joshua. We pray that God’s grace continue abounding in your life Man of God. May the good Lord Almighty richly bless you

    • Prisca Malumo

      Prophet TB Joshua you are a really man of God sent by God to come rescue this generation from the destruction of the enemy. I salute you dad.

  • My lord, u are incredibly a choosen and God sent Prophet to dis generation. My family and myself really appreciate ur incredible service to God and humanity. We are in love with u every time-either day or night we watch ur programme on d DSTV. We of course believe in ur God. We reside in Ondo town and we always pray and hope for u to open one of ur branches in ondo township. More blessing of HOLY SPIRITI for U. From:Elder & Evang. Mrs. Sowemimo, Fumbi Fagun, Ondo township.

  • Stephen Mbwambo
    Asante sana mtumishi wa mungu,nimetuma maombi yangu kwako juu ya shida na magonjwa yanayo nisumbua.
    Ubarikiwe sana mtu mishi wamungu,